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  1. Here's a new topic to ask any acne-related questions about your skin! We've got a few skincare divas in here that should be able to help you :3
    (I actually need some help myself, gonna put it in another post)
  2. Post on Curology in Skincare

    By hunty, posted
    Has anyone ever tried this? It's basically a subscription service, similar to Proactiv. You are assigned to a dermatologist who formulates a treatment tailored to your skin type and problems. I've heard really good things about it; the first month is free (besides the $5 shipping), and it's $20 every other month. Really cheap, compared to seeing a dermatologist in person.
    For people who have tried this, has it helped you? What does your progress look like, and what is your prescription?
    If you guys are interested, please consider signing up through my link  It gives me $10 credit that would go toward my subscription fee, which would be super helpful, LOL.
    Sorry if this post sounds like an ad, it's not sponsored or anything lol trust me. Anyway, please share if you've had experience with Curology, I'd really like to know!!
  3. My skin has always been low maintenance and I would only ever use Herbalism from Lush to remove makeup or wash my face. It would remain smooth and hydrated with rarely any acne. Ever since I moved to Korea my skin has totally changed (Probably due to climate/bad air pollution?) And now I am on a 4 step skin routine but my skin is still bumpy and dry. Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips or product recommendations?
  4. Im so jealous of people with clear skin. I have good self confidence when my skin isn't broken out but I just hate my acne so much. I know I should wash my face more and not pick at it but it has become a habit. Self care is something I struggle with. My cheeks are always red and so is my chin. I have a pimple on my lip and I feel like people think I have herpes... 
    *edit I should have put this in skincare but its also more of a mental wellbeing thing
  5. hi, I just wanted to open up this thread to see if there are more people dealing with the same issue I have. I used to have extensive breakouts, and bumpy skin, but my skin isn't as bad anymore. Fungal acne is what has taken over, and it is small but is specifically on the middle of my forehead. I did my research and found this really good blog which I'll link below, and it was very concise with what to do. I ordered the Avene Emulsion Tolerance hydrating lotion because of the blog, but I think it's breaking me out. Do you guys recommend any other moisturizers that would work? How did you all deal with the bumps, and thanks.
    updated blog:
  6. wanted to make a topic to find more people that can relate and share advice. 
    I haven't had cystic or painful acne, but I would definitely describe my acne as constant and persistent for the last 7 or 8 years. When I entered high school I began to have acne. I tried everything from complex, and long skincare routines, Tati's expensive vitamin (lol, did not work at all btw), medical topical creams (I have never taken Accutane, but the doctors I have seen haven't recommended it; also these worked to an extent, but only as long as you applied them every night, suffered from dry feeling skin, and got through the annoying phase of dry, flaky skin over half my face that you can't even hide with makeup;I filled prescriptions out for so many years and kept having to up the dose since my skin kept getting used to it), expensive chemical peels, and birth control (has only helped a little bit). I really want Fraxel, but it's so fricking expensive, especially since its a repeat treatment.
    I have oily-combination skin, but I get breakouts all over my face. I've tried so many different products and watched so many different skincare routines and recommendations, but these days I feel so defeated. What's the point of wasting more money if my skin isn't clear by now that I'm out of puberty and in college. I thought that I would only have to deal with acne when I was a teenager, but now in my twenties, it's not going away at all.
    I am also fair skinned so every pimple I have (which can turn into multiple at a time and they red spots never go away because I always get more pimples), even if I refrain from picking at it, turns into a red mark I have to deal with for months (even though they aren't technically scars I guess?). The red spots, acne marks, acne scars, and uneven skin make me so ugly.
    I'm so tired of trying everything and spending so much money on and for my skin, building up hope that it will work this time, and eventually being let down.