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    Maurice Yandiorio, aka TheJoshVlog / The Josh Show / Josh Mori / Josh Ek / Mauro Furia / Family of Two / Chef Fanatic / Neal Century / Torriatte / Torratte / Tom Motto / Operawork / Nick / Jonny / Chef Fanatic / Kolla / Tsunami / One Way Japan News / Japan Speaks / Mikado Shimbun / LIVE ARCHIVE / Exhibeo / Know Now / AnonTrustedUser / Juliette Naville / Sandra Almen / Needle In The Eye / Mellisa Knits, owner of 8chan boards /serialsocialharassers/, /socialmorons/, /internetharassers/, creator of thejosh.org, onewayjapan.com, japanspeaks.com, anonymousharassers.com, thezealots.org, and much more!
    This will be a long thread with many screenshots and even more sockpuppeting, so please take a seat and enjoy!
    As you can see, this guy is an extreme sockpuppeteer, so for the sake of brevity, I'll only skim over his backstory. The full list of accounts and evidence can be found in his lolcow threads here, which I heavily reference in this thread:
    1. Music and sockpuppeting: Neal Century / Kolla / Stop and Go / Work
    For the first many years of his internet presence, before he involved himself in drama communities, Maurice was busy trying to make it as a musician. Back then, he called himself Neal Century. His biggest idol being QUEEN, he plagiarized their work and tried to edit himself into their Wikipedia article, as well as other music-related Wikipedia pages. He also tried writing an article about himself, which was dismissed due to lack of relevance. This caused Maurice to threaten to sue Wikipedia. Because he's awful at covering his tracks, it was discovered that he used several sockpuppets to try to gain fame and relevance. 
    2. Journalism: OneWayJapan / Chef Fanatic / Japan Today
    After music didn't work out for Maurice, he attempted to be a serious journalist. Right off the bat, he plagiarized again.
    4. YouTube beginnings: Family Of Two
    Maurice opens a YouTube channel to speak about living as a single father. You see, Maurice used to be married to a mystery woman (whose identity is not confirmed, nor is her existence). This woman allegedly killed herself after ongoing harassment from a stalker, but Maurice can't make up his mind on the details and displays concerning behavior with his infant daughter.
    5. Entering the Dramasphere: TheJoshVlog / TheJoshShow
    Maurice soon started a new YouTube channel, this time with the goal of exposing Onision (and John Kuckian). He claimed to have "unlimited resources", offering multiple people money in exchange for interviews, most notably Onision and Laineybot's underage live-in nanny Sarah. Despite his "unlimited resources", he made a Patreon, and tried to promote himself by riding TheBlargh's coattails. 
    He tried to convince his audience that Onision attempted to kiss a 14yo girl on a plane years ago, but failed to come up with any proof. 
    Lolcow users quickly became aware of his desperation to be relevant and his constant attempts at advertising his social media wherever he could, so in typical farmer fashion, they made fun of him and uncovered his backstory. This made Maurice very, very unhappy.

    ReadyToGlare, a fellow YouTuber who was on civil terms with him, got the news of his death first.

    But, wait! Turns out that Maurice was posting from beyond the grave, because the Lolcow Admin realized that his IP and device were still actively contributing to his thread, now telling users that they would regret bullying Maurice. All his postmortem posts were marked with a post signature.

    Look for this graphic on his thread to see his posts. 
    So that's the end of it, right? Why am I even making this thread now, almost a full year later?
    Because he's back, and he's back with a vengeance.
    AnonymousHarassers.com popped up suddenly a few months ago along with an accompanying Twitter account. This new website is dedicated to doxing anyone who ever crossed him. All the profiles posted to the site were people who had previously made fun of or feuded with him, which he later attempted to dilute by offering help to anyone suffering from cyberbullying and adding more profiles of harassers. It was quickly uncovered that this is still Maurice, mostly because of the very specific vendettas and his little "Joshisms", aka distinct spelling errors he makes and his odd grammatical quirks. The contents were also very similar to those on 8chan boards made by Maurice, which targeted the same people in a similar format to lolcow.
    Right after people became aware of the connections between the 8ch boards, AH.com and the Twitter accounts, Maurice threw his own sockpuppet under the bus (something he had done before on Wikipedia) and listed it among the "harassers".

    Another challenger appears - The Zealots.
    Turns out Maurice simply renamed his old page Chef Fanatic and rebranded it for easy, immediate credibility.

    I'm not posting screenshots of AH.com profiles, as it's all dox and private information of people who did as little as writing a few tweets about Onision. He also attempted to dox owners of gossip sites. The only confirmed real dox is that of Null / Joshua Conner Moon, the owner of KiwiFarms.net, but this information is neither new nor exclusive, as Null is a lolcow/snowflake in his own damn right and has been doxed for years. (What is it with people named Josh?)
    His other attempts were in vain - he claims lolcow.farm is also owned by Null (despite Null's ongoing attempts at gaining control over lolcow proving otherwise), and promised to post Nyx' dox after a Twitter announcement posted by the same account he later tried to throw under the bus.
    Failing to come through with Nyx' dox, he deleted the tweet again, and tried to claim that the owner of GuruGossiper.com also owns PULL. All in all, the site is a pathetic shot at intimidating his opposition into silence, as you can get your profile removed by making a public apology video.
    Despite all this, Maurice has announced his return, which is what prompted me to make this thread.


    In summary, Maurice Yandiorio has dozens of identities and sockpuppets, and employs manipulation tactics such as fake suicide and doxing in order to silence his critics.  He's currently scheduled to appear in an interview with RealStreamNews, another Anti-O who came under fire this year for having unprotected, coerced sex with an Onision fan after getting her drunk. What's next? Only time can tell, but it'll be a wild ride for sure.