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  1. Simiao added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet. I'm curious what you guys think about Sakimis recent backlash of liking anti-blm and bluelivematters tweets. She got called out by some of her followers and made a shitty apology on Twitter which caused even more hate.

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  2. Simiao added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Tbh Mei has always just been a walking aesthetic to me. I don't mean to devalue her existence, but there's always some motive behind everything she says and does. Her personality is bland and if it wasn't for her looks and style I wouldn't care for her at all. She's not a bad person but she's not the angel she displays herself to be on screen. I never really expect her to speak up about anything important unless it's about exposing someone or drama
    It's pretty obvious she doesn't care about the BLM movement based off observing her silence and past actions. But I don't like the fact that people are slandering her or making her feel guilty about staying silent. I rather her just not say anything at all than her forcing to make a BLM related post. Personally I think it's more offensive when someone pretends like they give a shit about a serious topic and make half-ass a post.
    On another note, I guess her role as an influencer would help boost the topic since most of her followers believe she's a sincere human being that's down to earth. 
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  3. Simiao added a post in a topic Shallon Lester   

    So let me get this straight.
    She said she won't address dangelowallace publicly because she claimed she was already taking legal actions against him. But she'll make an entire IG post and YT video for a person who's blackmailing her for money, which destroys her chances of being actually able to open a legal case. Of course it's she's full of shit 
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  4. Simiao added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I think the main point is that they're doing it on camera. It would make me uncomfortable if any twitch couple displayed their sexual interactions in public. Whether it's indiscreet or not it's still gross.  
    also i feel like anyone calling it "sexual assault" is either trolling or has never been in a real relationship
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  5. Simiao added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Not trying to white knight her but she has a point. I've seen her irl at Katsu con and you can tell she really works hard for her body. (working out, dieting, etc) She's definitely not someone who over edits their photos. I would get why it would be so upsetting for her to see other people gain popularity by extremely photoshopping their bods. Especially if you put so much effort into looking good cosplay. 
    This whole thread is mostly talking about cosplayers who over photoshop their photos anyways so we ain't all that different. 
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  6. Simiao added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    Uh that video from 7 years ago...did she get her nose or chin done? Idk if its just me but the bottom half of her face looks completely different
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  7. Simiao added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Oh boi
    I read through some of Rae's side out of curiosity and it's a mess. Quick summary.
    Sabrina never communicated her discomfort during sexAudio of Sabrina asking Rae for sex after they broke up while her boyfriend was downstairs. Which is obviously a weird thing to do when you claimed that person raped you during the course of your relationship with them.Rae's friends were witnesses that Rae never stalked her Sabrina already knowing Hanari (girl who also claimed Rae raped her) was bullshitting. Since in her rape accusation video she said she should have believed in Hanari.Rae showing screenshots of Sabrina unstable personality 
    Screenshot of Sabrina admitting she made everything up 
    So yeah, she cheated and lied. This girl really needs her own forum 
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  8. Simiao added a post in a topic Shallon Lester   

    If you notice the timing of the most recent comments, they're all posted at a similar time. She's just filtering them
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  9. Simiao added a post in a topic Shallon Lester   

    well I disagree that u can still watch her after her racist remarks, predatorial behaviour, undermining people with mental illnesses, sexism, homophobic, and overall lies. I personally can not watch or enjoy someone after all that. I can't enjoy that BTS video even if she talks about how idols are objectified. Like how can you find her insight credible when she's the type of white person that can't differentialize between Asians and says Asian men have to be look a certain way? As a Korean myself, I can't overlook that because it shows she knows nothing about the music industry and culture of my country yet she's talking to her audiences like she has trustworthy sources. Even if it's fact she does, she is the last person I would watch talking about that topic. I like many others can't watch her without being disgusted. if you can however then dont be surprised when ppl are disagreeing with u 
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  10. Simiao added a post in a topic Shallon Lester   

    Shallon's fans are...something else. Her loyal fans the"shower liners"  , are pretty much in denial. I get that she's been helpful with her advice in the past but instead of being blind followers. how about they can stop promoting her toxic ass behavior and help her grow as an "influencer"? No matter how little her fan base gets, as long as she has a small group of people still kissing her ass she will never own up to her mistakes. That's the type of narcissistic type of person Shallon is. At this point she knows she's in the wrong and is desperately trying to keep her remaining supporters. With the large amount of ego she has I doubt she'll be cancelled. She'll probably continue making videos and act as nothing happened no matter the increase of exposing videos made. At the end of the day, her fans are also to blame. 

