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  1. -JD- added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Those screenshots a couple pages back (pie chart + "transparency" blogpost) are epic if putting the info together. His pie chart says he spends 50% of his worktime only talking to his volunteers. In his blogpost he says he works something above 80hrs a week.
    Does he really think anyone would believe that him talking almost 6hrs a day to his volunteers is necessary or believable? Maybe he CHATS 6hrs a day with his volunteers, but there is no way he can fill this time with talking that could count as work. (His excuse probably will be "That was just a joke and people took that serious!!!")
    Side note: This is the first time in my life I saw a versionlog/changelog containing "Attempted" [Read: "Failed"] type entries; and he has 2 of those in it. Just needed some more entries to show how hard you worked, huh, YanDev?
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  2. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    "One of best parts of my marriage is that (...)"
    Err, shouldnt it be "the best parts" ? I'm not aware that Grace is bad at english and I'm sure she doesnt want to make a Mira (since Mira would make exactly that kind of grammar mistake on purpose). So I think Grace just made a genuine mistake while writing that; what I'm asking is wouldnt she spot that if she proof read the comic at least once after completion? Or am I just a big grammar nazi here and that mistake could really be missed while proof reading? oO
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  3. -JD- added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    He probably can write "if" and "else" extremly fast.
    Which is imho also related to the "this will take so long to implement" crap. If he needs to skim through, like, 2000 lines of "if - else" statements in a single method/class and constantly adds new if-else blocks to that mess... yep - his timeline would make more sense.
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  4. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Errr - could you provide a screenshot for that claim? Or did other commenters check on their end? Because no matter if I go to .co.jp, .com or .de - the price is always around the same for me (not logged in). See screenshot. Do these prices really change (and THAT much) if you are accessing from another country? I find that hard to believe.

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  5. -JD- added a post in a topic kawaiigod   

    That video about why he is thin (not the above one, but the one posted before)... made me cringe at two points.

    So he starts of with saying that ppl think/tell him he has an eating disorder, and he basically says he is aware that he is unhealty thin right now (BMI wise) and that he wants to get to a normal weight, which after speaking and calculating with his doctor would be 55kg. (Note: According to the height he provided (1,72m), 55kg is still underweight for a male though)
    He reassured that he is trying to gain weight but the reason he doesnt gain weight (at a normal rate) is genetical. Then he continued to explain what he eats every day. In detail - like amount and ingredients, time of day.
    After that came my personal 2 cringe points (at the end of the post the original german transcript) - first is where he contradicted himself; second one is just a cringeworthy logic/statement.
    1) The funny thing was; I was in the psych ward because of annorexia [and] I told them there: I dont have annorexia, I'm not feeling fat and I know I am thin and yadda yadda yadda and they always were like: "Yes, its normal that you think this way yadda yadda yadda yadda". And than I'm always like "Whaaat?".

    Okay; so he doesnt thinks he has an disorder - but you are not being send to a psych ward just for the lulz. And if you would be fine, they would just say exactly that: No disorder, you are fine. I'm pretty sure when the doctors/staff said "Its normal to think that way" they referred to the denial of having an eating disorder. The way he says it makes no sense - he just heard what he wanted to hear.
    I'm not too familiar with annorexia/ED, but I highly doubt "Feeling fat" is the only symptom/indicator for having a ED. I get the feeling he thinks that way, since he uses that one statement like "See - no ED because I think I am thin / not fat".

    After above he began telling ppl to share this video; than came this...
    2) (...) or if you see me in the city or somewhere else than please share this Video with people that think that I am annorexic...because....please

