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  1. Post on Urbandoll in Little Snowflakes

    By glowgang, posted
    Current Twitter: https://twitter.com/urbandoll
    Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/doIIgoals
    Isabelle is a college student who has a makeup Twitter account named, urbandoll. On urbandoll, she does giveaways of makeup for people who could not afford to have any. She seems like a total sweetheart right? Well, don't be fooled by her good girl persona. Isabelle is actually a scheming,manipulative,hypocritical, spoiled brat who could careless about anyone. 
    On summer of 2016, Her twitter username used to be dollgoals. I'll lead up to why she changed her username. Anywho, Isabelle was new to Twitter and everyone suddenly took a liking to her since she was a new giveaway account.(Giveaway accounts were very popular during the summer of 2016.) She claimed she used her own money for the giveaways which is obviously false. But, she used an app called Mercari, which is commonly known for having fake makeup products. So, Isabelle co-owned this business called, FinestForever. FinestForever sold counterfeit makeup products and didn't do refunds.
    Just check out what two famous makeup artists had to say about FinestForever:
    Here's a conversation between Isabelle and a costumer who got scammed by her:
    Once people found this out, people wanted refunds, but as stated before, she didn't do refunds. This is partially why Isabelle changed her whole account, but it gets better.
    Isabelle was accused of catfishing as a porn star. Turns out, the rumors were true.
    Exhibit A: 
    Because of all, she decided to give herself a new look. Thus urbandoll was born.
     Now, Isabelle never showed her face at all and whenever people asked, she gets annoyed. Why is this? The answer may never come. She does periscopes almost daily yet never shows her face. I highly doubt she is insecure if the profile picture she has currently is actually her. Overall, we may never how she actually looks.
    Many people think Isabelle is a total sweetheart who does nothing wrong in their naive eyes. Every angel has flaws rights? In this case, this little "angel" is a major hypocrite. 
    She claims she uses cruelty free products:
    (MAC is a NON CRUELTY FREE brand)
    Claims she doesn't trust Mercari:
    But once again:
    Why can't Isabelle just use her own money if she knows Mercari is not a trustworthy app?
    And before any of you ask, she does buy herself cosmetics with her OWN money from the actual site:
    Isabelle also despises scammers but she is best friends with one?:
    Short background info on ClothesPorn:
    Mei is the owner of ClothesPorn who also does giveaways. However, her giveaways are known to be non authentic and most of the time people do not receive their prizes from her at all. She also owns a business called, AcaciaLily which is a complete scam. Multiple people have not received their orders and she also just resells items from an app called, Aliexpress. 
    Now why would sweet little Isabelle be best friends with a well known scammer? Kinda makes you think of that one saying.. 
    "The more you hang with your friends, the more you start picking up their habits."
    Furthermore, Isabelle tells people to donate to her Pay pal so she can do more giveaways. Of course they do it and literally no one finds it suspicious. If people could pay her to do more giveaways they are just better off getting makeup by themselves. 
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:
    Exhibit D:
    Exhibit E: 
    Exhibit F: 
    As if telling people to use her Mercari code was bad enough, she literally tries her best persuasive skills to get these poor little souls into giving her actual cash. If this anyone else, they would've been taken down in a heart beat, but since its Isabelle, its perfectly okay.
    Overall, urbandoll AKA Isabelle is not who she says she is and I truly hope this help people finally see who she actually is. 
  2. Can't find a thread on her so I decided to make one.
    Joan Keem - Korean American who is based in Seoul.

    I only started watching her vids not too long ago but I think I probably almost finished watching all of her daily vlogs?! I love her personality but she seem to cafe hop a little too much. What do you guys think of her? 
    Youtube: http://youtube.com/joankeem
    IG: http://instagram.com/joankeem 
  3. Website: http://www.kellyeden.net/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyeden/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellyEden
    Tumblr: http://kellyeden.tumblr.com/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KellyEdenOfficial/
    Couldn't find this chick in the search function, so I'll post her. She's a vlogger, makeup lover, has interesting pastel fashion. She's also housemates with a gothic girl who also has a channel. I'm really fond of her look and personality. She has awesome tattoos. She's an art major, former tattoo artist, occasional model.
  4. Post on Linzor in Online Personalities

