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  1. Madison Beer is a "singer" and "actress" whom Justin Bieber "discovered" when he saw a "cover" she had done of Etta James' At Last.  She is 16 as of now and her social medias are here: youtube MadisonBeerMusic, instagram madisonbeer, twitter MadisonElleBeer

    A quick rundown about Madison Beer:

    - She's 16 and lives with her mother Tracie Beer who does cringeworthy things
    - Justin Bieber "discovered" her via this cover she made: click here but be mindful of your ears
    - She "dated" half of Magcon and she's currently dating Jack Gilinsky and they make sure everyone knows that: exhibits A, B, C
    - She photoshops her body and face and always always denies it (p much self-explanatory when you see her posted pics vs her candids)
    - She allegedly sent nude videos to boys at her high school in Jericho, NY one where she was fingering herself and one where she was grabbing her boob. Fans and non fans were able to deduce via a bedframe that was visible (I won't post this pic), the custom nail polish prints she wore, and the rings on her fingers that it was indeed her.
    - People make a game out of who she'll end up copying next because she does it so frequently: Madison channeling her inner Kylie, Madison emulating Ariana
    - She's had lip fillers done and they were first evident when she was 15, but I am not sure about this rhinoplasty
    - Madison Beer apparently "hung out" with Kylie Jenner and co. But when they basically ignored her on her birthday she posted an instagram pic of her crying. Kylie's vine where she mocks Madison: here you can here her say "Madison"
    - Tracie Beer and Scooter Braun apparently met in college which is supposedly how Madison got her big break. Justin and Madison met months before he was supposed to "discover" her

    Tracie Beer is probably worse than her daughter. Any person that comments anything relatively unpositive about her daughter will have to face a barrage of comments from her probably calling you fat, ugly, and jealous. A fan had apparently gotten a phone call from Tracie a day after she posted a negative comment on Madison's photo and Tracie made it sound like the fan won tickets to a Cody Simpson concert. Tracie had tried to lure the fan somewhere to collect her "prize." Tracie's number has since then changed when the fan posted it on her social media and people started calling the number which had led to Tracie's voicemail. Tracie also stalks an incredible amount of Madison Beer haters even going as far as stalking their parents' accounts and posting odd messages like ";) @(the fan's username)" (I mean seriously doesn't she have mother things to do? like what the heck poor Ryder. You don't hear about him because she doesn't find him marketable). She also encourages the perpetual sexualization of her 16 year old daughter (i.e. her gigs with Kitty Galore). Tracie could've just ignored the teenaged girls and boys that try to hate on her daughter but she actively fights them back. She apparently made her instagram public as of now because she is waiting for the right time to post something which fans speculate will probably be geared towards anyone who doesn't worship Madison Beer. (She just seems like a grown-ass primadonna living vicariously through her daughter).

    These photos were taken 2 days apart.
  2. Do any of you love Markiplier? I've been a fan of him for a year and boy, he's my fave  Also he's the cutest 

    Facebook ∙ Twitter ∙ Instagram ∙ YouTube
  3. since I haven't found a thread on Pewdiepie yet, I'm gonna make one myself! I love him and he always manages to bring a smile on my face and just.. Makes my day, he also is a reason why I haven't really been.. Depressed. 
    And yea.. I love him, but what do you guys think of him?
  4. Bella Thorne
    Twitter // Instagram 

    Here is a basic summary of Bella of you don't know anything about her (Wikipedia)Used to be a child star and was one of the main characters on the Disney Channel show, Shake it Up alongside Zendaya.Was very pretty, but recently has been going with the "on drugs/hasn't showered in weeks" lookLately, she has been hanging out with Youtubers like Tana Mongeau and Shane Dawson. She has had quite a lot of boyfriends, which isn't bad on it's own, but most of these relationships have had questionable aspects to themCheated on Charlie Puth with her ex boyfriend Tyler Posey, who wasn't even aware that she was also involved with CharlieIt has been speculated that Charlie Puth's song, Attention, is about BellaHas had an on/off relationship with Gregg SulkinLater had a brief relationship with Scott Disick, who is 14 years her senior, Kourtney Kardashian's ex and a known sex addict.It is rumored that Scott was just using Bella to get back at KourtneyAlso dated Lil Peep, who is known for his drug use and who was currently dating Too Poor/Layla Shapiro. He died fairly recently in Nov. 2017, due to a drug overdose.Dated a rapper named Blackbear, who she later broke up with and then dated his best friend, Mod Sun who she is currently dating.Comparison of her during her Shake it Up days vs. Now:
    Here she is with Scott Disick:
    Here she is with Charlie Puth, who accused her of cheating:
    A face full of highlighter:
     Her with her current boyfriend, Mod Sun:
    Making out with Tana Mongoose:
    What do you guys think of her? 
    He is basically a man child who went from vine to youtube and created this group called Team 10. I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a thread created for him here since he is so controversial esp. this year (if theres already a thread created about him, please tell me ). He is also the younger brother of Logan Paul (yes, it's that guy who faked being color blind for views). 
    He and his friends made a disstrack for Alissa Violet:
    His brother also made a disstrack about him but me says it was just a publicity stunt :
    Alissa Violet coming out with her own side of the story:
    This one:
     i'm not surprised with this tbh
    Kept begging his 12y/o fandom on twitter to make it to top 1 on itunes tragic
    then acts cocky when it topped for like, a second (?)
    Was in the news because of the complaints from his neighbors bitch doxes himself, hes that thirsty for fame
    Overall, he is just a fame thirsting big baby with an over inflated ego who uses his hordes of brainwashed 12y/o fans. I can't wait for the day this BOY gets his ass thrown into jail and gets his disney contract dropped. 
  6. Instagram // Youtube // Twitter

    Basic Info:
    Huda Kattan is a self-made businesswoman who started as a beauty blogger guru. That being said, she excludes men from makeup, rarely posts people of color, is homophobic, denied her plastic surgery up until 2015, and her eyelashes include mink while she says they're vegan.
    Excluding men from makeup: [x], [x],Racism: [x], [x], [x], [x]Lying about her plastic surgery: [x]Fake veganism: [x], [x]Before and after surgery:
    Fake vegan eyelashes:
  7. Since there didn't seem to be one on her and I'm dying to share some of my frustrations with you guys I thought about doing one.
    Vlog channel
    Main channel
    Zoe Sugg was born in 1990 and is turning 28 years old this year. Before she started doing Youtube she had a blog that gained popularity rather quickly. She started filming her videos in her room doing clothing, lush and makeup hauls while still updating her blog. Zoe seemed like the most kind, sweet, normal girl next door type who you would love to have as a best friend and she was even considered the perfect role model for young girls.
    She has one brother Joe Sugg who is also a Youtuber thanks to her sister's fanbase, many Youtube friends and a Youtuber boyfriend Alfie Deyes who does/did daily vlogging. They now have a dog together named Nala and they live together in Brighton. 
    Zoe has launched a lot of merch that has always sold well. She sells her own books, beauty products, lifestyle products and clothing at the moment but there's sure to be more coming as she's hungry for the fanbase cash. 
    *-*-*-*-*-The Drama-*-*-*-*-*
    Zoe's has had A LOT of drama along the years but somehow always managed to clear her name after. She started having drama years ago with this girl called Gabriella Lindley, then there was the whole ghost writer thing with her first book, the HELLO WORLD meeting, her having insensitive tweets, advent calendar scandal... There must be more.
    In most of her scandals the more vocal person is Alfie who runs for her rescue as Zoe barely ever gives out a statement or apologizes, she just brushes everything under the carpet and starts talking about something else. Maybe it's for the better but at the same time makes her seem really immature (which she really is) and weak.
    The biggest scandals she's had have been her ghost writer and advent calendar scandals that got people really marching against her. With the first one she never apologized or really confirmed that she used a ghost writer with her first novel and with the second she gave a half assed "apology" where she basically blamed the stores for the price of her calendar.
    *-*-*-*-*-Personal opinion-*-*-*-*-*
    Lately I have been unable to watch any of her videos as it just all seems fake. And I must now sound like a jealous bitch but she's flashing so much! She's flashing how she's got this huge massive house, all these free makeups and Lush products, a brand new car from Alfie, a perfect life where all she does is things she wants with no consequences nor limitations. I don't know, it all just seems too perfect in a weird way. It's all about getting free stuff or spending a lot of money.
    As I started watching her in 2012 she was still rather sweet but now she's this trashy girl who can only talk about her nipples, vaginas and farting.
    Something else that also annoys me is her eating habits: the girl seems to eat only pizza and other fatty greasy food but is still size 00. She doesn't exercise at all and is proud for being fatty and lazy. Sure, live your life as you like but I can't imagine her young fans thinking that's how you get skinny. Maybe I'm just jelly jelly hater but it fucking annoys me that she's got such bad eating habits yet has a "body to die for".
    I don't know, what are your thought on her. I just can't stand her anymore and would love to rant/share opinions of her with you 
  8. Kendall Jenner
    Social media
    Instagram // Twitter

    Lo and behold, the "natural" sister of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame. She debuted her modeling career in 2014, walking for numerous high-profile brands such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. and continues to walk for many of the same high fashion brands every fashion season. She's graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Interview, Harper's Bazaar, etc. all over the world. She hangs out with similar "socialite/Insta-fame models" such as Kylie Jenner, the Hadids, Hailey Baldwin, and Jordyn Woods. Most people believe that she's only in the modeling industry because of her wealth and existing fame, similar to the people mentioned as her friends. 
    Pepsi Commercial 
    Comments about models 
  9. Elon Musk
    Twitter // Instagram

    22.2m followers as of the time of thread creation
    So, everyone kinda knows Elon Musk nowadays thanks to Tesla cars and SpaceX. But ever since Alida Simone's thread where someone mentioned his bad behavior, I was thirsty for some tea. I create this thread to make it easier for all of us to follow it. 
    I'll quote what's problematic about him and his business, written by X. W. Chan on Quora, because it highlights it all so well: https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-worst-thing-about-Elon-Musk