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  1. Sophie Shaw (PeachMilkyTea) is a 24 year old blogger, cosplayer, and youtuber from Northern Ireland. She had a thread on the original PULL. So far she hasn't had any drama surrounding her that I know of. She has had plastic surgery on her nose which she made a video about. 

  2. Is anyone familiar with Micaela Braithwaite, better known as Micaela? She also goes by Ciaela and she does Japan vlogs. I believe she has done stuff with Sharla before, but has mostly been doing solo videos recently.
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikaeradesu
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ciaela
    IG: https://instagram.com/ciaela
    NEW IG: https://www.instagram.com/mikaeradesu/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ciaela
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tatsumica
  3.  theproserpina.tumblr.com
    She is truely a surviving sceen queen from myspace on tumblr (also a liar and rich bitch who pretend to be poor just to get free things but fails because she like to brag about what her parents buys her). 

    Photoshoop fail:
  4. Fetsu-Chan
    Instagram // Youtube // ask.fm

    She's just another typical white girl who like Japanese stuff and kawaii things. She's pretty and nice. 
    She's not a snowflake, but she often flexes (shows-off) how many kawaii figures she has or how much clothes she has, or how many wigs she has and post multiple photos on her face (just her face) on the same occasion or slightly different poses. 
    Feel free to disagree with me, but I do find her very obnoxious. She's talented in make up effects and her art is cool, but she posts wayyy too many pictures of her face. Way too many. And they don't vary much either, generally the same dopey face expression and angle. 
    Please excuse me if I may seem upfront. !!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!!
    Recent pictures (Oct 2017):
    IRL Pictures (From around 2 years ago):
    Old Pictures:
  5. Post on Anzujaamu in Online Personalities

    By Mikan, posted
    ♢ Link dump ♢ 
    There was a thread for Anzu on the previous PULL Interesting people section. Thought I should carry discussion over to here.
    To my knowledge she hasn't done anything overly snowflakey, there was rumours of her shooping her legs but nothing serious. In the previous thread people found some archived pictures of her when she was young (around 13/14) and she was a little chubby.
    However, she recently won a large cosplay competition with a bought costume that she received as a sponsor (she is sponsored by a lot of companies which is where she gets all of her lenses/wigs/clothes from). And subsequently won a trip to Japan from winning that comp, which is where she is now as I'm writing this. 
    Personally I like her style, she seems a nice person. Thoughts?
  6. There's was topic about her before,
    I dont remember many things of her but getting underage tattoes and lying about her race 
  7. Post on Beckii Cruel in Online Personalities

    By Mikan, posted
    ☆Link dump☆
    I'm pretty sure everyone knows who Beckii is on here but for those who don't, she is a girl from the Isle of Man who got extremely popular in Japan in 2009 after her Danjo dance cover went viral. Her youtube was originally just dance covers and she was really popular in Japan for a few years but that popularity has waned now she is older. She now uploads under the name Beckii on youtube and uploads mostly j-fashion and makeup videos. There is a documentary about her that was aired in 2010 in the UK called 'Beckii - schoolgirl superstar at 14'. It's on Youtube.
    What do you guys think of Beckii? When she was younger I found her very egotistical and up her own backside, but I think she has mellowed out now she is older. 
  8. Post on Sissel AB in Little Snowflakes

    By Chulimaria, posted
    I noticed that nobody made a topic about her </3 I really like her, she is very pretty and funny and I really like her tutorials. Also, she has an account in Ask.fm and she always reply very politely <3 

    Danish beauty guru youtuberMakes makeup videos inspired by k-pop videos19 years oldPhotoshops her pictures, but is open about itMoving to Korea in 2017What do you guys think of her? 
    Ask  // Instagram // Youtube // Tumblr
  9. Post on Princessmei in Online Personalities

    By Lamb, posted
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlPMWbk0fy_zKvUDEnm0vw
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/infrontofapple/
    Omocat model who looks like ayumi seto (or at least according to her, the own ayumi seto told her so). Does a few makeup tutorials. 
  10. The waifu of Ahripop
    This young lass reminds me of Ahripop so much. She will defend her, edit like her and possibly be have magical boobs like her but that's just my observations from her IG.
    Which is here: https://www.instagram.com/sumomo_/
    Here is some evidence of her defending the Ahri, though most of the people commenting Ahri is not actually impacting her but whatever.

