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  1. Post on WWWengie in Little Snowflakes

    By johndoe, posted
    I think she was mainly known on PULL 1.0 for:
    - her horrible singing

    - her horrible shoop

    (trying to find the picture where her arm magically disappears)
    - Dishonest about her plastic surgeries


    Did I miss anything?

    Main youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9PZYV5heAevh9vrsYmt1g
    Second youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wengieofficial
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/misswen
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwwengie
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/wengie
  2. Marzia is an italian vlogger that sometimes designs clothes but the real reason she is famous and can make her dreams come true is that she's PewDiePie's girlfriend since 4 years ago (In this video she talks about their beginnings of their relationship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6XMrcfurCw)
    I'll let you first here her accounts:
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9oofjVfJzapRyVlt57x8QInstagram: https://instagram.com/itsmarziapie/Twitter: https://twitter.com/marziapieNot sure if she can be a snowflake at all for little reasons (she's basically living of Felix's money and what she generates of her videos too but Pewds is the one who earn more, make up for her is the best photoshop, her clothes which are very basical she high the prices like she is an important persons...) but I'd like to read what you think and talk about her.
    So, which opinion have you about this woman?
    P.S Like my other topic here: I'll re-edit and re-edit when I find things and more stuff.
  3. Lia Shelesh / SSSniperwolf
    Youtube // Makeup Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Merch Store // Facebook // Mixer

    Alia Shelesh (SSSniperwolf) is a 24 year old Youtuber who initially became famous for her Call of Duty gameplays, but currently mainly does reaction videos and vlog-type videos. Before becoming a Youtuber, she went to school for pharmaceuticals and then switched to nursing, but later dropped out. She dated a fellow Call of Duty Youtuber named Evan John Young, also known as "Sausage." He used to go by xremembrance on Youtube. She is also known for doing cosplay of various video game characters.
    Makes false DMCA take-downs about anyone who tries to expose herUsed to have a channel called SexySexySniperInterestingly, the SexySexySniper Youtube channel has been excluded from archive sites like WayBackMachine, but some pages for her videos have still been archived where people in the comments call her Lia.Pastebin about SexySexySniperGoogle Drive with all of her old videosChannel that reuploaded videos from SexySexySniperSent nudes to guys on MGO to get what she wanted, and when she got nudes back she would blackmail them with themPost on PULL that details thisFollowing screenshots are of her posts on the forum (rem/xrem/xremembrance is Sausage)Is suspected to have faked her CoD gameplay by having her boyfriend play it for herMost of her cosplays are sexy/boudoir cosplayClaims that all of her money came from her ebay clothes resale business and that Youtube didn't make her any money, despite having millions of subscribers.Lies about being a pro gamer (Sausage plays Overwatch for her so she can maintain being in the top 500)Informative video on her boosting here:Has accused her ex-boyfriend Sausage of abuse, and there are many documented cases with proof of her trying to cheat on himFlirted with FaZe Banks and FaZe Censor while dating SausageWhen FaZe Censor revealed this, she threatened to sue himWas possibly actually married to Sausage, but didn't tell anyone that they were dating/married until 2013 as appearing single would be more attractive to her audiencePicture of document for the deed on their house, stating that Lia and Evan/Sausage are married:Generally has a negative attitude towards other famous girlsAccused Alissa Violet (FaZe Bank's current gf, Jake Paul's ex) of just "fucking everyone" to get a free room and get famousStates that this is why she hates girls since "they're all hoes"On Sommer Ray, an Instagram model: "If she's a model, my left toe could be a model."Calls other girls "hoes" and accuses them of sleeping their way to the top, but she herself has used her boyfriend for gameplays and has had nudes releasedClaims that she's all natural, but has had a nose job, lip fillers, and other surgeriesPossibly shoops her body to look skinnierHas blocked Youtube drama channels like KeemStar and Scarce since they have said negative things about her (and pretty much everyone else who has said bad things/tried to expose her)Accused Youtuber "Enigmahood" of being a sex offender, and was later sued for slander for $300,000Her father apparently has a restraining order on her for taking her mom on a surprise vacation. Lia has also stated that he has disowned herLink to video of her discussing thisPosted nudes/provocative images of herself, but pretended that it wasn't actually her. Was later exposed by DaisyMichelle as it actually being her, since Lia wore the same necklace in a more recent video. (spoiler is nsfw)Uses her 12 year-old army to dislike bomb videos against her Her and Sausage were arrested over apparently committing armed robberyScreenshot of Sausage being arrested for Domestic Violence (From Drama Alert)
  4. Post on RiceGum in Online Personalities