    By jft, posted

    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter
    Linzor (previously CannibalWhirm) is a Swedish Youtuber.
    She's into scene/emo, and a weaboo on top of that (I read a comment someone said she admits it herself?)
    I was watching a lot of piercing videos when suddenly her video was recommended to me... First glance at her channel, I see red flags but I like her hair so I "tried" to watch 2 videos (I didn't watch it to the end since they're cringy to me) before deciding to leave.
    She moved to Japan for 3 months and joined a Japanese class for beginners. But the thing is everyone there already has a grasp of basic Japanese words.
    She has not learned Japanese at all (I'm guessing she's the type who will watch anime and call it a learning experience). She can't read hiragana & katakana, heck she can't even count in Japanese. Obviously she was falling behind and she complained about it.
    If I have the opportunity to go to a country to further improve my language skill, I'd definitely make the most of it by learning as much as I could before going  It's as if she's interested in Japan for its aesthetic only (which I don't think is a problem if you said it and didn't make a big deal about it). She mentioned before she's a very hard working person and that just make this whole thing even weird to me. What do you think?
    Side observation: A lot of her subscribers are weebs who speaks like 13 years olds, no surprise. Ofc there are nice and rational ones, although most are borderline wk.
  5. so like idk if there's any thread about her but her name is Hayley Bui, and I supposed she's an IG famous based on the amount of likes/followers she has.
    IG @hayley_bui

    funny and strange thing is that her last name is 100% vietnamese but her 'current' looks are nowhere near a vietnamese OR Asian... I don't have anything against her or do I know her personally to say/judge but I just find it 'odd' so i'm curious as to what do you guys think ??
    usually people don't leave much of their old photos laying around when their popularity exploded so i could only find these photos as the closest to what she used to look like 'before' IG famous ? lol idk tbh. but yeah, you guys get the idea. i can't seem to remember which photos i saw, but i remember seeing a few people asking her what's her ethnicity, so some other people mentioned that's she's full viet. i think she prob did answered it once or a few times before that she's viet. and some found it hard to believe that she's asian from all her pictures o__o


    i find her really pretty for a vietnamese girl since i'm viet myself but to see from her before & after (of back then and now), i find it all a little too odd. I still think she's pretty tho but i mean... i don't see anything viet or asian about her besides that very last name in her IG handle lol.. even my boyfriend and coworkers thought she was like hispanics or something until i pointed out that she's viet. they think its her lips but i mean I'm no expert so i can't really tell but she definitely has that typical IG baddie or IG famous girls kind of look ? lol I'm actually really jealous of her makeup skills tho, i need me some of that skills lol
    oh, she mentioned this is her cousin and idk about anyone, but he looks 100% asian so... 

    again, i don't have shit against her or hate her in any ways, just curious if anyone knows anything about her since i don't see any thread relates to her and seeing how big of a following she has, I'm just curious haha 
    if there's already a thread, can someone link it and we'll just close this thread. thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm pretty new here on PULL but I've been a long-time visitor of the site and occasionally leave comments on threads. Excuse me if my formatting is off, this is my first time creating a thread. 
    Does anybody know about this girl @tsunaina on IG? She seems like a relatively new user, she's beautiful with a really unique face (not sure if it's photoshop or not). I'm not sure about her background or any other personal information, her only social media is IG as far as I know. Please leave your thoughts and opinions!
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsunaina/

    http://www.facebook.com/liui.aquino.II .
    Hello! I'm really tired of bad/snowflakes cosplayers *like geheichou*  
    so I'm going to create topics for cosplayer I really like and admire, those who I think that deserve more attention and love!  let's start! 
    I think that Liui is another of those cosplayers.
    Liui work is amazing. He really know how to do a good cosplay. I really would like to know your opinion about him!  
    Today I'm going to create a few topics like this, maybe with the same text changing the social medias.
  8. Toopoor aka Layla Rose Shapiro: Pseudo-goth Instagram model/DJ
    Instagram // Twitter // Soundcloud // Depop // Vine // Website (Slightly NSFW)

