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  1. Momotokio
    Instagram - YouTube (inactive) - Twitter - Tumblr
    Momotokio (I have no idea what her real name is oops) is an Instagrammer and former YouTuber who is known for customizing phones and gaming devices. She hasn't done anything completely problematic, but there are some key things that she had done:
    The main thing about her is she has an obsession with D.Va (from Overwatch). She has a D.Va tattoo (which is poorly done and she would regret it in ten years time) and claims that Overwatch and D.Va had 'changed her life'She buys bootleg kawaii merch from Amazon and EbayHas recently bought a new Samsung phone despite already owning an iphone XWent on a rant on IG stories about someone pretty much copying her pictures, which was understandable, but she started getting all pissy and shows off when she credits people who she got inspired fromWhat are your thoughts on her? 
  2. Post on Kiittenymph in Little Snowflakes

    By mickey, posted
    instagram account:
    tumblr account:
    Kiittenymph is an instagram model who started off with tumblr and eventually became a camgirl and started selling porn. She is about 20 years old and her real name is Alexis (I think; back in her tumblr days, before she disappeared and came back, her bio said her name was Alex. When she came back, she changed her bio and it now said Lexi). 
    Her first drama that I ever heard of was that she was 16 when she posted lingerie pictures on her tumblr. She was apparently dating a tumblr user who was also dating another pretty in pink ED tumblr girl whose username I don't remember. She was of age, and when people started sending her asks about what she thought of her "boyfriend" talking to another e-girl, she just replied she didn't know about it and they weren't officially together so whatever. However, she did call Alex out for posting nsfw pictures while being underage and, since they both had a very big following, it became tumblr drama. Eventually Alex deleted her tumblr and came back a loooong time later.
    She has admitted to having had an ED in the past, but claims that she has since recovered. 
    Now, the real reason I'm making this thread. A few months back, Alex broke up with her boyfriend (@dontripp on insta) and posted troubling stories about how he allegedly pushed her out of a moving car. She didn't say his name directly but up until then, all her stories and many of her posts were with him. I have the screenshots. She even posted a video crying and showing her wound. She deleted all the pictures she had with her boyfriend after that. She posted on her story about wanting to move out of the apartment she lived in with her boyfriend to get away from him, and told people that if they wanted to help her get out of that apartment (and thus away from her abusive boyfriend) they could buy her content or tip her on manyvids. She eventually moved and all was well. However, she seems to have gotten back with him since then. She hasn't addressed any of it on her stories and she disabled the comments on her stories (after posting with him for the first time since she moved to her new apartment and deleting it a few hours later; I even replied to her asking if that was her boyfriend from before -the picture wasn't entirely clear- and she replied that it was). She hasn't reactivated the replies to stories since then. 
    What I want to know is if anyone ever donated to her or asked her what happened to know if she scammed people and faked the whole abuse thing, or if she is just another case of an abused woman going back to her abuser.
    Rant about the abuse:
    Comment about the apartment a little while after her rant:
    Her boyfriend's story a little while after she accused him publicly of abuse (everyone knew she was talking about her boyfriend; she was very open about the fact that she lived with him so there really was no question about it):
    The most recent picture of them together: 
    The abuse allegations happened July 16th (dates are from the date I took the screenshot shown on my camera roll). A couple of days after posting everything, she overdosed. Her boyfriend posted a picture of her in the hospital on HER account and told everyone not to worry, that he was there to take care of her. Of course everyone lost their shit over it and told him he was a psycho. She deleted that post the next day I think. The pink post about wether or not to move and her boyfriend's response are from August 6th. Afterwards, she'd post on a daily basis quotes about finding yourself and moving on from toxic people. The most recent picture is from less than a week ago.