    By CuteTaco, posted
    Ricegum / Bryan Le
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Famous Birthdays

    Ricegum is a Youtuber mainly known for his involvement in the diss track trend, bullying minors online, and his problematic view of rape.
    Belittled a girl talking about being raped. Asked things such as:"So did you sue him and shit, or nah?" (Girl responds no) "Guys, if you wanna rape her, she won't sue you so...""How long did it last?" (Girl responds "around five minutes") "Oh okay, so it's not that bad.""Did it feel good?"Suggested it was the girl's fault that she got raped, because she was at a partySource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0Zw0FCqcisJoked about trying to record himself having sex with a girl and recording it so he could later blackmail her with it Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txr_X7bOROcTold a girl he wasn't on livestream and proceeded to broadcast their conversation to thousands of people. Laughed at her when she realized he was streaming a personal conversation and got madShows off his money and possessions in many of his videos and films many of his videos in his million-dollar mansionHas "made it rain" on homeless peopleActs like he's covered in bitches and tries to use his fame to get girlsIs obsessed with followers and views, going as far as to call people with less followers than him "irrelevant"Goes after young kids who make videos on sites like music.ly and makes fun of them, despite a lot of them being under 13Generally is a drama-whore and loves to get attention, whether it be good or badAll of this (and examples) is discussed in the iDubbbz content cop on Ricegum:
    Current Drama (As of October 2017)
    After idubbbz's content cop dropped, Rice claimed he was putting together a new video response with a diss track. Made an initial reaction video to it being posted, which received much more dislikes than likes
  5. Post on Jeffree Star in Little Snowflakes

    By lil, posted
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffreestar/featured
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeffreestarcosmetics
    Store: http://www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com
    I noticed he doesn't have a thread on here so I'm making it because I want to know what you guys think about him. 
    I don't really like him since that racist video he made with his friend. 
  6. SOO... I did a little searching and didnt find anything on her so here goes ( my first post let me know if i did anything wrong )
     This is Lele Pons (i figured internet personality was her place ) She has a huge following on social media and lives in Los Angeles.

    She was born in Venezuela and went to school in Miami, coming to America when she was 5. She started out doing Vines before it got lame but obviously loved the spotlight and decided to go with it, making short TV appearances on shows like Scream, AHS, and some other lesser-known things. She then launched her Youtube channel with the backing of a studio. She's your basic online snowflake with crappy comedy skit videos with ugly faces and showing off her body as much as possible all while trying to be "relatable" and "edgy."
    Now for the good stuff...
    Somewhere along the way she made friend with a sweet girl named Amanda Cerny while Lele was still kinda fresh on the scene. Amanda with her millions more followers than Lele took her under her wing, giving her ideas for videos, guiding her and helping her basically become what she is today. Amanda selflessly gave her a slice of her follower pie doing whatever it took to make sure her new BEST FRIEND shared the spotlight when all of a sudden sweet little innocent lele fucked her over. Amanda then spilled everything to The Dirty
    She then confronted Lele and this is what happened:
    Here are screenshots between Amanda and Lele
    Now Lele just pretends she doesnt exist LMAO

    But of course, her fans see her as the sweet innocent bleach blonde queen she thinks she is and still kiss the ground she walks on...
    But lets continue, almost done!
    NOW with hat being said shes obviously fake as fuck personality wise but GASP surely not her face!! RIGHT!!!? 
    Young Lele
    Full progression of before to now:
     This is her now, pretty much a plastic surgery nightmare. She's had her nose done but possibly has also had a boob job.
    The the cherry on top is her pre-pubescent boyfriend
    lol she looks like she could be his mom!! 
    If i left anything out please let me know ! remember its  my first post !!
    WHEW! so ..thoughts?? if anyone has more dirt id love to hear it i'm sure i left some stuff out !!! 
  7. @svetabily (Sveta Bilyalova) is a Russian fitness model on Instagram. She's mostly known for her sex appeal. A while back she actually received a LOT of backlash for posing with captive tigers. She also seems to have had work done. Thoughts?
    instagram: http://instagram.com/svetabily 
    youtube: https://m.youtube.com/#/svetabily?uid=o8vvh_MMQRB6-0Edu3zfTg
    - She was born in January 13th, 1992 suggesting she's 25 years old
    - Appears to have had surgical work done
    - Received backlash for posing with alleged captive tigers
    - Russian born but moved to L.A to expand her modeling career
    - You can also find her in Future's music video for Low Life ft. The Weeknd
    Other Pictures: 
  8. Matthias
    Youtube Main Channel // Second Channel (MatthiasVlogs) // Third Channel (Matt & Amanda) // Instagram // Twitter  // Patreon (Shut Down) // Official Website
    Other Channels:
    Team Edge //  Get Good Gaming // REKT // Battle Universe! //  Team Edge Gaming