    Currently in a very public on/off relationship with Lil Peep. As a result, she’s publicly hanging out with Soundcloud frat boys. Fashion/marketing school drop out. Only notable income seems to be her store where she sells things like overpriced embroidered hoodies, her broken nails or your name written on her face. Claims to be “broke” despite putting a lot of money on drugs, alcohol and designer clothes.
    Moneyposse is a group of Soundcloud boys who her bf works/hangs out with and that she has DJ'd with. They're a lot messier than Gothboiclique (gbc) which is what Lil Peep is in, and she seems to spend more time with Soundcloud boys not in Lil Peep's crew than with. She's honestly gotten a lot of publicity with the Soundcloud rapper fanbase and that seems to be her crowd at the moment.
    Has previously had sugar daddies and has dated much older men. Also has had very public breakdowns on social media.
    Public breakdown:
  9. Toxic Tears, also known as Kaya Lili, is a 24 year old Irish Goth Youtuber who became famous after her "What Not To Say To Goth Girls" video. Her videos are mainly unboxing videos but she also does makeup tutorials and goth fashion hauls. Toxic Tears also used to be an alternatibe model but she gained a lot of weight due medication and her thyroid getting messed up. She also  runs a video gaming channel with her boyfriend Jake Munroe who is pretty much a famewhore. 
    Overall she's pretty nice but her behavior can be a bit snowflakey by how she'll constantly have tweets about adding items to her amazon wish list, when she can just buy them, edits her pictures constantly, she'll say she's havin trouble losing weight but has posted alot pictures of unhealthy foods on her instagram, and calls herself a "Goth" when she really isn't a goth goth, more of a Goth influenced since she doesn't involve herself into the goth culture as much. She doesn't make videos about the goth lifestyle much, hence why I say that. 
    What do you guys think of her? Lolcow doesn't seem to like her much. 
    Pics of her before and after she gained weight
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/xT0xicT3ars
    Gaming Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalAssGaming
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/x_ToxicTears
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/xToxicTears
    Merch Shop: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/toxic-tears
    Tumblr: http://xtoxictears.tumblr.com/
    also this is my first topic, i'm sorry to have missed anything, let me know if i did. 
  10. Find Your Love in Japan (Nobita)
    Youtube / Blog / Patreon

