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  1. Princess added a post in a topic i.amsenpai / kevin   

    He is now @egg.yolked 
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  2. Princess added a post in a topic Lisa Ring   

     probably lurked and got butt hurt 
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  3. Princess added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    Facebook video
    Her's her face in the new superdeluxe video! I forgotten how to link videos so I hope an actual link will suffice 
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  4. Princess added a post in a topic General KUC ( Kawaii Ulzzang Contest ) Thread   

    I've seen Terry once in person and he is really good looking but not as polished as his pics would make you believe. He still had skin blemishes, acne and stubble. 
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  5. Princess added a post in a topic General KUC ( Kawaii Ulzzang Contest ) Thread   

    But KUC itself is long dead. If those people become snowflakes then they'll likely just get their own thread just like some of the former KUC members on our forums.
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  6. Princess added a post in a topic Alyia Bubbles 아리아   

    Looks like Wengie got some competition for most whitewashed photos and videos.
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  7. Princess added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    We have to remember we can't exactly control angles and lighting with candid shots. In the picture I see the lighting inside the convention is very harsh so the shadows or lack of cast on her face makes her features appear differently as well. In photoshoots and selfies she can control how she appears so I find that will significantly impact how she looks.
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  8. Princess added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    I hate being the person to just make claims and not back them up but I've hung with her group one time I didn't really know her just had mutual friends. When the King Lin drama was fresh she was talking about how he "should've killed himself" already. I was so shocked I understood her strong opinions on creeps like him but I felt that line was too far. She was so pretty so I guess I was under the illusion that she's super sweet? But people shouldn't have to fit their image. 
    This was a recent candid of her. I think how she does her makeup really impacts her pics. She's really pretty in person too but not exactly like her pictures. I think it's a combination of makeup skills and photoshop.

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  9. Princess added a post in a topic Lauren Tsai "Lala"   

    I remember Lala! She was in the same canmake contest Venus joined 4 years ago! She was also heavily promoted by Jrcach. I always wondered what happened to her because she stopped posting on her social media. I guess she remade and create a new image! 

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  10. Princess added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    Wonder why she deleted this post and reuploaded it. This time replacing the last pic with a pic of bound hands 

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  11. Princess added a post in a topic Milky Kitty cosplay   

    or risk being a vendetta poster

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  12. Princess added a post in a topic sadgalriri   

    Her being trans was speculation when the drama was going down and seemed to be what actually sent her in hiding not her getting caught for being anti-Black. 
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  13. Princess added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    I really hope this isn't a case where attention dies down after a while. I really want these kids to get help and these abusers to be punished. I don't want this to be some viral thing that people forget about. I want to see this come to an end.
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  14. Princess added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

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  15. Princess added a post in a topic Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn: daelien_   

    So let's tally it up here. She's racist, hates mentally ill people, and now makes fun of disabilities as well. Geez. It's really awkward seeing people on my timeline cozy up to her when she's really this nasty person. 

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