    lol. This makes no sense at all.
    So people who see him on the street and know him (That excludes pretty much everyone in germany)... he assumes they know other people who know him (The heck if that happens!) and those among them who think he is annorexic should be send the video, because "please". Makes ... sense.
    If you have no ED, why focus so damn hard on it? Its not like you are accused of a crime or that an ED makes you a bad person; nothing you need to disprove to keep a "clean record".
    [1 - German: Das komische war auch... ich war in der Psychiatrie wegen Magersucht, ich habe denen dort gesagt ich habe keine Magersucht; ich fühl mich nicht fett, ich weiss das ich dünn bin und blablabla und die sagten dann immer so "Ja, das ist normal das man so denkt blablabla blablabla blablabla". Und dann denk ich mir immer so "Waaass??" ]
    [2 - German: (...) oder wenn ihr mich in der Stadt oder sonstwo gesehen habt dann bitte teilt das Video an Leute die denken das ich magersüchtig wär... weil... bitte]
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  6. -JD- added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    As far as I see it, she just reacted that way because she always said she isnt married / afaik never mentioned any relationship at all. And even some of her more blinded loyal fans would probably ask questions why a guy casually walks into her home.
    Dont understand why the husband is suddenly labeled as a controlling evil pervert.
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  7. -JD- added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    And as a bonus: Make sure he doesnt understand too much english, so he'll never (in time) read about waifus reputation / wrongdoings. 
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  8. -JD- added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    That was my first thought as well
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  9. -JD- added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Just my 2 cents regarding the Screenshots: Those prove nothing.
    I never saw a screenshot where, inside the conversation, any name was explicitly used to address each other. Which of course makes sense in conversations between friends; but my point is that you can easily change the displayed name of your contacts in LINE (and unless the Japanese LINE works different, those changes are displayed in all conversations including old ones). So even assuming the screenshots were not faked, they only prove that Mira talked with _someone_ about that stuff.
    So I think its kind of unfair to use those against sharla, since there is no solid prove it was her. And if we consider Mira spread those screenshots in the first place (after years)... come on, thats not really a trustworthy/reliable source :\
    Unless I just missed a screenshot were sharla was addressed by name. (And even than; that wouldnt mean all other screenshots are automatically her as well)
    That doesnt negate anything else she said/did in public of course, I just mean that those LINE conversations shouldnt be labeled as "Prove that she said XY" imho.
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  10. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I personally dont get the impression that she hides (all) stuff that would make her appear "more human". I do agree that she appears to control her reviews/comments to make a better impression. Which is understandable from a business perspective, but doesnt seem to be the right choice for her situation since it makes her look less likable (and her income basically depends on that).  
    Well, seen as part of the whole picture, I understand the argument.
    Please keep in mind that we are sharing opinions on these forums as others already have pointed out, and that disagreeing with/ranting about specific things you do/say/publish does not mean that you are generally "hated" as a person.
    For the things that have hurt you: Since most people do explain why something bothers them, think about why people came to certain ideas/conclusions and if you might have ended up with similar ideas if it wasnt about you or Ryo. Which of course does include the possibility that you come to the conclusion that XY is bullshit in your opinion - in that case, just leave it be and move on.
    And thank you for the post/explanations.
    I respect that you want your religion/beliefs private, so I'm not gonna pry into that.
    I would be interested to know why you dont want to learn keigo. Why do you think its a good idea/okay to skip such a big and important part of a language?
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  11. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I, too, guess her past is a somewhat difficult/risky topic.
    There is one entry in her CV that bothers me very much.
    In 2011 she was as a "Missionary and English Teacher" in Japan sent/sponsored by AsianAccess as an intern. Which seems to be pretty hardcore christians, juding by their website. Example anyone?:
    "We are an interdenominational movement working throughout Asia to identify, develop and release leaders of growing and reproducing churches. Our focus is on training key leaders who will lead the church with vision, character and competence. We are becoming a vibrant community of leaders in twenty countries of Asia, striving to unite the church, extend the Kingdom, and transform the cultures of Asia for the glory of God."
    (A community of) Leaders, transforming asian cultures, extending the kingdom, all in the name of god... thats definitly not the kind of stuff I hear in churches around my place. That sounds like a fucking cult to me.  
    She mentions this company in one of the interviews that were already linked, too. "Later in 2011, I interned with Asian Access, a missionary group in rural Japan. I taught English classes at the community center outside of Osaka and was a live-in English teacher for three months." http://www.goabroad.com/author/grace-buchele/interview
    A public CV of her:
    AsianAccess Website:
    So while she cant be held responsible for her parents/family members choices [and being "healthy dose" religious is nothing bad imho, just to clarify], I do wonder what her honest view on religion is. Why would anyone associate with such a Group if you weren't at least to a large extent agreeing with their views? All the more since their beliefs seem so ... intense. (I cant get over "transform the cultures (for the glory of god)")
    It also makes me wonder if her family is also "a little too much hardcore christian" (At least in their videos in Ghana, they dont give that impression though). If they were, and if she doesnt agree with that, I could understand why that whole topic is difficult for her to talk about.
