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  1. Instagram (most recent to least starting a week ago-August 5, 2015ish):
    One of the few shops she seems to actually promote:
    "You don't need makeup". Nah, girl, just photoshop. 
    Typical Wylo.
    Her & Adam.
    Dumb emoji edit
    *~snowflaekzz~* :')
    SHE EDITED OFF A WHOLE FINGER (someone else caught this on the old thread)
    Her & Adam 2.
    Her & Adam 3.
    Twitter: (semi-recent)
    Today, August 12th, 2015:
  2. (I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this)
    i did not receive any confirmation number in my inbox , not even in spam folder,however when i click on "i forgot my password" i immediately receive a message from instagram in my inbox asking me to click to change my password , which means that my email address is correct but instagram is not sending any confirmation number , i even tried to change my password to log in to my account but as soon as i changed it and tried to log in there still that checkpoint asking me to enter a confirmation number but still didn't receive any !!!what can i do? would it help to get back y account if i contacted instagram ?? please help me ,i am so desperate, thank you

  3. Post on Kneewah in Online Personalities

    By Sorin, posted
    Recently i kept on seeing this girl in my explorer page i just recently followed her too and she is insta famous and mutuals with other insta famous or youtubers
    i think few of her makeup looks are really nice like this ones 
    what do you guys think of her? And does anyone know what her ethnicity is?

  4. This is my second topic so Idk if I am doing it right but anyway!
    Instagram - Spam account - Twitter
    Ellie is one of those ig girls who post twitter text posts. I don't know much about her but she's Korean and  gained a lot of followers after posting 'American Bratz doll make up vs Korean doll make up'.
    You've probably seen this one on your explore page:

    Here are some more pics:

    (I still don't know how to hide posts, sorry)
    She's very pretty imo but her face looks unnatural?
    What do you guys think? Is her face natural?
  5. Instagram/Facebook
    Snowbunnyem is a 22-year-old instagrammer. They only ever upload selfies of their makeup looks, and occasionally are joined by their friends, @starryblondy, and @princessbunbunx.
    Snowbunnyem has recently been gone for three months, due to trauma they proclaim to have gone through, which caused them minor amnesia. During this, Cazfhey expressed apologies, but Matthew has said on his Facebook that Cazfhey has been talking shit behind their back while they were gone. This references whatever drama happened in the past, which is still unclear today.
    However, precedented to this, Matthew has been rumoured as a trans-trender, and edits their photos to appear more masculine. And with their recent absence, they have declined to release to their followers the reasoning as to why they were gone after having an anxiety attack when they posted why in November. A follower soon sent Matthew a screenshot of an instagrammer commenting on the removal of the post, causing Matthew to leave social media once more for the day. This seems to be done out of desire for attention and everything else they do, but I am unsure. What do you guys think?