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  1. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Joey appeared in my recommended after months not hearing from him anymore and I clicked to see how it's doing and damn son. Joey, please take care of yourself, you're gaining a lot of weight and that's a warning for someone who spends a lot of time still watching anime in front of a computer.
    I feared this day would come. You're actually merging with Agnes.
    But jokes apart, she's a really bad example for eating habits, hope he takes care of his health.
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  2. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    He basically just starts the video saying he is HAAFU and he lived in japan and that's why he knows japanese, blah, blah, blah like it we didn't have enough of it. I won't even bother continue watching this bullsh*t even being able to woooow!!!! understand it.
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  3. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    clear your browser's cache (it works for me)  ffs too, I don't wanna see this picture anymore lmao
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  4. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    No comments, Agnes. Just fool your little subs to gain money like you always do.
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  5. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Not to mention that to make something better, you gotta experience a lot. I'm not a fan of most translated dubs (and by that I mean dubs that are not the original audio) out there, I have lots of reasons for disliking it, but I don't discourage people or even big companies to make dub a thing, because the more you do, the more it gets better, right? It's like animation itself, it begins with a very low quality until we have now specialized studios for making the most high quality animations possible. 
    It's like what @OrangeMedley said about dubs in general:
    Yes. We're still evolving. It's just a matter of time. But suddenly cutting it out only because it's bad... that's nonsense, that's why I go back to that video posted some days/weeks ago, the one about Live-Action adaptations
    My reaction to this title that was discussed some weeks ago in this thread was something like this alpaca: 

    And I know, it's true that there haven't been great live action movies since... what? 1970?... some might be thinking "Around 40 years and they still didn't manage to make a good live-action movie?! That's a lot of time, right?!" No. Specially because 1970 was the end of Meiji Era when Japan started getting industrialized: 30 years after Europe. I'm not going into details and give a lecture about Japanese History, but, to sum up, Japan opened itself to other cultures and countries pretty late. And lecturing Japan by saying that they should "get better at making live actions" at the snap of fingers when all you really want is a Hollywood-ish movie kinda kills the essence of the content produced by Japan.
    In my opinion Japan is still finding its place in the film market and they are trying different things instead of simply copying the usual american successful movie recipe. Their culture is different, so what they enjoy is different too. I don't know how to end this post, so enjoy an early manga live-action adaptation trailer.
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  6. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Regardless of whatever the rest and whoever you're quoting there, and I'm sure not "all kinds of women" that "loves crying wolf", rape is a serious thing and even if the victim don't have any proof we can't just assume they are making drama. Plus, nobody said that "all men are rapist" or whatever, we are discussing about true tendencies and indicators that Shine might have sexually and verbally abused those girls or if not that, that he at least isn't the nice guy he appears to be. Just because it's silent, doesn't mean it was all a lie.
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  7. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    the crowd sums up most of the people who follow her...
    she says anything and everyone goes crazy ignorantly
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  8. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I don't really know how I got to this video, but this is old as f*ck
    Agnes when she wasn't so cringey.
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  9. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I actually enjoyed this one. I'm surprised with myself. I wasn't even gonna click if I knew it was Agnes' beforehand. 
    I guess it's because she didn't try making everything be herself? idk...
    thank god she didn't try an overelaborated makeup this time for her cosplay in this video, and just stuck to her usual eyeliner probably because it wasn't something too work on so much
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  10. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I confess that at the beginning it was kinda awkward but it turned out to be a cute-awkward...? Plus she is a very a laughing person like Noble, they seem happy  And I don't know why they would go to the same route as Jognes, because for Agnes case she always seemed cringey from the very beginning... Just remember Aki trying to be moe biting that sandwich or whatever
    Sorry for bringing you the vision from hell  But yeah, that. Still, I hope they really don't.
    And they seem to have chemistry so different from Jognes...
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  11. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I totally agree with you, I was being quiet while some people here were sh*ing on the MV complaining about the MV, even though I laughed with the Disney post, but... come on guys, it's not suppose to be a super professional thing, the guy just wanted to make a video and he made it. I think we're being too harsh on this guy that don't have anything to do with this thread. 
    I vote to discuss issues in this thread regarding Agnes and Joey based of valid arguments, not simply "this MV is sh*t", sorry if I'm the only one here.
    Yeah, he's doing the 15 minute length thing while he could shorten it to 5 minutes without loosing any of its content or arguments, sigh.
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  12. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Joey posted a new video.
    And I made a little gift for you guys...
    I like how he's being serious while "a lot of people" include his own gf 
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  13. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic SirCutieYuki/Lindsay/Emilia   

