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  1. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I find it funny how she always worries about how caloric stuff is
    but then there she is dipping the burger into a huge ass bowl of mayo  does she not realize what mayo is made of ??
    or with those damn fries and not wanting to put a few tablespoons of butter in them, even though she was going to be deep frying them
    ugh she's just so clueless....
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  2. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    That or she just needs ages to prepare to make a video lol
    When she did the fruit/caramelized sugar skewers it took her hours
    Who knows how long it takes her to get ready to make a full-sized meal... she'd have to be up at like 3 am if she wanted to film a breakfast vid lol
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  3. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    That part when he gave her the flowers was just so... sad and robotic omg
    Why is she unable to express emotions
    "oh yess flowers very pretty... do you like my outfit??"
    idk it just makes me sad. maybe they're different off camera but i feel that if you're in a relationship you should be able to connect to each other more??
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  4. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    K but why does she keep calling every food video a challenge
    Bc it's a challenge for her to cook something more basic than generic ramen, or for her viewers to watch all the way through it? 
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  5. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I feel like she's just getting worse and worse in regards to being a milkgore clone ._.
    esp seeing those lens photos, they're practically identical!
    I just... don't see anything special about her. Also, despite getting a decent camera, her photos are still such shitty quality...
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  6. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    At the end of the video she mentioned her next vid being a challenge a lot of people have been doing
    maybe she'll be eating tide pods 
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  7. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    lol sounds like it could be!
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  8. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    you can also tell how shooped she is from that video... she barely looks like her instagram posts :V 
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  9. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    What I don't understand
    Why did she add so much sugar to the chestnuts?? She had regular sugar, honey, and then rock sugar. 
    Like bitch pls you don't let splenda buy fries but then you feed him sugar crusted chestnuts and chocolate coated corn (not to mention the oil soaked potatoes-- i've made microwave chips before and they turn out tasty but you just need to slice them thinly and use no oil!) 
    her "cooking" "skills" never fail to make me annoyed.
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  10. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Tbh I highly highly doubt that those were christmas gifts
    Given how she likes pre-filming things and uploading them later (like the honeymoon vids and such)
     Probably got them a while ago, but figured 'christmas groceery haul' would be more interesting than just 'grocery haul'
    Just an idea
    also i think she'd throw a fit in splenda didn't get her cheap lingerie and lolita dresses. we'll probably see another christmas haul in a few days
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  11. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Bleh i also hate how her account is growing so quickly just from being a clone... 
    idk it's just really pathetic
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  12. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Lol sure "a fan"
    Sure, her excuses are all valid, if only she weren't so obsessed with trying to be like milkgore. i know lots of people are inspired by milkgore, but they don't try to be her. There's just nothing original about her, and there wouldn't be a page about her on here if she had a shred of originality.
    It's just sad that she's so unhappy with herself that she tries to take on someone elses persona. I'm sure she's a lovely and interesting person, if she'd just be herself!!
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  13. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Oh gosh that's just pathetic...
    Idk i unfollowed her a while ago bc she's just so unoriginal now
    If i were milkgore I'd be really creeped out tbh :<
    (also I'd change the topic name to her current username but I can't figure it out at the moment >< )
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  14. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Idk unpopular opinion but I think that dress looks SO tacky...
    Wasn't it from one of her five different wedding dress videos? The one where she said she got it in the wrong color or something...
    The fabric all looks so cheap and stiff, and the shade of white is too stark, and the bustle in the back looks really messy...
    Idk meb i'm too critical but it all just looks really cheap and tacky 
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  15. RottenPeach added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Agreed, there was a LOT of jumpy editing, it was frustrating 
    But not as frustrating as her skewed logic, it really angered me 
    "Skinny teas" themselves aren't the best thing to advocate, since they essentially just make you go to the toilet a lot and so all the weight you lose is water weight... I really don't think she should be advertising it to her young and impressionable audience, nor make them think that anything over 100 lbs is overweight...
    I really think she should just stay away from video topics regarding weight-- I don't think anyone finds them helpful, and it's just her way for people to say "nuu kawaii queen yumi you're already so skinny i want to be just like you". But she shouldn't stoke her own ego at the expense of others.
    Sorry for the rambling but I just really hate when she does videos on this topic bc it's so eating disorder enabling 
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