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  1. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Wait.. did that one get deleted too???
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  2. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Not this again.... she needs to pull an Elsa and let it go.
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  3. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Xia Xue   

      Of course this pink haired queef cloud decided to give her opinion that nobody asked for. Any attention is good attention for this racist, self-hating narc. If she weren't so vile I might have some sympathy for her, considering all the slicing and dicing she's done to become a build-a-bitch and still unsatisfied with her looks to the point she still edits. Even if she doesn't believe Global Warming is a thing, did she really have to go out of her way to attack a teenager who is trying to do something "positive"? I suppose she has to be anti-happy and pro-angst just because. It's rather childish and pathetic on her end. Married, has a child, and still doesn't have enough to do with herself that she has to stoop a new low even for her. I pray I never live a life that empty...
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  4. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

     I could not agree more. I have avoided coming into this thread and giving my opinion because while there were plenty that were vocal about when he was wrong it was often paired with "everyone makes mistakes", or people feeling as though people were trying to act too PC or SJW-like and blowing things out of proportion when for me it was very very clear what he is about. The fact the n-word rolled off his tongue so casually wasn't in my opinion him ever being "edgy", that was him showing his true self but pretending to be edgy. It used to make me cringe how even in the media he would only have to deal with such little consequence and he was treated with kiddie gloves instead of an iron fist even with all of his repeated offenses. It amazes me how people hold him, Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragun, James Charles, and those horrible Paul brothers to such a double standard where they can give a sorry-not-sorry apology and everything is wiped under the rug.
      I think apart of it is the fact that with "cancel culture" people don't want to give up the things they enjoy. A lot of people rave about Jeffree Starr's makeup collection and while admittedly the packaging is appealing and the formula may be nice ( never bought anything of his), people give him a pass because he is an effeminate white gay male, who acts sassy, and he can throw on the theatrics on how he was so bullied and that somehow justifies his repeated messiness, racism, misogyny. People will say it was in the past but every few months with each year including 2019 he is caught in some sort of scandal. People don't want to sacrifice what they love... they love his merchandise, the makeup, the packaging and to "cancel" him they would have to stop buying their products and ...let's be real... unless the issues effect them directly they don't care. lol.
     If you speak out against Nikita Dragun, you will be made to feel like or be labeled a transphobe... she gets a pass because the Trans community is a huge hot topic with there being more visibility now... the same can be said about Pewdiepie. People still cling to the old Felix when he was still a young youtuber who came across a lot more humble and down to earth who had entertaining videos. Status, Wealth, and Popularity and Idol Worship has allowed him to show himself for the racist, classicist, apathetic loser he really is. I don't know if someone else quoted it or not but Maya Angelou said it best when she said " When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Do I feel people have the capacity to change? Absolutely!! But a lot of these e-celebrities feel untouchable and like gods among mere mortals and when they are continuously elevated and shielded by the ones who gave them their fame, what reason would they change? If anything it just allows them to go full force on being purposefully offensive because they know they will be protected by their fans.
     Just like the Beyhive, when it comes to Pewdiepie people are willing to form cults around this man and even though I don't understand it... to them he is the absolute word, his life should be the standard, and him being an "edgelord" is some sort of "fuck you to society". He represents a lot of young men (and some women) who share the same ideologies he does... but Felix has gotten so lax that he is being careless in covering up who he really is and what he stands for and by some degree because he has made so much money and has obtained such a huge cult following of people who will back him up... he doesn't see the need to conceal it much anymore...  sorry for such a long response... I guess I just needed to get this all off of my chest. I am finished.
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  5. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    She sickens me, and I can't believe she got her account back. There are people who lost theirs completely for far less.  She never learns... if it gets reported again I hope she doesn't go crying about it and making it seem like it's someone else' fault for her violating ToS.
