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  1. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    She looks like an aunty trying to be hip with those earrings. Most girls can look hot with it but Blurry just looks like an aunty for some reason. 
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  2. Scanty added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    She does not look good with this color. Should have gone with a warmer brown or even ash blonde. She looks washed out. 
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  3. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

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  4. Scanty added a post in a topic generally/ellen   

    sameee. I think Ellen is so pretty. Rumors of her shitty attitude sucks tho. Anyone know what she’s up to these days? Her and yeoja fell off the face of earth. Annie too. 
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  5. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    This is sorta off topic but I had a dream about talking shit about someone else here. The target user screencapped me, then posted the pic on their insta calling me ugly because they assumed I was my profile pic. 
    People recognized it as Berry but when they @ her she refused to acknowledge it cause people were calling the pic ugly and omg I gotta stay off this site more. 
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  6. Scanty added a post in a topic 0kyashi0 (kylevcosplay/fathertoad/vjdhehdisnd)   

    yes because lots of nonblacks will use the brown emojis to be the sassy black women. 
    16 years old and this kid is a joke. I wanna say we’ve all been this dumb but that’d be an insult to us. 
    You can appreciate another culture without inserting your attention whoring self into it. I love Japanese culture and many others...but Im not gonna go around claiming heritage for internet points lmfao. 
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  7. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Yall Switch knows her address since he needs one to ship makeup to her. 
    He could just drop in LOL. 
    Catch this girl off guard without her mask on lmao. 
    Altho Switch looks pretty gross and Blurry is not as ugly as she thinks she is so who knows? They might still work out. 
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  8. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Damn lol her act lasted 2 hours. Try harder next time Blurry. You gotta go longer than that to get this thread riled up. 
    Does Berry deny that the pictures of her real self isn’t her? It would be funny if someone went around with her real face and claimed it was theirs if she didn’t. 
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  9. Scanty added a post in a topic 88rising   

    seriously I thought I was walking into a racist snowflake thread. 
    I have no idea who these people are but from the pictures alone, they look like fucking posers and a cringefest lmfao. 
    If I could show 88rising with a picture, it would be a picture of a skinny, half naked 15 year old boy holding an airsoft gun at the camera looking like he gangsta or some shit lol. 
    Also leave Yaeji alone, 88. Don’t drag her down.
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  10. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Lmao I’d like to see her stream now since Mercy got nerfed. 
    Im salty as hell cause all kinds of trashy one trick Mercys got grandmaster rank (and fucks up my matches since they cant play other characters for shit) and ever since the nerf their rage feeds my life now. 
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  11. Scanty added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Lol im one of the reddit commenters. 
    My eyes went rolling to the back of my head when I saw that. Girl, admitting that you wanted to match Daisy is less sad than lying. 
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  12. Scanty added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    Your comment made me think of this. This is her in the first pic. 
    (Sorry I don’t know how to spoiler scary pic on mobile ;-( ) 

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  13. Scanty added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    It must be exhausting to be so insecure. :-/ 
    I still wish Ouji would just reveal everything (just her lies). He’s pretty catty now after seeing all those “my gf is real this time” snaps. After seeing this, I do think he is trying to one up Berry like others said. Kind of pathetic but I’d be pissed too if my gf broke up with me and got a new bf right after...if that’s what happened. 
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  14. Scanty added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    This is so funny. Nova calls us no lifes and then updates the thread with content no one bothered to look at LOL. What kind of backwards white knighting. 
    Thanks for doing our work, boo. 
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  15. Scanty added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    wtf she is hella pretty?! Is he an idiot? He’s trying to trade in a pretty gf for a 26 year old woman who acts like a child lmfao.
    If I had twitter, I would drop that shit on the gf. She doesn’t deserve to be a back up. No girls do. Fuck gross guys like that.
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