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  1. yogiii added a post in a topic hyulari   

    tbh i think it's really smart and admirable she's just focusing on school and working on her yt/influencer career on the side when she can. too many influencers talk about dropping out of school to focus on their social media careers and i think shes making all the right choices
    also she has braces now but is somehow even cuter lol
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  2. yogiii added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    Another sub-retweet from Trinh? 
    also lol the catfish tutorial, she looks almost the same before/after makeup after she changes outfits. 80% of her transformation is her outfit literally

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  3. yogiii added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Mei used to be a cool nerdy girl who shared her interests and artistic explorations on youtube. now she's gone full influencer and she's nothing but a pretty face for ads and $$.  even her looks now are uninspired, I feel like she's consciously trying not to look  too "anime" so she does all these safe sparkly instamodel looks. i've unsubbed her
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  4. yogiii added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I don't think she is as bad as kenna... it's hard to top that train wreck lollll
    can you spill the tea on what you've heard about her from the cosplay community though? i saw the screenshots above and people reference how "toxic" she was but i havent really seen any detailed stories?
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  5. yogiii added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    She posted some excuses on her story and called it a life learning lesson but didn’t apologize at all lmao what mad disrespect @ karen
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  6. yogiii added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    fyi her natural hair color is dark blond (almost brown), not ashy blond...
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  7. yogiii added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    uhh do you have caps?? where did she say that??? I checked her insta and twitter there's no word of it
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  8. yogiii added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    ^ Wow those EMcosmetic pics are light years away from her cosplay aesthetic. it's really interesting i used to idolize her so much for her ulzzang face/style. but here she looks so different - beautiful in a normal, non-ulzzang/net idol way. you can even see her natural freckles. tbh it's really refreshing! 
    i miss her old content (mostly for her personality and how expressive she was about embarassing stuff she loved.. i remember her crying getting BL fanart in her mail lol) but I'll still follow her for her unique aesthetic 

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  9. yogiii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    sorry to add to OT talk about mei but yeah you're right. Mei had a whole string of tweets where she offically distanced herself from the anime community. then she privated all her videos and posts showing her anime/cosplay past which was really sad imo, she was so cute and passionate about YuGiOh when she first started youtube lol.
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  10. yogiii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    TBH it sounds like Mei but I would be really surprised.
    A) Mei has a history of hating people who fetishize her for being some kind of Asian... like she called out or hated people who said she looked like X K-pop star in her hair coloring videos. Kenna is all about fetishizing Asians.
    B) Mei distanced herself from anime / stopped openly liking anime around the time Kenna became a huge weeb
    to me Kenna is like everything Mei would hate in a fan? lol. (it doesnt seem like Mei likes her fans that much to begin with imo) .. but yeah maybe Mei said yes just to be polite and asked not to have anything posted? I am curious to see if Kenna will vlog it.
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  11. yogiii added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Late contribution but on the topic of Mei changing her name from Princessmei to Mei Yan. am I the only one who thinks it's because of htis forum? If you google "princessmei" this forum shows up before even her main twitter lol. whereas Mei Yan isn't associated with this at all 
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  12. yogiii added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    the sugar baby ad is obviously a catfish... doesnt even type like her
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  13. yogiii added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    I grew up watching Bubz so it's conflicting for me how shes become, I want the best for her but I feel like she and Tim have become such an awful couple. I went back to watch one of their older videos and the contrast is really amazing...
    Look how he use to make eye contact with her, give her praise, etc. now it's all passive aggressie snide comments and staring at his phone. so sad
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  14. yogiii added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Check out the comment section in her new vlog "Haunted By The Past"... brutal, even her subs are giving it to her real that she's in a bad marriage
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  15. yogiii added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    omfg "I forgot I have a huge following" girl PLEASE
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  16. yogiii added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    Omg she's really looking rough lately.. 

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  17. yogiii added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    The new song is DISGUSTING. It is so much like simply_kenna's gross poem "apology" video... except without an apology of course lol. manipulative lyrics, self-victimization, ignoring the consequenes and victim, all under the guise of "art." melanie is trash 
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  18. yogiii added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Lol she posted on her instastory about the Lavendar Town Syndrome which is literally fiction from creepypasta
    pseudointellect at its finest
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  19. yogiii added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    she looked beautiful in her last video tbh!
    the matcha thing was weird and bougie though. "I know matcha is having a huge moment in new york and LA"
    girl matcha has been around those places, it's called japanese-american people lol??
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  20. yogiii added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    she is disgusting. her whole response to timothy heller was a non-apology where she discredited the rape victim.
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  21. yogiii added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    she deleted it from her story lol... 
    this whole thing was so godawful cringe I feel so embarrassed for her
    at the same time it's like watching a trainwreck? haha
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  22. yogiii added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    ^ yikes.. i remember finding her dec 2016 and thinking she was so stunning. her face actaully doesnt look that different but her new hair is really not doing her any favors. the black part looks like oily roots, the pinned down bangs make her look oilier, the orange part is all fried and limp... tbh she looks like penywise, especially when she puts on red lipstick lol
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  23. yogiii added a post in a topic Buzzfeed   

    Time stamp is at 7:35 so you don't have to watch this godawful video
    that's awful and so petty this is like the mean girls talking behind your back in high school... bye buzzfeed your'e cancelled
    they probably jealous of saf. you know she went to stanford??? they aint hold a candle to her lol
    edit: did saf delete that tweet? 
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  24. yogiii added a post in a topic ivan lam / @ivanbaaaaah   

    I don't think this is cultural appropriation because he didnt take another culture's traditions and making it his own without any acknowledgment of the history or importance. a member of that culture SHARED it with him (timaloveslemons is black and she braided his hair). 
    it's like if you aren't indian but your indian friend asks you to wear a sari for her wedding... it's ok when ur offered to share/celebrate the culture with a member of that culture
    anwyay i think hes cute and he does hair for princessmei so bonus points
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  25. yogiii added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    this is small but I DO appreciate she actually said "I'm sorry that I potetntially hurt artists" (sorry for her own actions) instead of the typical public non-apology of "I'm sorry if your feelings are hurt" "I'm sorry if people are offended" etc...  (sorry but misplacing the fault)
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