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  1. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    Yikes she went from the nymphet diaries to diary of carmen and now she should just change her username to diary of a nazi sympathizer
    I personally have an anti war stance but comparing nazis to soldiers is such a false equivalency considering the big point of nazism being white supremacy and ethnic cleansing which she seems to conveniently gloss over. Lmao she went from romanticizing pedophilia to romanticizing nazis, checking every weird fetish off I see.
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  2. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    lmao she ain’t gonna let you hit it bruh
    I think she’s toned down the bitchiness a little at least in recent tweets but homegirl is still out here calling out harmless locals for the same shit she does, the “i’m not like other girls” shtick

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  3. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    lmao yes to that
    I live in the same area as Megan and we have some mutual friends, I’ve seen her at social gatherings and she is gorgeous! My only mere criticism of her is that she can be cringy online since her humor comes from anime avi twitter, and I’m talking about the white dudes she hangs out with who are constantly posting memes and are heavily tied with problematic platforms like no jumper. Unfortunately a lot of her male followers she’s gained are like that and sometimes she eggs it on.
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  4. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Lmao the Slavic thread is filled with discussion of real Slavs wondering why tf anyone would wanna pretend and it’s got more tea on other whites pretending to be Slavic (but mostly stereotypical views of Slavs). Lily Mac was mentioned once but we all know she’s a self hating asian woman. But dragging issues pertaining poc who try to look white is an issue nonrelating to this subject with several layers. Things like colorism, colonization, etc exist and it dates back. The only people who should be dragged are these blackfishers.
    Anyway, the girl below isn’t exactly a blackfish but imo seems to be worthy for posting lol she’s even friends with Mika Francis who’s name has been attached to blackfishing ever since the news broke out. And that leads me to another thing, I recently read an article on i-d magazine about the “cozy girl” style which is basically american New York streetwear inspired by hip hop but didn’t even include a Black girl. One was mixed asian, one was a white American, while the rest were white Europeans. I don’t doubt their knowledge of fashion but you’d think a publication that prides itself on authenticity would go to Black fashion bloggers or influencers

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  5. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I think saf is so wholesome and truly a shining light compared to the other youtubers who live in LA lol (along with jenna marbles but they’re really the only ones i checkout). Her content has been repetitive for a while now unfortunately. I have hope that her professionalism and the fact that she’s educated will bring out some interesting ideas.
    The only “drama” I’ve seen her be attached to has been buzzfeed related. Her fans in the past have noticed particularly that the bf channels “as is” and “ladylike” tend to create similar videos to saf, even coincidently dropping around the same time. Other than that, her fans have claimed that some of the women at bf have thrown shade over at saf. I think this video wraps it up in a convincing way
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  6. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    A large reason why people are defending Emma Hallberg and a lot of the girls exposed is because they are young and attractive, which is unfortunate but those people are ignorant if they’re outright ignoring these actual minstrel shows. Plus people fetishize the hell out of Black women features and assets on nonblack women. I think most people would consider Rachel Dolezal and Woah Vicky as jokes despite them being a blackfish/culture vulture. I’m suggesting it has to do with their looks, just didn’t wanna outright say it considering the latter is still a teen lol.
    One of the girls exposed even denied everything to news outlets and it’s such bs that she’s even defending her actions by stating it’s only a tan and that her features are natural. There’s nothing natural about going from a pink undertone to a golden medium brown lmao. Also, notice how these girls don’t look as “ethnic” in motion since videos will show all the caked foundation/self tanner and they can’t flex their facial muscles to emulate the features of Black women.
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  7. Dream Girl added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    Don’t think she was mentioned since I quickly skimmed this thread but yungelita was a huge perpetrator of pretending to be Russian. I’m saying this as someone who is half Kalmyk lol but it’s obvious she did it to add ~mystique~ to her “online persona” as well as to sexualize  herself since unfortunately a lot of people have this idea that russian and Slavic women all look like blonde supermodels. She refers to herself as “Elita Harkov” when her name is Emma Harvey and she’s just an Anglo Saxon Canadian woman lmao and at least to me, in some of her pics it looked like she was trying to pass off canada’s winter surroundings as Russia. She’s not nearly as much of a snowflake now but was problematic as hell a while ago, however is still presenting her name as elita harkov
    Idk if anyone’s outright Slavic catfishing but I noticed a lot of the “SoundCloud goths” and streetstyle hypebeasts (especially the vetements/gosha rubchinskiy stans) tend to glamorize that fantasy of paleness and blondeness as an aesthetic.
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  8. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Lmao @ the "shit i look like a pedophile enabler now so let me just create some fake outrage for a sex community that derives from sexualizing prepubescent white girls and lash out on a thread that hasn't been active in a while" post
    Emma's ddlg phase was over about 2 years ago but that commuity really rides of die for her even tho she was just using them for internet clicks lmao she obviously still uses the "sex sells" pitch on social media but it's different from what everyone had a problem with. She still likes true crime from what I've seen but at least she isn't glorifying them anymore.
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  9. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Are those the real crystals she’s talking about? She’ll probably come up with the excuse that one of her boyfriends is Native. Her whole business was already sus to begin with since the original hot glued flower bikinis were plagiarized from the YSL haute couture floral wedding dress and Zahia Dehar’s lingerie line. I’m sure she’ll have no problem profiting off of other people’s culture.
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  10. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Ugh that is all so depressing. It just makes me think how she must’ve met these men as an underage girl, them gassing her up through pedo tactics like grooming and her finally declaring them “daddies”. She’s legally fine to flaunt all this now but i hope Simone’s at least getting something out of these “relationships” and isn’t there just to satisfy her age gap fantasy.

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  11. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Latina’s don’t really have a certain look considering Black, White, Indigenous, Asian, mixed people etc can be Latina— but yeah she’s def milking her tan transformation combined with her surname lol
    this tweet, albeit old, is interesting lmao this was shortly after the tween idol nickelodeon era

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  12. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Unfortunately I think a lot of the entertainment industry especially music in America think like this considering hip hop is the current most popular genre and they implement it into their white pop star protégés. Not music related but tons of blackfishes posted here have profited off of Black owned businesses when they’re promoting them on ig.
    Imo Ariana’s team follows this but wanting her to appear exotic rather than Black, I don’t think she’s a blackfish either. She reflects the current trend and she’s the it girl pop star in a generation of instagram baddies so that influences how she looks, but keeping in mind that a lot of Black and Afro Latina women/influencers started these trends.
    However tan is aggressive af lmao and like I said she and her team just seem unaware of how it can come across

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  13. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Ariana just dropped this pic for new music promo and the tan/dark filter is soooo offputting  stan Twitter is able to look at her ridiculous tan as a meme and make a mockery out of it but at the same time it seems her and her team are so unaware of how it comes across
    another pop star who plays up the racial ambuguity through styling and makeup is rita ora

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  14. Dream Girl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Condolences to Simone and hopefully she’ll find solace within herself.
    Idk what her being 18 now has to do with anything. If a discussion is civil and doesn’t have posters reinforcing their own rules onto an already public forum then I don’t see what the problem is. 
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  15. Dream Girl added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Came across these pics of Emma (I think they are her lmao I never heard of her til she was exposed tbh and I haven’t seen these pics circulating since her being exposed) and it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me along with my opinion of her but it kinda looks like she’s broadening her nose on purpose through photoshop maybe. First pic seems old then compare it to the second one in which it looks like her current blackfishing phase and a screenshot from one of her videos during this current phase. The nostrils seem wider to me.
    regardless, fuck this ignorant girl lmao a real Black Scandinavian natural beauty is Isabella Peschardt (half Black half Danish)

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