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  1. https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku
    Truth Blog: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/

    The Sh00ping empress Berry Tsukasa, everybody. I can't go into huge detail about what was discussed in her thread in PULL 1.0 but here's a summary of what I can remember:
    She Sh00ps. A LOT
    Now keep in mind, she did admit to doing it, but not to the extent that she's obviously doing.  She also has never admitted to editing her body and to this day is trying to make her followers believe that on some days, she has the proportions of a busty anime girl from XXXholic
    Her Lying:
    She likes to make it seem as if she's some wealthy ohimesama living it up in a fancy house in New York, but there were some things that disproved that. The only thing that comes to mind atm is the Cartier Bracelet Thing
    If any of you guys have more proof of her lying in relation to her 'wealthiness' feel free to add it in
    Her Personality:
    She's been shown to be a huge hypocrite. She claims that she isnt a weeaboo because she doesnt watch anime yet shops herself to look like moe anime girls. She says that fetishization of the Japanese and Korean races is gross and yet:
    If there's anything else I missed from the old thread feel free to talk about it cuz I feel as if I left out stuff

  2.  SUMMARY  
    (edited in on Jan. 12 2016)
    What started off was a girl with some unusual and sketchy photoshopped selfies but what would come from that no one expected to believe. What was discovered by the PULL forum was that everything about her is a lie. She is a living lie. She claims to be a 17 year old model living in Moscow, Russia with a tiny nose and big, plump lips but what was discovered was that she is actually an average looking Hispanic 17 year old girl living in Texas who stays at home photoshopping her face to the extreme and living a fake persona.
    This isn't the first time she's done such a thing. She also had a different persona as Holly Bridgett, a blonde haired Irish adult who loved to do drugs and all sorts of promiscuous acts, much too immoral for a 14-15 year old child at the time. When she wasn't finding much success with that identity, she brushed up on her Photoshop skills, took Russian from Professor G. Translate, and became a "perfect" faced Russian teen.
    She might have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling PULL members. Her lies piled up as more and more became exposed about her but the end all truth is that she is Jennifer ****** and not Sasha.
    The scary thing is that it seems as though she is forgetting who she really is as Jennifer due to all the praise and attention she is receiving as Sasha. She might have created this false image to fill the empty void inside her but all this does to her is kill her sense of spirit and self.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cremijeur/ 
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cremijeur
    Examples of Shoop
  3. Okmalissa
    Instagram // Tumblr // ask.fm: @mqlissa  // Twitter

    WIthout circle lenses & makeup (she deleted this pic)
    She is half korean & half white, 23ish y/o i think. She was posted on 4chan before which she didn't like and ranted about it on her snapchat. I like her face  & i find her intersting 🙄
    She claims to be natural. I think she is really skinny tho
    She said that she has fast metabolism but then she said that she has anorexia on her tumblr and i remember last year she was saying that her psychiatrist made it up bc she is skinny lol. She has been pretty open about and has talked about on physic ward twice. First time for not sleeping & eating for a week and 2nd time for overdosing.
    This is pic of her year or two ago, cute imo
  4. LINKS
    | YT (main) | YT (vlog) | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Facebook | Facebook (JP) |
    Bronwyn is a vlogger and blogger, originally from Toronto but is now in Japan and she's also lived in Korea for 2 years. For anyone curious, she's of Metis (native Canadian) and European heritage. She also currently lives with Kim Dao in Tokyo.
    Bronwyn is mainly a beauty vlogger, and her main channel is mostly dedicated to products, makeovers, tutorials, hauls etc., although she also uploads videos about her plastic surgery there. Her side channel is a K/Jvlogging one, and that's where she mainly uploads her interactions with other vloggers and Tokyo/ Seoul, mainly Kim, Taylor, Sharla, and Laura (Bambi Luna).
    One thing that garnered some negative attention for Bronwyn was this video:
    Largely because of her reasons to get botox, which was a combination of "it's on sale" + "why not" + "this will be a good vlog to make to show you guys".
    Another thing possibly problematic:
  5. (Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I looked around on where to place this thread, so I'm hoping I got it right. If not I am so sorry)  
    Please don't yell at me.  
    However, I wanted to make this thread to a) let off a little steam and b) get your opinions on this, as she is quite similar (pretty much) a carbon copy of Jessica Nigiri, Well I hate to be mean- a PRIMARK version. 
    The reason why I have somewhat of a dislike towards Kitty Brooker, is her constant need to internet fame- at first, I didn't mind it as I kinda knew her back in 2012 and she was this scene/emo/goth 'model' on model mayhem, who did some gigs with 'Blood on the dancefloor' as a dancer (LOL- if you don't know who they are, look them up, its quite shocking). And then she tried her hand as this serious 'artist' in doing weird commission art- which didn't go so well. 
    And suddenly she is this self proclaimed 'geek' and 'gamer' (and I have chatted to her and been on her facebook friends since 2012, let me just say she never once talked about these things), making money of something I generally like. 
    Not only that, she has come off a bit shady to me. 
    She posted up a facebook status over the jeffree star 'drama'- saying that she was boycotting him, that he is an awful human being and how she has had run in's with him in the past- but soon deleted it and kinda flooded her instagram with pictures of him and his products.... 
    Am I just being out of order here? Or have I generally got a reason to be a little agged over people lusting over a faker gamer nerd in a pikachu bikini saying that she wants people to 'catch her pikas'?
  6. Babygirl0
    Instagram // Youtube // Tumblr // Fitness Instagram 
    Snapchat: springsteenfan0