    Tumblr/Diary Summary
    A Tumblr that she created since she broke up with Shine

    Ok, for people who didn't see this yet, this was originally posted by a guy from lolcow who went through all her tumblr/diary entries (http://imgur.com/a/ZYumd) and I decided to post here + sum up some of her entries.
    This will be the format:
    yyyy/mm/dd "Title"
    Entry about... something.
    2014/05/25 "Day One Extra.1"
    ...being retired from a group and wanting to be become a youtuber. 2014/05/28 "Day Four"
    ...waking up ill and making a video? Probably she tried posted some videos back then (2014), but now they got deleted. 2014/05/29 "Day 5"
    ...not being able to sleep last night and wanting to go to Minecon.  2014/05/28 "Day 6"2014/06/04 "Day 11"
    ...about being almost done with her Tsukasa cosplay to go to Cosplay Boat Party (this Saturday). 2014/06/05 "Day 12" 2014/06/10 "Day 17"
    "someone spoke to me again and suddenly got this absolute fill of hope and eagerness to keep trying more than just moving forward and carrying on"2014/06/10 "Day 17.2"
    "It’s not an obsession, I just miss that feeling, a bit too much." I hope that after these 3 years she doesn't believe in this BS still...2014/06/11 "Day 18"
    "I have this really good friend who, kinda, I’ve known him for so long but, we just knew each other, then we kinda met because this small group was."2014/06/10 "Day 17"
    ... about speaking with a youtuber called Fluffeuixer, how she missed group calls and how she wants to start a webcomic.
    " “See you again." Are words that still float in my head. "2014/06/15 "Day 22"
    ... about speaking with a youtuber called Fluffeuixer, how she missed group calls and how she wants to start a webcomic.
    " “See you again." Are words that still float in my head. "2014/06/15 "Day 22.1"
    "Someone told me that they couldn’t be my friend anymore. I thought they were one of my best friends, but, they said that one of his friends didn’t like me"2014/06/17 "Day 24"
    "One of the guys in the group is really nice to me. but I only see him as a friend really" (click the spoiler below to see who it is)
    Ok. At this point I'm really confused. I thought this was The Anime Man? But the oldest video that I can confirm that Shine and Joey know each other is one called "High School Love Anime!" and it was posted only in October, 2014 where he comments under the video, later being part of the group from "Eggplant Highschool" that we all know - shine, kat and joey. (this diary entry is 4 months older, which means he had to know Einshine and Yuki for at least that time and to give advice to her, which I can't confirm right now. I've rewatched some of Joey's videos too from 2014 and he mentions a huge collab with 9 youtubers - "AWESOME YOUTUBERS & AWESOME AUDIO!! (VLOG Ep.25)" - back in april, but I ended up finding videos from June and none of them had Einshine on it)  NEVERMIND GUYS, IT'S JUST A FRIEND CALLED JOEY FROM THE UK, CONFIRMED IN DAY 258
     2014/06/18 "Day 25"2014/06/19 "Day 26"2014/06/20 "Day 27"2014/07/05 "Day 42"
    ... thinking about him too much, memories with him, talking about her best friend leaving her when she needed.2014/07/08 "Day 45"
    ... thinking about him too much, memories with him, talking about her best friend leaving her when she needed.2014/07/22 "Day 59"
    ... being friends again with that guy from previous entries. She found out people she knew were reading her online diary. Her sister appears here - for you who don't know, her sister is part of the story with Shine, which she will explain further. She talks about a new character she's being creating called Maria.2014/07/27 "Day 64"2014/07/31 "Day 68"
    ... not liking about some people reading her blog. Invited a good friend to come over and people are making assumptions because she's broken hearted.2014/08/01 "Day 69"2014/08/02 "Day 70"
    Here she finally rants about Shine.
    I'm be inserting the dates from that tumblr (https://shine-phd.tumblr.com/tagged/Summary) to confirm and if you're kinda lost,
    Freddrick = Shine
    Anna = Kat;

    I think it's finally about time that I posted a big rant on how I feel about this one person, I just ranted to my friend about him, and how the fact that, I don't know how to get over this guy, yeah it's only been about 2 months since he broke up with me, however, it's, still hitting me quite hard.