    And here is some images that stand out to me~ sorry, I am on phone and this was easier for me.

    So, I am not saying she is Snowflake material but she doesn't seem real to me and have future interest due to her being Ahri's 'favourite' at the moment.
    She also has a tumblr here: 
  11. Post on knitemaya in Little Snowflakes

    By Kanra, posted
    Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Tumblr

    Became popular for cosplaying "ikemen/bishounen" guysCame onto the thread and self-posted as mayanora, and used the account to talk shit about Geheichou all while white-knighting themselves (Gehe example)  (WK'ing example) (Proof of Knite actually being trans) (Claiming to be Asian)When the PULL owner exposed Knite, they pretended they got hacked and tried to delete all of their posts on the websiteLater threw a tantrum on livestream about getting exposed and threatened to go to the policePhotoshops extensively, such as making their face appear more dorito-like and making their hands largerTapes their eyes to appear more Asian-lookingSeems to fetishize gay relationships in their photoshoots Claims to have gone to school for makeup and that their cosplay looks were achieved with just makeup skills (though some of these photos say otherwise...)Twitter example of them saying this: https://twitter.com/knitemaya/status/794428360512258048Dorito Shoop/Eyetaping/Shoop general:
    Candids/Old Pictures:
  12. hey guys i'm starting a sunnydahye thread. I hope we can keep it going^^ she's not that popular but yeah... 
    (apologies for the crappy intro. just started this thread on a whim)
    aside from the boob job she also got her eyes and jaw done, the boobs being more recent. I put her on here because I suspect she only does these surgeries because she's sponsored.
  13. Momokun / Mariah Mallad
    Social Media:
    Twitter // Facebook // Patreon // Instagram // Youtube // Twitch // Google Drive of All Cosplay 
    Lolcow Threads & Truth Tumblr:
    First lolcow thread // Most recent lolcow thread // Truth Tumblr
    Snapchat: Mariahmallad

    Meet Mariah Mallad aka Momokun! She's a cosplayer from Las Vegas who has caused quite a stir lately. Originally not-so-popular, she was mysteriously posted on /cgl/ one day without any context. (Warning: these threads have NSFW photos!)
    thread 1 // thread 2 // thread 3
    Mariah was quick to show up to defend herself after supposedly being alerted by fans that she was posted on cgl, posting her Patreon link multiple times and discussing the perks of donating to her while doing so. 
    In the first thread, she also says that her super religious family disapproves of her lingerie/boudoir shoots.
    After a couple weeks of silence, she got posted on lolcow by an unknown poster. At first, she was suspected of self-posting but the possibility of it being posted by another cosplayer arose and Mariah was mostly free of suspicion!  However, she did show up in the lolcow thread defending herself (again) and brought her white knight army with her this time. Some great quotes from the thread/screencaps posted in the thread include:
    "If you don't like me because I am very popular for my cosplays then that's sad and pathetic on your part."
    "That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get, featured on IGN, and Arda Wigs, and got me connections with Funimation…. "
    Screenshots under the cut:
    In her old Deviantart journal, she says so herself that she's trying to become cosplay famous yet denies that currently.
    Other issues (Taken from lolcow)
    *Please keep in mind that most of these spoilered images are NSFW*
    ”Body positive”, but Photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantlyLater resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably)Claimed that she exercised to get her figure before finally admitting that she got lipoLipo Example:Photoshopping:Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.Laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplayExample of shitty costumes:Spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned" Does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes areDelusional about her level of fameHas to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on PatreonAlso lies about getting invited to eventsKnown to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplaysPretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwiseLoiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guestAdmitted to ghosting cons and tried to justify it as something “everyone” doesLewded Kanna from Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlashHad a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ because he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second, then commissioned a piece from himTries sucking up to popular Youtubers like H3H3Publicly talks to fellow cow Onision on Twitter (Update July 2018: Onion boy has denounced her on Twitter after the sexual assault allegations)Clings to Nigri for relevanceMade a shirt of drawanon on lolcow's picture of herDeletes negative comments she gets on her social mediaConstantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the sameGoes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedalsIs now claiming that a character from the hentai anime Waisetsu Missile/Milk Party is her original character.Sexual Assault Allegations
    In July 2018, prior to Anime Expo, other cosplayers come out and reveal that Mariah has made them uncomfortable and has sexually assaulted them without their consentMariah initially blames committing sexual assault/harassment on her ADHD, and claims that the people who came out with this have a vendetta/are on a witch hunt against herPopular Youtuber Philip Defranco even covers the situation on his show#MomokunIsCancelled happens, tweets with the tag can be found hereOld pictures prior to cosplay "career":
  14. Sharla in Japan
    Youtube Main Channel // Second Channel // Instagram // Twitter  // Patreon
    Sharla in Japan is a Canadian YouTuber (or Jvlogger) based in Japan. She is 30 years old, married, and quit her old job to focus on YouTube full time. Now, she focuses on producing YouTube content but occasionally works as an English translator and coach to Japanese actors/actresses on movie sets. She was known as one of Mira's best friends up until the sock puppet drama occurred. 

