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  1. Social Repose / Richie Giese
    Twitter // Youtube // Facebook
    Social Repose is a Youtuber / song writer who has a history of problematic behavior, mainly from his controversial headdress and relationships.
     Has tried a few times to explain that his headdress is not offensive. He made a few good points, but ends up telling a story of how a native american woman actually confronted him about it, told him it was not okay and he basically told her that she was wrong.Many other Native American's have confronted him about his headdress, but he refuses to budge on it.He later goes on to make a music video where he literally burns one of his $100+ dollar headdresses.He once attended a concert his friend was putting on, and agreed to not wear his costume, as it is distracting to the audience. Despite this agreement, he still showed up in full costume.Richie then became upset when his friend on stage tried to direct attention back to the him, and was separated from the crowd to avoid distraction. (there are videos from the other person's side of the story where they claim they agreed that he would NOT wear the costume, but I don't know where it is. feel free to add it if you could find it) In Richie's side of the story, he says that he "was treated differently because he was popular and dressed differently".Richie himself has admitted that he began wearing his costume specifically to gain attention for his music / Youtube channel (He says this at 3:00)The New Drama (Nov 2017)
    Prior to his relationships with Jaclyn Glenn and Ayalla (Best friend of Billie, Onision's former polyamorous lover), he dated a girl named Lexi for two monthsThroughout his relationship with Ayalla, he apparently cheated multiple times with Lexi and a girl called NattiInitially, people thought Natti was innocent but Ayalla has revealed otherwise in her Younow streamsAyalla has also stated that he has asked other girls if they were over 18, and has attempted to cheat with even more peopleJaclyn Glenn found out all of this after she became suspicious from seeing a text from an unknown number on his phone with many hearts on itJaclyn then checked his phone and found multiple messages referring to Richie cheating on her with LexiDuring this time, Lexi also had a boyfriend and was cheating on him with RichieJaclyn also revealed that during one of Richie's shows, Lexi and him had a quickie in the bathroomHe also didn't care if he gave Jaclyn an STD, and just continued to cheat with multiple girlsJaclyn's video exposing his cheating assHas had a history of being manipulative towards past girlfriends, such as using them in videos after they've broken up or replacing a role originally meant for them with his new girlfriendAlso apparently threatened to commit suicide multiple times to Ayalla, which kept her trapped in the relationshipWould make Jaclyn insecure by talking about how he likes "thicc" girlsMade a terrible apology video to his fans about everything that has happened, and received tons of backlashBasically shifted the blame off himself and blamed Jaclyn for getting into the relationship with himIs currently up to 30,000 lost subscribersOnion boy has been antagonizing everyone involved, bothering Jaclyn to admit he was "right all along" about Richie