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    Brief summary:
    Wang Jiayun (Renee Yun) is a young Chinese woman who a few years ago was known in Korea and in China as "human inflatable doll" by their appearance is similar to the famous sex dolls. However, not long after his fame spread, evidence that their appearance in pictures were photoshop product began to appear among other lies told by her about her real age.
    Real Face (Some photos are old).

    Body comparison


    Photoshop fails

    Currently: In your microblogging Weibo, Jia-Yun continues lying about their age and photoshop, but admitted that he recently submitted himself plastic surgery cited to as "Korean semi permanent."
    Unfortunately I do not have much understanding of their posting because I do not understand the Chinese language, however it is common to see her bragging of how is rich. 
    Sorry for my bad English! ^-^