    Underage girl into DDLG and S&M (Was initially 15/16 when she started posting videos, is now 17)Idolizes the "Lolita" lifestyle (Calls herself a "12 year old slut")Fetishizes serial killersHas a terrible attitude when interacting with people and constantly complains in her videos/on tumblrHates feminismHas said racist things about black people and Muslims in regards to them being in Sweden (Said black people need to stop acting like victims, said that Muslims should just move to an Islamic country if they don't like Sweden and shouldn't be upset for full-face burkas being partially banned)Is transphobic, fatphobic, and loves Donald TrumpHas a daddy that's much older than her, despite being a minor (at least over 20 years old, started dating him when she was around 14)Lost her virginity at 11 years oldPosts Youtube videos discussing her sexual experiences and posts very sexualized pictures of herselfHas videos of her appearing naked in a bathtub, flashing underwear, etc.Encourages other underage girls to date much older men (source)Is from Sweden, and her birthday is June 20, 2000(Oct. 2017) Made her Instagram private and is now posting "quotes" from people on PULL about herShe isn't very popular, she gets around 10k views. I saw on one of her comments people asked how old her "daddy" was and she said older than 20, but she didn't say the exact age she just said older and he could be like 40 who knows! Which is most likely true because she won't admit his age and she's always very vague about it. She probably knows that people will say stuff about it.  I just feel so bad for her because she's probably being taken advantage of.  She just seems to young to be into S&M yet, especially since her Daddy or whatever is much older!   Like it'd be fine if she was 18+, but she isn't. She's into all that Lolita crap (not to be confused with Lolita fashion), which I hate how people romanticize the book when it's literally a book about pedophilia! It's also like she's sexualizing her own youth. It's just so sad. 
  7. Interesting girl, mostly goes by her middle name- Simone. Apparently she was reported missing for a few days but has now been thankfully found. She's 16 and reports say that she might have gone to meet up with a 19/20 year old guy. It was really sketchy because she's such a young girl and looks like it, obviously. I've seen a comment on her ig claiming it was just an attention seeking stunt. On her Tumblr she's written about an ex (who is probably the one she ran off to) that abuses her. She was very vague about it but still very disturbing, she talked about wanting to go back to him and all. I also noticed her tagging "nymphet, babygirl, daddy's girl, etc" on her selfies there which is really sad and gross. But, she's been found so luckily she's safe. Also, she's friends with 60speach/Brooke who is a bigot. I'm not sure if she's like that (sadly probably is). On Instagram she was previously known as kittenyayo, petitechatonne and holapapiyayo before switching to her current username. Her look also reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie, I think her lips are naturally pouty but exaggerates them with liners and duck face poses, although I could be wrong lmao.
    Her ig: https://www.instagram.com/babydarkokitten/
    Her tumblr: http://jumpropejailbait.tumblr.com/ 
    Her store's ig: https://www.instagram.com/keywestkitten/
    Her online store: http://www.babydarko.com/