    While Sharla has not done much to warrant the title of "Snowflake" yet, there has been a lot of discussion recently about problems with her main channel, her going vegan (and her husband too) and her questionable decision to "rescue" an improperly bred kitten, among other suspect behavior. 

    She is friends with other Jvloggers such as Taylor R, Kim Dao, Rachel and Jun, Micaela and the rest of that clique. She used to be good friends with Einshine/ShinePHD, but drifted away from him sometime before the drama with him began.

    Ever since becoming very good friends with Taylor, Sharla seems to have changed her thumbnails to copy Taylor's style. Although Sharla moved to the countryside with her husband, she frequently visits Tokyo and conveniently mooches often stays with Taylor for free.

    Do let me know if I missed anything or made a mistake and I'll correct it
  15. Jillian Vessey / Pixielocks is 18 year-old interested in J-fashion. She spends her days obsessing over materialistic items at the expense of her parent's money and gets just about anything she wants. Jillian also likes magical girls, cats, makeup and makes boring Youtube videos. This thread was made because Jillian's thread is being banned on /snow/ on lolcow. 
    Public Facebook // Private Facebook // Youtube // Instagram // Tumblr // Blog //  Lookbook

    Time Line/Past Drama:
    Used to be a technicolor punk/band kid with a history of anorexia, self-harm, depression and anxiety. Went to a eating disorder clinic.Discovered Lolita fashion and experimented in punk/band, lolita, fairy-kei and vintage fashion on lookbook/Instagram.Has been dyeing her hair since she was in 7th grade.Was a ita, mentions being posted to btb. Gained popularity on YT very fast bc she's spoiled, has a good camera, and could afford brand.Is a white girl Buddhist who dwells on materialistic items.Lace Drama+SuperCarly64's hilarious parody. Pixie talks about how she changes people's lives and has a 24inch waist while not being bothered for most of the 11/12 minute video, talks about LACE a tiny bit. Kate's (Girlyhoot) creation-Lace fails.Says she doesn't want to be labeled as a Lolita anymore and leaves.Does larme-kei, her aesthetic becomes less cohesive and tacky.Switches over to regular mall alt fashion still calls it j-fashion. Style becomes tumblr pastel alt not cohesive very tacky fashion. Makes her own fashion called Party-kei despite not being Japanese, the style being tacky, and confusing people into cult party-kei and fairy-kei. Current styles are just tacky and ages her.Update Sept/Oct 2017: Is apparently done with Party-KeiMakes makeup and clothes that she'll only wear a few times, has a materialism/spending problem.Quits her job at a grocery store because they wouldn't let her have blue hair and made a big deal out of it and it was stated in the contract, worked there for a year and a half.Gets a job at Papercakes Pretty, shop owner is a scammer, shop goes out of business.Update Sept/Oct 2017: Got a job at Clare's, then quit very early onBreaks up with her boyfriend of 3 years, Tristan to date his best friend Collin. Admits she loved him/them for 2 years while she and Tristan were dating.Wants to be a fashion designer and go to Bunka, can't handle constructive or any criticism and needs to work on her skills.Was a judge in cosplay contest that she won.Dressed in pastel/alt fashion in public at her school frequently and stuck out among the normal people.Asked for money to go to Japan, spends it on buying things.Is currently putting off college for a while to earn money from yt, which she justifies as a job. Just graduated high school, and went to prom. She's dating her ex-boyfriend's nonbinary best friend, is pansexual and making YT videos.Have fun with those Pixielols 
  16. Post on Erika Lipps in Little Snowflakes

