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  1. There was a thread about her on PULL before it got deleted.
    She is some instagram/twitter famous choke me daddy girl who is also a model. 
    She gives me headaches?

    She did an interview for i-d magazine: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/to-these-two-teen-models-instagram-is-more-than-a-hobby 
    Some summary points:
    She's "instagram famous" hoe with 630k followers and is friends with equally basic Charlie Barker and Elizabeth Bishop, which are also "famous" instagram girls. 
    She's 19 and is signed with Anti Agency London. Some weird modeling agency for alternative or "too cool" to model people
    A lot of people dislike her and think she's stupid, because of her tweets. She has a daddy kink with her boyfriend Joe Fahy. It's gross. I think she started the whole choke me daddy american apparel thing. Well at least people on twitter blame her for that.

  2. Post on Lily Maymac in Little Snowflakes

    By Plum, posted
    Instagram (x) Twitter (x) Snapchat: lilyhatesyou 
    Lily Maymac (or Lily May Macapinlac) Is a famous Instagram model from Australia who is known for being controversial. She usually only posts pics of her face with her lips being the main focus, sponsorships, and food.

    Tea about her:
    Candids of her (a lot of people find her to be disappointing/average in person):
    Receipts of her self-hate & racism
    Her obvious signs of self hate (white-fever, wishing she was a halfie, and wanting a mixed child.):
    Her own mom ratting her out on her self hate in 2016 & taking every chance to shit on "other Filipinos" when defending her daughter:
    Her "lowkey" distaste towards Asian men:
    Distasteful "jokes" towards blacks to name her dog:
    Her immediate responses before backpedaling & "apologizing" when shit hit the fan:
    Contradicted her "apology" with defensive likes/retweets from fans:
    Receipts of her overall garbage personality
    Constantly bragging about how much money she spends:
    Constantly boasting about the "free shit" she gets:
    The gross treatment of her ex, Josh, while they were together:
    Is an unappreciative twat towards her fans & treats them like shit:
    Other snowflakey shit:
     Archive links of her self-hate/racist tweets (text-only):
    Articles that have talked about her self-hate/racism:
    (keep in mind some simply brush off everything with "preference" or they don't show the full story like her white power posts & racist remarks against blacks/indians) 
    imgur album (self-hate/racism tweets only) | video proof
    Thank you to @mercy for compiling everything! 
  3. Most of you probably know who Laci Green is, a self proclaimed sex educator, and uneducated feminazi who gives out a lot of misinformation that can harm young girls. She speaks at universities about sex education (and in one of her videos she said that people laugh during her seminars lmao)
    She gained her rise to fame when she made a video speaking out about the Sam Pepper rape case.
    How do you guys feel about her?
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lacigreen
  4. Since he's known for spreading false information and siding with crazy ass margo, here's the thread about him!
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KEEMSTAR
    He's known for making videos on Youtube Talking about so called drama on the internet. However he makes those videos without doing proper research on the topics he talks about.
    In January of this 2016, he made a video accusing an elderly man who streams Runescape on Twitch of being a pedophile, it was right after he saw a news story from 2011 about a man named John Philips who was arrested for having sex with a teenager he grooms on  runescape. The elderly man Keemstar tracked down  and outed on DramaAlert, and sent his fans to attack on Twitch, not only his name is Tony, he is also not the Pedophile DJ Keemstar thought he was and the poor old man cried in his stream because of the people attacking him. The John Philips guy is still in jail, will be in there for a long time.
    Of course he issued an apology towards the old man about the whole thing and he blamed the researcher for wrongfully accusing the man completely excluding himself from being at fault. (does he know that there's a thing called fact checking? even if someone did do the research, it wont hurt him to check the information he's given before making the video)
  5. I haven't caught up with EYK in a long time, but as they are widely disliked by a portion of the k-pop community, I was surprised that they didn't have a thread when I searched for them. So, here it is! I'll post about some of the drama surrounding this pair.
    Simon and Martina (best known as Eat Your Kimchi) are Youtubers that became known for their videos about K-pop and Korean culture. They have moved to Japan from Korea now.
    Drama Surrounding EYK
    1) Lived in Korea for over 7 years and did not learn Korean past entry level phrases
    2) Mocked Korean idols for poor English skills when they cannot speak Korean
    3) Slut-shamed Korean idol Hyuna
    4) Made videos about Korean culture and the views of Korean people when they were in no way immersed in Korean culture - they couldn't even speak the language!
    5) Overpriced online store (left is from their store, right is resellers)

    Personally I'm not a huge fan of EYK, although I don't think they're bad people - they've just said some problematic things. They are a sweet couple though, as outrageous are their appearances are. They are/were big Koreaboos though and their audience is/was also Koreaboos, so in Japan I'm assuming they'll build a Weeaboo audience.
    There are tons of tumblr threads about EYK that I'm not going to link, as they get into the SJW stuff that's not so relevant. (You can google EYK hate" or something similar to find them)
  6. First of all I hope I'm doing this right, I'm new around here and I searched both here and in online personalities but I didn't saw anything made about her already (:
    So, let's start by the basics. 
    Trisha Paytas is a youtuber, aspiring actress and ex-striper, known for her hauls, shopping addiction and trolling videos.
    MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/blndsundoll4mj
    SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TrishasLife
    Nearly each one of her videos have caused some sort of drama. From supporting Sea World to faking to have had an affair with Robin Williams when she said on one of her past Twitter posts she didn't knew him. She has also had many episodes with other youtubers like Channon Rose and Arika Sato and she has a very unstable personality where she has posted drunk videos of herself, fakes having boyfriends and relationships, fake story times and others.
    Would love to see where the peeps @ prettyuglylittleliar stand on on her  
  7. Post on Onision in Little Snowflakes