    Who is Nobita? // Basic Summary
    Find Your Love In Japan is a Youtube channel run by a Japanese man named Nobita. He makes videos similar to That Japanese Man Yuta where he interviews Japanese men, women and foreigners on the street on current popular subjects. In Nobita's videos, he mainly focuses on topics such as "How to find love in Japan" and Japanese people's opinions on relationships with people inside and outside of their culture. In his private life, he is a language teacher in Tokyo. 
    Here are some basic videos of his:
    Nobita's Opinions on Racism
    In April 2018, Nobita uploaded a video titled "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"TL;DR:Essentially uses debunked information, such as Black crime statistics and pseudoscience regarding elevated testosterone that makes Black people "more aggressive" to argue that they are a danger to the fundamentals of Japanese societyAlso cites "mean comments" as proof that Black people are bad (?????)Says that black people have a "toxic mentality" for thinking they are oppressed, and states that black people are not oppressed at all in the United StatesDenies the existence of white priviledgeSays that if you think you have it bad in the United States, it will be a lot worse if you bring your "victim mentality" to Japan because people are not as tolerant in JapanCurrently, the video has a warning that appears before watching itScreenshot of the description of his "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"For further reading on what Nobita said in this video and why he's wrong, you can read an article on it written by Ranier Maningding here. This article was super helpful in putting together all of this information.After the very negative reaction to this video and the backlash on Twitter, he created a tweet titled "To Black People" trying to guilt trip people over his video and vaguely imply that he was going to kill himself soonThose who defended Nobita's opinions used racial slurs against Black people, showing what type of people he is attracting in his audienceUses the fact that he's apparently had black students and knows black people as a defense for his opinions (does the same thing to verify his opinions on homosexuality, claiming to have many "gay friends")Thinks acts of racism are only extremes, such as people getting killed over race in situations like the KKK or Nazis. Doesn't believe smaller aggression in society should count towards "racism" Apparently is now talking about Latinos in JapanNobita's Opinions on "if Gay Marriage Becomes Legal in Japan"
    Nobita makes a video titled "Dear Gays: Gay Marriage | Why it's Unacceptable in Japan"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRVL0AaGVuYThank you to @JunkFood for their summary: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3968-find-your-love-in-japannobita/?do=findComment&comment=338160Uses the classic slippery slope argument, "If we let the gays marry, what could be next?!?! Bestiality and Pedophilia!?!?!?!?!?!!" Claims that there aren't many gay people in Japan, thus gay marriage is not necessary because it's "such a minority of the population"Article with a study that debunks thisThinks that if both parents are the same gender, then their parenting will be bad because "traditional roles" are the best way to raise childrenIgnores the fact that half of heterosexual families result in divorce or can have an abusive parentTries to say that Japan just tolerating homosexuals is enough, because other countries have it worse and you can be killed for being gaySays that he's "Tired of gays acting like victims in Japan and demanding 'special treatment'"So equal rights are "special treatment??"Basically just uses extremely unlikely, specific arguments such as "sham marriages to get citizenships" (once again showing how scared he is of foreigners in Japan) will happen, adoption apparently being hard in Japan, and children of gay parents being bullied to justify gay marriage not being legal thereSays Japan is a collectivist society, and being gay is "too different" to be accepted there and won't workAs stated before, uses the "I have gay friends so my opinion is valid!" argumentNobita's Opinions on Feminism & Women
    Victim blames underage girls for being assaulted by chikan (perverts) on trainsApparently the girls are tempting men with their skirts being too short, and the men are exhausted from work so they do this as some sort of "release" due to stressAlso claims that girls do it to press false molestation chargesThis has happened before, however it is a very very small minority of the molestation cases that happen on trainsQuote from Nobita: "If you see a really cute girl standing next to you and she's wearing a really short skirt, probably that's gonna turn on any guy."Believes that the solution to Japan's birth rate issues is:1) Taxing single people2) Imposing legal restrictions on pornography and sex work3) Shortening the work weekSeems to support MGTOW and RedpillIs possibly an incel, due to him constantly being self-deprecating by calling himself ugly, stupid, seems obsessed and frustrated with being a virgin, etc. Screenshot of him reacting to being "asked" if he's a virgin:Believes in traditional gender roles, such as:Women should not ask men out firstSeems to be insecure about confident/independent womenIs pro-life, and very against pro-choice peopleNobita's generalizing of the Japanese people, and objectifying his own culture
    Generally, his video seem to focus on ways white people can "seduce" Japanese men and womenKind of a personal view, but I feel that these videos objectify and fetishize Japanese peopleTalking about subjects he has little knowledge of and is not qualified to speak about
    Tries to argue that white privilege doesn't exist in America, and believes that Black people are trying to be victimsHas a lot of opinions on American society and racism, despite being a Japanese male who has seemingly not been to America Miscellaneous Stuff:
    Thinks people don't like him for his physical appearance and grammarA past friend on Facebook has stated that he's apparently "gone off the deep end," and friends have tried to talk to him but he's changedHas featured Kanadajin3 as a representative of Islam in one of his videos, who is widely known for being problematic and has been involved with a lot of drama in the pastYuta has responded to Nobita's "Black People" videosNobita's text response, and video response