    EDIT about this Nazi as of 6/21/17:
    Simone is bigoted (antisemitic and racist)Use to draw swastikas on the ground as mentioned by a user on the second page (issued an "apology" according to a user and did it to "freak old people out")Shared Hitler memes with her friend Brooke who supports far right ideologies (melbdun on Instagram, 60sdaisy on Tumblr)Fell in love with a neo Nazi (who unfortunately abused her but she has now broken up with him, we shouldn't go into too much detail about it tbh but just know that she herself said he was a white supremacist)Openly bullied a girl on Instagram for having a similar aesthetic (the girl told her it helps her deal with abuse she endured but Simone called her a liar and fake)Told an Inuit girl "fuck culture" when the girl was trying to explain why people wear furApologized for glamorizing serial killers but still posts gifs of Richard Ramirez alongside a picture of her on the beach in a bikiniStarted a clothing and accessories line (key west kitten couture) where she charges customers anywhere from $12-$80 with fake flowers you can buy at a crafts store and hot glues them onto blank bikinis you can order in bulk from sites like aliexpressClaims that her designs are original when she doesn't make anything at all, she just decorates the bikinisHer friend yuckyjazmin on Instagram/hexxbunny on Tumblr as well as a bunch of her friends and fans gang up on people when they have any critique towards simone
  8. I really am surprised nobody started a thread for this girl, so I hope I'm doing this right. 
    AL is a youtuber with a pretty weak following, but she gets a decent amount of views for it because of all the drama she's surrounded in.


    she already has threads on lolcow and gg but i really feel like she belongs here.
    she's done a shit done of problematic things, such as manipulation, lying, fake accusations, animal abuse, treating her gf like a child, however promotes positivity and love and uwuuu
    her likes-dislikes ratio is nuts and if you watch any of her videos you'd understand why;; she's constantly lying about literally everything

    i sincerely recommend watching skankhunt42 0's videos on AL if you need to  
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/157939.html is her lolcow thread if you need to know more! 

    a literal rundown of shit can be seen in this video, pointed out by a lolcow user (cries im sorry i donno how to spoiler things yet;;;) 

    "her house is a fucking tip, garbage all over the place and then she randomly brings home another cat to add into her zoo??? The conditions her dogs are kept in are deplorable, shit like this makes me mad because there are totally worse fates for animals than death. Overcrowding and neglect is defs one of them. One thing I will say is good on her for calling the vets and everything but like still. . . she doesnt work or do anything so i doubt she is prepared to take on the responsibility of yet another animal.
    ''i feel like someone abused this cat and just dumped it'' but her dogs live in their own filth . . . like come on dude. Take a step back and check how your animals are living before you go picking up anymore. common fucking sense. She also admits to taking on another kitten not too long ago and having to give it up very quickly due to apartment rules, what pisses me off is shes romanticizing the idea of rescuing all of these animals without even giving much of a thought about the care and time they require. Like seriously put down the fork and take the dogs for a walk theyre going stir crazy and you can tell.
    Also lol at 7:00 in she stops recording and orders her gf around like a butler." - No. 157974

    she also worked for a super top secret government job before quitting suddenly, without giving her job any notice, to pursue her beautiful youtube dreams! and at 30k subscribers, she claims to make like 4k per month so "its totally ok guys i can definitely live just from youtube"

    also is on and off disabling likes/dislikes and comments when it gets too rough, despite how everything would be totally fine if she just made an apology video and fucking?? stopped lying??