    By mako, posted
    Wow i'm honestly surprised no ones made an Onision thread, if there was before or he isn't allowed on PULL I apologize.
    Main Youtube
    Youtube #2
    Youtube #3
    From my knowledge, Onision (full name Greg Daniel Jackson) is a vegan youtuber who discusses controversial topics, theres a lot of drama with his exes and things from the past which I don't know much about. Discuss?  
  8. >> Click here for tumblr (about the Einshine drama) << 
    This is the lolcow thread that exposes Einshine's alleged pedophilia, sexual assault and statutory rape with extensive proof. Read it first before forming your opinions please:
    >> https://lolcow.farm/pt/res/363295.html#q363295 << NEW LOLCOW THREAD
    Einshine is a Youtuber associated with several Jvloggers like Sharla and Rachel and Jun and is good friends with his ex-roommate, TheAnimeMan(Joey). Einshine is roommates with Kat* 
    Here's his links if you're interested ;
    TwitterYoutubeInstagramFacebook (His Einshine one)Facebook (Charles' ) - he deactivated it Twitch- His real name is  Charles Shine Schwingendorf. creds to ; @Brianny
    -He's half German and half Japanese, has two channels one for English audience and the other is Japanese audience.
    - Born on February 19, 1997.
    -Aspiring mangaka collaborating with Kat. ( but we all know Kat does all his art let's be real )
    Rude comments on Twitter :-
    Einshine and Kat has a shop together that sells t-shirts and posters ; Here And the upcoming manga by Einshine and Kat ; Here
  9. I just saw that they're wasn't a topic about her( atleast I didn't found one) sooo I guess I'll start one.
    Bubzbeauty is a vlogger and 'beauty guru' on youtube.
    Vlog channel
    Main channel
    So, she actually one of my favourite Youtubers.  She seems like such a sweet, lovely and dorky (lol) , person. I used to just watch her main beauty channel back then, but now I only watch her vlogs... they really cheer me up. 
    I don't know if there where ever any drama about her? I follow her for like.. 3-4 years now. Can't remember anything. ... except one thing that happened a few months ago. It was about something she commented I guess? She came across as really rude.. Idk what it was exactly anymore, but she apologized in a video for it. 
    I think it was that one? 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tra0bL8EGZE (I don't know how to embed a vid OTL)
    commentary from her under the video:

    I'm sorry if there's already a topic on her. I searched on here but couldn't find anything. 
  10. >>Updated 2018 Summary can be found here<<
    I'm going to summarize this dude and partly because I'm on mobile and I might get lost in my endless block of text. A lot of my sources are taken from lolcow since they have talked about him far longer than PULL and has lots of evidences that I can use instead of looking for it myself.
    About him:
    He's currently the "game developer" of the debug build (not yet a game), Yandere Simulator . But before that, he used to be "Evaxephon" who pissed off people by spamming the link to his awful streams. He also used to frequent Gaia, where he was mostly known for complaining about the fact that he couldn't get a girlfriend. Here's why:

    He had aspirations to develop video games and even tried to program a fighting game engine and was criticized by Mike Z., main programmer of Skullgirls . He made a big deal about it because Mike wouldn't give him a single praise.
    His first Attempt to Make an Actual Game:
    His first attempt to make an actual game was a side-scrolling hack 'n slash game called, Lunar Scythe the main character being the most edgiest-looking woman ever made so far being on a quest to cleanse the world of "human filth."
    Check the story here: http://archive.is/33yOj
    He quickly turned to a laughing stock when he kept showing everyone the same character drawn by different people over and over, ignoring what other people were telling him.
    The Reincarnation of Evaxephon to YandereDev:
    After god-knows-how-long time, Eva returned as "YandereDev" (some loyal fans affectionately call him "Devpai." A mix of "Dev" and "Senpai" apparently) with an actually interesting game idea were the protagonist is a stone-cold yandere who can't feel emotions and her objective is to kill (there are options for a less 'violent way' of eliminating rivals but the variations to do that are currently slim) every student in her school who has a crush of her senpai. Some person (I couldn't find the person's name/username in my source/s) liked the concept and contributed to the game, giving feedback and some volunteer work, but after a whilr, Eva couldn't help and throw hissy fits, like his attempt to turn the whole Mike Z chat into a sob story:

    Eventually, it came to light that Yanderedev and EvaXephon were one and the same when an ex-volunteer leaked it:

    He again, became a laughing stock but that didn't stop him from defending himself:

    Up until now, he's complaining that he couldn't make any 'progress' to his game because of stupid emails by his 12 year old fans and made a youtube video about it (he has more videos about it tho).
    He also pissed off his volunteers on a regular basis and pedophilia
    Despite all this, he still manages to have a large group of fans ever since YanSim blew up when PewDiePie played it and he receives 5k a month on Patreon. And he also seems to have lost $500 on his Patreon when he proposed to implement a yakuza fighting stlye on Yansim but later apologized about the idea.
    Accounts (archived):
    His personal site: http://evaxephon.com/
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/evaxephon/mobile?mwcc=redir_a
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yanderedev
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YandereDev?ty=
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-mahan-40b90277
    His Coding as a "Game Developer" is Questionable:
    Someone pointed out at a screenshot of a code floating around on a video that didn't look like a seasoned programmer would type:

    He only learned programming or whatever for 2 years and worked for companies with no name games. 2 years isn't even enough. You have to learn texturing, animations etc. No wonder he's a noob dev.

