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  1. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I think seeing this on lolcow made me despise her even more.

    From what I understand he was only 16. 16 years old. There is more than one kind of way of being perverse, and she is a very vile and perverted woman. There is a right way to handle things and for her to broadcast all of this so nonchalantly it perplexes me how she thinks any of this is okay. And yes the planning of her vacation is incredibly sus considering she made that gofundme. I'm sorry I just don't like her. I can find no redeeming qualities about her and she continues to show her true face with each passing week. And I will ask this since I haven't seen anyone talk about it.. but Twitch...whatever happen to that??
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  2. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Hello all. Missed me? Probably not. lol.. Joking aside.. I have tried to keep up and.. well.... I .... will not hold back.
     It amazes me... how this woman can make just about anything.. and everything about her. Everything. The sky being blue, why other girls enjoy Lolita fashion, to cartoon characters for Disney or art for graphic novels.. somehow.. the universe blessed her to be the center of its being. I am so sickened by her. I didn't think I could lose what respect I had for her but I am just beyond disgusted. Somehow.. her cousin passing away is why she talks about her depression and why she feels she is an advocate. I understand and empathize that everyone grieves differently but what I don't respect is how she posts his photos and other personal things related to him without thinking that maybe... Austin didn't want to be made an example. Maybe he didn't want his pain on display. What about his family? His parents?
     At least give him the dignity this poor boy deserves, but she's made this about her. She might be sad but not enough to not exploit his funeral, his struggle with depression to turn the attention on herself to make it about her suffering. As if stealing her father's ashes and painting a fucked up painting of herself as an emo clown wasn't bad enough... now she does this. And then to learn the videos are monetized??? I don't have a nice thing to say about her. If the videos were done tastefully without coming across about herself and if I felt she got the families' permission which I highly doubt. It feels attention whoreish, selfish and just sleezy. My heart goes out to the young man who is no longer here, I don't claim to know his story but I feel like his story and legacy deserves, no demands more respect from his family member than this.  Kelly is certifiable. Her issues go beyond depression or bipolar or whatever else she is claiming to be these days. She is a depraved person with no consideration for other people's personal pains or feelings. I've lost words. My condolences to his family.
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  3. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Careful. You trying to correct her on anything means you're trying to be a gatekeeper. She hates "call out culture". You're offending her by trying to say that since she can't say the words properly you're calling her a fake nerd, which is SEXIST because she is an attractive woman. Shame.on.you.
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  4. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

      Perhaps I should add that I said most not all. To a lot of people they would find her photos provocative, genius, grotesque depending on who it is. I mean...it's not new to me since... I've seen stuff like Naked Lunch. (If you have not seen the film it is trippy lol). Just putting into perspective that... for a person who may have never seen anything like it before... they would find her revolutionary. A lot of people vibed with Melanie Martinez before the allegations.. and even you find there are more who still do, you know what I mean? I try to put myself in other people's place to better be able to sympathize or even empathize, and I imagine a lot of people who discovered GG, might have had trauma, depression and were in such awe of her. Again before PULL I never knew anything about her myself.
    I'm basing it off of what I read here in the earlier pages and what was expressed throughout after her "suicide". She seemed to have resonated with a lot of people and those people were moved by what she wrote and what she posted. In hindsight it might seem foolish, but to a lot of people she was unique, artistic and captivating.
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  5. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Same reason she can't say Kawaii, Menhera, Yume, and why she calls Comic Con Comi Con
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  6. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Feel free. And I've seen far darker but to a lot of people her brand is considered creepy/grotesque. Her art was dark  but... I've seen stuff that pushed beyond art into.. something else via tumblr.
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  7. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Most anything she relates to fandom deals more with Star Wars, Final Fantasy and anime. I'd love to know what this emergency is too.
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  8. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

     I've wanted to say something for so long, but didn't have words.  I knew nothing of the person named plaaastic/GG until curiosity made me hop into her thread. Her persona carried with it a massive presence, one that garnered so much favor and praise. She was exalted on high and I wanted to know the reason. I saw her instagram and I just thought WHOA! Here are my thoughts...
