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  1. Dream Girl added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    Yeah slavaboos aren't as prevalent as weeaboos/koreaboos or people who blackfish but for me, I do notice some in certain spaces of social media. The type that I come across have one thing in common and it's fashion/art/music. There's the crowd who are suburban teens that write stuff in Cyrillic from google translate and are soundcloud rap nu goths. Then there are the wannabe high fashion hoes who worship Magdalena Frackowiak and glorify ED's.
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  2. Dream Girl added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    we all know she’s a ~nymphet~ but everything about this exudes horse girl
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  3. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    As a casual viewer I’m surprised to learn she even had a whole team. I get having editors but her videos always come across as DIY and independent (which is one of her appeals) that a whole team doesn’t seem necessary. I always thought she chose to focus quality into the actual subject matter of the videos where it was lacking in production value.
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  4. Dream Girl added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    She’s so exhausting. It’s like her whole personality revolves around being the shittiest type of person. And speaking more specifically about MJ being a pedo, those allegations have been around for almost 30 years and since then people have denounced him. So she could at least educate herself before jumping onto a bandwagon just to be edgy.
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  5. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    Tbh I think that some Black people and other poc they are close with (as the Kardashian’s everyone knows about today) sadly don’t care about the family’s ignorance. Travis included, I like him as an artist but it’s so obvious he loves the pop culture clout that Kylie gave to him. Performing at the super bowl this year despite them being a terrible organization is already a red flag.
     Along with that, Kim and Khloe have been so vocal about their fetish for Black men. And of course how they roll out their Walmart version looks of past outfits that Rihanna and as of recent, Naomi Campbell have worn.
    One more thing lol and this pertains to kylie— as soon as Rihanna released her inclusive as hell Fenty Beauty, Kylie cosmetics has been marketing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s weird because as a beauty lover, her line isn’t even in the same realm as Fenty. If anything her competition would be Jeffree Star imo.
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  6. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    From what I saw on social media via celeb gossip tweets, the only thing was that he cancelled one of his shows in NY because he was sick but they speculated he wanted to be with Kylie after the rumor came out.
    Imo it’s not too far fetched that he’d have a wandering eye but I don’t think he would ditch Kylie like that at least not now. He’s not in the sunken place like Kanye but it seems both he and Kylie really like hyping themselves as a power couple.
    Also it wouldn’t surprise me that Kris/their team tipped the media with this to create some controversy. They tend to throw anyone not related to them under the bus like it’s nothing. Keeping in mind that cheating scandals are the only controversial topic that the kardashian jenners are tied to since no one is down for a sex tape or nudes.
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  7. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Lmao doing that to spite people is such a terrible excuse. There’s a huge difference from being homeschooled online vs taking actual online college level courses, including adult education type programs. I can’t imagine her attending a four year university or community college. Imo she can very much use her instagram status and looks for success but is too caught up with spending money on random shit and making horrible life choices. I’m surprised she doesn’t even have a real sugar daddy, she could easily get one.
    As for the Lana aesthetic, I agree with everyone who says Simone takes it too literal. Lana has even said that parts in “cola” were written the way they were because she thought they were funny at the time. Mind you, cola is one of the definitive songs for nymphets.
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  8. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Ugh i’m a lana stan myself but i hate it when others who clearly only listened to the btd/paradise era and nothing from ultraviolence onwards spew this type of stuff. Lana isn’t innocent for romanticizing daddy issues but a lot of her songs from that time were based off of experiences she had as a young woman in the music industry and her drinking problems as a teen. It took her a while but she worked hard and imo bettered her music beyond the lolita cliches. She’s so far past that era lmao.
    Funny tho Lana’s current aesthetic is seventies california inspired and Simone hasn’t really picked up on that.
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  9. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    So jordyn went on jada pinkett smith’s talk show (since she’s will smith’s goddaughter) and explained herself and even apologized, before possibly seeing it all pan out on the newest season of kuwtk that comes out later this month lmao.
