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  1. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    You're not crazy. She had been slowly inching her way to snowflake territory with her Sanrio tantrum.I think what solidified her place here was or is the Angelic Pretty Fiasco and how badly she handled it and continues to handle it, along with a long list of other shenanigans and hijinks she's gotten involved in since then. But as time goes on seems like she was long overdue.
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  2. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Safe to say with Kelly nothing is ever coincidence.
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  3. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    -sits down a pitcher of ice cold peach tea and glasses-  Things are interesting as of late, are they not? More of her followers seem to be catching on to her nonsense and...who are all these "new friends" appearing in her videos?
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  4. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    A little bit of advice for Wylona....if you're so worried about your looks the first thing I'd suggest is quit smoking. You might think it's glamorous but it ages you.Every other photo she has she has a cigarette between her fingers. I know I'm speaking common sense against nonsense but seriously....also wearing your hair in a ponytail so much puts strain on the hairline and can cause thinning..... just...sayin...
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  5. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    *rubs my temples* ..... Her constant exploitation of mental illness really.... really pisses me off. Her increased histrionic antics is why I cannot give her passes. Again... we can all agree the bitch has issues...  but therein lies issues going back to needing to be seen, needing attention, needing constant praise, and to be seen as this delicate creature who is so misunderstood in the world. For those who do struggle with depression, anxiety, and other issues how she goes on about it is like one big comedic spectacle. It's like she is pretending to have all these extra issues and acts them out on what she thinks having those conditions are. It's so disingenuous and so insensitive.
     Why do you have to constantly remind people you just had a panic attack? Why do you have to constantly go on a tangent about being single and not married? Why do you have to constantly remind people you have mental illness when you are doing nothing to help remedy your so-called afflictions? If this were the 60s half of the shit she claims to have she'd not be blathering on about it because she would likely to be put into an asylum. A lot of people of her ilk would be. I know why she avoids going to therapy, because  while she would get confirmation she has mental illness the kind she *might* have wouldn't be as glamorous or rather....she'd have to own her shit and stop blaming other people for her conditions. Again she doesn't like to be told no, she doesn't like to be told she is wrong.
     They'd more than likely tell her to take a break from social media as part of treatment so... that would definitely be a big ol' nope.  Also.... the kids are saying she unfollowed Dre and Chris on instagram... I haven't checked to see if it's true. If it is... -shakes my head-
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  6. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Platforms like these can be a gift and a curse, but you my dear present a gift of perspective which I appreciate.  I'm open to expanding my own previous opinions if someone brings a point to light.  And yeah.. bi erasure is real.. even the LGBT tends to leave out the B because often than not the L and the G feel that the B is straddling the fence and is confused. For some there is no in between and it's sad there is bi stigma. If she is really adamant about wanting help then I've no qualms if she has to reach out through social media. I guess I gripe because even when her fans show concern or try being helpful how quickly she deletes their comments even when they were not critical or disrespectful. If it's not what she wants to hear... she ignores it. Cutting them off making them feel sad and confused when they genuinely love her. So I guess things like that fuel my doubt if she serious but people can change.
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  7. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    U__U.... I honestly get no joy from going off about her shenanigans, I don't. There was a time I adored her thinking she was a cool, artistic girl who liked fantasy. Before all of this I found quite a bit of her content entertaining. I thought she was living authentically. She was just being herself. But now I see her as a carbon copy, pretentious wannabe who grates on my nerves. On her instagram she took a photo with a caption "Frida Kahlo vibes". Fun fact: Frida Kahlo was an openly bisexual woman... coincidence? I'll let you judge. Nothing about the makeup invoked Frida to me. It would have been more believable if she had said she took inspiration from the flowers in Alice in Wonderland and put her own spin on it or if she had said she was going for a pixie look.
     It's like she is trying to appear faux deep and intellectual as if to disprove the general consensus that she is shallow, vain with no real substance at all to conveying an insightful thought. I was an art student too and seeing how Frida is one of my favorite artists that caption and photo made me shudder. What does she do this all for? Does she even know?  I liked her so much more when she was just a DIY, antler crown making girl who didn't have to try so hard to appear to be unique. Maybe she did get bullied, maybe she feels the need to prove those people in her life that she isn't a hack. Maybe because her art was rejected it spurned some desire to go over the top but this is just getting ridiculous.