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  6. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

     What a sad existence. The only thing she has to show for her life so far is her 117k+ instagram following and scandals. Her body dysphoria is scary in what she perceives how real anatomy works. She often photoshops herself to look like a distorted IMVU character.Maybe that is why she calls what she does "art". I don't often post anymore... but... seeing what I have of her... I... don't really even have words. She is clinging so hard to that account because she knows otherwise she won't be able to retain such a big following again if she did start from scratch. She was foolish. At her peak there were opportunities for her to do lots of things and continue to build and profit off of her image. She squandered it by cheating and using her friends, entitlement, conning companies out of PR and not properly advertising their stuff, and pure laziness.
     She is trying so hard to scrape what little fame she has because that page is all she really has. It seems whatever friends she had she has managed to burn bridges with or they are too embarrassed to be seen with her. The guy she's with.... no comment. Her life is really empty, just as empty as her head because she can't even see all of her failings is her own fault. She will continue to pin it on other things or other people and won't change...I don't see how she is going to bounce back from this... only thing now is fade further into obscurity.
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  7. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Ever heard the story about The Crossroads? A brief summary.. it's the story about the famous American Blues singer Robert Johnson and his desire to wanting to be a famous musician. It's a tale about how he was instructed to take his guitar to a crossroad near a placed called Donkey Plantation at midnight... and it is said he made a deal with the devil. If any are interested on learning the outcome, look it up sometime. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or atheist, that isn't the point I am trying to make. In the story of The Crossroads they are talking more literal, but in Belle's case you can definitely draw upon an eerily figurative tale looking at her timeline. It is clear Belle had stars in her eyes and wanted to be someone famous, but her fame has brought her infamy.
     She doesn't care what she had to do to obtain her status and even now she shows no care at all with her disappearing act. I remember only having read about her here and the early posts were rather tame, but in less than a year it went from a small drop of snow to a full on avalanche. What most see as her ascension to fame I see a descent instead. From a biblical point of view.. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?. Really think about it, and from that take it out of spiritual context. She has sacrificed having normal friendships, relationships, her privacy, safety, reputation, and due to that one doxxing incident she also risked her family. And all this she sacrificed for attention and a Euro. For now it seems like she is sitting pretty, but what has she really obtained?
    Sure she has made a lot of money, but if she was a fool with her money and did not properly invest then that money won't carry her far. And as many of you illustrated there will always be another girl in her shadow that will rise to the surface and her online persona will become irrelevant, an ancient dinosaur of a memory by way of the old meme Harambe. And when folks do talk about her, it won't be from a place of praise but of ridicule, disgust, and possibly hatred. She used her real name, and the old saying goes "internet is forever". This won't be something she will easily be able to shake or permanently detach herself from. So while there are girls who are trying to follow her formula they should instead look at what she did and do the opposite or they will share the same fate.
     In the end will it have all been worth it? Will she ever be able to obtain a sense of peace or self-worth? All of the praise and attention be it good and bad validates her and boosts her ego, when all of it fades, what will remain? She may claim she won't care to fade into obscurity but there will always be apart of her that will crave that "fix". I don't envy her and no one else who may have felt insecure should envy her either. Essentially for a few dollars and a happy meal, she cut a really bad deal... and lost "her soul".
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  8. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     To one of the previous posters, you might find my post severely critical, but this is coming from a place of having seen the evolution of a girl to woman called Venus Palermo. Any form of trauma takes time and proper care to work through and heal, and I don't think anyone here had hoped for some miraculous recovery once she broke free from her mother, however we had hope she would have taken the necessary baby steps on the road to recovery. People make mistakes, that is to be expected and by no means am I not one to not recognize she is a wounded human being who has experienced hell. But who among us haven't? And how many of us here have expressed having gone through similar or even far worse trauma yet somehow, through the push and pull, the trials and errors we continue to make the effort to do better?
     That is one of her biggest issues, there is no real effort. She was taught to be a snake oil saleswoman from the master herself. Her whole brand was delicately crafted to be this always happy, bubbly, hyper sprite that many of you both present and past adored and even idolized. It's why so many feel a deeper connection and empathy because you see parts of herself in yourself, and why some of the criticisms hit you so hard and why you feel the need to address that we are being too harsh. But a gentle reminder is... she isn't you..you are not her. Don't let her issues be your issues, even if you both have walked similar paths, you cannot lose your identity in hers.