    i dunno, thoughts? maybe i'm being too harsh, but she rubs me the wrong way 

    edit: pls let me know if this is in the wrong thread/if somethings up so i can fix!!
  9. I cant believe that there is no thread on this person.
    Riley J Dennis is an SJW Feminist Transgendered Lesbian and a bunch of other labels. 
    From @butto_n:
    I pulled this from "her" website but:
    “Riley J. Dennis (formerly Justin Dennis) is a writer, editor, YouTuber, and public speaker. She's an intersectional feminist and a strong believer in equal rights for everyone. She tries to use her platform to talk about things that matter. Oh, and she's a huge nerd who loves Harry Potter, anime, and Pokemon. She's also super queer (transfeminine lesbian to be specific).”
    From what I've seen from videos of her:
    • She thinks not wanting to date or not being attracted to a transgender, disabled, or black person is transphobic, ableist, and racist (video here)
    • Believes in that non-binary and 62 genders junk as stated above 
    • She claims to be a lesbian and is currently dating another snowflake Youtuber by the name of neonfiona
    This is my personal opinion of Riley but I don't think wearing eyeliner, growing your hair to your shoulders, and wearing female clothing makes you trans, cross-dresser? Yes. Trans? No. Even though I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo 62 genders, I will still respect their pronouns because that's the respectful thing to do.
    I don't agree with Riley's opinions at all and she's another band wagon rider and fearmongerer but I don't necessarily have a problem with her even though her girlfriend is quite cringey and annoying 
    (Feel free to add because I know I left stuff out but it's literally 6 AM here) 
    Riley is one of the leaders of the 62 gender movement.  
  10. Tumblr: http://kmusicandblackwomen.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmusicblckwomen
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    she also has another tumblr,It is not really confirmed that it is her but it's quite obvious : http://choigyrl.tumblr.com , http://privatelovegina1.tumblr.com/
    Kmusicandblackwomen is a tumblr owned by a twenty late something black woman who openly fetishize ambw relationships. She says her blog is a safe space for black girls who likes korean musician and to talk about their "love" for them.
    Where do I even star lol.
    Kmbw is not only obssesed with asian mens claiming that she has been attracted to them since she was 7.

    She's also a has a tendency of sexualizing minors and calling them daddy, sexy and hot specially seventeen members.
    And if you say something about how it's wrong to sexualize minors...


    She's extremely delulu and constantly seeks validation from asian men, if an idol or any asian man look at a black woman or listens to black music for her that means that they want to be in an ambw relationships. If they like Rihanna or Beyoncé THEY MUST LIKE ALL BLACK WOMEN, right?

    Her followers also send her stories and they are also disturbing

    She doesn't mind if asian people do black face or say the n word because that's just mean that they love black people looks and how they talk!!!

    She even has photoshopped idols with black women and makes some creepy "dating profiles" 

    She has done so many problematic and disgusting shit that i don't even remember but the most awful was harassing some muslim girl. 
    Kmussicandblackwomen is known for stealing videos of other black fans and posting it without permission and she stole this video of a muslim girl who recorded herself with infinite, the girl asked her to remove it and kmbw didn't respond. The video was reuploaded by many people and the muslim girl and her friends tried to message everybody who reuploaded the video but kmbw created a youtube account to pretend to be her and tell people that it was fine to share the video.

    When the Muslim girl realized that they were pretending to be her she commented in the video but kmbw followers began to comment slamophobics and racist(yes, racist) stuff

    And kmbw also created "privatelovegina1" tumblr aka Gina to repost the video multiple times and to say islamophobict shit.

