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  1. saltycookie added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    These IG hoes going to Paris only to conclude Paris is 'smelly and overrated' as if it isn't just an attempt at humble bragging because they're in Paris lol.
    The whole "ew Paris is overrated" thing is so fucking old, Paris ain't as bad as people say it is. 
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  2. saltycookie added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    That mixed girl literally turned her fanfiction into real life 
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  3. saltycookie added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    Totally! FNC is known to have done this actually and SM was also accused of tax evasion (but SM is even more powerful than YG so there is no way you'd ever hear about that)
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  4. saltycookie added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I do know LOL and they're not as relevant as foreign fans like to think they are. I don't fangirl over anyone, that doesn't mean I am ignorant about the industry but nice try. He tried to buy drugs. It's illegal. Why bother excusing this faulty human if there are plenty of other oppars for you to support? Foreign kpop fans are truly ripping some muscles by reaching so hard to find SOME justification for these criminals. "Troubled teens" yea whatever, that doesn't mean this kid has to resort to drugs. He's not the only troubled teen. 19 is old enough to know what's right and wrong, stop babying this guy because he is "talented" and you wanna see your oppar on stage. He's done and so am I with this conversation so don't bother quoting me again lol. 
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  5. saltycookie added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    YG being involved in things worse than drugs doesn't justify this Hanbin(?)'s actions lol. Considering he lived a decent life because his dad embezzled money AND the fact he is a druggie makes that he doesn't get any pity points here.
    People need to realize iKon is just Big Bang Junior. They're irrelevant, no one knows or cares about the members. People don't even know the members and that is the only reason this group hasn't been brought up in ""bad"" scandals.
    I'm no kpop fan so I don't really understand why foreign fans are trying to justify this new trash douche because in their countries drugs are not illegal, nor do I understand why anyone is even defending any of these criminals anymore. 
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  6. saltycookie added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    "Birthday"? Really? Did they go back to the trash files of 2009 2NE1 songs and decided to pick the "birthday song from x member for my fans" as Somi's debut song? They set her up to flop so bad.
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  7. saltycookie added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    I've been on this site for quite a while and never before have I read a paragraph with so much bullshit in it. 
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  8. saltycookie added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    What's up with all these Korean youtubers acting so entitled nowadays? Koreans in general have been acting like the gods of beauty and makeup for awhile and it's been getting on my nerves. Take several seats, you're just a youtuber lol. These Korean youtubers act as if they're reinventing the beauty community but especially Pony is nothing but a failed celebrity and somehow the semi fame she got from youtube has been getting to her head. Now this Jella chick is crying crocodile tears and throwing in her pregnancy to act like a spoilt little brat.
    I'm so over the kbeauty community and I'm just as sick of these non-Koreans trying to hop on the toxic bandwagon for the clout. 
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  9. saltycookie added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Well, that backfired.
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  10. saltycookie added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Not to whiteknight, but everybody exaggerates on linkedin about their qualities and knowledge lol. Shameless, but nothing really uniquely to her imo.
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  11. saltycookie added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Unpopular opinion but I find these non-Koreans calling these kboos out in broken Korean (""""but slightly more advanced"""") just as cringy as the kboos themselves lol. 
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  12. saltycookie added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    It honestly must be frustrating to have anon HATERS rightfully calling you out for being a worthless piece of shit who only does crack and complains lmao. Instead of "not caring about the hAterS" she could improve herself but whining about people who check a forum is easier than fixing your fuck up of a life ofc.
    Give me more angry rants, Tina. I love reading them in between making money and writing my dissertation. 
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  13. saltycookie added a post in a topic Valeria Lipovetsky   

    She did go downhill so much. I used to love her and binge watch her videos. Even now, even though her videos sound boring, I find her entertaining as a candid person. I find the kids hilarious (coming from me, I hate kids) and I appreciate her down to earth mentality. But ever since she started recruiting people for her Valeria Inc team everything has started to feel so exclusive and fake? Her spending 14k on a bag in front of the average girl filming suddenly made it so noticeable that Valeria is in no way the relatable person she claims to be. She doesn't act stuck up and I don't think her wealth is the issue either, but it's more than obvious that she's quite sheltered and unaware of her massive privileges as an above average looking woman who married a hella rich dude at such a young age. 
    Ever since she started her making videos with her team it's been painfully obvious that there's a lot of polishing done behind the scenes and while that's only understandable, it makes her less enjoyable to watch. Her videos' themes and content are average, the editing is average, the titles are clickbaity and average. It's all so average and she's not able to cover it up anymore. I still love watching her, but I don't necessarily enjoy her content.
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  14. saltycookie added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    To make money. I don't know about that problematic dog statement but she didn't act "Asian" before Koreans flocked to her IG. The girl possibly has a career ahead of her à la that one other Russian girl. She'd be crazy not to jump on the Korean look bandwagon if she could make money off it.
    Not saying it's not cringy or inappropriate but it's very obvious she's trying to appease her audience. 
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