    EDIT: I also have a feeling Shallons the type to make vlog videos even if no one's watching.
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  11. Simiao added a post in a topic Shallon Lester   

    Found this video where she's just be flat out being disrespectful and racist towards Asians, BTS, and Monsta X
    says they all look like girls "you don't need to look like a girl name Ashley" "the girls of BTS"calls a member "Pinky LEE"says they all look the SAME implying that if you're Asian you can't look any other way besides have black hair and brown eyeshttps://www.youtube.com/embed/jrfz1gFkQQ8
    Also let's not forget when she did a video on how to get away with cheating lmao
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  12. Simiao added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    Ok first time in this thread and I skimmed through some of these pages. All I have to say is that these girls HAVE to have some mental health issues. Whether it be lack of confidence or delusional there has to be some sort of problem going inside their head. Putting on make up, wig, and setting up a shooting area is exhausting and usually requires a lot of motivation since you're using your free time to do all that. These girls willingly set their time aside, pulled up a pic of Belle and decided "yeah I'm going to do the exact make up style and outfit as this girl because I can't think for myself". Saying they already had the same outfit and wig is not an excuse either. A lot of girls (including influencers ) shop at forever 21 but you don't see clones walking around copying their exact mix and match outfit. I can't believe they're playing it off as a coincidence lol
    Kitty Sophie for example could've easily wore another wig or idk maybe NOT wear cheat cat ear with that sweatshirt. She also has the audacity to act like the sweater was the only thing like anyone is that stupid to believe that. Don't get me started with the Virgin Killer Sweater either. Belle wore it when it was a trend on the internet when it was less mass produced. Now it's just overrated and literally no one cares if you're wearing it because all the Egirls milked it. My point is that these chicks who are wearing it now with the same style as belle (wig, makeup, ahegao face) make it painfully obvious their imitating Belle's old photos. No ones demanding girls in VK sweaters anymore and no ones asking for girls to make ahegao faces either. These girls can't even hop on the newer trends because they're so busy copying past Belle. The sad part is that these chicks are trying to have some internet presence by imitating not only someones appearance but their personality as well. The truth is your internet fame can only go so far with the "i'm an innocent girl but I'm also a troll who makes vulgar innappropriate memes" energy because the majority of your support comes from incels who probably already hate you and see you as an object and pedophiles who fetishize little girls characteristics. I really hope these girls come to their senses before they dig themselves a hole they can't get out. I highly doubt anyone who copies Belle and anything she's doing is actually happy with themselves. And that's on Belle herself. 
    EDIT: Also seriously wtf, why do some girls purposely appeal to pedophiles for attention. Are they that insufficient on people giving a crap about them IRL that they have to straight out bait pedophiles on the internet to like them?? wtf is wrong with them
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  13. Simiao added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I do tattoos for a living and I’m genuinely scared how I’m going to make money for the next 2 weeks because my business has dropped by 75% because of the Corona epidemic. What frustrates me more is people who are hoarding supplies and acting like this whole thing is exaggerated. I’m glad I have money saved but I’m slowly getting anxious over how long this national emergency may last since I don’t get paid if I don’t have work. To make things worst, I’m a college students who’s currently working to pay my tuition every semester and at this rate I’m worried I’ll have to take out a loan. 
    I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating but this whole thing is ruining my life and I wish it was all a nightmare I could wake up from
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  14. Simiao added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    completely irrelevant but it's very interesting to see that out everything people could possibly search for, Jisoo's (look a like) the most trending tag on pornhub 

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  15. Simiao added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    I think Nick just needs to overall take a hiatus from social media and everything. Continuing to make content isn't only going to make his public self image worst, but it's bad for his mental health. He really needs to take some time away from everything and self reflect on himself. 
    It's obvious in his new video he's completely defeated and tired. He just seems like he's trying to gain sympathy from his audience at this point. It's really pathetic...
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