    By lil, posted
    Erika Lipps: the Devon Aoki wannabe snowflake famous for the freckle faced, doe eyed look and embracing her plus size on her instagram. However, that was not always the case.
    Erika Lipps started out as just another fashion blogger on the interwebs with the user handle "iamappleorchards" on blogspot and chictopia

    She tried very hard to be a style icon, along with her friend Blake Jacobsen, who took most of her pictures then

    However, the internet fame that came with being a chictopia style icon did not pick up and she started posting sporadically on her blog, posting more on her instagram instead. She started gaining attention after she started copying Devon Aoki's looks and gained even more attention after modelling for tunnelvision. Her makeup looks were always very... questionable at best (and very obviously edited)
    In case it's not obvious (for some reason)
    She wears faux freckles, thickens her brows, does extreme overlining, highlighting and contouring, wears false lashes, extends her cat eyeliner to elongate her eyes... Which wouldn't be so much of a problem if she never tried to pass them off as natural.
    She also deletes comments that calls her out on her makeup and editing on every photo and even blocks people for it, then calls them freaks, crazies or meanies to gain sympathy points
    she tried to pass off photos like these as natural while promoting a dr jart skincare line

    (Originally captioned as "there ya go ya freaks...me w/out makeup...debunked it for ya!!!! Ur welcome!!!!!!" but edited after people called her out because of her brow makeup and freckles)
    She acknowledges that she is not natural on instagram but refuses to actually mention which part is natural and how much is edited and will block people and delete comments that even speculate or acknowledge the editing and unnatural parts of her

    There was even an article written of her being brave for "showing her bare face" despite never actually showing her bare face and Erika failed to correct the writer that her pics are, in fact, not bare faced.
    Link: http://www.revelist.com/bloggers/social-media-beauty-standards/5416/erika-is-a-queen-and-i-am-so-happy-that-shes-speaking-up-about-this-stuff--because-it-deserves-a-conversation/10

    This photo is probably the most accurate bare faced photo Erika has ever posted even though its covered in a face mask
    Despite constantly appearing to preach body positivity, self love and self acceptance, Erika edits her plus size body to fit the "society's beauty standard" that she constantly complains about, then attempts to pass it off as her natural self, similar to Tess Munster/Holiday's ironic #effyourbeautystandards 
    edits muffin top while preaching about skinny girls (and trying to speak for east asians like some rachel dolezal shit and subtly trying to pass off as one) and seriously how is that pic the same as these

    Erika also edits her jaw, skin, nose, lips and also edits her eyes slanted to appear more East Asian
    However, if you take away all the makeup and editing, Erika is in fact very white passing because she is half White and half Filipina with unblended bronzer, overlined lips, the wrong foundation color and eyes photoshopped to be slanted
    Despite her literally being half white, Erika bashes and shit talks white people CONSTANTLY and despite being half Filipina, she has yet to make a post acknowledging this fact (even repeating that her ethnicity is no one business), even though she makes a lot of posts bringing up and defending East Asians and then attempts to pass off as East Asian. (not all posts blaming everything on white women were screencapped but if you follow her on IG you will be bombarded by at least 2 whiny complains about white people in a day)

    also apparently recently she enjoys wearing cheap clothing then calls herself a white women which is annoying because 1) she's basically calling white people cheap imagine wearing an unkempt black wig and putting on some cheap cloth around herself and calling herself japanese 2) she's white but talks about white people as if she's not white to subtly make her followers think she's not white

    ^ apparently man buns are samurai buns ?? because apparently only samurais wear buns for their hair?? she gets offended at everything white people do like its her hobby

    The only time she has even acknowledged South East Asians was when she used a photo of Pia Wurtzbach, which ironically is a very white passing half white half Filipino model.

    ^ Pia Wurtzbach without her fake tan (which is problematic in its own way)
    Recently she was confronted by IG user bravegingerkitty and Erika posted her DM on her insta story to get her followers to whiteknight her

    Unfortunately this led to more people calling out her actions and attitude and she has since deactivated her instagram
    As expected, Erika came back with a lengthy sob story accusing her followers of making assumptions on her by not reading her captions.