    Others (Part 2):
    People at lolcows actually found out this dude's real name. I won't post his personal info here but since this profile is public, then I guess I'm not posting against the forum rules. He actually authored articles about adult games/stuff.
    Also, if you have watched the link to the video were he whines about stupid emails, the green haired character there is called "Midori Gurin" (means Green green in Japanese. lol) apparently symbolizes the annoying 12 year olds who wouldn't stop sending him stupid emails. Most- if not all- his characters in the game are actually "place holder" bought unity assets. So much for a game dev.
    Fun Fact: There's so much stereotypes in his vision of the game. The "currency" in YanSim are panty shots, you can actually enlarge those poor school girl characters into big watermelons that could bounce off their chests if given the chance, one of the elimination methods is to make up rumors about your rival and if her reputation is low enough her desk will be vandalized and a flower will be placed on her desk (which is a stereotype according to lolcow users because according to them, japanese students don't do that in this era anymore since it will attract more attention). Oh yeah, he also made a character whose name literally says, "Mai Waifu" with long violet hair and rainbow (changing) eyes with big breasts. I would like to add that Eva has no real girlfriend but some fans literally thought that that character symbolizes Eva's GF in real life (I know because I used to be one of the believers). And a character whose make up style has fallen out of era (forgot what that style was called). Oh yeah, you can also change panties (your protagonist) that apparently can increase certain skills if you wear those interesting-looking panties. 
    He claims that Yansim will be finished in 2019 and will launch a kickstarter about it. Apparently it's to hire professional programmers and the like to help Yansim. Because he can't even make a single asset himself without buying it on unity or asking his volunteers to do it.
    Friendly reminder that the guy gets $5k on his Patreon with the volunteers doing most of the work un-paid. Yet he still whines about stupid emails while implementing a total of 24 or more easter eggs in the build. His excuse was that it's for 'entertainment' and just some silly stuff he's adding to take a break from working on Yansim.
    Gaia History (lots of screenshots):
    Account (Part 2):
    He actually has a fanfiction account that has really adult content in some of those fics.
    (If you do not like... Adult stuff in fics, do NOT open the spoiler. It's one of Eva's fanfics that was archived by a kiwi user for "future generations" in case he deletes them some day. The title's called, "Deaf To the World." Nov. 26, 2011).
    If you're interested about his debug build, you can check his Game Development Blog to check the debug build's progress. But if you ask me, I could go on to suicide mode by drinking a shot every time he lists down all the "bugs" he "fixed" or on normal mode, were I'll drink ever time he implements another easter egg.  Seriously, this dude "fixes" a lot of bugs and posts them on almost every post he makes to make it look like he's "constantly" working on Yansim.
    Others (Part 3):
    Here's a link were he's "clearing up volunteer misunderstandings."
    A pic of him not having any proper training in coding.
    He may have legitimately harassed someone:

    An ex-volunteer talking about YandereDev/Eva and why s/he quitted the team.
    A 3D modeler who criticizes Eva for putting un-original characters in the build.
     I'm pretty sure that it's just Yandere-chan's clone with different and re-colored hair, being the noob game dev he is. In fact, all of the characters in Yansim before were clones of Yandere-chan with different or recolored hair and all the males are clones of Senpai with the same work done to make them "look different." Even the teachers in the game are also base models of Yandere-chan. You can still see the previous builds being played by let's play youtubers if you can search 'em up because currently, all the character's appearances are now drastically changed thanks to his un-paid volunteers. 
    Another kiwi posted this (under spoiler) that was used to show off the official shirt:
    Posts he posted here and here . Some pics to go along with it:
    Some kiwi user leaked this pic to prove that s/he knows Eva. At first s/he was reluctant but finally leaked a screenshot of their conversation:

    Funfact 2: Yandere simulator is banned from being streamed on Twitch. Gee. I wonder why?
    When YandereDev/Eva implements a... Torture mechanic (currently you CAN torture your rivals but you can't SEE how they're actually being tortured) then it's going to be....

    He got information from a real Japanese teacher and how sailor uniform outfits are only worn for elementary students.
    He made a comparison video of Natsuiro High to Yansim (which also has panty shots. Go figure) and Hitman (you know, to copy some stealth elimination mechanic.)
    There's some (probably as decent game devs than him) who started copying his ideas of the game. If he stops implementing easter eggs and actually learn up-to-date coding, then he'll finish the game before 2019:
    You know one of those artists that are helping Eva are actually suspicious people with fetishes:
    Some kiwi managed to screen shot one of Eva's past streams but he couldn't get any more because Eva deleted it. Eva started calling a girl "autistic" and threatened to dox her.

    Stolen and Bought Assets:
    Don't bother arguing with this dev about assets and stuff because he'll just say that it's a "place holder" and only "temporary" until he finishes the sandbox into a game. Here's a Japanese Clinic kit was probably taken from here.
    Almost forgot, YandereDev/Eva has a neo-nazi supporter.
    Some more stolen asset (he just literally recolored the hair): https://archive.is/7QRwV
    "Info-chan" (who is like an anti hero is Yansim who helps Yandere-chan if she sends her enough panty shots): https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/11573
    Yandere-chan's rival, "Osana Najimi:" https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/15653
    All male characters: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/15667
    He actually admited that the characters are unity bought assets and that they're just going to be "place holders" in a blog post before. But I can't find the blog post because I'm flooded by a lot of the info that I'm trying to summarize him right now.
    Another stolen asset: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/13151
    Also, he doesn't want to have problems with original characters to people who own said original work/s.
    And this:

  11. AkiDearest and The Anime Man
    Akidearest (Agnes "Usagi" Diego)

    Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook (broken?) | MyAnimeList | Shop (warning: tentacles)| Patreon
    Akidearest/Agnes is a Youtuber who makes videos about anime, Vocaloids, and other weeaboo-esque topics. She is an American-Filipino from Las Vegas.
    Doesn't research her videos properly; she frequently lifts texts from Wikipedia when giving information about a topic in her videos, highlighting how little she really knows about what she producesPissed off the Vocaloid fandom; see this post and this post. She essentially makes Vocaloid videos with next to no knowledge about the industry/ community/ anything.Used to steal artEdits it however she wants and gives no credit (nsfw):Begs for art, occasionally asks fans to draw stuff for free, and sometimes doesn't clearly credit artists that have drawn her channel art/merchShota fetish (self explanatory)Fan serviceDisguises her lack of knowledge on subjects by sexualizing herselftl;dr - she's basically weeaboo who doesn't know what she's talking about.
    June 2018 update:
    While still a bit cringe, JThe Anime Man (Joey Bizinger / Johnson / jobo)

