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  1. bud added a post in a topic Nuehai   

    another white girl trying to be asian, while me, an asian person, gets told constantly that i don't look asian.
    just because you're dating someone that's asian doesn't mean you get a free pass.
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  2. bud added a post in a topic Lulubai_   

    for the *aesthetic* that she and her kboo followers love so much!
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  3. bud added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I love videos featuring peoples' dogs, but I honestly can't stand Taylor's voice over. I'll have to watch this one muted.
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  4. bud added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I always knew how much of a bubble she lived in, but this video really shows the lack of responsibilities in her life. Yeah, 30 isn't old, but watching her mess with the boosted board with Sharla reminded me of loud teenagers disturbing the peace of a quiet environment. Someone almost 30 just messes around in a foreign country practically the whole time she's living there. Like damn, I wish I could record myself shopping all day and changing my bed sheets and get a lot of Youtube views.
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  5. bud added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    lmao tbh if she hadnt reacted the way she did to this PULL thread in the first place, it would've been dead already. and as @SKR said, the fact she had to say all she wanted through someone else clearly shows how much she care about everything being stated on this thread. she should've said everything she said to her friend through her own mouth on her own social media, but i mean i guess she doesn't want her bullying past on her ig 
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  6. bud added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    "I just changed my eyebrows and people suddenly think I want to be Korean" but accepts sponsored plastic surgery from Korea whose plastic surgeons mostly have experience with Korean beauty standards and not Western alright Celia you got us!
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  7. bud added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    Oh god, the whole eatyourkimchi thing is so shameful. At that time, they were mainly doing KPOP reviews and "WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A FOREIGNER IN KOREA!!" type of vids, so for Jenn to say that she learned more about Korea from Simon and Martina than from her actual Korean classes is really disappointing to see. Most Korean parents I know are pretty strict when it comes to having their children involved (or knowledgeable) in the culture, so for Jenn to only start showcasing it now is definitely to reel in more viewers and potential subscribers.
    I only started to watch her vids recently because they were in my suggested videos. I mean, her relationship with her bf now fiance is pretty cute. I probably haven't seen enough of them to see what you guys are saying about them.
    Also, some of her outfits are really...odd? It may be because they aren't my style, but I feel like she wears a lot of weird patterns and throws on random af stuff together just to be unique and 'edgy'.
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  8. bud added a post in a topic AngeliCandice   

    feels so weird not having a story. thought the 'so' was 'as' until i noticed it's all in handwriting haha.
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  9. bud added a post in a topic queen_tran   

    I only scrolled through a few of pics on her IG, and she does literally the same pose in a lot of them :// And she has practically the same makeup in almost all of the pics. I don't understand where the appeal is, besides her being pretty.
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  10. bud added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I agree with all the comments saying that the way she dresses makes her look frumpy. I don't think she looks pretty atm because the way she dresses shows that she doesn't really...care? Or put enough effort into finding clothes that will actually fit her, as she says she has difficulty finding clothes her size. Online shopping is an option. If she dressed in a style similar to her boyfriend, 100% she'd look a lot prettier.
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  11. bud added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    If you have to continue making sarcastic passive aggressive remarks about the same shit over and over again, you should know that you're the problem lol.
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  12. bud added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    I'm just extremely jealous of her body proportions (that IG video though... how sore does her back get after doing that multiple times for a good shot?). Don't really see anything great about her, especially with that ddlg kink... yikes.
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  13. bud added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    I'm not knowledgeable in makeup or anything, but isn't concealer mainly used to hide certain spots or small areas? The pictures make it look like she put concealer literally everywhere on her face. Wouldn't it be better for her to use a high coverage foundation that actually matches her, then? It doesn't even look like highlighter...
    (i didn't watch the video at all, but i might later).
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  14. bud added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    ahh, alright. Yeah, as a pose or in a picture every once in awhile would be okay, but she literally did it that whole entire video (and other videos/pictures) that I just found it really odd and off-putting.
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