  11. Instagram // Youtube
    20 year-old Lebanese-Egyptian model from known for his height, good facial structure, and blue eyes.Was born and raised in LebanonHas a Youtube channel where he mainly vlogs with 20k+ subscribersAlthough he claims that he has blue eyes, it's suspected that he's just using contactsWhen asked about it, he neither confirms or denies whether or not they're contactsEvidence of photoshopping in some of his picturesI wouldn't have made this thread if I hadn't noticed some snowflakey, almost entitled behavior from him. He complains about his job not paying him on time and says that he struggles with money from time to time yet he's always clubbing or shopping at brand-name stores. He even once posted a screenshot of someone from Snapchat, calling her "mentally ill" for calling him out for his lies.
  12. Does anyone know anything interesting about her? I was trying to find out more about her yesterday but there's not much online!
    The only thing I've found about her is that despite her claiming to be a regular girl with regular parents, she has a few posts on richkidsofinstagram and a bunch of celebrity friends. It also seems like she has caused a lot of drama in the past according to comments I've seen on IG but I have not been able to figure out why drama she was involved in
  13. YouTube: Tokidoki Traveller
    Instagram: tokidokitraveller
    Twitter: @TokidokiEmma
    Snapchat: em_cookie
    A J-Vlogger from Australia who became known for her life in an 8m² appartment in Tokyo but by now she has moved into a bigger appartment with her plants & Hamster Moss! ( I think Kim Dao helped her find the new appartment)
    Not too long ago she started going to language school, she does lots of videos with her friends and seems like a really down to earth girl next door. I really like her! 

    Vampire Café Video
    Camping with friends
    Her 8m² appartment tour
    Her new appartmenttour
    I haven't seen a thread for her yet and I really like her & her videos so I thought I'd start one 
  14. I've seen this girl on my instagram 'explore' page a lot lately.
    I don't know if she uses too much photoshop, or maybe she got some plastic sugery (maybe lips and nose..?), or she just changed naturally.
    Anyway, she is way different from a couple years ago. Here are some pics from 2015/2016:
    This is her now:
    Her lips looks a lot bigger and her nose smaller. Maybe it's just makeup, I don't know.
    Anyway, I think she is cute and seems nice as well. 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eve.frsr/
  15. Post on KennieJD in Online Personalities

    By holita, posted
    Kendall Janae
    Youtube / Instagram / Twitter

    Kendall is an American K-vlogger and story time Youtuber who makes videos about her time in Korea studying abroad even though she was only there for a short amount of time (2-3 months).
    Some of the issues she's had:
    Thinks all Korean men want herExaggerates her story timesFetishizes KoreansDoesn't care about black issuesThinks she's not a koreaboo and above other K-vloggersHad people who knew her personally come on PULL and criticize herShe went on Instagram Live twice and attacked the PULL users who knew her and exposed their personal livesEdit: Additional links to previous thread by lambchopp
    - First mention of Kennie JD (x)
    - Kennie's Koreaboo video and possible shade at Lala + following Lala drama (x)
    - First mention of how little time Kennie has ever spent in Korea... (x)
    - Kennie first references PULL on InstaLive (x)
    - Lala maybe shades Kennie and we start to realize kennie is stale af... (x)
    - Kennie's classmate during study abroad joins convo, still stale af (x)
    - Exaggerated storytimes + past photos (x)
    - Kennie's college friends Disour and DoItForTheCutlure spills mega-tea* (x)
    - Kennie goes tf off on instalive about PULL/Disour/DIFTC for the first time (x)
    - Goes off on live the next day, even hard, and even more foul (x)
    - Kennie posts 3 hour live that no one on the thread wants to watch lol (x)
    - Kennie thread created.
  16. Post on LaLa in Online Personalities

    By cocoaqueen, posted
    Youtube| Instagram| Twitter

    LaLa is a 26 year old KVlogger from America currently living in South Korea. One of her most notable videos titled "Korean Boys Are Naughty," gained over 400k views. At first, she pandered to speaking about her experiences in Korea, however she has stated that she doesn't want to touch on topics surrounding Korea anymore...or so she says. 

    -In one of her earlier videos here, she talks about "Haters and Bullies" in Korea. Basically, there was another black Youtuber who was being 'fake' towards her. People speculated whether she was talking about Megan Bowen or Kennie JD, but it was confirmed that it was the Youtuber 'Somewhere Always Tee'

    -The infamous beef with Kennie JD. In Kennie's "5 Signs You Are A Koreaboo" video, one of the signs is, and I quote, "4. You spend large amounts of time looking for people to live vicariously through to satisfy your fetishes about Koreans. Ambw, amww, Latin woman etc or videos that contain "my Korean boyfriend" but the race of the boyfriend has no consequence to the nature of the video." People took this as a jab towards LaLa and LaLa decided to bash Kennie not only in a video (which she deleted) but on Instagram (which she also deleted...but of course there are screenshots) when she could have just...oh Idk..handled it woman to woman?