    GG/Plaaastic dared to tread where most of us dared not. She drew you into her crazy dark labyrinth of despair, solitude, lust, inner demons through her photos. The things she illustrated bordered on genius and being grotesque, but it was the fact it was so grotesque people wanted more. Humanity on a larger scale tries to deny those not-so happier, "lighter" aspects of our being, whereas she not only exposed it but embraced that part of herself.
     Try as we might, the world is not all sunshine and rainbows. It can be cold, empty, lonely, unfair, nightmarish. Paired with her photos is the story of her life she visibly shared, the open vulnerability she expressed to her followers only deepened that connection, that allure. From one time or another we've all been hurt, some of us abused, used, many more suffer from depression and suicide, some recovering from addictions. Her whole "existence" encompassed the human condition, the broken, tormented psyche. It embodied struggle and worldly pain. She was essentially the Every Man/Every Woman. She knew what it was like to go hungry, not having enough money for food or shelter. She knew what it felt like to be an outcast, to be abused, used.  She understood the struggle of self-identity and the scrutiny of not being "normal". She struggled with addiction, body issues, food disorders,sexuality,mental health, suicidal thoughts. She even understood privilege and how having more than those around you can make you feel both blessed and crappy at the same time. By some measure..anyone  could relate to her.
    Looking at her, many saw reflections of themselves. It made her pain more tangible... more deeply felt. Especially for those who truly suffered in the ways she claimed she had. It was easy to fall in love with her because she appeared humble,  sincere, kind, open, and despite all the hell she went through, somehow she stayed resilient. People looked to her as the example. "If GG can get through all of that, then I can get through it too!". So..when it looked as though she lost the fight... it sent a seismic wave through her community.  Her "death" was like losing a best friend or soul mate. Can you imagine the implications? Some who looked up to her for motivation.. to keep going... probably forfeited their own lives as a result. It's messed up to think about, but a lot of these influencers don't realize how powerful their influence is.. or they know full well which is why they abuse it so much. I couldn't fathom the idea of people killing themselves over me thinking I was dead when I'm perfectly fine. Yet she knew the kind of people who followed her.
     It's what makes this so depraved. She used the love people had for her to capitalize off of their suffering. Their suffering was apart of her
    "art".$ad $ells. It's sick. She manifested this persona based off of the turmoil and struggles others have for attention and money. She never gave a piss about the people around her who were devoted to her cause and what she stood for. She let the lie linger on for so long and she sat back and watched it all unfold.  She watched, waited, and continued to live her life as she pleased while those mourning her were left lost and empty. She watched and took delight at the chaos and division among her followers ensued when some said she wasn't dead and others freaking out, lashed out at the deniers calling them everything but a Child of God.  Even I was heartbroken hearing she had passed and I was not a follower/fan of hers.
    It cuts a lot of people deeply because of how much they were invested in her... a lot of energy given to her. Time, effort wasted on a deceiver. She has no remorse or guilt over any of it which is evident in her blaming everything, everyone else and continuing to lie to keep up this terrible facade. Even so low as to lie on her friend who can't even speak English. Whoever the real hacker was, we should be grateful to because at least now knowing some can be at ease...all in all... this was really sick.
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  9. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    It's nice you can give her the benefit of the doubt but she often misspells even the most basic words and doesn't try to correct herself. And I don't think she'll be able to borrow anyone's badge... it seems security is tight from what I hear....it'd have to have her name on it for entry. So if she didn't bother buying her badge in advance... well.. sucks to be her.
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  10. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    ... I have so many things I want to say.. but I'll point out the obvious... she's a "real gamer girl nerd" but doesn't know it's Comic Con, not Comi Con??? At first I was thinking typo but she keeps spelling it that way. Secondly... this freeloading heiffer won't even buy her own pass but expects someone to lend her theirs and she won't even monetarily compensate?? With all her sponsorships, splitting the cost of living with a roommate, youtube revenue PLUS Patreon... you mean to cheapen out on not getting your own damn badge?! ..... I'm going to hush now before I go off.
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  11. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    O__O .... I watched it the whole way through *sadly* the first time and now I can hear it. ...Damn. lol.I wonder if it was directed at her, if it was.. yikes.  However that confirmed... why be concerned over the opinion of one person? A person you don't know? If that broke her heart...is she really ready to handle criticism on twitch? Her whiteknights will only be able to do so much.