    So, the story of my ex-lover, for this story, I will call him... Freddrick. We first talked back in late 2012, I was on Omegle and I met someone called (not real name) John, so I spoke to John on Omegle and he was sweet, nice, frmny, and I thought, Meh ! Let's talk on Skype, so he invited me to this big group call and I kinda sat there like .~. O-Okay, nervous !

    And I randomly spoke some Japanese and this guy randomly spoke Japanese, this was Freddrick, I was so happy and phased about it, I added hm on skype, and he accepted, so we spoke every so often, I thought he was pretty cute, but a year younger than me, so at the time I was kinda awkward about liking those who were younger than me.

    Anyways, my sibling, I'll call her Brit, Brit decided to get in the way, because Freddrick was Japanese, and she was obsessed with Asian's in any case and got a little jealous because I made a Japanese friend. So, she decided to tell Freddrick something, I didn't know what she said, but he blocked me from everything and was very hurt, but in my life a that time I was very outgoing and happy, so I was able to move on... However, from time to time I would try to message him over Skype, because that was the only place he weuldn't remove me from, so, one day, he actually replied to me, after approx 10 month of not replying, I was so happy, he explained to me about what Brit had said, and, it was lies, Brit had told Freddrick that I slept around with guys and shit like that, I don't.

    So we began talking again and after a month I began to do some art pieces for him, since around that time he began to become famous in the video making industry, I was very proud of what he was doing and would try to help in any way possible.

    So, when I became his artist, he explained to me how he couldn't have a girlfriend became it might get in the way of his online life.
    I said, it was a shame.
    And Freddrick questioned, and questioned as to what I could of meant.

    A few days later, I confessed to him, and apologizing as to the fact that I took a liking to hm, but, then after that, he asked if he and I could be boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I had never felt my heart beat so fast in that situation of someone finally being your friend again after quite some time, to then, being together as a I had never felt my heart beat so fast in that situation of someone finally being your friend again after quite some time, to then, being together as a couple, and we began to talk about when he would meet, we web cammed a lot, talked all the time, played games together and in the meantime I began to meet his online friends and even made him have more interests in gaming and anime.

    So we met, Christmas 2013, I got a train from North East of England to London, and he got a plane all the way from Tokyo to London, crazy, right? But it was amazing, how could you possibly do such a thing for someone? He pretended to his family that it was for work purposes, but... It was all for me.

    So we met, I was scared because I've never travelled that far before, and there he is popping off to different countries haha ! I loved that about him, so adventurous, I wish I could of been like that.

    I only stayed with Freddrick for the weekend in London, and met some of his family's friend and we had a lovely time. Getting closer, it's so different and great meeting someone from so far away to have them there in front of you.

    So, when I left, it was awful, I hated it, that short weekend went way too fast, so, I talked to him on Skype again, and, well, the online friends from England all decided we'd all go to a convention together in Manchester! (Or aromd there) So Freddrick's main artist... I'll call her Anna, she was lovely, a little older than me, shy, sweet, very funny, I always made dirty jokes about her and myself being a couple, and her being an artist too, we got along very well, she even showed me how to use a tablet ! So Feb 2014, Freddrick and I stayed at Anna's place with her parents for about 2 weeks, it was wonderful ! At at the convention, a guy, I'll call him Thomas and John (from the beginning of the story) came too! And another online guy I'll call Daniel, who was like the adult of the group, also came along ! It was great meeting everyone. Also while in Manchester, I-‘red asked Anna if we could go to a computer place to get some laptop stuff for his work, so Anna's family, Anna, Fred and I went to the computer shop, and he bought a laptop, and as he walked out, he asked me to hold it for him, and as I took it, he said.
    “Happy Birthday."


    I was freaking out so bad, I went bright red, even so much that I felt my nose run not so pleasantly. Best Birthday gift ever, it was, I've finally got a normal running laptop. And on top of that, he gave me his drawing tablet as well!

    So after I left with Freddrick to return to my house, and it was meant to be for a week so we could see if we could sort this relationship out, one of his best friends was basically our councilor of sorting things out between us. It was unfair for that guy really.
    But in the end, Freddrick ended up staying for approx 90 days.

