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  1. dirty_bento_boxxy added a topic in Taylor R   

    Taylor and elbow-sans "relationship"
    Since the other threads tend to get derailed by people claiming genuine love vs sugardaddy scenario, I thought I would devote a thread dedicated to talking all things elbow-san and Taylor ('s relationship). No spoilers on elbow-sans identity and.or arm chair per PULL rules. 
    I personally think their relationship started off as sugar and companionship. Eventually Taylor got lonely and learned to "love" elbow-san (the $$$ helped, I'm sure). To me, it would seem Taylor is not the independent type. I cannot see her venturing into a foreign country (HK/JP/etc) without a crutch or needing to rely on someone else.
    When elbow-sans not around she barely leaves the house! Call me cynical, but I think if Taylor ends up back in Canada she may break up with elbow-san on the basis that she doesnt need to rely on him anymore...which would be unfortunate.
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  2. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Woooow 2 years have led to quite a change in Sharla. She looks so much bigger in the face now. Plus does anyone get the feeling that Sharla isnt as happy in videos anymore? For example, she's never been this excited and full of life around Taylor and recently with Micaela. 
    Also Megan looks so different..nice seeing her pre-boob/nose jobs and botox.
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  3. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I guess a part of me thinks Mimei will throw shade in her videos and I want to make sure to catch it. I have a habit of putting her videos at 2X speed just to give her more energy.
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  4. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I think it has to do with her clickbait title...had she named it "DIY Kendall Boots" it would not have received as many views
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  5. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Mimei is sooo draining. I can tell she forced herself to be energetic in this video and it just drains me out...
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  6. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I mean she has been putting more effort into her vlogs....she hasnt been seen vacumming or rolling over in her house in a few months now. I'm the last person to WK for Taylor BUT i commend her for progressing and fixing her videos.
    Maybe she's on the up and up from her freefall/rock bottom.
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  7. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Jeez another Orbeez video??? Is she being sponsored by them? I feel like that's the only reason she would make such a video (or she's trying to copy a popular YouTube who made an Orbeez video)
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  8. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

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  9. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor's "French" persona   

    100% agree on ALL of this! 
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  10. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Good grief....ONE sentence regarding sex and people here blow up. AppleCrumble, was the one who alluded to Taylor's mood improving due to having sex. It was an A+B conversation. I do not have intentions of talking about Taylor's sex life as i dont particularly care, but I certainly will judge her based on what she puts out into the public arena, hun. Quit clogging the thread by dragging this out.
    Taylor has mentioned multiple times her love for the K family and the show, not just Kylie and Kendall. You're nitpicking again, but I guess that's common for you and a lot of people on here. 

    I'm done continuing with you all's pettiness 


    I love how she's combining multiple days into one vlog now! It actually helps keep things somewhat more interesting!
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  11. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor from 2006-2012   

    I think most of the evidence of this time has been deleted by Taylor for whatever reason (before/afters, etc). What we do know is that she got her start in Canada, then moved to a variety of places for gigs. She was living in model housing with a bunch of other girls which is where she met her BFF (Tais). She goes into depth in SOME of her modeling videos, but she likes to gloss over the HK years in those videos too. 
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  12. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor's money   

    I brought up this scenario months ago and concur. The only way for Taylor to claim financial independence while having a meager income is if elbow-san foots the bill for the big ticket costs as part of their arrangement (rent/utilities/phone/etc). Taylor likely just uses her money for the shopping hauls, cafes, and lush bombs. 
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  13. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Ok wowowowow so I make a reply expressing my opinion in a flippant tone regarding Taylor's sex factor and people here blow up (calling it "irrelevant").  Yet, some of you LOVE to literally nitpick every single thing about her including her fuckin dog. That's rich, give me a break LOL 
    Special shout out to @sadpeach and @Scripteladora who want to shade me in their sidebar conversations. PM me if you really feel the need to talk about me 

    I have a right to express my opinions of a PUBLIC FIGURE within forum rules. If it makes you uncomfortable then so be it; some of you all love to fall under groupthink, but I keep it 100% critical thought and independent analyses/speak my mind. Part of being a feminist is sexual liberation anyway. And my comment to @AppleCrumble was simply pointing out (in a NON-SERIOUS TONE) that I personally dont see Taylor as "sexy deviant", but rather as a "naive girl next door goodie two shoes". 

    Funny how the public image she wants to portray in videos is how she is a relatable, nice big sister yet ADMIRES the Kardashians, who achieved their fame from KIM MAKING A SEX TAPE. How's the cognitive dissonance, Taylor and certain PULL members?
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  14. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor's money   

    ok here's the thing about Modeling and finances (NY perspective):
    On working with big brands:
    - Yea you may get selected to participate in shoots for big brands BUT sometimes you do NOT get paid for those shoots because they are meant to be portfolio pieces.
    - The real money comes from becoming the face of an international brand. Such as Calvin Klein, etc. You get repeated work and they also have the budget to pay.
    On agencies and costs:
    - As a model you are expected to bring in work to the agency. You do NOT get compensated for going to castings or even for the test shoots involved.
    - You also hold a debt to the agency you are supposed to pay back (like a loan) for travel, rent, etc. Usualy they pay the debt from the work you bring. 
    I have not done too much research into Taylor's prime HK modeling days, but I would say that her salary could  not be enough to live the same way she does now. As an entry level model, costs are especially high! 
    The way I see her model timeline is this: 
    At first, she got some paid bookings here and there which allowed her to sustain some level of income. She lived in shared model housing at one point early on in her career (evidenced by her meeting her BFF Tais and referencing it in past videos).
    Did she have thousands upon thousands to invest in stocks? NO! I would say her salary could've been anywhere from 40-60KUSD per year during the peak of her HK days. Which may or may not be a lot (I'm unsure of HK day to day expenses). 
    Eventually she met elbow-san in HK and started living with him (AKA nice apartments). Perhaps she saved money on rent, etc and could have enough to pad her "savings". Once she moved to Japan she did less modeling gigs and has relied on elbow-san and her savings for support, with a bit of money coming in from YT.
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  15. dirty_bento_boxxy added a post in a topic Taylor's money   

    so if its the sale of stock what does that mean exactly? the market cap must be in the multi-million then surely. What percent does 6MM represent? 
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