    -Talks about facing racism...but perpetuates racist antics. In this video she talks about a television show in Korea that was going to use blackface in one of its acts. She's also talked about facing racism in Korea as well in this video. If LaLa wants to call out racism, that's perfectly fine. However, she's perpetuated racist antics through her actions even though she claims she wants a change. 

    -Photoshopping her thumbnails. Now, I don't personally care if someone shops their photos...as long as it isn't extreme, or they don't try to deny it. However, my problem with her doing it is that she claims in this video that she doesn't care that she doesn't "fit Korean beauty standards," and that she has a "bigger nose" than Koreans who get surgery, but she gushes about how she loves herself and wants to teach others about confidence...okay, but if she loves her big nose so much then...why is she making it smaller...? It's hella obvious too. She has like...a different structured face throughout her thumbnails, like...we all know from watching her videos that her nose is not this small. If she's insecure about her nose, it's okay to say that, but she shouldn't preach about loving her nose and how "Omg Koreans shave their jaw?!" when she partakes in trying to change herself to fit the standard. 

    -Using abelism in her recent video to be funny. In her "10 Korean Questions I'm Tired of Answering" video, she not only talks about Korea after she said she wouldn't, she uses an insult in the video about how people asking her about her boyfriend must be "riding the short bus." Her followers found it funny too, one of them calling it the "retarded imitation," and she liked the comment. 

    At first, I loved LaLa. When I stumbled upon her channel I thought, wow a black girl who moves to Korea and doesn't have problematic tendencies? Yes!
    ....But little by little I started to see how messy she really was. Maybe some of this pettiness would be tolerable if she were a child, but she's approaching 30 and unfortunately doesn't show signs of knowing better, at least not in my opinion. To her, having a high sub count means everything, and she seeks constant validation from her followers. Anyone who doesn't agree with her she seems to shade even though she doesn't like when shade is thrown her way. In my eyes, she's a straight up hypocrite who can dish out drama because she has followers and that's it. It's a cheap shot, and a punk move, because she wouldn't dare shade someone with a higher sub count or more clout than her.
    So, what do you guys think? After her actions have been clogging the KVlogger thread, people felt like she deserved her own, so here it is.  
  17. Youtube // Second channel // Patreon // Instagram // Tumblr (NSFW) // Younow // GuruGossip Thread (for more receipts)

    Karuna Satori ASMR, also known as Sarah, is a 26-year-old ASMR youtuber. She does mainly roleplays and NSFW videos on her Patreon. She's a mother of two kids.
    On a Daily Mail article about her, she's revealed to be a former drug addict. Now she's on treatment. On 2015, she had her kids taken away after she hit her husband.In the GuruGossip thread above, people from her town claim that she has multiple charges of harassment. According to a user named Karuna's Stalker, also known as John, she had her kids taken away by the authorities due to threatening them with a gun. (John is banned from the forum now though since he posted revenge porn of her).In 2016, she made an Amazon Wishlist for her children and begged to her subscribers to buy the gifts. Some people have criticized that action because of Karuna's income in YouTube (which reaches $2000-$2500), which should be enough. She's been accused of wasting all her money on high-end makeup, clothes and tattoos instead of using it for her family or rent/bills.Some people have claimed that they paid $50 for a customized ASMR video from her and never received it.In 2014, she made racist tweets after the Super Bowl.She begged for money to supposedly fix her teeth. Around the same time she was supposed to get it, she got a boob job instead. People accused her of using the money that she asked for to get a boob job instead of her teeth fixed.She claims to be "poor," yet has money to buy high-end makeup. She claims this is because she grew up rich and isn't good with management of money.  
  18. Coco's Social Media
    YouTube || Instagram