    Within those days, we watched Lego The Movie 5 times in the Cinema, Frozen Twice, and, it was funny, we also went to this same Sushi plaoe probably about 3 - 5 times. I really remember too much, Ijmt remember it being my favourite Sushi place and we have sat at every booth that they had at the restaurant.

    Plus, Freddrick has seen me at my ugliest, we once decided to take a bath together, but he turned the shower on to wash my hair and it really h1n't when he washed my hair ! But Iwas smiling, no make up, hair wet and pretty much out of my face, that isn't cute at all! But due to the fact that he treated me no different, well, it made me smile.

    I took him out to meet my friends a few times, and while he was staying I still had to go to college, I felt bad leaving him at home through the day time but I still had to do my work.

    The best feeling from coming home, as soon as I'd open the door, I'd hear Freddrick shout “Yuki !! " from up the stairs and he'd give me the warmest welcome(even in my own home) and it was so adorable and nice, I looked forward to it all of the time.

    So when Freddrick met my friends, he was always unsure about them, their accents were strong, my friends were the kind of people to drink out, take drugs, do silly shit, I wasn't a part of it, but they were still my friends though. But I understood why he wouldn’t like them, so I began to hang out with them less and less, because I wanted to devote my life into changing to be perfect for my boyfriend.

    I don't remember a lot that we did while he was staying at my place, but if I do remember, I will keep updating this post.

    At the end of the story, he had to get the plane back down to London, then back to Japan.

    We had 20 minutes together in the air port, hugging, kissing a couple of times, I stayed strong and didn't care, we kept smiling because we knew we were going to see each other again in the future.

    As he went up those escalators, I watched, and I saw him watching back, he shouted.
    “Bye Yuki! "
    I just could only whisper, ‘Bye.', and as I walked out of the Airport, I was in tears, Freddrick was gone, and, I missed him a crazy amount.

    So a couple of weeks after, of course we went to talking on Skype, stuff like that, but, suddenly I snapped, I got angry about something silly, and, he got mad, he even broke up with me, and all of my friends got mad at me... And then... They stopped talking to me really, and so did he, blocked me from everything, after all that love I tried to give, all the love he tried to give.

    Was I not good enough after all that, and that's why I made this Tumblr Blog, to keep myself going, to keep track of what I've been doing, making sure my life is going steady just for him.

    Until next time.2014/08/14 "Day 82"2014/08/22 "Day 90"
    ...about Minecon and about talking to her old friends, even though they don't seem to be interesting talking to her again, specially this one girl, an amazing artist that she would consider her online best friend.2014/09/04 "Day 104"
    "He won't leave my head" - day 104 and day 11642014/09/20 "Day 120"
    ...anime conventions.2014/07/14 "Day 132"
    ...anime conventions. And puppies. Still thinking about Shine. Started wearing a necklace he gave her now. Wow.2014/11/02 "Day 161"
    The entry sums up for itself.2014/11/03 "Day 162"
    A really bad day... damn 2014/07/14 "Day 215"2014/07/14 "Day 258"
    Let me say something. Just by reading all of this, her sister is one of those girls that falls for any japanese guys. Geez.2014/03/05 "Day 274"
    Unfortunate day with random horny guys. 2014/03/28 "Day 298"FINALLY. My back is hurting from sitting in this position.
    Hopefully this help you guys 
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  14. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    To sum up Joey's latest music video, 
    Joey participated in a music video. Agnes wasn't in it. 
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  15. Detective Kun-Kun added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    She kinda ran out of ideas since she started Youtube anyways 
    This was one of my main reasons for not watching her since the beginning. I remember when Joey and her weren't together yet, every time he posted something she would just copy him and make a video about the same thing, for example, Joey read an article about western people trying to ban hentai in Japan and she did a video ranting about the same thing. I'm pretty sure she was trying too hard to be in the Recommendations session to gain his followers or something
    Dude, exactly. I used to enjoy Joey's videos, but we're just getting the same old fanservice; I stopped watching him since everything now has Agnes in it. Like, literally everything. I dislike her sense of humor to begin with it. Where is the "this is not gonna be a couple channel or whatever" talk "specially when some of you aren't fan of Aki", that's literally the opposite of the description of the channel now.
    Just admit Joey, you kept sh*tting on weeaboos and in the end you ended up attracting them and even dating one. Sometimes I think you should have kept quite about them in the beginning of the story so it could be less painful. Sorry to break this to you.
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