    Matthias is a American Youtuber in Los Angeles. He is 29 years old, married to Amanda Faye and has one child (Luna). He is the CEO of Hi5Studios. He does video games, vlogging, and "review" videos.
    Issues he has:
    Says how he can't upload "Dope or Nope" videos due to them being under 20 minutes, but then proceeds to upload after that under 20.Says how it cost him $23,000 a month for one channel (when it should be the cost of studio), ask for money on Patreon, but shortly after deletes video.When people criticized him, he shut down his Patreon. Doesn't take time with items like he used to, but rather skims them and half ass reviews them instead of reading instructions. 
    Proof of the "$23,000 for one channel video"
    Shut down of Patreon
    Sorry if I made some mistakes, first time making topic.
    I like his review videos and take them with a pinch of salt. Although it seems more like forced humor now than when Bryan(?) was around. 
  9. H3H3
    Joint Socials: Youtube / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Podcast
    H3H3, also known as Ethan & Hila Klein, are a popular married-duo on Youtube, in which they upload commentary reactions to their channel. Their reactions often involve skits mocking said subject. Aside from this, the two share and run a podcast called 'H3 Podcast', with many guest features, such as: Post Malone, idubbbz, Jenna Marbles and much more. 
    Hila, originally from Israel, married Ethan Klein, who she had met during his Birthright. After Hila's visa ran out, the pair stayed in Israel where they began uploading videos onto Youtube. Currently, they live in L.A.
    They first gained mainstream traction when another YouTuber, by the name of Matt Hoss, sued H3 over a video, portraying him in a negative light. The video was initially taken down as a result. H3 won during the dispute, and the video has since been re-uploaded .
    - Ethan, the most prominent face on the channel, depends on shock value comedy to get by.
    - H3 uses the 'N' word and becomes a hypocrite
    - Ethan casually laughs after being told an old man had died
    During Phillip DeFranco's interview on the H3 Podcast, Philip brings up Peter Oakley, who was an early creator on YouTube. Ethan smirks, before laughing, prompting DeFranco to call him out.
    I'd like to give Ethan the benefit of the doubt that he just happens to be someone who laughs during uncomfortable conversations, but this situation shows how insensitive Ethan can be at times.
    Moment found here.
    - Hila tries to defend Louis C.K. after accusations of sexual assault
  10. Philip DeFranco

    Youtube Channel - Facebook Page - Twitter - Patreon - Wikipedia Page - Philly D Channel - The DeFranco Family Channel
    Philip Defranco is an American youtuber most notably known for The Philp DeFranco Show which started in 2007. According to his channel description, PDS is a "5 day a week, daily show where I talk about the news and pop culture that matters to me and should matter to you". Philp DeFranco's channel currently has 6,324,963 subscribers and 2,471,349,402 views (as of October 10th, 2018). DeFranco has covered topics such as TanaCon, Jake & Logan Paul, child exploitation on YouTube, net neutrality, the Equifax leak, PewDiePie, and the DaddyofFive Family Scandal.
    Philip Defranco was born Philip James Franchini Jr. on December 1st, 1985 in New York City, NY, USA. DeFranco currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife, Lindsay Jordan DeFranco, and their two sons, Philip "Trey" and Carter. Philip DeFranco suffers from polycystic kidney disease, considers himself a Libertarian, and is an atheist despite his Catholic upbringing. Readers of Wired Magazine voted Philip DeFranco the Sexiest Geek of 2008.
    Patreon Controversy
    Better Help Scandal