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    That's a good catch on the long term resident visa, but she doesn't qualify for that, either.
    1. She said specifically that her visa never expires. That's not just slightly bending the name of the visa, it'd be outright lying if she had long-term res. So right away she's lying about SOMETHING.
    2. "Therefore the applicant must prove the necessity of residence in Japan to apply for the visa." There is absolutely no necessity for her to live in Japan. That visa is used primarily for refugees or people of Japanese ethnicity but foreign nationality. She has nothing to contribute to society, no education, and doesn't work enough to support herself.
    3. You have to submit "Documents certifying an annual income and tax payment. In cases where the person concerned doesn't have an income, documents certifying supporter's occupation and income." She's never worked enough to support herself here. Keep in mind she said she obtained this visa almost two years ago, as well, so even if now she theoretically makes the bare minimum with her waitressing job and youtube combined, two years ago her youtube views were pure shit and she wasn't even working. You don't get to just live in Japan because you like it. You have to prove that you can support herself, and there's not a time she's been here where she would have been able to do that. If she had a supporter, it would have to be a close family member in Japan. If she's not married then she doesn't have any. If she is married, then spouse visa.
    4. If she had this visa she would be waiving it around proudly and shoving it in people's faces as proof that she can live here basically just because the Japanese government specially approved her, and it would be proof she divorced without remarrying. She would have made videos about it. She makes videos about the smallest details of her life down to her shit stains in toilets. This would actually be proof the government specially reviewed her and liked her so much they felt she should stay here. There's not a chance in hell she wouldn't have bragged about it to the world. She would have made a video titled I GOT A LONG TERM RESIDENT VISA! showing off her card, bragging about how special she is and that applications are reviewed case by case and her case got approved. She would have talked about the details and the process. If she actually got PERMANENT residence, she would have fucking flipped out all over youtube and twitter. But she never made an excited announcement anywhere. Like with all of her lies, she obviously hesitates in the beginning, testing the waters. If enough people accept it then she eventually feels confident enough to start shouting it everywhere. Remember her reaction video to Rachel? She never denied anything until much later when she finally felt like she had enough people on her side.
    5. People close to her have repeatedly reaffirmed she's remarried. At the time Sharla broke off contact with her, she even said she was remarried and on a spouse visa. Since it's been a year and a half she may have divorced since then, but Mira's been claiming to have this perm res before all that happened. To my earliest knowledge she's been claiming to be permanent resident since early winter of 2014, and Sharla was her best friend up until that spring several months later. 
    6. Her travel videos the winter of that fiasco, when she was claiming to be a permanent resident, were filmed in the same locations the leaked pictures of her second husband were taken. Again she may have divorced him since then, but it's highly unlikely considering she never would be able to afford her own apartment, much less EVER get a guarantor without a company behind her. She's not staying in some shitty student dorm. Her sized apartment in Tokyo is probably 140,000 yen a month at the least. You don't get approved for an apartment like that without a nice income behind you AND a guarantor on top of it.
    She doesn't qualify for a work visa, I doubt she has enough money to be shelling out for another student visa, it's impossible for her to have permanent residence, she doesn't qualify for long-term residence... She's on a spouse visa. She's just lying about it because she doesn't want anyone to know she remarried. She's said several times when she marries again she wants to marry for love, so I doubt she even likes the guy, which makes sense why she wouldn't want to show him off in her videos. We all get to see how hard she's trying to sell sex appeal, too, and since she's trying so hard to pander to conservative old Japanese men, being an unmarried "sexycute" bullied Japan-savior white girl is part of the act. Honestly a lot of the female vloggers in Japan have been leaked to secretly being married, so she's not even unusual in that. Undoubtedly the single white idol girl thing is a big hit for Japanese men. In fact almost all the big gaijin youtubers in Japan are "single" white girls, other than Rachel and Jun, but they even said they don't have a big Japanese audience. And Mimei's Japanese audience seems mostly female. Mira should have never lied about it at all, and just ignored questions like the rest of them. I don't know why she feels she has to make things up when she could just not answer or say it's private.
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