    I'm sure there's many more it's just that I can't find them anymore.
  11. Sairu Hoshi is allegedly the first full-time Belgian cosplay model in Japan.
    Full name is Kelly Van GorpStarted her own modelling agency, Saigen Agency to "support foreign cosplayers in Japan"Photoshops a lot of her pictures, to the point where it looks like she's yellow-facingHas gone on strange rants about how blonde characters in anime are white, and that western women are "kind, lovely, open, and affectionate" while asian women are "frozen, fighters, smart, etc."Strange comments about black people, saying that they evolved separately from white people (?)Has a lot of followers, but low engagement on her posts which is pretty susWorks in Kabukicho, which is known for being the red light district of TokyoAttempted to organize her own con, called "Hoshicon" in Belgium, but it failed miserablyHas claimed to be related to the Dutch royal familyHas stated that to cosplay, you must look exactly like the character and also must act like the character. Otherwise, you are not fully cosplayingCurious as to why I haven't heard of her if she's the first FT western cosplayer. 
    Also all of her tagged photos on IG are directly from here which I find a little sus if you're supposed to be a model.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoshisai/
    GaiaOnline: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/lady-sairu/24749051/
    Modeling Agency: http://www.saigenagency.com/sai-2/
    Official Site: http://www.saiofficial.com/
    Cosplay History: https://sites.google.com/site/cosplayhistory/belgium/sairu
    Pictures/other stuff:
    Thread where she argues about what "real" cosplay is: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/cosplay/do-you-even-know-what-cosplay-is/t.79435003_1/
    Jeffrey is an Instagrammer with the username of @shirtlesssenpai 
    Update: Jeffrey deactivated (possibly permanently)
    I spefically remember him being naked all the time (his username explains it all LOL) 
    I wanted to start a thread about him to start a discussion of him being a predator. I know that sounds EXTREME but I have a few stories to tell. Hence that he is around 25-27 years old and that's grown as HELLLLLL!!! 
    Story One: 
    My mutual friend was in the 9th grade so she was either 14-15 years old. Jeffrey was around 23 years old. He was rubbing his dick and tried to make her show him explicit things.
    Story Two: 
    Another one of my mutual friends Skyped Jeffrey and she was 15 years old. She told him that she was going to take a shower. Jeffrey said "why don't you just take your phone with you to the shower and skype me."
    Story Three : 
    This mutual (most likely were to be underage) was on kik talking to Jeffrey and Jeffrey wanted to send nudes to her. 
    In this thread, a bunch of girls safely confessed what Jeffrey has done to them and their experiences. Thanks to everyone who gave attention to this thread!
    Other victim’s stories:
    Girl who was 12 at the time: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3890-shirtlesssenpai-aka-jeffrey-john-sayson/?do=findComment&comment=203766
    Girl who was 15 at the time:

    Since a lot of people seem to like her, I figured I'd start a Lunestelle thread!
    I thought it'd be good for her to have a thread for herself outside the shadow of her tormentor.

    I found a Twitter but it looks old. : @hernameiskelly (her name apparently is Kelly??? ok 🤷)

    Lunestelle / Belle Maureen / Kelly? is a Socal insta girl/ youtuber.
    Mostly posts soft pastel vintage books nature fairy images to Instagram and lookbooks, DIYs, makeup tutorials, etc. to Youtube. Her bullet journal video is pretty cute.

    Tbh I wish her camera and mic quality were better because girl is cute! but her actual videos are kinda fuzzy. Just nitpicking.

    Had some bullying drama where a certain other bigger Youtuber accused her of copying her style, even though there was evidence to the other way around. However, that youtuber's fans still haunt Belle's every online move.
    UPDATE: More evidence came out about Lunestelle copying Kenna, and now it's looking like less than coinkydink tbh.

    Has copied various outfit themes, same mugs, same candles, same flowers, etc. The copying goes both ways and it is weeeeeird.
  14. I'm actually surprised no one made a thread for Gudeboy! He's pretty popular and I believe he garnered all of his fans from starting out on tumblr. 