     As Sparklefist so eloquently put... why is she asking people on Twitter to help her find a therapist? Where are her friends? If she feels she is desperate to get help she couldn't call on the Fellowship to help her find a therapist locally in her area? I'm sure they would support that. Why is she so attention starved? And no Sparkle.. that wine was not non-alcoholic. She's a clusterfuck of calamity and while I know an artist of any medium has a flare for dramatics she takes it too far. I don't know if she needs a hug or a slap to the face at this point. She's about as bad as Trisha Paytas with the mental health monopoly they play to garner sympathy. She just wants to be coddled and told she is perfect, if I felt she was sincere my heart would go out to her but at this point it is almost insulting. I don't disagree she needs help, but don't tug at people's heartstrings and turn them into your dancing puppets.
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  8. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

     It's okay puddin. I totally get what you're saying. -hugs the hiba- Like I said above sexuality is on a spectrum and she "could" like both but like men more. A lot of my friends are that way but they do still express genuine interest in women though having husbands, boyfriends and being faithful. They can fall in love with a woman as they do with a man, the problem with Kelly is that she seems so disingenuous about the things she claims she is interested in or have made apart of her life but knows shit all and comes across uneducated, ignorant and fake. Trust me I've known "bi girls" who had actively slept with other girls but only did it for attention... one of my old friends got hurt by such a person... so.. no she doesn't have to start looking for a girlfriend to fill some silly status quo.
     I guess it just rubs me the wrong way when she tweeted that because it was so damn attention seeking. David Bowie lived in different era where these things were not spoken out loud without stigma. Whereas she.... lives in a more... "open minded" age and she lives in one of the friendliest gay capitals of the USA where nobody would bat an eyelash if she went skipping down the street holding hands with another girl. Don't get me wrong you still have assholes everywhere but she doesn't have to bare the cross as those who live in the Midwest, the South or in parts overseas where people are far less tolerant. She has much more freedom than most get to experience yet she is all "woe esh meeeee.... nobody thinks i'm gayyyyeeee enuff cuz i lyke boiz  and talk only about boiz but i like gurlz too everybody is picking on me....  meeeeeeeeeeee".
     Before now I didn't think otherwise... but in the past few months.... the things she not only said but did just.... already abnormal just made her look even more phony. It's just another way of her being passive aggressive, gaslighting  because as much as she says she doesn't care about her "haterz" she clearly does. If she truly is bisexual and living her truth, okay..cool. But sometimes I think she says and does things to appear more "special", unique than she actually is because she doesn't feel like being herself is enough. She has to be the princess in search of her prince, she has to be the only star in the sky, her own one woman show. She has to be the cutest, funniest, prettiest, the most adored. It shows in how competitive she is with her other friends. Always having to one up them, can't ever be happy for them in a milestone in their life without her shortly thereafter having a pity party. Openly being flirtatious with other people's boyfriends. Her need to always be first, always be the center I suppose is what makes me feel she is not entirely sincere. But I get you hiba... I get you.
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  9. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Thanks for loving me bae.
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  10. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

     You know what? I tried being nice but I'm not here for her victimizing bullshit. *cracks knuckles*  I don't even identify as lesbian or bisexual, but people like her piss me off. Normally I don't care what someone's orientation is (as long as it is not harmful) but I cannot stand for people to use sexual identity, gender identity, or mental health as some sort of new cool accessory. At first I didn't question her bisexuality and didn't bring it up but as time wore on I questioned it. Her being a chronically dehydrated thirst bucket looking for a boyfriend and yet proclaiming to hate men is what makes me look at her sideways. It's not quirky to be bi, it is not trendy to be bi, it is not kawaii to be bi.. cut the bull Kelly.
     This vindictive little seamonkey speaks from a place of privilege whereas there are those in the LGBT community who get exiled, beaten, killed, disowned even in 2018 but she uses it like some sort of glamorous title. I don't like users, and to me I feel she picks and chooses when to be a "ESS JAY DOUBLE U" and bisexual when it suits her but she could give a shit less. Still endorsing that snakey bitch Doe Deere when she is unethical as hell, stills gets shit from Samurai Buyer, was/is a fan of Jontron.. girl bye! Gay people, Bisexual people, Trans people, Pan people are not props or money grabs in which to fuel your faux kawaii aesthetic. Nobody asked you to make a video of you coming out, you decided that. When your actions don't match your words people will question it and talk about it.
     I'm not sitting here and demand she starts dating a slew of women to appease us..hell no. But why concoct a lie or an exaggeration to get views? I can believe that she might have been bicurious, she might have even experimented a bit but her having a full blown relationship with someone of the same sex, doubtful. She's the kind of girl that will flirt with other girls, makeout with other girls, but won't fully commit because she loves da D. It's her shitty behavior that makes those who are bisexual not to be taken seriously. I guess I'm heated for the fact of those I know that are, and people like Kelly will use them for attention and then pay them dust leaving that person confused and heartbroken. It's not a game to play with people's feelings like that. So I'd rather her stay single than string some poor girl along unlike pixielocks. That is the only thing I give Kelly props for is that she is not actively trying to date women for the sake of views... keep it that way.
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  11. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Oh Kelly... did I strike a nerve? *bats eyelashes* Honey your sexuality is your own true... nobody has a right to police you true... however if you weren't such an opportunistic jackass whose credibility is always in question, nobody would raise a brow. You "come out" as bisexual during Gay Pride, giving this heartfelt confession that even back then I applauded you for. But that was many moons ago and only until now do you even utter a word about it, so defensively. Sexuality can be on a spectrum, and you could be more interested in men but find women attractive sure! But damn girl, how you thirst over fictitious men(and other people's men) to the point you dragged your friends to search for a cosplayer resembling your numbah one husbando makes you look incredibly sus.
     For all your moaning, groaning, about being single one would think you'd be open to exploring your options regardless of gender since "love is love",right? But every time you open your mouth to talk about wanting love it's always in pursuit of a boyfriend or a husbando. Always. It's okay if your preference is men. Our lil Jillybean as gay as can be has even realized she isn't as "gay" as she first thought. Why are you forcing labels on yourself anyway if you don't care how people see you? Live your truth boo... and the truth is... you're just not that into women. *shrug*
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  12. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

     This is just so damn sad. I wouldn't care if sugaring/sex work was her thing....but it is depressing how she cheapens herself. The girl seems to get excited over taking a cab to McDonalds and spending the night in hotels as if that is glamorous. Literally her selfies are mostly in public restrooms, food they bought her, her in a hotel room, maybe a cuddle photo... then after I guess they get what they want out of her, the photos magically disappear and she's back posting her recycled naked blimp ass on instagram looking for a new sponsor. If this is the life she has chosen for herself at the very most I pray she uses protection every time. Not to stereotype but I've ran into a couple of guys from SG who admit they don't like wearing condoms which made me full glad I don't live there so they could actively try dating me. Then again there are dudes all over the world who believe in the pull out method (which is dumb as hell) and wonder why they got an STD.
     I can't imagine this being healthy on her self-esteem and am I the only one weirded out that seemingly a lot of the guys she's "dated" seem connected to Adam somehow? O__o Is the circle that small and it's coincidence or..nah? If these encounters at least produced something profitable this might not be so saddening but like..girl... what are you doing to yourself?
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  13. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

      I found myself in deep contemplation earlier while eating a donut (brain food) and I had this on my mind today. As much as I get on her case for her and other snowflakes' fuckery, I'd have to admit I would not want to trade places. The internet is a strange,fascinating,  mysterious and sometimes dangerous animal and the people who are connected to it are very much one in the same.  People can and will pick you apart for having a bad hair day, to wearing your favorite shirt twice in a row. If you take a photo no makeup/no filter looking tired as hell a person can instantly accuse you of being a crackhead and then others will chime in and call you a crackhead. Granted I've fallen for some rumors that seemed believable that later turned out not to be...entirely true or true at all, but I've even found myself on the fence or outright not believing things (example some random person started spamming Wylona's page accusing her of doing meth x__x).