    However, Erika does in fact constantly post self love and body positivity captions all the time AND you she does let her followers assume she is East Asian by not denying it and implying it through her choice of words.
    As a conclusion, ERIKA LIPPS is a self hating, racist that hates her own race, ethnic features and body while attempting to preach body positivity, self love, self acceptance and racial tolerance. She is the antithesis of everything she preaches and after being called out, she cops out and blames everything on her followers.
    She tries so hard to be East Asian and thinks she is in the position to speak for East Asians by talking shit about her own race. She is the East Asian wannabe version of Rachel Dolezal and Jaida Payne. Congratulations Erika Lipps, you are now the style icon you've always wanted to be.
    Public link outs //
    Old accounts:
    Most photos are from PULL, thanks guys! 

    -Updated Summary created by @Beau on 1/18/2017
  17. links; 
    twitter; lol_Emiru
    instagram; emiru.jpg
    still continues to claim that she is super godlike at league when she plays adc but twitch stream says otherwise. just feeds and blames her team and is super toxic. when off stream plays support and claims that it is purely for filling when she purposely chooses support as her role. continues to be toxic about other females in the gaming community and says others who play stereotypes are not true gamers. wears 2 to 4 bras to stack her "cleavage" because she naturally doesnt have any and is an average titty streamer but still claims that she is gaming quality and totally not another e-whore! has a youtube channel that is suppose to be purely gaming content but has become a mockery of one and is just shitty drag queen makeup about female gaming characters that she is garbage at. still wishes that she was 80 pounds. has an eating disorder and shoves a million calories into her already obese boyfriend so she doesnt eat. brags about being white/asian and "exotic."
    attention hungry girl who was barely legal obsessed over dyrus (famous lol streamers/ex-pro) and started dating him when she was 17. after one month of simply talking, she moved all the way over to cali to be with him and moved in with him without ever meeting him in person first. starts her own twitch stream and claims she isn't like other league girls who only play ahri,lux, support etc. is also known for being toxic and blaming other people for bad games and rages. when shes doing good she claims she is carrying the entire team and deserves better. 
    collage image summary provided by Tiffanie ?

    claims she's unique by playing adc and JHIN *wow so hard* and constantly calls out other girls. is known to be an attention whore and has tried to hook up with other pros (reckful) before going onto dirt bag dyrus. constantly claims that she eats a million pounds of food a day but never gains weight, is always condescending. got noticed by buzzfeed for a twitter pic that says "i eat junkfood etc but never gain a pound haha im so fucking ugly" and she got salty. is in denial of her attitude and uses her pussypass to get away with bitchy behavior. 
    in the past day or two she has deleted all of her bitchy tweets/subtweets/ bullying evidence. if you check out her twitter, the latest thing is dated may 16th. 
    screenshots/evidence in spoiler;
  18. Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr // Twin Sister's Youtube

    Both are beauty vloggersE-Beg for moneyHave supported Jeffree Star, a known racist and the CEO of Limecrime, who has dressed up as Hitler and made racist remarksHave stolen money from their parents so that they could buy more makeupGenerally just spoiled and use their parent's money for lip fillers and other plastic surgeryWear foundation many shades lighter than their actual skin toneHas openly admitted to looking at PULLCelia claimed that she was going to make a video exposing PULL, but then didn't because people on PULL were looking forward to itWanted to "spice up" her thread on PULL so she posted fake screenshots in an attempt to stir up more dramaThis was even after some people praised the twins for doing betterMade fake accounts on PULL, trying to bait people, and exposed herself in the processBoth are Koreaboos and fetishize AsiansPossessive over Jimin and other Korean idols
  19. SFW:
    Her Website // Youtube // ASMR Youtube // Tumblr
    Twitter // Pornhub // Reddit // Tumblr

    Back in the day, she used to be a scene kid known as Hilary Haywire. Was rivals with Kiki during the MySpace scene days.
    She has a Youtube which she does ASMR and then a normal Yotube where she makes random videos. Her most poplar ones are of her shaking her butt as she shares new underwear.
    On the side she also does amateur porn. Many of her viewers find her through Pornhub and such and always leave comments on how shes a porn actress. I think she does videos with her boyfriend, i'm not entirely sure. 
    She also sells used panties, and sells her snapchat since it's NSFW
    Other pictures (SFW):
    Pictures from her scene days:
  20. Instagram / Youtube / Twitter / Twitch

