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  1. rumilu added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Most of the woman you put as an example aren't white, just Kylie is white. And the article was referring to those woman who felt the pressure to be as other people say they should be associated with the stereotype of being submissive and petite, all because they're asian. This isn't a trend like the whole being curvy and sexy might be, that is associated to other things, this is more related to other kind of issues. I never say all men are that way, i referred to those who do have that preference or that seek for that kind of fantasy of the tiny asian wife. 
    And I personally feel that Yumi may have those thoughts internalized deeply inside of her (being perceive as young as she can, acting childish, obsessive thoughts about body development and dieting to be tiny and skinny, getting married and having a family, etc). Like the pressure for some women specially from chinese heritage to get a husband its real and if they don't get married they put shame into their family. (Of course this issue isn't solely from that part of the world) 
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  2. rumilu added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Today I found this article from last year that theorizes about being an asian woman and the pressure to be tiny, petite and the fetish that come along with this whole situation that sometimes traumatizes young women into thinking that her value comes from being little and submissive toward males... Especially white males who sometimes have this mentality of the 'perfect asian wife'. I totally relate this to Yumi and Splenda... why she's seem to always go for the white male instead of another race or even her own.
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  3. rumilu added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Everything about that video was so pointless and filled with harmful stereotypes... gurl please you don't need to tell everyone about the size of your vagina! Even you don't seem to know your own size of anything

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  4. rumilu added a post in a topic Wylona Hayashi Summary thread   

    She is problematic as fuck. 
    She slut shamed other girls that were around Adam, lied about being abused, told to her followers that her boyfriend raped her and his child... you can read everything in her thread. 
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  5. rumilu added a post in a topic Lilangelnita / crybabynita   

    This thing ^^^ was for the girl who knows her and was worried about her, I said that because maybe lilangelnita was mad about this thread. I didnt catch when you posted before myself. 
    If she has some mental issues of course she will get mad when people are rude to her... like anyone who's hurt would do the same, or almost anyone. The OP said she was being bullied about her posts and her physique so its quite posible she was being rude because of that, it was quite clear for me so I wanted to know if something else was going on to make a comment. I usually ask whats going on with some of the people who are posted in the forum. 
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  6. rumilu added a post in a topic Lilangelnita / crybabynita   

    I bet you are fun at parties.
    I asked whats wrong with her, you can go ahead and talk what you find about her problematic and maybe start a critique, idk just maybe. 
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  7. rumilu added a post in a topic Lilangelnita / crybabynita   

    If her reach to a mood maybe the thread will be deleted. ^^^
    Even whats wrong with this girl to begin with? Is she problematic in some way or something? 

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  8. rumilu added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    She likes being carefree and enjoying her time, once she has a baby it would be a little bit more difficult to do the things she does now, shopping regularly, having trips... its harder with a kid. She's really young though, she has plenty of time ahead to start her own family.
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  9. rumilu added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    The one on youtube its a little bit longer
    idk she looks a little bit better there, maybe the lighting helped her
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  10. rumilu added a post in a topic Ilovebrucewillis aka Amy Louise   

    I dont know but she seemed to have and hourglass figure before and does now. If she gained weight she's gonna keep the same kind of figure just a little more curvier than before. 
    Also that video was quite cringy... both of them looked cute but that moves were so weird omg
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  11. rumilu added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    The trend about looking thick only is well received when its all about booty, boobs and sometimes legs but nothing else, of course she's gonna   milk that shit 
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  12. rumilu added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Im just surprised about this situation but in the same time kind of glad she is away from internet and social media so maybe she can have some time to think and evaluate all the things that she did before and change her behavior and let her walls down so the people who care for her can help her to became a better person. 
    So she's gonna be away for a year?
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  13. rumilu added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I just loved it. It was the first time I actually laugh with one of her videos!
    The parts she talks about Margo are just so creepy... what a disgusting human being. Maybe thats why Venus got kinda weird with her comment about being fat, maybe her mom said those things to her in order to hurt her 'you'll get fat and nobody will care' I totally see Margo doing those kind of remarks about her daughter... 
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  14. rumilu added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Almost everyone can have curly hair... even being white or asian, its not a trait that exclusively belongs to dark skinned people... 
     they way curls work depends on how long your hair is and how you take care of it. I have curly hair too and the texture changes a lot when I do different kinds of things with them, like brushing or putting some cream to help control them and yeah Im mostly white or considerate white. 
    So I think its stupid to say that wig was cultural appropriation... She did some shitty thing and everyone knows that but in this case its just silly to get to that.
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  15. rumilu added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    She's looking really bald this time... That hairstyle doesn't help her at all! It looks like she has patches on her scalp omg 
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