     Point is, we all have our issues, moments that if put on blast would not always make us look so great. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my quirks ( taking off my shoes and leaving them where they are xD... that drives some people nuts but I do it, I be tired ya'll.) People will tear you apart over the smallest things even when you're not trying to hurt anyone. It's why I can understand why so many snowflakes photoshop themselves to oblivion. How can a person express self-love if someone makes fun of you for being fat, or cystic acne, being flat chested, too pale, too dark..etc? It's not easy being thick-skinned so on that I can't fully fault them. Kelly is no exception and seeing her visibly unravel is troubling to watch. O_o
     All that said, while I won't crucify Kelly for the things she can't help, I will still call her out on her bullshit. Kelly may not be 100% evil, but oh she's got some nasty, wicked ways about her where you just can't be entirely sympathetic. She never wants to hear that she's wrong. Never. No accountability. I've not once see her say sorry for any of the shitty things she's said or done. Not for how she hurt her fan's feelings by desecrating a gift they made for her (Dre apologized, Kelly never did), not owning up to the fact she handled the whole Angelic Pretty situation horribly, her not correcting herself for accusing everyone from indie artists to Disney for "copying" her or making things in her graven image, going back to that tea place still being loud and obnoxious, not apologizing to Sanrio for having a damn tantrum with her "pick me" nonsense, harassing the Nucleus gallery for not wanting to show her artwork, when fans give her mindful advice or constructive criticism she berates them or outright blocks them, hell how she snapped on Stephanie for nudging her in line at the recent con they attended,etc... the girl does mean shit and wonders why she gets called out for it.
     She's petty, mean, self-centered, childish, attention starved, selfish, with a God/Peter Pan complex. Instead of working on trying to change or adjust these things, she just calls it being "quirky". Anyone that speaks on it is automatically hating on her and she throws a fit. If your friends mean so much to you Kelly, now would be the time for self reflection to see how you can go about repairing your relationships with them so you don't lose them. Is your ego stronger than your love for them? There is nothing wrong or weak to admitting you make mistakes and give a sincere apology (in private) to them. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Don't be a fool. Don't let this sudden rise of exposure make you lose sight of the things you have. That stuff is temporary, but real friendships are a rare and precious commodity you don't want to squander.
     I know she reads here and other sites and I know my advice will go unused because she is indeed a snowflake, but real talk she should think about her life and where it is. She lacks identity, purpose and common sense. She's so used to being a control freak and now that she no longer has control she is losing her shit. I don't see it getting any better for her unless she starts to take baby steps in trying to work on herself. Btw.. I'm not a hater, nothing about your life do I envy. I might not have your money, status, or access but the people I hold dear are in my life and with what I do have I'm grateful for. I'm just a random person on the internet  spouting my opinion on the nonsense you publicly display to the world.  *kanyeshrug* /endpost
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  14. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

     It might be nitpicky on both our parts but in my opinion, for someone always begging/hounding getting her fans to beg/hound people to sponsor her, I'd think she would show much care in how she presents the product and herself. That collection is not only limited edition but an $80 set. It means nothing to her because she didn't have to buy it, but others who work hard, or save up would gladly trade places with her to receive it for free. Plus she says she is big into packaging, but how can we tell when you're flinging it around like it's trash? You can tell Shrinkle takes time, love into how she designs her products so.. it kind of feels like a slap in her face to disregard her stuff that way? Kelly does that a lot. I remember when she got beautiful, handcrafted Sailor Moon inspired jewelry (which is not cheap) and she threw the boxes around... honestly I was shocked by that.
    It doesn't mean anything to her because she doesn't have to pay for it. But I find it disrespectful to the creators to do that sort of thing. But meh, maybe it is nitpicky... but just my opinion.
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  15. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Yuki... it's written all over your face... I know you love her... but for your sake and happiness... let her go.
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