    Brittany/Scream/Kiwi/xxScreamKiwixx is an Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch user who got her start on Youtube.
    She started out as a basic scene kid who made kandi, went to raves, and dyed her hair a lot. She made a lot of videos with her boyfriend, John, included him in her audience/fanbase and then decided to "come out" and explain to her viewers they were in a Total Power Exchange BDSM Kittenplay relationship. She has a lot of underage viewers, so that might explain why she decided to make a video about it, then make an educational instagram about it, and eventually fall off and refuse to educate anyone about it.

    She would post about her collar, her engagement of kittenplay, but got mad when people asked her about it, and followed in her footsteps. She got really pissy whenever someone would get a collar similar to hers, and went out of her way to get an entirely new collar because others had the same one she got off ebay.
    Eventually the kittenplay community blew up because of her, and lots of instagrammers decided to make their own shops. One shop made a collar pretty similar to her custom made one, and she threw a fit over it.
    Fastforward a bit, and her and John (her "Master") broke up and she became a stray. Stray, meaning she was a kitten without a master. A sub without a Dom. She complained so many guys tried to make her their kitten, which I will say, the KP community can be pretty gross with their doms, but she had so many she needed protection.
    She found a protector she was attracted to, and eventually started dating him although she was pretty firm there are rules in the BDSM world, she later went back on it to say, "you make your own rules, every relationship is different."
    It's kind of taboo to date your protector. 
    She's been dating her protector who she met through instagram for almost a year now, he recently visited her for her birthday. She was supposedly going to move in with him and give away her cat.
    She says she has a really bad relationship with her parents, but she has very spoiled moments.
    Anyways, she's hyper defensive to any criticism she gets, gets super offended when people try to offer her advice. Not to mention, she brags about her weight, saying she has a disorder that makes it hard to gain weight and keep it. She apparently gained plenty of weight and kept on it for a while, now she's back down to 92 pounds. 
    She also claims she's about a D-Cup, which boggles a lot of her viewer's minds, mostly because in some cases her boobs look relatively smaller, more like a B-Cup, but appear like a D with a push up bra.
    I don't have screencaps of it, but she was asking for donations a long time ago to get her ears pointed for her birthday. Not sure if she actually used any of the donated money for it or not, but it was a while ago before she ever got her ears pointed recently.
    Sorry, this is my first time making a thread. I couldn't find anything about her, but if this already exists, feel free to delete it.
    If I need to add anything, let me know.
    Does anyone else have opinions on her or anything else?
  21. Hello everyone, so most of us on the Knitemaya thread, we were talking about Geheichou and possibly starting a thread for him, so with that being said, I'd like to thank @GoMons for compiling all this info on him, this is all @GoMons work and investigation, I'm helping them organize the thread and post it for them!
    So first things first:

    A Spanish cosplayer who you may know through this gif:

    In the spoiler alone is screens of making fun of his Fans:
    Tweet1: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/690400577512181764
    Tweet2: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/687283687457722368
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He mentioned twice (Twitter and Tumblr) 'DreamWorks animation' for an hypothetical live action with him as main character.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/tagged/dreamworksfanspotlight
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/719682071111684096?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
    He identifies as pansexual on his tumblr F.A.Q.
    He also said he has preferences:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Gehe's did some art exhibitions:
    Gazte arte.
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    He did an art exhibition too with his father.
    His patreon:

    'I will make a personal video only for you! '.
    2 patreons of $100 rewards, if there will not that pledge he would only had $18.
    Some Gehe's posts, you can read in the description:
    AnD yes, I'm in class right now and my clasmates are so confused hHaHAAHAOHOHHO
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/post/118298589820/so-apparently-now-i-am-a-girl-and-dramaticalLinks to the post and down below are screens:
    Some fanpages:
    His CON photos vs the photos he posted online:
    Hiro Hamada, Geheichou's photo: 
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Mikazuki, Geheichou's photo:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    This Mikazuki fan's photo was taken on an event, 'Silent Drama Comic Con' in China where he was invited with other cosplayers like Knitemaya.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Haikyuu!! (Hinata) Geheichou's, photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Screencapture from a video:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    More Gehe's photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He basically is saying, hey, I'm alone in Valentine's day, I have no girlfriend/boyfriend.
    He said that he's a profesional cosplayer:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    Cosplays he posted on https://worldcosplay.net/ :