    Youtube | 2nd Channel | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Facebook | MyAnimeList
    The Anime Man/Joey/Johnson is an anime Youtuber who makes videos about current anime trends/seasonal roundups etc. He is half-Japanese and living in Japan. For around half of 2016, Joey lived with Shine (Einshine/ ShinePhD) and Kat (Nyansai/Nyanafk). He moved out in September 2016. If you want to read about Shine and Kat, you can check out their thread here. 
    Dating a weeaboo despite saying he doesn't like weeaboos Once trashed Venus Angelic with Shine over her notorious "How to look half Asian video"Features Aki in his videos and appears in her videos frequently, despite stating that he "doesn't want to be that Youtube couple"Frequently posts pictures of them kissing, and overall just continue to shove their relationship in everyone's facesSays he's "satire" and "self-aware," yet continues to do cringy thingsLoli fetishLikes characters like Shinobu from Bakemonogatari and Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon MaidOne of those people who thinks loliporn should be allowed because they're not real and can give actual pedophiles an outletHad a falling-out with his once close friend, Lost Pause (Noble)It is still unknown what caused this, though fans have speculated that it could be related to AkiStill refuses to acknowledge it, despite it being very obvious that something happenedBecause of this, there seems to be a distance between Noble and Johnson's other friends such as MistyChronexia and other Youtubers. Had a Patreon tier where his $50 tier is just shouting people out in his youtube videosCan't seem to stop talking about how he's friends with Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)Despite seeming to have much closer friends, Johnson seems to tweet at Pewdiepie just as much, if not more than his other friendsJust seems to be obsessed with the idea of being friends with "the biggest Youtuber" and always seems to by vying for his attention and validationtl;dr - most of his problems comes from his relationship with Aki, but he has his own issues too.
  12. Twitter / Instagram / Website / SC: thatpoppy

    Of course, Poppy is simply a persona, and her real name is Moriah Pereira. According to many articles, she was born or grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. The person behind her videos and music is Titanic Sinclair/Corey Mixter. I don't really like the dude because a quick look through his twitter shows that he likes to pick fights with other "indie" artists like Halsey and Melanie Martinez (mostly due to thinking they "copy" Poppy). There are also rumors that Poppy and Titanic are dating, which is weird, because at the same time, many people claim she's 15.
    Her and Titanic Sinclair:
    However, there is a lot of evidence that she's not 15. Her Twitter and Youtube were made in 2011, and she has been making covers that have been deleted since the Poppy persona was created. Many people believe this due to her birthday video, where she claims she was "created" on January 1st. And in the description, she puts her birthday as 01/01. And I guess some people saw it as 01/01/01???????
    I went to look for pictures of her pre-Poppy, and it seems like she went under the alias Moriah Poppy. Judging by these pictures, she's probably in her early 20's by now. (Bonus: I found a pic of her w Sam Pepper?????)
    Old Pictures:
    Lastly, while I was on the hunt for old pictures I found a VK page that has her old videos. I don't think you can watch them since they seem to be linked to youtube, and I guess those videos are deleted, but you can at least see her in some of the thumbnails.
    What do you guys think about her?
    (Thank you to @kotori for the summary)
  13. *She is a public figure and as this is my first post and I may make a mistake of placing this thread in the wrong forum (please correct me)
    *I apologise if there is already a thread about her but I couldn't find it so I have made one. I also don't intend to bash or mock anyone.
    PONY 포니 (Makeup Artist) Park Hye Min 박혜민
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ponymakeup
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIxWNvxD7Xr/?taken-by=ponysmakeup&hl=en
    She is a celebrity makeup artist and Korean beauty Youtuber.
    She was also a popular ulzzang that released many graphic makeup tutorials several years ago.
    PONY is likeable, hard-working, and has nothing bad on her record until the makeup brushes scandal this year.
    She annouced that she had taken inspiration from many magnetic makeup brushes
    to produce her own line of 'unique' magnetic makeup brushes.
    However many claim an undeniable similarity between her brushes and the
    original magnetic makeup brushes patented by Rae Morris (MUA).
    Link to the collective info in regards to the scandal: http://lostinpretty.com/2016/04/pony-effects-magnetic-brush-line-and-rae-morris/
    As I wish to remain as unbiased as possible my only comment is: What a cunning and lucrative business woman!

    Also , her appearance has been confusing me for a while.
    It may be due to her great skill in makeup,
    as I always see that the shape of her nose is changing.
    Here are some old and recent photos of her.
    *update : @aripenko contributed "She has admitted to doing her nose, it's somewhere on Pannchoa." 
    Old photo:

    Recent photo:

    Old photo 

    Recent photo

  14. Rachel & Jun
    Youtube // Twitter // Blogspot // Facebook // Instagram // Patreon  

    Hey guys I've been wanting to make this thread for awhile now, truth be told I don't know much about Rachel and Jun and I wouldn't mind knowing more about them they've been mentioned a bunch in other jvloggers topics and when I searched for them they didn't have their own thread.
    What do you guys think of them? I'm a fan of Jun's cooking show but other than that I'm not much interested in their vlogging videos, I think I'm a bit over constantly seeing videos titled "IN JAPAN" by Youtubers, "brushing my teeth IN JAPAN" "Going to the bathroom IN JAPAN" argh
    They have been controversial with the Angry Asian Girls United and Reclaiming Asia tumblrs. Rachel has also been called out for having yellow fever because of her comments in the "In Defense of Weaboos" video.
    I'm actually a bit nervous about starting this thread, it seems like every time they come up with drama Rachel rushes in and comments (she commented in the Texan in Tokyo thread when people was wondering about possibly them being fishy with their Patreon) fair enough they are allowed to defend themselves but it's still a bit awkward that jvloggers follow these threads so much.
  15. Tana Mongeau
    Instagram |  YouTube | Twitter