    The major problem I have with her is not the fact she makes mistakes, it's the fact she gives insincere apologies, and her mistakes do not only effect her but those around her who love her or have tried to support her. Going as far as to demonize the man she once viewed as her savior... and when she made a lot of defamatory claims about abuse and being as bad as her mother, she took down the video, skirted around the questions people asked when wanting her to touch on it more and feigning ignorance. You don't know what is the truth and what is a lie, and with her deleting that video, not properly addressing it and picking and choosing what is "private" and what is "public" is further dangerous and problematic. These sorts of accusations can effect his livelihood or even compromise his freedom. It is one thing to show sympathy to her for struggling with addiction and self image issues, it is a whole other animal when she is being destructive and inflicting hurt to other people through her actions and knowingly doing it.
     The more you dance around these things, the more you give her wiggle room to hide behind her issues instead of coming correct and in a bold measure of maturity, apologize from a place of sincerity to the ones she hurt, and really evaluate herself and how she handles her relationships and take "baby steps" in trying to mend her friendships/relationships. She hasn't done so, and by her making this obnoxious livestream she is egging on a reckoning to bury and dismantle anything that reveals the cracks and fractures in her "tortured victim" demeanor. I am not marginalizing her pain, because I believe she has a lot of pain, but please don't dismiss the really ugly things she has done and continues to do because it is not in the past this is still happening in the present.
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  9. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     I haven't commented on her thread(s) in what has been nearly close to if not two years, but have watched what has gone on in the past few months and I can't hold my tongue. Sick.Sick.Sick. And shame on her. I remember even back then, though I had compassion towards her having gone through what she did, I saw through her when she was being manipulative and abusive and spoke my mind about it. I remember when someone replied to my comment asking did I think she was like her mother, and I felt then the apple didn't fall far from the same rotted tree. Here we are some two plus years later and it's wash, rinse, repeat. I recalled saying that it was fine to have empathy, but it wasn't okay to coddle and baby her back then when she was being inappropriate. Whether it was over wanting more dangerous surgery or when having a tantrum about wanting to wear her lolita dresses, she needed to be told that was not appropriate. 
     Like then her forum was divided between people who can see what she was doing, and others singing her praises and encouraging her "sassy, badass" attitude. I was perplexed that her going on a tirade because her husband suggested she should wear something different to dinner than her lolita dress and went on to publicly bash him, knowing full well her fan base would strike up the picket signs and pitchforks and charge at him so that he would give in was seen as badass. It's the same sick tactics all over again. I even said people would cheer her on if she made a fart compilation and hyping it as her being so real. Though she hasn't gone that far, seeing her drink herself sick, eating unhealthy junk food, picking her nose, inhaling energy drinks and eating a large quantity of spicy foods is... just as disturbing. And lo and behold, you have people who defend this kind of garbage.
     It is hard to feel empathy, when I see a very ugly spirited, vindictive young woman who would rather use her fans like pawns than take a moment to evaluate her current life choices and would want to do something better with her life and her time. If this isn't proof enough that not only is she self-aware, calculated, and a con artist, it illustrates she knows what she is doing and doesn't see a problem with it... in fact she relishes in her insanity. She claims to be a masochist, to a point that might be true, but this comes across more like a sadist because she is acting as a puppeteer and no longer the puppet and directing her following here to do her dirty work. To cause unrest, to reek havoc, and breed further discordance is her end goal but most off, to silence the people who speak the truth. She gets off on the feeling of having that much power over these people, and will use them as vessels to paint the narrative she wants of herself so there is no accountability. While her devoted fans lose sleep, support her ventures, and defend her with their everything, she gloats in it. She has no control over her own life and how it is spiraling, but she knows she can control them.