    Tumblr (which has been deleted): Gudeboy.tumblr.com
    Instagram (sippystraw): https://www.instagram.com/sippystraw/?hl=en
    Youtube (wenwen): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQwz9mm2Lxz4fFXdTN7Mvw/videos
    store: https://wenxwen.co
    Twitter (tofukink): https://twitter.com/tofukink?lang=en
    He's ftm trans and has posted a youtube video talking about his transition:
    He's an artist and a model. He doesn't post a lot of his art but he does have his own store. 
    He modeled for Omocat recently. Sorry about the cut off pictures. I can't save them or put them in another tab to take proper screenshots.
    He used to date kag0ma and they posted pictures together once (since it was a long distance relationship) but that's all been deleted by now. The aftermath of the break up was pretty messy. Since Wen deleted his tumblr I can't get screenshots of his posts but Kag0ma posted about the situation:
    Also I can't find the post that kag0ma made so if anyone can find it and put it in this thread that'd be great.
    It was basically a post made by kag0ma (Zell) that had screenshots of Wen showing Zell that he was sent a message on tumblr of a guy saying that he's been dying to meet Wen and Zell and that he would pay for their tickets to fly out to where he was and he would also pay for a threesome with them. Zell at the time was underage (17 I believe) and felt uncomfortable and assumed this was a joke so he brushed it off. He said that later Wen kept bringing it up, saying stuff like he was in need of money so he wanted to do it and at that point Zell told him outright that he didn't feel comfortable with this and Wen got upset and said something like "ok have a nice life then" and then blocked Zell on all social media outlets. Of course there is always two sides to a story, but I've only seen Zell's at this point.
    Also he responded to Knite's apology about taping his eyes: 
    Too bad Knite went back on his apology lol
    Other than his shady behavior regarding his previous relationship, he seems pretty nice. Although he appears to be one of those insta famous people that don't respond to people's messages unless they have a high follower count. Any thoughts on him?
  15. I haven't seen a post about her yet (but correct me if i'm wrong). 
    But I saw today that this girl will be the first caucasian to debut as an idol in a group called 'O My Jewel'.
    She is Israeli-Russian and not sure how old she is. 
    Her insta: 
    To me she looks a little 'gangnam unnie'ish but I don't know if it's just a little editing. However, I feel like her face has changed slightly over time so I would be surprised if she's had something done tbh. 
  16. First time making thread. I stumbled across this girl on Instagram today, she kind of reminds me of ... bjork (odd and similiar pixie-like face) and tsuruko (face wise). I think she's quite pretty though. All I can say is her videos are absurd? Apparently she's a model, as she does shoots and was in Nylon Japan too. She looks mixed to me, probably Asian? But details would be neat. Was wondering if anybody had more info on her?
    Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/miakerin/
    Some photos below 
  17. The resident instagram emo girl from the Netherlands.
  18. Post on Julolaes in Online Personalities

    By ricebolls, posted
    @julolaes is a Filipino instagrammer who has recently been going viral especially on the explore page mainly because of her twitter text posts. Her text posts are cringey and she seems to constantly preach about fake positivity and is fake woke just so she can earn clout. Her makeup isn't the best either and she often makes rape jokes. 
    She seems uneducated with filipino beauty standards as well. She said that she was recreating the way filipina girls used to do their makeup and how it is a part of her culture although it seems she's replicating the universal red lip makeup look back in the 1900s, which was widely influenced by western makeup. 

  19. Post on Avanking in Online Personalities

    By ricebolls, posted
    So there's this instagrammer @avanking who is known for his twitter text posts. Most of the time, his twitter text posts usually involve his glow up. Apparently he really likes posting about his glow up a lot and he kind of gives off a narcisstic vibe. 

  20. Karmay Ngai
    https://www.instagram.com/karmayngai/ (almost 10k)
    She's a model of Chinese-American (?) origin. According to http://www.fashionencyclopedia.com/wiki/karmay-ngai she first appeared in 2012 in Cosmopolitan. On https://actors.mandy.com/us/actor/profile/karmayngaicom her age range is 20-30 so she's supposed to be of age.
    To be honest, I'm just in awe of how gorgeous she is. She looks quite mixed, but I was unable to find anything specific about her parents. (above from her mother being her inspiration?)
    To be frank, I just want a way to follow her career. I hope she has no snowflakery in herself, but then again, plenty of topics here started innocently to turn into hell. 
  21. The Land of Lavish

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcK3eDvQZJoE2rGFaPpL2A
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelandoflavish/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelandoflavish?lang=en
    Or in other words, Liana Rose. Was born and lived her entire life in Australia, now has a very creepy obsession with princesses, fairies and fairytailes in general. She has good quality videos except she overly romanticises her life and herself, each video has at least 5-6 quotes from some books about dreams.
    Her voice sound unatural as if she tries to make it softer...
    Claims to be a real life princess and fairy.
    Constantly reminds the watchers that she is a dreamer, I heard her saying "I'm a dreamer", "this pen is good for me, because I am a dreamer" a million times. Which I don't know why, gets on my nerves.
    If you search her name, not much comes up. So I'm suspecting that it's not real. She seems pretty skilled for someone that has never been participating in any social media activities.. so that's what leads to my assumption.
    I found her a few days ago, and wanted to know your opinion...
  22. Youtube / Twitter / Couple Channel

    KemushiChan, or Loretta, is an American jvlogger who moved to Japan to enter a Japanese university and get her Master's Degree. She vlogs about her experiences as a student in a foreign university and sometimes videos on general travel or experiences in Japan. Recently she got married to her longtime boyfriend and they now have a couple channel where they post videos about their experiences abroad and the times they are together (currently only Loretta lives in Japan and it seems that Boomer is reluctant to move there so they are long distance even while now married it seems, may be something to discuss--).
    I find her to be the antithesis of many Jvloggers because she seems to really have a grasp on the language and care about mastering it. She is also in Japan for a practical reason and has longterm goals. I really like her, especially the classy fashion she has, and enjoy her content so I wanted to share and see what everyone else thought. For those who follow other Jvloggers or speak Japanese, how do you think her fluency holds up? Should other Jvloggers be taking tips from her? 
  23. Kellen Johnson
    Instagram / Twitter

    Kellen is 17 year old former ice skater turned kpop-interest instagrammer based in the US, California specifically. He has previously traveled to Japan/Korea/China for concerts and is super into airport visits. Most recently he was at the LA airport for Super Junior. 
    He has also been previously mentioned on the General Koreaboo Thread, link here and on other kpop instagram spam accounts on PULL.
    It was recently his 17th birthday, so as a present, I decided it was time for his own topic!
    Some Issues surrounding him:
    previously made a fake twitter pretending to be BTS RM/Namjoon, before being exposedclaimed to be mixed, but i don't know the exact status, because he has never really been clearsold the airplane details of monsta x to fans and other airport shenanigans (ex. Somi, Seventeen)previously posted near nudes for 1 minute and deleting themhad a spam "weed" account for his already kind of spam instagram @k01420, has been deleted though, pretty cringe 
  24. Post on PisaraWigs in Online Personalities

    By satsuki, posted
    Pisara Wigs 
    (previously known as Red-Cluster)
    || Facebook (Wigs) || Faceboook (Cosplay) ||  Instagram (Wig/Cosplay) || Instagram (Personal) ||
    Less relevant Links: || Deviant-Art || Tumblr || Twitter ||
    Priscilla is a Thai cosplayer, known for her wig styling skills16k followers on her Wig Commission Facebook page.Wig commissions cost upwards of $90, they are by no means inexpensiveRecently there are many accusations of Pisara scamsConstantly missed commission deadlines many timesHas not providing refunds for some of her customersPeople claim that Pisara favors popular or "famous" cosplayers' commission requests over everyone else'sthe supposed cause of why Pisara misses other customers' deadlines 
    Pisara has seemingly abandoned almost all social media, her last Instagram post was on January 2018. She closed her Etsy store, has not provided many of her customers with their wig commissions, has yet to refund any of her customers for their wig commissions, and has yet to respond to anyone.
    Here is the cover image of her wig commission Facebook page, it depicts wigs she has styled.
    Many of her disgruntled customers have seem to have attempted to file claims on Paypal and Etsy, but some appear to have paid back in July of 2017, but by Paypal's policy, you can no longer file any claims after 90 days. Screenshot from Pisara's Instagram provided below. 
    Below are another cosplayer's comments on Pisara's behavior and scamming (screenshots from someone's insta story):
    There was also a claim that Pisara previously had the same behavior when she worked under the name "Red-Cluster". From the comments one one of Pisara's Facebook posts:
    Although she has yet to make any comments, a supposed friend of Pisara made a statement for her on Facebook, that I managed to screenshot. You can find it from looking at the comments of one of Brine Reyes' (aka NippahDUBS) posts. According to the "friend", Pisara is supposedly overwhelmed by the amount of wig commissions, but that's no excuse to take money from dozens of people if she could not take on that many commissions, especially if she is not refunding them. 
    You can find many comments like these on her Instagram and Facebook posts. This one particularly mentions how much she charges for wig commissions:
    Closed Etsy shop (link in her Instagram Bio).
    Update: She still posts on her personal Instagram account @priscillasglow (as of now, it is still public). The comments are restricted though, probably to prevent complaints and people from asking about commissions or refunds. 
    Note: Usernames were blurred for privacy, but many of them can be found just from looking at Pisara's Facebook and Instagram posts. 