    Was born on June 24, 1998 (Currently 20) and is from Las VegasFirst made her channel in 2015, rose to popularity very quicklyControversies
    Exaggerates her storytime videosFirst became famous for her stories about her stalker, who she claimed has been stalking her since 2nd gradeStalker wrote a heart felt love letter to herStalker took polaroid pictures of her while she was sleepingClaimed she put the stalker in jailPeople have questioned these stalker allegations since polariod cameras are loud, and people also found the same exact letter Tana said the stalker sent her online, since it was a copypastaUsed the N word in videos in 2012Video with clips of her saying itApparently supports Black Lives Matter, despite previously using the N word in a negative wayHas a channel called "trash" where she picks some fans to upload their content on the trash channelTreated her assistant, Alyssa Cardiff terribly and told everyone she fired her. Also said she did a half-assed job and asked for way too much moneyTana never paid her on time, which caused her to quit herself instead of being fired by TanaWas basically her glorified house cleaner, and only paid her $10 an hourClaimed she was assaulted/put in a choke hold by iDubbbz in the "Say n*****"/Content Cop incident at the meet and greet, when he just put his arm around herIs apparently friends and has made out with fellow snowflake Bella ThorneClaims to be vegan, but still uses makeup brands that are non-cruelty freeDiscusses drugs/alcohol/mixing drugs and alcohol to a younger audience (many of these experiences occurred prior to her being 18, too)Made a video about someone calling in a bomb thread to McCarran Airport in her name and the FBI going after her, but there was no evidence online of this even occurringIs now friends with (fellow trash) Bella Thorne and have made videos togetherIs now also apparently a Youtube rapper with her new song, "Hefner"TanaCon Drama
    In April 2018, Tana said she was starting a con called "Tanacon," which was supposed to serve as some type of alternative to Vidcon in June 2018Event ends up being a failure of catastrophic proportions, basically on the disaster scale of Fyre Music Festival and DashconFollowing the con, there is a lot of shadiness on what happened from both Tana and the company that managed the con, Good TimesVideos come out showing that Tana and Michael Weist, the CEO of Good Times, knew that the venue was too small and went ahead with selling too many ticketsInitially, there was much confusion on how many people were waiting outside of the con to get in. Tana insists very specifically that 15,000 people were outside, multiple times in videos discussing the aftermath of the conMichael also seems to verify that 15,000 people were outside of the hotel, which the police department and Shane Dawson later say is false and confirm that only around 4,000-5,000 people were outsideShane Dawson sets out to create a three-part documentary series about all of the controversy, documentary can be viewed here:Part 1Part 2Part 3As of July 2018, a class-action lawsuit against Tana might happen
  16. Post on DaddyOFive in Online Personalities

    By moonie, posted
    Phil's video inspired me to make this thread, it'd be a good idea to watch it after reading as it sums up the issue better than me.
    DaddyOFive is a family prank channel with questionable parenting skills.
    2nd Channel
    Gaming Channel
    They've been receiving a lot of hate recently after posting this video:
    They play a prank on one of their kids, Cody which results in him in crying, like many of the other pranks they have played on him. Thus people speculated they abuse their children or atleast Cody. 
    After receiving said hate they uploaded a video explaining the situation and saying 'it's just a prank bro'.
    (Refer to Phil's video explaining the situation as it contains clips of Cody crying and screaming and also being shouted at.)
  17. Post on Jackie Aina in Online Personalities

    By mommy, posted
    Jackie is "just another beauty guru" for some people but there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding her lately so I figured a thread is warranted. Just wanted to put it out there that I'm a fan of her, so my summary could be a biased. If I'm stepping out of line, lemme know.
    https://www.youtube.com/user/lilpumpkinpie05 | https://twitter.com/jackieaina | http://instagram.com/jackieaina
    Jackie Aina is a YT beauty guru. She's famous for her trends we're ditching videos, being political and outspoken about social issues (as a woman of color), and her mostly unbiased beauty reviews.
    The Jeffrey Star Drama
    The "controversy" first came when Jackie posted about being blocked by Jeffrey Star blocking her on Twitter.

    People were speculating that she was blocked because of an anti-haul video that she made featuring the entire Jeffrey Star Cosmetics brands.
    IMO she was very professional and respectful here. She doesn't have a huge issue with him personally but she just can't support the brand because of his very anti-black sentiments in the past and the fact that he never (truly) publicly apologized for them. This was before Joffrey's "RACISM" video.
    I have posted about Joffrey's response on his thread here:

    Another link to some of the tweets. He basically called Jackie an irrelevant rat, called her channel "stale" and says she's just using his name for more views, and "leaked" the fact that she hasn't paid her taxes in three years and that she's getting married in December. He was also very quick to delete most of his tweets.

    Her response to Jeff's RACISM video.2013 SCAM ACCUSATIONS People have been bringing up her "drama" from 4 years ago. She set up GoFundMe supposedly to help fund her beauty school tuition (for a cosmetology license) and for rent, since her best friend and roommate passed away. People had been accusing her of not really using the pledges for school but rather for vacation trips to different countries.  thi
    I went to the CA barbering and cosmetology website, searched for her and found one Jacquelyn Aina, with these details:
    Expiration Date:01/31/2018Original Issuance Date:01/11/2014The GoFundMe was created August 11, 2013, and she posted this August 18:
    I personally believe it checks out.
    Jackie was invited to the KKW Beauty launch at the Kardashian home. This is her review:
    I think the review is very honest. She says she appreciates the brand simply because it's one of the very few that caters to her skin tone. She did say she won't purchase the kit herself, because it's very expensive given the amount of product. She says the sponge applicator was useless but the brush was good for blending out the product. She loved and praised the highlight. She also believes that Kim helped launched the trend of contouring but the release of her brand is very late because contour kits have been overdone.
    I believe that it's one of the few videos that wasn't completely kissing Kim's ass. That's why when Kim posted several photo sets with her and the personalities that came to her launch and Jackie was the only one who wasn't tagged, people were quick to assume that it's because her management was shading her for her review.
    Jackie touched on this on his IG live saying that not being tagged was kinda shady but she wasn't really bothered because she didn't really expect to be posted at all. She's also saying that it "backfired" because most of the comment section is mentioning and tagging her. I think she meant that if Kim's (or her management's) purpose was to not give her exposure (it's Kim K, a simple tag in her IG means a lot), it backfired because she's getting more publicity than any of the other personalities posted.
    5 days later, Kim cleared the whole thing up.

