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  1. ricebolls added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Definitely agree with this. I’m not a big fan of Katie either, but this feelings of dislike seems so unhealthy to the point that it’s overbearing and obsessive. I’m all for discussion and criticizing someone’s problematic behavior, but when it’s to the point that you constantly happen to “stumble upon” the posts in her private account as well as her friends, it just seems nit picky and overwhelming. Let the girl breathe. And just to repeat once again, I don’t approve of Katie’s behavior and I dislike her as a person but I stg some of y’all are so obsessive with your unhealthy dislike of her to the point that you’re scrutinizing every single detail even when it’s irrelevant. 
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  2. ricebolls added a post in a topic Asiangirlsunited on instagram   

    Personally I’ll have to disagree with you. As someone who is asian that isn’t from China, Korea, or Japan, its frustrating particularly as a southeast asian due to constantly being underrepresented and being deemed as “not a true asian” because I don’t look East Asian. It’s frustrasting to have many non Asians (and even some East Asians) tell me that I don’t count as asian simply because my features don’t cater to the stereotypical East Asian. The problem isn’t a matter of “existence” but moreso how non Asians use their lack of knowledge on Asia as a whole to stereotype others, which often result in ignorant actions.  
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  3. ricebolls added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    I used to love her because i thought she was “woke” and shit but really she’s just one of your typical privileged asian baddies that uses activism to their own benefit in order to gain clout when really their activism consists of posting scandalous photos despite being a minor and screaming “fREE THE NIPPLE”
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  4. ricebolls added a post in a topic JessicaUniverse   

    I’m homeschooled and I can guarantee you that how much a student learns really depends on the student. I do agree that homeschooling needs to be regulated more; however, it really depends if the student is fit for a regular school or homeschool. It’s clear that Jessica isn’t fit for homeschool since she clearly lacks responsibility and basic knowledge. I suggest homeschooling for those with self-discipline and those who are capable of teaching themselves without constant assistance. dw y’all not all homeschool students are like her 💀
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  5. ricebolls added a post in a topic INSTAGRAM BADDIES general thread   

    My thoughts exactly. I’m all for “you do you” and if someone genuinely likes baddie makeup, then go ahead, but I feel like majority of teens and young adults who do such makeup only do it because of peer pressure and submitting to trends and not because they genuinely liked the style of makeup. I used to cake on baddie makeup from freshman and sophomore year of high school. I didn’t do it because I liked the makeup, but because I felt pressured to do so especially since i thought that in order to be beautiful, I had to look like the typical baddie. Even though my makeup was fine and considered “ideal”, I wasn’t happy with the baddie style of makeup because it didn’t represent me + iT CAUSED OUTBREAKS BC OF SO MUCH DAMN MAKEUP CAKED ON. At the same time, I wanted to “look older” and be treated like an “adult” because I have a baby face. The makeup definitely did make me look older, but not in an appealing way, if I had to be honest. I’m a senior now and my style of makeup is much more natural and youthful and I use a very small amount. In other words, I only use what is necessary to enhance my features rather than conceal my features and transform myself to a completely different person. Plus mY skIN looks sO mucH betTER NOW.
    I also don’t think people realize that a baddie style of makeup won’t suit everyone’s features. When I was a part of the baddie trend, my makeup was great but my face wasn’t great. In other words, no matter how good my makeup was, it wouldn’t look good on me because it didn’t suit my facial structure. A lot of self MUA artists don’t seem to realize this either. They only know how to do IG baddie makeup and they imprint the same makeup on every customer they have. Sure the makeup is great, but sometimes it doesn’t suit certain customers because it doesn’t conform to their facial structure. Personally, I think that a true MUA is someone who is able to apply makeup in such a way that it enhances one’s features and conforms the makeup style to fit a person’s characteristics rather than implanting the same generic face on every single person. 
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  6. ricebolls added a post in a topic @Celinebaabee   

