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    Okie dokie, I'm a new member here but I just gotta write something here real quick in (partial) defense of Pixie. 
    I do think she can be somewhat dramatic - i.e. her leaving lolita over the 'drama in the community' which is pretty easily avoidable if you don't, y'know, participate in drama - and definitely a little.. Annoying, here and there. But I don't think the insults over her own personal style, the fact that she named it, and all that, are really fair. First of all; she added "-kei" onto the name because it was inspired pretty heavily by fairy-kei, larme-kei, and the like. It's not honestly that big of a deal that she added -kei onto a fashion inspired by Japanese street fashion. She originally called it party-kei because it's inspired by the fun, colorful nature of birthday parties, but because of the confusion regarding cult party-kei she changed it to pixie-kei--although she wasn't naming it after herself, per se, she was literally just referencing literal pixies. At least, that's what she said.
    Now, I don't really have a problem with people not liking her style. Everyone has different tastes, after all. But I definitely wouldn't say it's "just a mix of fairy-kei and what every other tumblr girl wears". It's unique. Fairy-kei is fluffier, sweeter, with more of a so-sugary-it-could-rot-your-teeth, dreamy type of feel. "Tumblr" style is really.. Not a definable thing at all, but assuming we're talking about aesthetic glam-like looks with tennis skirts and crop tops and all that.. It's pretty different as well.
    I wouldn't call it a ~revolutionary new hip style all of its own~, but it's different than other styles she drew inspiration from originally. In fairy-kei, it wouldn't exactly be acceptable to wear huge glittery stiletto heels, a mini hot pink pencil skirt, a bralette, and a multi-color leather jacket. Nor would it be acceptable to wear a tutu, crop top, kitten heels and knee-highs in "tumblr fashion". It's definitely a look that a few people have touched on before she did, but she put a name to it and have some suggestions on what made pixie-kei pixie-kei (even though her livejournal on it really just made it look like fairy-kei with a different name).
    I like (parts) of her style, and even though giving it its own name and stuff is a little.. Extra, I do find her a bit annoying. She seems to like being around drama, although I can't say that confidently given I've never met her. I think she takes herself a little too seriously, and that's all I can really complain about when it comes to her personality.
    That being said, people calling her "butter teeth" and saying that she's literally dirty is really petty, bitter-sounding, and unnecessarily malicious. You don't have to like her, or her style, or her youtube content or literally anything she's ever done. But that doesn't really mean you have to call her mean nicknames and talk about her like she's the slimiest, most annoying, god-awful person to ever grace youtube or the J-fashion scene. It really doesn't help your argument, and it makes this threat way, wayy less civil. 
    tl;dr: Pixielocks isn't great, but not as horrible as people here are making her out to be. There's literally no need to call someone "butter teeth" or dirty just because you don't like them. 
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