    And Jackie responded:

    I thought Kim K was very professional, and given her popularity, she didn't even have to respond to this, but she did. I honestly find Jackie more shady. I think she knew that drama was going to give her more views, and when her fans was attacking Kim on the comments section (not all of them, but a number), she kept quiet.
    That's all I have on her. What do you guys think?
  18. Post on Lilypichu in Online Personalities

    By Simiao, posted
    Lily is a 26 year old twitch streamer and a Youtuber who's been around for quit a while now. She's widely known for streaming league, dating George (HotshotGG from CLG), and her anime girl voice. A lot of the info gathered here are from lolcow and youtube comments! 

    Links to her yt, ig, fb, and twitter~
    1) A lot of people claim that her voice is fake and that she admitted that in one of her blog posts before that she was doing it for aesthetic purposes. Some also claim that this her actual voice even though it just seems like she's purposely making it lower.
    But overall, there is no clear evidence she's faking it. 
    2) Another controversial topic people pointed out a lot is that she presenting herself as a loli. A lot of people believe she's purposely dressing as a child to "cater to pedophiles" because they see her as an irl loli  (This is a typical asian girl fashion in my opinion though) 
     3) She and Hotshotgg broke up a while back and a lot of rumors say Lily used George to gain fame and to live off his money. The real reason they broke up was never shared. 
    Lilypichu's cosplays 
    So yep. That's pretty much all there is that's talked about her. I'm interested to know what other people think about her. 
  19. Elijah and Christine
    Youtube // Instagram (Christine's) // Instagram (Elijah's) // Twitter (Christine's) // Twitter (Elijah's)

    Elijah and Christine didn't have their own thread (I tried looking and found nothing on here), so I decided to make one. 
    Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko are two internet personalities/Youtubers. They have around 1.6+ million subscribers on their main and vlog channels combined. They mainly make comedy skits and vlogs. Christine started out as a Viner, and Elijah originally used Youtube/Twitter. Elijah is the author of "Trump Temptations," an erotic novel about Donald Trump and "The Holy Bible... But Gayer," a parody of the bible. He was also the guy who became mayor of Hell, Michigan and banned heterosexuals from the town as a statement. They've been featured in short movies, Youtube skits, and the Maury Show.
  20. Mr. CreepyPasta
    Twitter // Youtube // The Kickstarter // Gofundme For Engagement Ring

    Mr.Creepypasta is a Horror Youtuber mostly focusing on Creepypastas.
    Why does he deserve a thread here? Well...
    Scammed followers out of their money for a kickstarter which he never delivered on Took artists' stories and work without credit and released it as his own in a book. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell this bookUsed the money from his Kickstarter project to take trips which he showed on his social media account Started a Gofundme page to get his fans to buy him a engagement ring to give to a fan turn his fiance all while having a side chick who is pregnnant with his babyPossibly asked another fan to get an abortion when they got pregnant 
  21. Bobby Burns and the case of quick karma 

    Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkaqF-7AO5ZHie0Rc-NEb2A
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thebobbyburns/
    Twitter https://twitter.com/thebobbyburns
    Bobby Burns, 21 years old and originally from Tennessee, recently moved to L.A to pursue a more serious carer in Youtube through collaborations with his squad and Shane Dawson. His channel used to be movie reviews, movie theory and various discussions on media and popular culture. Since the channel wasn't gaining as much traction as he had hoped, he turned to a more edgy image, and made the Shane Dawson drag video. Calling Shane's content "terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible", the pot was officially stirred when Shane watched the video and invited a shy and humble Bobby to visit him in LA and explain his motives. The video was recieved exceptionally well, and Bobby was suddenly a Youtube phenomenon.  
    Since this video, Bobby has published just one video on Shane's channel, and the state of their relationship is yet to be revealed. Since their initial collab, Bobby has recieved a LOT of backlash, mostly towards his new content on his own channel, which is a kind of meta-startup kit on "How to be a successful Youtuber" -- despite most people thinking he just scratched the surface of what it means to have "made it". He recieves hate on all of his social media, and people are not mincing words. 

    He has been accused of using Shane for views and fame, as they took a lie detector test where Bobby failed the question "are you using Shane for views?", to which he answered no but the detector said yes. These claims are also due to Bobby's quick change of mind re: Shane's content, which he claimed to hate before Shane offered him collabs. 
    He comes off as a tryhard, both in terms of his new content and thirst for "clout", spending hundreds of dollars on designer clothes and a haircut (lol), constantly reminding people of how much weed he smokes and how experienced he is in creating Youtube content. 

    He seems to think he's the new Messiah, asking some of the biggest names to collab or to pay attention to him in any way. What started as a kind of sweet guy passionated about movies has now become a very obnoxious and self-centered cloutmonster. His views are quickly declining but he seems to just ignore it and keep doing what he does. Every single video is sponsored by brands he doesn't give a fuck about, and he shows it quite clearly. Maybe with the new "Bobby 6.0", his channel will take yet another turn. 

    But he is burning through his fans and money quicker than anybody can say I-told-you-so, and it remains to be seen what becomes of this strange case of karma, and his terrible, terrible content. 

  22. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/val.mercado/?hl=en
    twitter: https://twitter.com/thevalmercado?lang=en
    Val Mercado is an IG model with a youtube account, and posts mostly short videos of sponsored content. Recently she came back from her 8 month hiatus to post... another sponsored video. Nothing too problematic as far as I know of. 
    Im assuming she has had some plastic sugery because she has posted a photo with a plastic surgeon and tagged him, and has done some acting work.
    Here is a candid of her for reference

  23. Post on Waveya in Online Personalities

    By Dahlia*, posted
    Youtube // Instagram (Miu) // Instagram (Ari) // Twitter // Website