    As of now, kylie still follows jordyn. This family takes on the mantra of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” but I still do believe kylie at least cares about her image and how the general public perceives her, maybe that’s why she’s been keeping it quiet. But Khloe is being transparent as hell only targeting jordyn. Also considering her and Kim have been shady all over social media since this story broke out, talking about “privacy” lmaooo. Only fans of the family and locals would believe they’ve been “private” even though every move Khloe has made has been so calculated. The only thing they’ve been private about was kylie pregnancy when she was off social media for that time and barely saw any paparazzi pics since they weren’t being called by kris.
    Everyone involved is certainly blowing this out of proportion but Kim and Khloe look like huge hypocrites trying to villainize a woman who is nearly 15 years younger. I just feel bad for the babies in this situation tbh

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  10. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    Thanks for reminding! And to add more tea of their hyprocrisy of how this is all being handled especially Kim since she’s being the loudest now, was sexting and sending nudes to Kanye back when he and Amber Rose were togething according to Amber. And the whole thing with Tinashe when her bf immediately dumped her for Kendall.
    No one looks good in this situation tbh but the fact that people are dragging Jordyn hard for this is forced despite the whole family already having bitter feelings towards Tristan who’s cheated countless times. When it comes to the Kardashians I always question their motives and find them exploitive lol maybe we’ll see this unfold on an upcoming episode of their show where Khloe will once again take on the narrative as the sister who is always unlucky with love.
    Kylie’s gotten a lot better from her days with Tyga and I think she understands the line between fame and her personal life. Just like her pregnancy, she’s been lowkey through this so I believe she is trying to figure it all out and readjust. Kim on the other hand...
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  11. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    Kylie essentially did the same thing when Justine Skye (who she was friends with) and Travis Scott were dating. Perhaps there's some karma there. Also I saw on Twitter that Jordyn's palette was marked on sale so a bit of Kylie throwing shade even though she hasn't really said anything.
    Her and Jordyn still follow each other but Kim unfollowed Jordyn. Kim responded to a tweet about Khloe being single again but I just think it's Kim trying to put the spotlight on her. She creates this fake outrage so her name could be in the headlines lol she does the same thing when fashion nova steals her designer looks when there's convincing evidence that she has a deal with them and sends fashion nova her fit pics ahead just in time for them to roll out looks. I do think it's true Jordyn hooked up with Tristan, however, being exposed to this family and knowing the power of Kris Jenner makes me think how everything they do is so calculated and they're definitely gonna drag this story out. Or at least Kim and Kris are because they seem the most fame hungry lmao.
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  12. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I remember her saying that too.
    She's probably playing up her character with the whole virginity thing. Unfortunately it's hard to imagine that she is one when she associates herself with these grown men who may provide her drugs and satisfy her age gap fetish.
    Her face does look gaunt now  Simone seems like the type of person to be super susceptible to drugs and you could really see it in her eyes, paired with her flaunting it. 
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  13. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    The criticisms that Saf's videos get at are just criticisms at that. I think it's normal for people in this age to question her fast fashion videos and the other content related to that. So as of now, I do see it as Saf trying to sympathize with her. Tbh idk what to make of it whether or not Saf knows of the situation because it is a recurring theme where people will support women in situations where their husband's/partner's have done or been apart of a wrongdoing. For example, celebrities still wear dresses designed by Marchesa because they believe that her husband's (now ex) actions do not represent her and she shouldn't be affected by it. Perhaps that's Saf's mentality and she just supports women in general.
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  14. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    Taylor’s tweet is very vague and could be mistaken for a statement about haters in general, but that’s if Saf is completely unaware of what’s going on. However Taylor tweeting something like that in the aftermath of her husband’s company and making a general statement about haters that everyone can agree on is sus, seems like damage control and a way of garnering pity. But that’s on her.
    I don’t follow Taylor too closely but I know of the situation, and if Saf is familiar with Taylor I’d assume she saw the video response regarding Taylor’s husband. Saf just needs to be more educated before attempting to network with certain fellow youtubers.
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  15. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Um she really thinks getting the cops called on her is iconic? It's not like she was doing anything radical. I would assume whoever called put together the worst possible scenario based on the fact that a young woman and a big dog were together in a sketchy place, perhaps around sketchy people. If that's what they thought then it's not a good look on her, and that person may have possibly thought that potential harm could've been done to a dog.
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