    @Life in Japan / RosieRose : Appreciate your work on skimming through all those dates, but why is it so important if Ryo worked a full year or just a few month (that you invest so much time in this one point) ?  Am I missing something? I mean yes, she would lie / make it seem better as it were in that case, but it doesnt seem to be a big thing for me in this particular case (It doesnt even need to be her own decision, maybe Ryo asked her to just say one year, if under a year is something embarassing in Japanese society). If they would be like "He worked several years" and/or was in some awesome field of work, I would agree that its pretty bad. But if its just about ~9 Month or 12 Month, it doesnt seem worth the effort of calculating/analyzing so much. Enlighten me please (or forgive me if you already wrote why you think this particular lie/inconsistency is so bad, in that case I must have missed it)
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  12. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    That blog is older; I remember that I took a look at it sometime in 2015. Dunno when they created it exactly though (Someone who can read Japanese may find the "Jump to first blog entry" button ).
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  13. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I think Wipeout (among many other shows in other Countrys) are pretty much the same thing and are inspired by Sasuke / sometimes just localizing the japanese original. For some background Infos: http://sasukepedia.wikia.com/wiki/SASUKE
    I'm a little confused since the recording of Sasuke, according to this Wiki page http://sasukepedia.wikia.com/wiki/SASUKE_32  , was already finished on May 29th. So Grace already knows how far she got? Maybe she isnt allowed to tell before the official airing; but the way she speaks about it sounds like its still to happen / not finished yet.
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  14. -JD- added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Oookay... my two cents regarding the "unnessesary" polite speech...
    It makes me wonder if native english speakers are unable to really understand formal and informal speech, in the context of languages that use grammatical forms to distinguish between them. I'm not meaning "english cant be formal" or native speakers cant be formal/polite. But maybe they cant fully comprehend that the grammatical forms for formal/informal speech are extremly important?
    Since those forms are not translatable into english, this is definitly one of those things that are hard or, as I suspect, impossible to convey to a native speaker. Its the same thing with german - it doesnt matter if you write an informal or formal sentence; the english translation is exactly the same. But the decision to use informal or formal grammar is a statement/message itself.    
    So if TNT/Grace only learns and uses informal speech, and moreover asks that other people use informal speech towards her... thats a big no go. And I have no idea why Ryouske seems to tell her its no problem to just use informal all the time.
    You can get away with it as a complete beginner. But if you get to the point where you can hold simple conversations and still stick to informal speech, you begin to potentially annoy/offend people.
    I'm just going to use german as an example (Not all of it will apply to japanese 1:1, but the underlying reason/thought should be the same).
    You are using informal speech towards children, friends/family and among young people (I would estimate most will set the limit around ~25yrs). In addition, the older or "higher ranking" one can offer to switch to informal speech. The other way around is considered disrespectful. If you have once agreed on informal speech, you never return to formal (if you do that, you are showing you want to distance yourself from the other person. E.g. in a friendship, thats basically equal to saying out loud you dont want to be friends anymore - just by switching back to formal speech. Which is a little hint that this is a somewhat important part of the language).
    Another very important (and useful) point is that you are creating some (mental) distance between yourself and the other person by using formal speech. Its actually quite helpful while dealing with e.g. customers or strangers.  
    To quote a german proverb: Its easier to say "You asshole" than to say "You asshole". Oh wait, right... english translations (For those who understand some german: Es ist einfacher "Du Arschloch" als "Sie Arschloch" zu sagen).
    That proverb basically emphazises that it feels really strange to insult someone while using formal speech; it actually sounds kind of stupid if you are using insults while still speaking formal. That also adds to the "mental distance" thing.
    If you ask some stranger out of the blue to drop the formal speech, you also ask him to drop that "safety distance" and make him/her uncomfortable. Asking that of an employee is also creating some additional stress: The customer should be king and satisfied if possible, but he/she is requesting something really rude/unexpected. And if the employees boss hears him talking informal on the phone, he might get in trouble - because you really dont talk informal to customers in your average company. Customers just using informal speech on their own - yes, this does rarely happen (and is also considered rude, just as a sidenote).
    Its a matter of showing respect and good manners. There is a good reason why foreigners (should) first learn formal speech in german/japanese classes. You wont offend anybody by using formal speech; and it gives you some time to get a feeling for when to switch between formal/informal speech. If you are on the other hand first (or only) learning informal speech - you are GUARANTEED to offend/annoy/scare off people at some pretty early point. Yes, you will need longer to get to the point where you can casually speak to friends; but in your daily life formal speech is mainly used.

    I think one big difference between japanese and germans is that japanese tend to avoid conflicts/be vague while germans can be pretty direct. So yeah Grace, maybe no one will ever face you and say that the decision to avoid formal speech is dumb and that you will make many, many people really uncomfortable just because you are too lazy to learn an important part of the language (and culture) of the country you are living in. But you have no right to complain about the consequences you are facing as a result of that decision. You are the one that shows no respect.
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  15. -JD- added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Side note: Here she goes again with "I speak english not good because forget". During the recent drama, she could magically write a lot better.
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