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  12. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    The controllers I don't mind...but her review was garbage. You're a "gamer girl" but don't know what a d-pad is? Her word description was repetitive with her using "satisfying" almost every 10 seconds ....and her last sentence at the end thinking people call her a fake gamer girl for liking pastel/ "KAHWHYEE" things humored me. Nobody thinks you're a fake gamer girl for liking pastels... a lot of people think you're a fake gamer girl for everything else.
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  13. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

     And has she started streaming yet? I don't understand how you basically got an expensive.. damn near $3k gaming hookup... had your friends help set it up.... and you've not streamed yet. I don't care much for alienware given in the past their products were looks>> performance but hell if I got a free setup like hers I'd be gaming like crazy. She literally has no excuse. Also..her Fatther's Day post.. just made me cringe. Considering how she took half of his ashes to paint a grotesque abomination she calls "art" and then the thumbs up in front of his urn....that is not edgy. Not cool, not respectful. It's heinous, disturbed, and borders on perversion. Who plays with their deceased loved ones ashes?? She has mental illness alright, but the ones she has cannot be glamorized like "depression".
     I truly do believe she has mental illness but as I've said before.. I think if she went to a real therapist to be diagnosed and they saw content like that.... tch... she'd be labeled as other things that wouldn't be considered "quirky". The way she tries to get attention is unhealthy... very unhealthy. If she is not trying to be an edgelord by desecrating her father's remains, she acts hyper-sexual in her tweets, instagram posts, and videos. Her constant histrionics when in public is not cute. I'd be embarrassed hanging out with her. You can be silly and energetic without being a nuisance and causing a scene. She has no self awareness or common sense. It's insanity. The very definition of which is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.
     Also.. I'm going to be real. The more I look at Kelly's friendship dynamic... she becomes truly transparent. Kelly is very insecure, while many of us relate, she takes it to extremes. I'm not talking plastic surgery. I noticed.. a good chunk of her female friends are much taller than her,making her appear like the smol bean. She also likes to put emphasis on the fact she is short in almost everything she does.  I'm short but I don't need to remind people of it everyday all day. I noticed this when Toxic Tears and her boyfriend came to visit. TT wears her insecurities on her sleeve, especially over her weight gain. I found it bizarre... that the self-proclaimed pastel princess was posting in excess on her instagram photoshoots of her "gothic" attire, which to me looked more like fetish wear but you know. How she got TT's boyfriend to help film her lookbook wearing "gothic" inspired outfits and her shaking her pancake ass at the camera trying to be "funny".
     The pictures she and TT took together made Toxic so upset she had a breakdown while there. I wasn't blind or stupid. I saw through Kelly's bullshit. It was deliberate to make herself appear more attractive than TT because she was jealous. Kelly is a jealous, conniving hater. She sizes herself up and compares herself to other women especially her friends. It's why she is moody all the time about being single. It pisses her off and confuses her that the women around her are either married or in long term relationships who she lowkey feels she is superior to. She can't fathom it. She tries to come off as the most cutesy, super feminine, "petite" of the bunch to make herself seem better and prettier. It was also why she was salty when going to Renfest with Phi, Steph and her husband and made those comments.  While trying to befriend people she thinks are inferior to her, it backfires on her fragile ego because they have significant others and she is a lonely Bitter Betty. It's childish and pitiful.  But these are just my opinions through observation.
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  14. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    In my opinion, looking at those candids, though surprising...had I not known the crumb bum things she's done I would think she is a likeable person. Looks like she was having a funny conversation and in a lot of her club photos she seems really friendly. Not the most flattering photos  but she looks approachable. It makes me go back to the time she was dating Austin and I said she is probably a lot of fun to be around and probably has a good sense of humor. I think once you get beyond that and see the really messed up parts of her personality her charm dies hard and fast. I don't care much for that outfit simply because she looks like she is burning up! I'd feel like I was set ablaze in all that black in that summer heat. x__x
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  15. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    .......... I know some of you have been wondering why I've said nothing in days....the simple answer?? There is too much and nothing I can say. One thing I'll say in her defense.. if there were people violating her personal space, touching her without permission, I don't care how much I dislike her nobody deserves to be disrespected like that... guy or girl that is unacceptable. There is misogyny in the gaming community that cannot be denied, I've even had some guys salty that I defeated them in combat try to say I wasn't really a girl and claiming I was a guy playing a girl character because.. I guess the thought of losing to someone with two X-chromosomes bruised their delicate ego. According to their logic a real girl couldn't be better than them at videogames.  #logic
     However... I feel... a lot of her experience... omitting the touching incident..was exaggerated. I feel a lot of her apprehension and uneasiness stemmed from her not getting the reception or praise she thought she would get, tied in with the fact people stared at them but.. like.. I saw what they wore and I would have stared like this---> if I had seen those three coming my direction.  Honestly they were overdressed and underdressed at the exact same  time. It was no wonder they were hot! People were probably staring more so at the fact their attire choices were so.. bizarre. They were not in cosplay, their clothes looked incredibly uncomfortable given the season and weather, let's just be real.. they dressed the way they did to be seen. Hell watching the video made me feel like I was smoldering in intense heat. Kelly FYI... wearing a long wig or a wig in general is going to make you feel 20x times hotter, wearing a pound of cake batter on your face will also make you sweat.
     I would also think with all the cons she's been through she would think to keep a water bottle handy so she could keep hydrated. It's E3 one of the most anticipated events in gaming, of course it will be crowded you dink! I also couldn't stand her hypocrisy. You felt judged and objectified at E3 but had no qualms objectifying/fetishizing an Asian male at Little Tokyo because you "had such a bad day" and just like your Sephiroth collectible... you deserve it.
     This was my first time seeing Envy in action and... boy howdy...still waters don't run deep. All three collectively were grating, between complaining about everything, them being loud and attention seeking but acting like they don't understand why maybe some were staring at them or made some offhanded comments. Not justifying all of it, but to be honest them not seeming to know how to use indoor voices and acting loud and crazy doesn't help you to blend in.  It annoys me so much how entitled she acts but I suspect it's due to upbringing and the fact her gal pals cosign it and are willing participants mutes or nullifies all self-awareness. They slayed my soul pretending to be faux deep and spiritual.
     I watched her second E3 video... this time she was dressed more appropriately and Phi was there and ugh. Phi please... don't do it. I actually like you.. please don't lose yourself in this madness. Her lameassiest excuse about being piss poor  at playing Nier confirms what I've said all along. She is a bandwagoner who piggybacks off of fandoms. She will read, watch, or play so much of something.. enough to appear to be knowledgeable or a fan and when called out she gets defensive and makes excuses. She was ass at the game because she barely played to complete it. She embarrassed herself. Her claiming some guys called her a fake nerd... why didn't she capture that on film? To me it sounds more like insecurity because she is trying so hard to convince us and herself she is a real gamer girl nerd and she has no clue what the hell she is doing.
     She tries to inject herself into "alternative" communities i.e lolita,anime, videogames, larp..etc.. to feel special, unique, but she comes off elitist, fake af, and awkward. If these are things you love, you shouldn't give a damn if a group of men you don't know at a con call you a fake nerd. It bothers her and continues to bother her because she wants to be an Albino-Nigri clone without appearing to be so. She wants all the perks without effort. She cannot handle that not everyone is going to bow before her and worship her as their anime waifu queen and the more she exposes her ugly attitude the more followers/sponsorships she risks losing. She is not "depressed"...she is lazy. She is not "oppressed", she is fake.  She wasn't even into Kingdom Hearts now all the sudden "Sora is her pure boy, her son". GTFOH.
     I cannot stress this enough.. if a few comments at a gaming convention brought her down, she better think twice before streaming. Fake nerd is polite compared to the things I've seen some people have been called. As for those antlers, not surprised. Quite a few pages ago a person talked about buying something off of her depop and the slimy way Kelly acted. Plus I find it funny... she still wears that pink studded jacket she has up for depop claiming hardly used and put that Hello Kitty microwave in her studio that is still up for sale. The girl is a hot mess. I've typed more than enough in one post, feel free to disagree with my observations or add yours. /endpost
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