  25. Youtube: Main Channel 2nd Channel || Twitter || Instagram || Google+ || Deviantart || Pateron || Comicfury
    Daniel is a British guy who mostly does vlogs about his life on youtube. Some other kind of videos are for example one where he roasts The Anime Man. Don't trust someone who says 'I followed him because he has nice hair'. To be honest he raises some good points in this video. Sometimes he tries to be funny but fails... And then there's his infamous cooking. His only real competition is Yumi King. And no, he did not improve as seen in his 'cooking with Daniel' segemnts in some of his vlogs.
    But the best (and juciest) part are his vlogs! Now I haven't seen much of them, only been following for a short amout but I want to share as much of this trainwreck with you as possible. In his vlogs he likes to talk about sex and girls in uncomfortable detail. He seems to fetishise East Asian girls, espacially Japanese girls.
    Daniel and Tomoko
    At one point, Daniel got to know a girl named Tomo online. She also has a Youtube channel. Looking at her videos you can actually tell she was really obsessed with him. After they met up in October 2017, both uploaded a video: Tomoko | Daniel.
    Tldr for Daniel's video: he met her, thought she was ugly but friendly and nice to be with but obviously that doesn't make her relationship material it's not like it might take some time for physical attraction to show or sth... He claims she was all right with that and they still had sex 3 times which was nice. Can someone explain this logic to me pelase?? EVen though they broke up he wants to stay in Japan some more and tells his viewers that Tomoko will also upload a video.
    Tldr of Tomoko's video: she's head over heels for him. *some irrelevant description how they spend their day* She admits she edited and filtered her photos so she was scared to meet him. First he said it was okay, but then he told her they couldn't be in a relationship. He still asked for sex and because she was so in love she said yes. Then comes a pretty detailed description of how they got a hotel room and what they did there. Too much. Wouldn't recommend to watch... Suddenly she admits cheating on him and that she pretended to be 28, innocent and cute. But honestly looking at her videos should have given him the idea that she definitely doesn't look young at all? I don't think anyone would fall for that right? She concludes with further obsessing about him.
    Well apparently they talked again. Thankfully dear Daniel made a video about it. Be careful not falling off your chair laughing if you are like me. He discovered that he was lied to by her and in reality she was 41. He claims he thought she was older but believed her lie about being 28 anyway. Remember everyone, don't date someone online and never do facetime. Actually he would've met her and had sex with her even if he knew her real age since she wouldn't be his oldest girl. But he doesn't want a old girlfriend so yeah. Then there are some details we don't want to know about (them having unprotected sex and how much unproteced sex he had with whom...). We also get to hear more about her obssesion from him. Apparently his guilt was also erased by her lies ha as if he ever was. In the end there are some screenshots from their convo but it's in Japanese.
    His current girlfriend/ wife
    Shortly after the Tomoko incident he got to know his current girlfriend. She found his channel and is not amused about the way he talks about her and their relationship. (meanwhile he's pissed because he told her not to look for it) See for example 'the most annoying thing about my girlfriend' video. Tldr he's annoyed that she won't watch the Star Wars movies with him because she's not interested and is busy (fyi he's unemployed and she's working two jobs). She threw him out after watching one of his live streams (January 26th 2018?), they were on the verge of break up. But he went back and they agreed if he doesn't talk about her (negatively) anymore he can stay. Just a short time afterwards, February 14th 2018, Daniel announced they would be getting married. Everyone, literally everyone ist against it. But not everything went smoothly. I will call it 'The Australian Guy Drama'. He checked her phone in her absence and found something he didn't like: a chat with her ex sex friend (an Australian guy apparently). She complained about the sex she and Daniel are having and also flirted with the guy. If you want to know the details, Daniel talks about it a lot in the video... And he is still obsessed about it until this day as seen in his 'the Australian guy is messed up' video. Warining! that video is very detailed again so watch with caution if you don't like to hear about kinky stuff... He asked his girlfriend what she did with the Australian guy in bed and feels the need to tell those details to his audience.
    Well, apparently they got married around last week. Afterwards they had romatic dinner at mcdolads. Her parents and sister are very much against it and they don't know they went through with it. Apparently her mother said she'd disown her if she went through with the marriage so her family doesn't know. He called his parteny, they congratulated him and don't even know her name.
    And that's where we currently are, waiting for more drama to happen.
    Feel free to suggest additions to the first post. I'm very tired as it's 4 am here. I hope this is good enough to be approved.