    I don’t really have anything against her, but I used to be a part of the ABG community on instagram before I suddenly stopped giving a shit about IG fame and went back to being a small, personal account. I blocked a bunch of ABG accounts because I was tired of seeing that community on my explore page because personally, it was so toxic to me and I want no involvement in it. It’s not that I had anything personal against them, I just didn’t want to see that kind of content on my explore. That’s literally it. But as soon as she and her ABG crew found out I blocked them, they were all pressed about it ?? What kind of self-entitlement ?? Why does it matter that a small account who doesn’t want to see ABG content  blocks you ??? How the hell are they going to get so pressed over something so small and I even have a screenshot of them discussing the issue and apparently how I’m suddenly a bitch just because I’m interested in other content instead of the typical basic selfie with IG makeup pounded on and shitty edits with emojis. I don’t know, I just think it’s really dumb for someone with a huge following to get pressed over one person who isn’t interested in their ABG content because newsflash: noT everyOne is goIng to likE yoU or baDDiE content in genEral
    its just so self-entitled and she along with the ABG community expects that everyone SHOULD like them.
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  7. ricebolls added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    This is awful, but to be honest, I have a hard time sympathizing with her. This is the consequence for her fetishization, and it only seems to bite her in the back. That man is probably aware of her fetishization, but he doesn’t give a shit because he could just use it to his advantage by manipulating her. Many people don’t seem to think that fetishization would have dire effects, but fetishization can go as far as prostitution and trafficking. This is a bit off topic, but this is such a huge issue in the Philippines with Filipino women being fetishized by both western men and men from South Korea that the prostitution and trafficking rates as well as the concept of mail order brides of Filipino women by western/South Korean men is at such a prime high, but unfortunately it doesn’t garner many coverage. I hope that Katie doesn’t have to suffer through a similar experience, but sometimes I feel as if a dire consequence is what a hard-headed individual needs in order to snap out of it.
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  8. ricebolls added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    Although your opinions are valid, personally I feel as if some of your points come across as nit picky. Personally, I don’t necessarily see what’s wrong with Joy visiting Chanyeol’s mother’s restaurant or Kai’s sister’s cafe or even visiting the same statue that Chanyeol took a photo at. There are many fans who do the same things as Joy visiting these places, but I don't see people complaining about them. Many fans do these things like go visit their idol's places they've been to as a remembrance. As well visiting chanyeol's mothers restaurant & kai's sister's cafe, many do it to pay respects to their idols and their families as well as perhaps thank them and give fanart/fan letters etc. I just think that since Joy is embedded with this kboo reputation, anything she does that is related to kpop is perceived as a “kboo tendency” when really it’s something normal that fans in general would want to do. 
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  9. ricebolls added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    I’m pretty sure she was referring to people wearing a cultural garment in an inappropriate context. I don’t think Joy has a problem with cultures being shared and wearing clothing from other cultures as long as it’s done in the appropriate manner, so that’s kind of a reach. 
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  10. ricebolls added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    hello!! I’m the OP of this post. I unfortunately do not have screenshots but this is from a personal DM that I had with her a long time ago but basically what happened was that I used to be friends with her and she made a video of herself pinching her nose while humming. I decided to record a similar video and send it to her and her response was “HAHAH YOU SOUND LIKE YOURE BEING RAPED.” I DONT understand why she couldn’t have said something simple like “you sound like a whale” ///:
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  11. ricebolls added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    Side note: I apologize if I'm getting a bit too political and stepping over boundaries. I'm moreso irritated when an individual is hypocritical. I can't stand people who preach about social justice and attempt to prolong a "woke" image when they are in fact the complete opposite. Apparently being "woke" is some method of gaining followers nowadays. Instead of using her platform to spread her so called social justice beliefs, she only uses it as a way to spread ignorance and make a fool of herself. 
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  12. ricebolls added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    You do not know the whole background of the story. If I wanted to, I can post more screenshots that support my argument of cultural appropriation that she had committed and her ill intentions, but due to the sake of anonymity of several other users that wish to not be involved, I do not have consent to post their screenshots of certain conservations. 
    Also, in my first post in regards to CA, the screenshot says that she was given the cheongsam as a gift from her boyfriend's mom. I have a screenshot that proves that she was lying. In fact, she admitted to someone that she had actually requested her mother to buy the cheongsam online. She had only lied about her boyfriend's mom in order to find an excuse to wear the cheongsam. I would post the screenshot, but like I said- I want to respect the anonymity of other people involved. I have several other screenshots that show her lies and the loophole with each story that she tells each person. She changes the story up with each person to get what she wants and find a way to wear the cheongsam. I even have a screenshot ADMITTING that she thinks a cheongsam lacks significant meaning and that it's just like any other dress, proving that she cares very little about respecting the culture especially when she claims that it's "stupid" as quoted from the screenshot.
    Reminder: She asked around several people to find a excuse to wear the cheongsam and mainly because she was only scared of getting bash rather than wanting to actually respect the culture. Many Chinese people told her that it wasn't okay, but she still did it anyway. That already proves that she was being disrespectful to the people of the culture by not following their wishes. 
    No one is saying that she can't wear the cheongsam. People just want her to be respectful of the culture and wear it at an appropriate event such as Chinese wedding, a festival, or maybe New Year, but to homecoming is completely disrespectful especially since her goal is just to "look different." 
    Edit: Defend her all you want. By doing so, you're making her think that what she's doing is OKAY. She won't learn from this. I understand she's still learning and growing, but she needs to accept that when she's doing something wrong, she OWNS up to it- not make shitty excuses and continue on with her web of lies. Hell, she can't even keep up the same lies. You can continue to white knight her, but just know that I'm the one with the screenshots. I have ALL the evidence. 
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  13. ricebolls added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    SEVERAL people had explained to her why it was inappropriate to wear a cheongsam to homecoming especially when she is not Chinese. She complains about how there's a thread on her yet even though many people had explained to her kindly why it was wrong, she had still wore the cheongsam. Thread or not, she would have wore it regardless. Proves to show that she only uses "social justice" and "praising the asian" posts for clout when truthfully, she's ignorant upon these issues. She obviously cares more about getting bashed rather than respecting a culture despite the amount of Chinese people who disapprove of her wearing a cheongsam for homecoming. I definitely agree with you. If she really wanted to show representation, she could've worn a dress from her Filipino culture since apparently she's oh so proud of it as she claims and preaches about embracing her Filipino side. 
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  14. ricebolls added a post in a topic Julolaes   

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