     It's gross. And while we can argue that her following are a flock of fools, they get much more of my sympathy than she does. Because they are so blinded by their fond and warm thoughts of the Venus they felt they knew, they think that she gives a damn about them, when she has not shown once an ounce of genuine gratitude, nor having care of her words or content that could be emotionally triggering, and when those who express concern for her well being calmly and lovingly lament their concerns, she gets defensive and passive aggressive making them feel like crap that they cared at all. If anyone here, can still say with their whole chest that they will still support her, and hope that even that by hitting rock bottom she will recover...bless your hearts.Because those same hearts will continue to get broken until they are ground to dust. What little hope I had and not even as a formal fan or otherwise ( wasn't a fan but ever so often watched her content) is out the window, it smacked a tree, rolled into the street, got ran over by a garbage truck, gobbled up by scavengers, and defecated away. Yes.. it's that far gone.

    Also... I remember somewhere in her recent stream she talked about Trisha Paytas and how she felt that if she ever did a mukbang with her she would confess all her sins. Yet she claims she doesn't watch other youtubers (more lies), it donned on me that there is a parallel between these two women and it's easy to see why she likes Trisha Paytas. They are freakishly a lot alike if you really think about it. Talk about like attracts like.
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  10. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    After looking at the e-girl's thread someone mentioned KutieKitten and showed screenshots of her dropping the n-word like it was going out of style and then later "apologizing" for things she wrote as a "kid" though some of those tweets were only like a year or so old... pretty much... she ...um... doesn't seem like that great of a person but she has a following so... I guess it makes sense she would want to link up with her...
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  11. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Momotokio   

     Her and Manda31409 in my opinion are two sides of the same coin so I am not surprised at all that they couldn't keep a friendship... but it is interesting to see her pattern and she just proves what I have suspected for awhile now.She is a mean girl...more so... she reminds of that creepy woman, Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter:Order Of The Phoenix. All those pastel colors, lace, flowers, and cats, surrounded in cute, kitschy decorum....all to mask her insidious and wicked nature. Behind her lemon drop voice oozed invisible venom...sunny sweet words that pierced holes through the soul. People like Momo are just like Dolores Umbridge. Their demonic claws are glamoured over by pretty deco nails, caked on concealer and lipstick to mask their evil visage, pastel colored hair and wigs to cover up the fact they are devoid of original thought and are empty-headed and vain... their wholesome exterior an illusion.
     That isn't to say that all people who love those things are evil, in fact a lot of people who love Japanese fashion, cute things tend to be very sweet people... but you have way too many who are not who soil our niche communities be it Alternative fashion, gaming,  anime..etc to the point it is hard to say who is what. If she doesn't take the time to recognize  her faults and work hard to correct them, and go and apologize to the people she may have hurt... she will continue to be called out and cut off till she will have no friend or fan left. And now she is on Twitch... good luck!
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  12. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Momotokio   

     Like the phoenix I rise from the ashes... hello everyone. Did you miss me? Ever so often I will glean through the forum from time to time and read and boy... some of these threads do not disappoint. First and foremost, let me greet the star of her own show...hello Momo and welcome to PULL. Now that I have gotten past the pleasantries, I have quite a bit to say. Momo...years ago a friend of mine introduced me to your channel, she thought I would really enjoy your content because of my love for all things kawaii. And for the most part she was right. I loved your choice in music, your soft spoken nature, and the great things you find that you were willing to share. In the beginning of this thread you'd note I had nothing bad to say about you... however...*flex*
     Jealous,are we? Peasants, are we? Hm... not a mean girl you say? A soft, nice girl who stands up for yourself,eh? Hm... Interesting. Nice girls don't make fun of those who are "less fortunate"... and definitely don't turn their noses down at those deeming them peasants. Tsk tsk tsk tsk...Shame. You say we make up assumptions about your character yet you came here and assume ours. How does that make you better? It's interesting that anyone who does not agree with you, or someone who calls you out on your nasty nice behavior has to be obsessed with you, jealous of you, wanting to be you, and are poor. Wouldn't the best course of action being in proving us wrong about you, by oh...not being nasty?