    There's been a lot of talk about Coco in Edward Avila's thread, so I felt like it might be time to pop in to create a new thread focused on Coco. 
    Coco is from the USA and has been working sort of on and off in the K-pop industry in Seoul. She's an active-ish member of the duo CocoSori and mentioned lately that they're preparing for a comeback, but as of right now, I don't think they're actively promoting anything. (Although I’m interested to see how that goes!) She's also a former member of the group Blady, and she's released a solo song. In her Youtube profile, she says she's aiming to become a K-pop superstar.
    She hangs out with Eddy and Joan in many of her vlogs, I think she's spent time with Sunny before. Over the past few weeks, she's declared more openly that she wants to make more out of her Youtube career. Her vlogs were a bit sporadic but it seems she’s uploading a few times a week more recently. She's nearing 75k subscriptions on her Youtube channel right now, and I stumbled across her a few months ago via Youtube recommendations.
    As for any drama, from what I've gathered from others' comments, Coco has a reputation for being a bit of a fake and using people, as well as trying to get by on her looks alone and do the bare minimum. In several vlogs, Eddy has teased Coco about acting fake/nice in front of the camera, and she definitely acts sweet-as-sugar on her own channel. Apparently she used to be popular on Soompi and denied having work done, but another PULL user dug up a gem of what seems to show before/after possible plastic surgery.
    She also really likes Despicable Me/the minions and seems to enjoy annoying her friends/forcing them to do or watch minion-related things.
    I'm not the best source of Coco info, and it seems like some PULL users have had some personal encounters with her before, so please share your thoughts/experiences! I was surprised when people started talking so much about her in Eddy's thread, so I feel like there's a lot more to be said here!
  19. Evelina Forsell
    So she's not someone I follow closely, rather little I'd say so I was shocked to discover her transformation.
    She went from this:

    To this:

    She has some great makeup tutorials:
    But I'm still rather shocked with the transformation. Sometimes she doesn't look... well, look. But to be frank, I dig this free form of expression, I'm trying to go down this lane myself. I wonder how much she photoshops. She seems to have an outrageously long neck. 
    Oh and she's pro cruelty free makeup!
    And charity!
    Feel free to discuss. Maybe she did something shady or does obvious photoshop but I've missed it? 

  20. Alex Dorame
    Age: 19
    Collab channels one and two
    Alex is a  “scene/emo” YouTuber that’s been around August 2014 and has +480,000 subscribers.  
    She posts hair/makeup tutorials, dare videos and other basic scene kid content on her main channel. Alex is dating Johnnie Guilbert of ‘Til Death Do We Part’.
    Both of them are involved with the collab channels Our World Away and My Digital Escape.
    She shoops her nose for sure (I lowkey feel like she edits her face in other ways but I'm not good at spotting it.)
    Here are some photos for comparison.
    Blatantly copies Leda
    Alex wanted to be friends with Leda and they even met once

    (notice how similar the makeup is lol)
    I'm not sure what happened with that though cuz it was only that one time.
    But apparently Alex hates Leda. Kyle is an ex co-worker so take what you from this video
    Long story short Alex talks shit about Leda because it’s rumored that Johnnie broke up with Alex to get with Leda.
    (starts at 2:00)
    Johnnie and Leda use to be friends but don’t follow each other or hang out anymore.
    Presumably because of the drama mentioned above

    I'll add more stuff as i find it. This is my first topic post, hope i did okay
  21. Ruby Granger
    YouTube // Facebook // Instagram // askFM // Twitter // blog
    Amazon author page // Goodreads author page