    Marco Bodt - Levi and Haikyuu!! cosplay seems bought. He said that his Haikyuu cosplay was bought.
    Extra, the photoshop stuff:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 01:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 02:
  22. Post on Tsuruko in Online Personalities

    By Serenity, posted
    Instagram // Youtube

    There's this girl on instagram called Tsuruko who's been getting a lot of followers but she seems kinda sketchy so I thought she deserved a thread. She is a "cosplay" Instagrammer who posts nothing but (IMO kinda grainy) selfies.
    First became popular because meme pages used her snapchat picturesHad drama with the snowflake Bonbonchuu/Lilaflan/Pele Whitney in the past and is friends with other snowflakes such as Peachiepie/Momodere and Venus Angelic.You can find more about the Tsuruko/Bonbonchuu drama on Bonbonchuu's first thread, linked above. The new, current thread on her is here.Venus once shouted her Patreon out on her Instagram and called her "one of her good friends"She is part Chinese and used to list "part Chinese, not Japanese" in her Instagram description because people kept asking her if she was Japanese but has since changed it to "mixed race" to seem more vague.Posted a picture of her with her half-Chinese mother to prove that she's part Asian(Oct 2017) Recently posted on her Instagram story that she was blocked by an unnamed semi-influential Instagrammer because they believed she was doing yellowface (x)In the past has asked her fans to donate money to her here because she claimed to be poor. IMO I feel like she was being honest and not trying to scam people but it can seem kinda suspicious.Possibly has bought followers due to her only really posting grainy cosplay selfiesWas threatened by Margo Palermo, Venus Angelic's mother, saying that "Venus was coming for her next" (x)Margo saying that she would donate money to Tsuruko (?) (x)Has recently had trouble with stalkers IRL/No Makeup/Old Pics
    Edited Pictures from Instagram: 
  23. Post on Kim Dao in Online Personalities

    By redbowkiki, posted
    Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Blog
    After the recent fiasco, Kim probably needs her own thread. For those unaware, this thread was made immediately after some significant drama of Kim accusing someone else (widely believed to be Melodee Morita) of "copying" her. Luckily, we have all the receipts for you to make up your own mind.
    Background: Kim Dao is an Australian vlogger living and working (?) in Japan. It's fairly accurate to say that Youtube is her full-time job, although from the little snippits she posts she most likely has sponsorships etc. For those interested, she is of Vietnamese ethnicity but she was born and raised in Australia. She graduated university with a degree in Japanese and Psychology from Australia before she moved to Japan.
    Incidents: There are two events that made Kim more or less take over the jvloggers general thread, and they're the reasons why she deserves her own thread.
    ---> Racism in Japan video
    Kim posted a Racism in Japan video (now taken down or made private) in June 2016. The basic summary of the video is that Kim, Sharla and Taylor were at a restaurant and the people on the table next to them were alleged by Kim to be talking smack about the trio. In Kim's vlog, it's pretty clear that both Sharla and Kim are pissed off at what they're saying (while Taylor isn't because of her lack of language skills), and both girls believe that the adjacent table are talking about them. There were multiple comments under Kim's video that said the adjacent table weren't talking about the three girls, and that they were discussing their co-workers at work, comments which Kim replied to saying they were wrong and that the table was indeed talking about the trio.
    Einshine posted a video that directly references Kim, which you can see here.
    If you want to see the original video, MayAllYourBaconBurn posted it here.
    ---> Stolen content
    In October 2016, Kim accused someone of copying her video about makeup in Japan without naming any names. Kim made vague posts on twitter about someone copying the layout, font and emjois of her video:
    In light of all this drama, this was the video that Kim supposedly accused Melodee of copying:

    You can judge for yourself if Melodee copied Kim. One thing that did happen was that Melodee altered the thumbnail and title (a minor change), likely just to gauge what was best for her video. Also note that Melodee released this video 3 months before Kim, so the only logical conclusion to Kim's claims are:
    > Melodee released her video
    > Kim releases her video 3 months later
    > Kim gets a lot of hits
    > Melodee decides to change title to make her video come up higher/ more often when searched
    And yet she proves none of that (see below).
    The font, layout and emojis are in no way indicating Melodee copied Kim, as Melodee has a different colour scheme, different layout, different text arrangement, different fonts and only uses the Japan flag emoji. None of the content is copied because Melodee released the video months before Kim did.
    As of the creation of this post, Melodee has taken the video down or privatised it.
    This is the "proof" that Kim posted that made the copying "very obvious":

    She didn't post this as a stand alone tweet, but as a reply to another tweet.
    These "receipts" prove next to nothing, simply that someone else made a video on an ever popular topic, which is buying makeup in Japan. She didn't post the thumbnail, which once again proves nothing because the only "proof" she has is that someone made a video with a title similar to hers.
    More ~ r e c e i p t s ~ under spoiler
    All screenshots have been taken from PULL and a few from lolcow; thanks guys for keeping receipts, maybe we can give these to Kim and she can use them to ask for a refund for her university degree.
    Also just for reference, I wanted start her out here in the Online Personalities thread and see what else she does that warrants her snowflakery (at least she hasn't scammed anyone yet).
  24. Mimei and Duncan are both Japan-based Youtubers, and are a married couple.
    Mimei is a Japan-based YouTuber or Jvlogger who uploads content about anything related to Japan. She is from New Zealand, she's 29 years old and has a husband, fellow YouTuber Duncan/ PDR-san, who is half-English half-Japanese. They live together with their two cats, Cinnamon and Latte. Cinnamon loves the camera, Latte is camera-shy.
    Mimei began posting videos in August 2010, a year after she had been in Japan and right now she has 3 channels which are Mimei, her main channel, which at the beginning was only in Japanese but now she posts videos in English or English subtitles as well, Mimeiland, created in 2011 in which she does random vlogs, and finally Bacouple, which is a channel with her husband and it was created on 2012.
    I would like to remind you all that Mimei is not a snowflake, she has done nothing to warrant this title and she has also been dealing with her own personal problems (e.g. some people attempted to break into her flat while she was home alone). She is friends with other Jvloggers like Taylor R, Sharla, Kim Dao, Rachel & Jun, and also with Japanese YouTubers like Mahoto, Shohei, among others.
    She also refers to her viewers as her lovely pineapples. :3
    Main Channel, Second Channel: Mimeiland & BaCouple Channel
    Snapchat: Bacouple
    Duncan is a English/ Japanese Youtuber, who primarily makes videos in Japanese and subtitles them in Englsih. He's 31, married to Mimei, and lives with her and their 2 cats, Cinnamon (camera lover) and Latte (camera shy). Duncan spent part of his childhood in the UK before moving back to Japan when he was about 12. He is the oldest of three bothers, the other two being Dante (PDS-san) and Mikhail (Michael?).
    Duncan's humour is frequently dark, crude, and grotesque, which is a (welcomed) deviation from the majority of Youtube Japan's content, which is highly commercial. His content is usually wide and varying, discussing anything from being half in Japan to shitty customers while working in retail to current news topics. Duncan also lands himself in hot water sometimes, as he has a propesity to critique and make fun of other Youtubers, especially ones he finds hypcrotical or producing content which he disagrees with. He has a running joke that his arch nemesis is Bando Eji. Despite his critique of YouTube Japan, Duncan is still friends with a number of Japanese YouTubers, such as Mahoto and Sohei.
    He also chooses Kiwis over Aussies, as seen by marrying Mimei and vandalising a print out of Joey's face okay this was a joke
    Main Channel, PDR's dust bin
  25. John Kuckian
    Youtuber who does gossip videos (on makeup gurus & Youtubers, specifically). I don't know too much about him, besides the fact that he apparently has some sort of beef with Sanders Kennedy (they're rivals) and Jeffree Star. I've watched several of his videos and, personally, I don't find him to be all that entertaining. His sense of "humor" isn't very funny to me, his content is eh, and he honestly is quite corny/over-the-top at times, to the point of it being cringey. But that's just my opinion.
    - social media links -
    Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter