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  1. Sakimichan (Yue Wang)

    Instagram / DeviantArt / Youtube / Facebook / Patreon / Twitter / Tumblr (archive)
    Sakimichan is a Canadian digital artist that became the most popular and well-known person across the internet for her semi-realistic rendering of anime/cartoon characters. She started out on deviantArt many years ago, and through her art she earned a massive online following and a short lived job designing creatures for Bioware's game Mass Effect Andromeda. To this day she remains the face of deviantArt as the most followed and popular artist on the platform. She made the switch to becoming a pin-up artist in 2017 because it was her most popular patreon tier and paid very well for her. She draws on average between 4-9 fully rendered drawings per month with sfw and nsfw variants, tutorials with a voice over, and sometimes a few extra drawings if there's something popular she wants to hop on. She now makes cookie cutter pedobait porn with the unyielding support from her legion of diehard whiteknights who refuse to acknowledge her mistakes and shortcomings. Her shady business practices include not delivering rewards to fans who paid her hundreds of dollars years ago, redirecting a cancer campaign to promote her patreon, charging her patreon subscribers higher and unreasonable amounts of money when she makes the same rewards cheaper online and in person for non-subscribers, and fucking up basic anatomy and perspective despite going to university to study art. She runs away from her mistakes by either deleting posts with heavy criticism, filtering comments, disabling her account for a short time, or hiding comments that directly call her out not for her drawings but for her behavior. 
    Her art has become rushed, uninspired, and downright unfinished at times.Same-face syndrome for all drawings, no body diversity, and is incapable of drawing the same character the same way more than once.Consistently fucks up basic anatomy Cuts corners so often that parts of her drawings are often unrendered or badly edited, random pieces of clothing still show on the 'nude' drawings, uses stock images for all backgrounds and effects, pictures are always blurry and visually confusing due to editing, and uses texture brushes in 90% of her drawings to finish it faster. In rare cases the drawings are unfinished.Only draws fanart and dead memes due to being out of touch with internet cultureExcept for hopping on bandwagons to draw whatever is popular at the moment, she will always fall back on repeating herself by drawing characters she has already drawn. Only draws what her patreon subscribers tell her to draw under the facade that she's a huge 'fan' of whatever she draws.Misleads her audience by using her older more popular art as banners to advertise herself, when her current art looks nothing like her old drawings.Rumored that she traces 3D models and has a team finish her drawings for her.Doesn't follow any of the advice she gives to others. 
    Being an overpriced selloutThe few times she makes something barely original it's locked behind a paywallBecame stuck up due to becoming popular, cutting off friends and rarely interacting with fans unless they're paying her.  Only started doing pin-up art after it started paying well, then started to raise her terms to ludicrous pricesHer online stores haven't been restocked in years, the only places to get prints are in person at cons (20$) or on patreon (70$)Used an Overwatch Breast Cancer campaign to make money for herselfRan out of steam to draw for a solid few months, then chose to rerelease her old art (c. 2015-2017) to make up for the lack of drawings she didn't make for her patreon terms. The same drawings/tutorials were once available on her online stores for cheaper, but were out of stock for years.Charged people twice to enter her art contest.Only takes commissions from companies, stopped taking commissions from fans many eons agoHeld a Kickstarter for an artbook years ago which raised more than 250,000$ out of it's 32k goal, didn't deliver to backers for years, then decided to make the very same artbook available to her patrons for over 100$ when her KS backers paid her between 100$-300$ for theirs. Sakimi then delivered only a handful very late, they were reportedly damaged, meanwhile the rest of her backers were scammed out of hundreds of dollars. 
    Cannot handle criticism everDisables/filters comments or deletes posts when she doesn't like what's being said in the comments, then reuploads them later to create a 'clean slate' of commentsDisabled her account for a week due to backlash over one of her drawings, then removed the drawing from all profiles except patreonDrew porn of children's cartoon characters (Miraculous Ladybug), was met with backlash from said cartoon's fanbase, then removed the posts only to reupload them after the drama blew over.Met incredible backlash for whitewashing a dark skinned Pokemon character, she filtered out the comments calling her out but kept the ones that used racist slurs and derogatory remarks towards black people.Her comment sections are so heavily filtered now that only comments that praise her are approved.Refuses to acknowledge any of the critiques she gets, or comments in generalMany of her most popular posts with thousands of comments are often filled with fans pleading with her to take a break or criticizing her egregious drawing errors, but Sakimichan has never replied to any of them.Her fans often attack others in the comment sections of her posts, yet she has never made any attempt to control them or stop them from harassing people who criticize her art.Limited all of her comment sections to followers only across all accounts.Deletes then reuploads her own art when she doesn't get the amount of attention she thinks she deserves, spamming followers until she gets the amount of likes and comments she thinks she deserves. 
    Sexualizes underage characters / Pedobaiting"Ages up" child characters draw them in pin-ups. All of her "aged up" versions of characters look exactly the same as they normally do except with bigger boobs or muscles and wearing revealing clothing.Also drawing said underage characters in the nude, masturbating, or having sex with other characters that are either minors or adults.Her art has been reported and taken down multiple times on platforms such as deviantArt and Instagram for violating their CP rule, yet her account is still up.She was banned for violating deviantArt's rules on tagging art as mature, but because she's their golden child artist she only got a week suspension and then got her account back.Her fans have begged her to not lewd certain characters that were minors, but she did it anyway. Some of her tasteless NSFW drawings' subjects include 8 year olds, 10 year olds, high school aged teens, and characters from children's cartoons/video games.Specifically chose to lewd the teen versions of characters who had canon older versions. 
    Examples of her older work

    Her art now:

    Notable Controversies 
    Sakimichan is not immune to criticism. Whether she's been an artist for over a decade or just started yesterday, just because she's good at what she does doesn't mean that she can't be criticized like everybody else. Do not defend her mistakes because you personally enjoy her art or think that if you aren't on her level you can't criticize her. This is a gossip forum, not a circlejerk. If you've come here to defend her because you think it's just her style and everybody here is nitpicking her, please see this. 
    Scummy Business Practices
    Screwing over her Kickstarter Backers
    In December 2017, Sakimichan created a Kickstarter campaign to launch several artbooks featuring all of her drawings in celebration of drawing for over 10 years. Her goal was to raise $32,000 CAD by the start  of January 2018 with each pledge going up in price for whichever reward a backer wanted, which were:
    The campaign was a major success, raising over 7 times its goal with 252,000$ in one month and meeting all stretch goals with the help of 1,503 backers. Following this, Sakimichan promised to deliver her artbooks to her backers mid-2018 with some slight delays in order to allow time for production. 
    2018 came.............. and it went.
    By the end of that year, backers began to worry where their books were as there had been no KS updates from Sakimi herself since August, no tracking was provided for backers outside Canda, and she wasn't responding to messages. Sakimi would only then pop in once or twice to follow up with a backer, but then disappeared. By 2019, backers started to report Sakimichan and the campaign to KS, which lit a fire under her ass to start shipping out again. Except, there were many customers who received damaged books, books sent to the wrong address, extended shipping times, or never got their books at all.
    To make things worse, in 2019 she added a brand new 110$ tier to her patreon that charged twice per month but shipped to only two people each month, promising softcover Art of Sakimichan vol 1. artbooks to her subscribers, added it to her online store, and sold copies at conventions. She was called out for not delivering to her backers, to which she then ghosted her comment section.
    Screwing over her Patreon Subscribers
    Her 70$ patreon term promised her subscribers custom prints/posters twice a month of whatever drawing they wanted. This was especially popular due to Sakimichan only selling SFW drawings in person/online while her NSFW pin-ups were exclusive to her patreon subscribers, only being available if you paid the amount. Until one day she decided to finally dust off her online store and put EVERY SINGLE PATREON EXCLUSIVE PIN-UP AND THE VARIATIONS AVAILABLE FOR 20$ FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.
    Making Money off of the Overwatch Breast Cancer Campaign
    Blizzard released a special 15$ Overwatch charity skin for Mercy as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer, where all proceeds were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Sakimichan decided it was a good idea to draw porn of Mercy's Breast Cancer skin for her patreon followers at the same time campaign was still running. Many called her out for being disrespectful to the cause because she only wanted to make money off of it for herself. Despite all of this, her drawings remained up on her social media.
    Charging Money for her Art Contest
    In April 2017, Sakimi held an art contest to celebrate her patreon subscribers, which ran from April 1st to June 20th, but for patreon subscribers only. Contestants were charged 5$ every two weeks and could win money prizes of at least 40$ if they submitted artwork. Many of her followers felt alienated from her patreon subscribers as they couldn't enter her contest unless they made a patreon account and subscribed to her, but some were furious with her using the contest as a way to make even more money off of them. Any comment that criticized her or the contest were removed.
    Cannot Handle Any Criticism
    She is most active on her Instagram, Twitter and deviantArt pages. As of November 2018, she's locked comments on her Instagram to followers only, and frequently disables comments on her dA. This was likely due to the insane amounts of backlash and criticism she would regularly get on each of her posts criticizing her art for the mistakes she makes but doesn't fix. In between the criticisms are her WKs fighting them in the comments. She does not intervene nor address any of her fans' hostile behaviors.
    The Christmas Camilla Caper
    On Christmas eve 2018, Sakimi uploaded three Christmas variants of Camilla, a Fire Emblem: Fates character, for the holidays. The criticisms she received were astronomical, all comments critiquing how Camilla was unrecognizable, her anatomy being completely fucked up, the editing being awful, and her fans starting a civil war over whether Sakimi was immune to criticism or if she deserved it. She then temporarily disabled her Instagram profile over the holidays so that nobody would comment or contact her about the drawings, and did not post on her twitter, deviantart or tumblr accounts despite followers asking her where her instagram account went. She later reactivated it, then archived all traces of Christmas Ham Camilla from her instagram. To this day, it's the only drawing that she deleted and never reuploaded.
    Same Face/Body Syndrome (Bimbofication)
    Her NSFW drawings/pin-ups suffer from having the exact same facial expressions in each one. This is not exclusive to just her female drawings, as her male drawings suffer severely from having the exact same expressions and angles in each one. The bodies are also all the same, despite that most if not all of the characters she draws are supposed to have ranging body diversity. She instead bimboifies them, drawing all female characters with extremely large breasts and hips wearing extremely tight-fitted and revealing (with spillage) clothes, no matter what they actually look like. For males, she gives them 10 packs, large veins that pop out of their skin, and visible tents in their pants.

    Anatomy Errors 
    Despite having over 10 years of experience under her belt, many of her pin-ups are riddled with errors. Excluding the basic mistakes like adding extra fingers or lazy editing, her problems go beyond with severe anatomical errors, broken limbs, issues with perspective and foreshortening, deformed genitals, and (weirdly enough) mismatched nipples on breasts and pecs. It has been confirmed that while she does have issues with drawing limbs and body parts, she fucks it up even harder when she abuses the liquify/warp tools while editing. There are various redlines in throughout the thread and edits that fix her errors.
    Plagiarism and white-washing
    In Sakimichan's earlier years, she was called out for plagiarizing the official artwork of Shiranui from Okami and posting it on her deviantArt page. It wasn't until after the callout was beginning to make rounds that she later added to the picture's description that the drawing was 'referenced' from the Okami artbook
    Korra Controversy
    Sakimichan whitewashed Korra, an Inuit coded character from the Avatar series, by giving her light skin that bordered on caucasian and Western facial features. She was called out the third time by her fans for whitewashing her, so she deleted the original drawing, reuploaded a color dodged version with darker skin (but still light in some areas) and slightly edited ethnic facial features.
    Nessa Controversy
    In lieu of the latest trailer showcasing the gym leaders for Pokemon Sword & Shield coming out, Sakimichan hopped on the then current art trend of painting over photos of people to create a new drawing from it. Only, she picked a washed out heavily filtered selfie of herself and painted Nessa, a black girl, over it and then proceeded to give her Eurocentric features. To say that the criticisms she got were incredible is a complete understatement. Her comment section across platforms was a warzone of WKs trying to defend her saying it was because Sakimichan was a pale-skinned Asian vs. the anti's calling Sakimi a terrible artist. Her callout spread so far on the internet that many other artists were called out for lightening Nessa's skin or outright whitewashing her, to which it then reached a fever pitch with bringing the racists out of the works to draw Nessa as either an aryan girl or a monkey. Her Facebook account was subject to heavy scrutiny with the black community calling her out, but instead of addressing or taking any of the criticisms into consideration, she doubled down on filtering her comment sections from then on. She deleted over 2,000+ comments on her post (but didn't block the comments from people calling Nessa or the black commenters the hard R n-word).
    Whether you care or not if Yue's drawings of aged up child characters in sexual situations is right or wrong since a) they're fictional but b) they're still children, her fans have started to voice their ire with the constant aged up pieces of child characters specifically being put in sexual situations with adults. However, she has drawn fictional minors naked and/or in sexual situations and porn of cartoon characters from children's shows. She doesn't stop there, if a series has canonical adult versions of characters, she will only lewd the younger version. She makes no attempt to differentiate her 'aged up' versions from the young character's appearances, so whatever child she lewds looks exactly the same as they normally do, except with longer hair, huge breasts, muscles and giant boners.
    Sakimichan has become uninspired, lazy, and many call her a sellout for sacrificing all of her former creativity to make the same cookie cutter pin-ups for money. She is a gold digger who only cares about making money in any way she can or creating schemes that benefit herself. She relies on drawing fanart 99.9% of the time, her most original content (tutorials) are locked behind paywalls, she no longer takes commissions from fans as she did in the beginning, and many say that she's gotten more stuck up since she became massively popular. Even with the amount of experience she has after graduating with an art degree, she limits herself to forcing characters into the same oversexualized and unsettling body-types and races she herself is comfortable drawing regardless of how they actually look. Her art is inconsistent and littered with flaws that she doesn't fix, she can't handle criticism from anybody so much that she disables comments or deletes entire posts so nobody can say anything bad about her, and her rabid fans attack anything with a different opinion to which she never addresses their hostile behaviors. Her past shady behavior shows how desperate she is for money and clout, and she deletes any evidence that may possibly show it.