     Aside from your plastic baubles,gaudy makeup and tech you will simply discard when you've grown bored of it or the next newest thing comes out... what do you give to the world outside of aesthetic? You are a very shallow person that you measure someone's worth over what money they have or don't have, or material things. You are incredibly vain and after what you have displayed here you have zero redeeming qualities about you that make me believe you have an ounce of intelligence yet alone genuine compassion. You attack us with great vitriol spouting how your life is so much better than ours and all we have are 2010 Nokia phones and this website... however..how fulfilled can you be that you would hop off your "throne" to argue with a bunch of "peasants"?
     You are a detriment to your own success... many of us here were once people who followed your SM because we liked your content, but when you unsheathed your claws and showed your true colors, your glamour had worn off and what we beheld is a vapid womanchild, with an air of arrogance that suffocates the room about her, whose sole identity therein lies in manufactured goods that will break down and decay with time. Outside of your things, who are you?. I don't have to call you out of your name to express what a disappointment you are, and how unoriginal your clap backs are. Same recycled insults you lay into with every woman you have an altercation with that echoes back to people being jealous of your worldly consumerism. If that is all you have to show for yourself, honey that really isn't much. You lead a very empty existence and that is nothing to envy.
     But if it does your spirit good to sit back with your faux confidence with your chest puffed out while you have a tantrum thinking, you are so much more better than us in every inconceivable way, then bless. Hold onto that feeling with all your might, because you are a very sad woman... ugly spirited...empty headed and fraudulent. If you take issue with what all we have said... prove us wrong... be the better person.. spread all this "love and light" you took the time to copypasta for us to read. *jumps off soapbox*
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  13. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I think seeing this on lolcow made me despise her even more.

    From what I understand he was only 16. 16 years old. There is more than one kind of way of being perverse, and she is a very vile and perverted woman. There is a right way to handle things and for her to broadcast all of this so nonchalantly it perplexes me how she thinks any of this is okay. And yes the planning of her vacation is incredibly sus considering she made that gofundme. I'm sorry I just don't like her. I can find no redeeming qualities about her and she continues to show her true face with each passing week. And I will ask this since I haven't seen anyone talk about it.. but Twitch...whatever happen to that??
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  14. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Hello all. Missed me? Probably not. lol.. Joking aside.. I have tried to keep up and.. well.... I .... will not hold back.
     It amazes me... how this woman can make just about anything.. and everything about her. Everything. The sky being blue, why other girls enjoy Lolita fashion, to cartoon characters for Disney or art for graphic novels.. somehow.. the universe blessed her to be the center of its being. I am so sickened by her. I didn't think I could lose what respect I had for her but I am just beyond disgusted. Somehow.. her cousin passing away is why she talks about her depression and why she feels she is an advocate. I understand and empathize that everyone grieves differently but what I don't respect is how she posts his photos and other personal things related to him without thinking that maybe... Austin didn't want to be made an example. Maybe he didn't want his pain on display. What about his family? His parents?
     At least give him the dignity this poor boy deserves, but she's made this about her. She might be sad but not enough to not exploit his funeral, his struggle with depression to turn the attention on herself to make it about her suffering. As if stealing her father's ashes and painting a fucked up painting of herself as an emo clown wasn't bad enough... now she does this. And then to learn the videos are monetized??? I don't have a nice thing to say about her. If the videos were done tastefully without coming across about herself and if I felt she got the families' permission which I highly doubt. It feels attention whoreish, selfish and just sleezy. My heart goes out to the young man who is no longer here, I don't claim to know his story but I feel like his story and legacy deserves, no demands more respect from his family member than this.  Kelly is certifiable. Her issues go beyond depression or bipolar or whatever else she is claiming to be these days. She is a depraved person with no consideration for other people's personal pains or feelings. I've lost words. My condolences to his family.
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  15. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Careful. You trying to correct her on anything means you're trying to be a gatekeeper. She hates "call out culture". You're offending her by trying to say that since she can't say the words properly you're calling her a fake nerd, which is SEXIST because she is an attractive woman. Shame.on.you.
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