    Ruby Granger (name inspired by Hermoine Granger) is a seventeen year old YouTuber, (un)famous for her 10+ hour "study with me" videos and Hermoine Granger impressions. In 2017 her chanel got fairly popular getting to almost 100.000 subscribers on YouTube. Apart from extreme study sessions she has written a book and made videos about bullying.
    Obsessive Studying:
    She has multiple "study with me" videos where she studies more than 10 hours in a day, the longest is one 15h of studying in one day. On Christmas day 2017 she even recorded a video where she comlained that she didn't have enough time to study due to her relatives visiting.
    Her study videos and her comments in those videos sometimes result in big backlashes from some people in her audience, causing huge debates between critics and whitekinghts, where Ruby usually doesn't reflect on her behaviour and always takes the side of the WKs and likes theri comments. She sometimes posts very defensive answers to people giving her critique.
    Ruby seemingly doesn't do anything besides obsessive studying, working on things related to academics and reading. (OT: Besides her studying 10+ hours each day she managed to read 109 books in 2017) She generally doesn't seem have too many friends outside of her study friends circle and doesn't engage in other hobbies besides studying.
    Dangerous perfectionism
    Most of her audience consists of young impressionable teenagers, viewing Ruby as a role model. However Ruby has extremely high standards for herself as part of her strieving to be like fictional(!) Hermoine Granger, everything below perfection is unacceptable for her. So she often starts off her videos with apologising for extremely minor things like for wearing glasses, filming in an angle that is not perfect, not filming everything she has been doing throughout the day or not studying enough. Through this she puts a lot of pressure on herself and this attitude can too cause serious harm for her impressionable audience.
    Problematic semi-authobigraphic book
    Ruby has written a semi-authobigraphic book, titled "Erimentha Parker's To Do List: A Bullying Story". In a couple of videos and posts she vaguely talked about her experience as being bullied in school, thus people quickly connected the story of her book to her own struggles. However the book she created, has some very negative reviews, because the language used is very much a show-off of her extensive (but mostly misplaced) vocabulary and the main character is very unlikable and snobby, looks down on others (who don't study much) and is financially spoilt, thus the connection between the main character of her book and her own background only contributed people's opinion of her.
    Amazon reviews of her book:
  22. So, I’ve been waiting for someone to make this thread, but it seems like it’s gonna be me.
    She’s known as daintyviolet on instagram, her Tumblr is violetverdandi.tumblr.com, her art ig is daintysart, her backup ig violetverdandi
    Violet seems quite fishy tbh, especially her doll-like (excessively facetuned) face. She talks a lot about having sex with older men / married men etc., she is also known for taking quite explicit pictures of herself. I believe she is from NYC. 
    She belongs to that ig baddie group (idk if it is a group lol but that one with cleolazuli, itsbabydash, urfatherfigure… and others, she calls itsbabydash her "mother“ etc.), that constantly promote each other in their stories. I believe a few of them had a falling out with Dasha, so idk if that "group“ still exist.   
    Famous Birthdays says that she is 14 but I don’t think she is 14? No 14 year old would put such pictures of themselves on instagram. She must be 18 at least. 
    Yeah, I believe she just came out of nowhere? Idk she just had this huge following and at first I found her pretty, but then that was all there was to her. I don’t know if she’s got anything snowflakey, though.
    Thoughts on her?

  23. Christian Aaron
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website

    Christian Aaron is a lifestyle blogger on Instagram who attracted more than 100,000 followers to his self-titled account. He has also posted various vlogs on YouTube. He began posting to Instagram in December of 2010, and his YouTube channel in February of 2014. He partnered to Fullscreen the day same day he started YouTube, but left the company in March of 2018. Recently, he attended the 2017 Teen Choice Awards and Playlist Live 2018. He is bi-coastal, spending time in Los Angeles and New York City. 
    He is famous for being rude to a personal assistant of Nicolette Gray and has called poor people "peasants".
  24. Leon Chiro

    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Deviantart / Youtube / Patreon 
    Leon Chiro is a professional italian cosplayer from Italy/Rome.
    In real life he is a Photomodel, bartender, and a student in Sports Science and Physiotherapy University.
    He is known for his cosplays of Dante from Devil May Cry, Gladio from FFXV, and Rakan from League of Legends.
    Has a hella credentials under his belt. Most prominent being the face model for Rakan.
    Recent Controversy:
  25. Euc Benitez
    Is a Spanish  Musical.ly "star" who then skyrocket to fame at  Instagram with 300k followers,  recently on social media platforms he has been getting a lot of  criticism due to his musically videos with his "sisters" who are younger than 13 years old in  seductive matters.
    His crazy following would go on his  defense stating these girls are his sisters.....sisters or not the posts are over rated and creepy af.
    Heres just a FEW: