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  1.  This sub-thread is about Adam Trombetta Wylonas on/off Boyfriend/Husband
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    He's infamous for being a cheater and a bad dad.

    Some Posts gathered by @nebula
    (brought to you by @Killer Bee)

    Accusations of him molesting his daughter
      After their first breakup it came to light that Adam 'cheated' on Wylona with a girl called Kimy
     Goodies of his past relationship with Neloofa (his daughters mother and ex)
    Apart from being a bad dad he supposedly was in prison and is still an active drug-addict.
    After his recent breakup he got back together with his child and Neloofa (more pictures in the main thread)

    If you have any information saved up please feel free to send it to me via pm Thanks!
    Get your popcorn ready and contribute any new information!