    Waveya is a Korean dance group made up of two sisters that go by Ari and Miu. They have been active since 2011 and several of their dance covers have even gone viral. Waveya has even toured the world and done various performances abroad. 
    However, many noticed that Waveya often changed members various times with vague explanations, before finally deciding to stay as just a sibling duo. Waveya has also been the subject of much controversy due to their sexual dance style, accompanied by their very sexual outfits. Many old-time fans feel that Waveya sold out and watered down their content by going the "sex sells" route. Other fans feel that Waveya is just another example of a powerful female group that is just being put down and slut-shamed. Recently, Waveya opened an underwear store called “Waveya style,” where Ari and Miu are the only models.
    Recently, Waveya announced that they were taking a break due to the hate comments from Korea taking a toll on them. This ended up resulting in a short, three-day break from social media. Today, Waveya commented with the other pictures below in regards to their foreign “haters”
    Screenshots of them responding to "haters":
    Feel free to add anything to this post, especially those who can understand Korean as I’m out of the loop on a lot on their other comments. So, what do you guys think?  
  24. YandereDev / EvaXephon
    Social Media Links:
    Twitter // Youtube // Twitch // Reddit // Tumblr // Fanfiction Profile // Official Website

    YandereDev (Alex Mahan) is the sole developer of the indie PC game, Yandere Simulator. He rose to fame when some of the most famous Lets Players, notably PewDiePie and Markiplier, played some of the early builds of Yandere Simulator around 2014 and 2015. Following the success of the early builds of the game, YandereDev started a Patreon and began to raise money to fund its creation. Currently, he manages all PR for the game, is the sole developer, and outsources his art from volunteers and the Unity store.
    Part One: The Man, the Myth, the Martyr Complex
    ~ The History of EvaXephon ~
    Internet Origins
    Yandev first started out on websites like 4Chan on the /v/ board and Gaia throughout the 2000s, under the alias EvaXephonIn /v/, YanDev became infamous for annoying people and constantly spamming links to his streamsOn Gaia, YanDev was known for posting about his troubles with the opposite sex and using Gaia in a similar way to r/rateme is currently used now.Despite some denying the association between YanDev and EvaXephon, On this same account, Yandev also talked about some of the following lovely subjects: (Note: to view better, please right click and open the image in a new tab)Killing his parentsIncel-like behaviorBlaming girls rejecting him solely on his appearanceComplaining when a girl feels uncomfortable that they can't just have a normal friendshipCalling girls "egotistical" if they reject guys who are not as attractive as they areConsistently talked bad about himself and his appearance, showing he had 0 self confidenceCollection of screenshots with all of these can be found hereFinally, the infamous screenshot from Gaia asking users to rate his appearance:Indie Dev Dreams
    Throughout his time on /v/, YanDev expressed interest in becoming a video game developerInitially, YanDev wanted to make a fighting game engine and attempted to program one. However, his dreams were soon shot down by Mike Z, developer of Skullgirls who criticized his coding skillsNext, Yandev attempted to make another game. This time, it was a side-scrolling fighting game called "Lunar Scythe," featured a big tiddy goth girl as its protagonist. It wasn't received well on /v/Finally, Yandev comes up with the idea for Yandere Simulator. While this was initially well-received on /v/, his insufferable attitude drove people away from the projectOther Issues— Misogyny, Involuntary Celibacy, and Fanfiction
    Back in his Gaia days, YanDev complained that women these days are too independent and aren't like the girls in anime: Innocent, malleable, pure, and docileScreenshots of him saying this are hereDoesn't like when women have a mind of their own, or have had a sexual encounter prior to dating himWrote various fanfics about underage girls in sexual situations, frequently featuring themes of sexual slaveryDisclaimer: These were written a long time ago and many people write fanfics like this, but I still feel that it's important to mention as it's relevant to some of the stuff he's done.All Fanfics can be found hereSome choice quotes:Self-proclaimed "LA Video Games Babe Examiner"Article he wrote back in 2011:People were talking shit about his antics even back in 2011Part Two: The Yandere Simulator Development Saga
    ~ Easter Egg Simulator ~
    As of June 2018, YanDev currently makes over four thousand dollars on his Patreon a month for a game that has been in development for 4 years with little progress.Recently stated in this video that he views his Patreon as a tip jarEndless Updates & Easter Eggs
    YanDev frequently updates and releases builds of the game and makes monthly videos about the game's progress on his Youtube ChannelKeep in mind, the game is four years into development and is not even close to a quarter of the way doneMany of these updates are small bugfixes, or miscellaneous easter egg content added in to appeal to those streaming and making videos on the gameYanDev has frequently included copyrighted content in these easter eggs, and famous developers such as Toby Fox have asked him to remove copyrighted content from YanSim.Some popular easter eggs he has included over the years include:Attack on Titan mode, where giant naked character models walk aroundHairstyles inspired by other mediaThe aforementioned Undertale references, where he included a Sans-like model with Gaster Blasters and played Megalovania as the background musicStolen Assets
    Throughout the history of Yandere Simulator, various assets have been taken from other creators without their permissionMaster post of all stolen assets in the gameFamous examples include:Nem Esis designOriginal (Artist) / Stolen / YanDev's ResponseThe original grass texture used in the gameOriginal is by Doug ClaytonVarious MMD assets where the creators state that they are for free-use only, and should not be used to make a profitMuch of Mulberry's (Yandev's current main artist) art appears to be tracedEven if some of the stuff is only referenced and not traced, she never tells what artist she referenced to draw the picture and just seems to pass it off as her own artOverall, really unprofessional of Yandev to be using an artist who traces/heavily references other's work and passing it off as their ownMore can be read about Mulberry on her PULL thread hereEvidence under the spoiler: 
    Bad Relationship with Volunteers
    Frequently complains about volunteers, and seems to rarely be able to collaborate with anyonePast volunteers have given various accounts of bad communicationAn account from a volunteer who found out he was EvaXephonRelationship with the Fandom Throughout Development
    At the cost of his own health, YanDev valiantly continues to involve himself more than any other dev in his fandom, despite him not even liking them and calling them just "edgy teens"Unlike other developers that would probably ignore messages about the future of the game or keep quiet about it, Yandev feels that he must read and answer every single email he receives.He claims that reading all of these emails has impeded his development of the game, yet refuses to hire a secretary to help him Overall is incredibly unprofessional when interacting with fans of the games, insulting them to their faces and complaining about them in videosHelp from tinyBuild?
    In March 2017, YanDev announces that he's now partnering with TinyBuild, the game developer that developed the popular indie horror game, Hello NeighborHowever, as the months pass, YanDev keeps strangely quiet about the partnership and ignores questions from fans about how tinyBuild is helping the game.Fans questioning the status of tinyBuild and YanSim's partnership, and commenting on the fact that YanDev is being unusually quiet about it:1 // 2 // 3Finally, Yandev reveals in a Patreon post that hints that he got rid of tinyBuild because their optimized code was too hard for him to understand, wanted to give his fans constant instant-gratification, and probably wanted that sweet, sweet Youtube cash from his monthly update videos.YandereSim is a Serious, Complex, Professional Game!
    Yandev insists in many videos that he wants YanSim to be taken seriously, despite it including extremely serious content like:Big tiddy milfs strait out of the hentais, and extremely ugly male adultsBeing able to enlarge the breasts of female charactersUsing upskirt panty shots of underage girls as currencyStereotypical anime high schoolAnd ridiculous names such as...Osana Najimi幼なじみ, Literally means childhood friend in JapaneseMidori GurinLiterally means "Green Green"Kizana SunobuIn the same vein as Midori Gurin, literally means "Snob Snob"Megami SaikouLiterally means "Awesome Goddess" Asu RitoLiterally the Japanese pronunciation of "Athlete"Many other names, such as Osoro Shidesu, Muja Kina, and Mida Rana are all literal Japanese adjectives, being osoroshii desu (meaning violent), mujaki na (meaning innocence), and midara na (meaning slutty)For a full analysis of the names and suggestions for better, more accurate names, this Reddit post is very helpful.Eva frequently compares the scale and complexity of the game to games like Persona 5, Hitman, and Breath of the Wild All of these games come from fairly large development studios with a large team working on them.All of these studios kept things professional throughout their development process, unlike YanDev's constant updates and extreme involvement with his fandomMerch for an Unfinished Game, and YanSim Propagating Bad Gaming Industry Practices
    Despite the game being nowhere near complete, Yandev has a thriving merch store for the game.Merch store is found hereOverall, YanDev propagates bad practices prevalent in the indie game industry such as:The Early Access ProblemPaying for games before even knowing if the game will even be released at allMaking False Promises and Continually Pushing Back DeadlinesOverall, doing this hurts the reputation of other indie game developers and makes people less likely to support indie gamesPart Three: PR Disaster
    ~ The End of EvaXephon: Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down ~
    RIP Discord (June 2018)
    After many months of stress and aggravation over the games development, YanDev starts to crack on DiscordWhen responding to fan questions, YanDev gives rude responses or goes on long rants calling them stupidOverall, gives incredibly unprofessional responses and just shows the extent of how bad it is that he's so involved with the fandom of the game he's creatingYanDev Responding to a Fan 1 // YanDev Responding to a Fan 2For further reading, this tumblr shows many receipts of Yandev's unprofessional interactions with fans on Discordr/Yandere_Simulator: Civil War
    YanDev makes a video talking down to his fans (once again) and basically states that "The game will come out when it comes out"Video discussing this is reuploaded hereAfter YanDev releases this video, the official subreddit loses it and YanDev supporters & haters clashFans and those who have paid him money on Patreon become disenfranchised with the lack of meaningful updates, YanDev's rudeness, and the continued pushing back of deadlines like OsanaAn r/subredditdrama post detailing the recent problems with YanSim appears, garnering 1.5k upvotesYanDev declares that the old r/Yandere_Simulator subreddit is unoffical, and creates a new one here, now called r/YandereSimulatorFun Fact 1: The most upvoted post on the new subreddit is "What can we ACTUALLY criticize?"Fun Fact 2: There is now a subreddit called r/BannedFromYanSimThe mods of r/Yandere_Simulator are understandably not happy about thisMod of r/Yandere_Simulator, MadelynNolan1995 explains the situation hereBacktracking
    On June 10th and 11th, YanDev posts multiple times on his blog attempting to distance himself from his pastSummary of posts:Instead of owning up to his past mistakes, he seems to just brush them off as him being young and edgyYanDev still displays rude and uncalled for behavior to this very day, which he also seems to ask fans to excuse him for He seems to group all the people who have minor issues with the game in the same group as those on Kiwifarms. Overall, it just seems to show how defensive he is of any type of criticism of his game, and view it as extreme hate.Finally, he expresses interest in creating an "official" subreddit for Yandere Simulator - presumably, one that he has full control over and can easily censor when the need to do so arises.As of July 2018, Yandev's blog has either been archived or deleted probably to prevent people from looking at everything he has said
    This post is mainly for documenting new stuff happening in the YanDev saga. Please discuss new developments in the discussion thread here.
  25. Lil Tay: A Tale of Bad Parenting
    Lil Tay:
    Lil Tay's Instagram // Lil Tay's Youtube // Lil Tay's Twitter
    Rycie (Lil Tay's brother, creator of Lil Tay)
    Rycie's Twitter
    Alright, so I'm sure you guys know who Lil Gucci Taylor is, aka "The Youngest Flexer of the Century."

    Lil Tay is a nine-year-old girl who's being forced by her brother to act ignorant and "flex" on camera to get famous and for money if you haven't seen her videos.
    The one behind all of this though is her brother, Jason Tian, who goes by "Rycie" or "IcyRycie" on social media. 

    Alright, so I drew it out for you. 
    Basically, he tells her what to say on the videos, and even made her say a racial slur. ALSO, he made her smoke a Hookah, which is around the equivalent of smoking ten cigarettes at once (also, she's nine years old)
    Her mother was also in the background not doing ANYTHING. Like sis??? Your kid is getting high??? And you're not doing anything?? wow. Someone call CPS.
    Here's her mother who is defending her daughter because this is her "passion".
    Anyways, what do y'all think? I think, as the interviewer said, this will follow her and her family for the rest of her life. It's truly sad how her mother and older brother, the people who are supposed to be guiding her, are making/letting her post these things online, knowing it could damage her future. It isn't cool, or cute, It's sick and sad. Shame on her mother and brother.