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  1. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    In my opinion, looking at those candids, though surprising...had I not known the crumb bum things she's done I would think she is a likeable person. Looks like she was having a funny conversation and in a lot of her club photos she seems really friendly. Not the most flattering photos  but she looks approachable. It makes me go back to the time she was dating Austin and I said she is probably a lot of fun to be around and probably has a good sense of humor. I think once you get beyond that and see the really messed up parts of her personality her charm dies hard and fast. I don't care much for that outfit simply because she looks like she is burning up! I'd feel like I was set ablaze in all that black in that summer heat. x__x
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  2. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    .......... I know some of you have been wondering why I've said nothing in days....the simple answer?? There is too much and nothing I can say. One thing I'll say in her defense.. if there were people violating her personal space, touching her without permission, I don't care how much I dislike her nobody deserves to be disrespected like that... guy or girl that is unacceptable. There is misogyny in the gaming community that cannot be denied, I've even had some guys salty that I defeated them in combat try to say I wasn't really a girl and claiming I was a guy playing a girl character because.. I guess the thought of losing to someone with two X-chromosomes bruised their delicate ego. According to their logic a real girl couldn't be better than them at videogames.  #logic
     However... I feel... a lot of her experience... omitting the touching incident..was exaggerated. I feel a lot of her apprehension and uneasiness stemmed from her not getting the reception or praise she thought she would get, tied in with the fact people stared at them but.. like.. I saw what they wore and I would have stared like this---> if I had seen those three coming my direction.  Honestly they were overdressed and underdressed at the exact same  time. It was no wonder they were hot! People were probably staring more so at the fact their attire choices were so.. bizarre. They were not in cosplay, their clothes looked incredibly uncomfortable given the season and weather, let's just be real.. they dressed the way they did to be seen. Hell watching the video made me feel like I was smoldering in intense heat. Kelly FYI... wearing a long wig or a wig in general is going to make you feel 20x times hotter, wearing a pound of cake batter on your face will also make you sweat.
     I would also think with all the cons she's been through she would think to keep a water bottle handy so she could keep hydrated. It's E3 one of the most anticipated events in gaming, of course it will be crowded you dink! I also couldn't stand her hypocrisy. You felt judged and objectified at E3 but had no qualms objectifying/fetishizing an Asian male at Little Tokyo because you "had such a bad day" and just like your Sephiroth collectible... you deserve it.
     This was my first time seeing Envy in action and... boy howdy...still waters don't run deep. All three collectively were grating, between complaining about everything, them being loud and attention seeking but acting like they don't understand why maybe some were staring at them or made some offhanded comments. Not justifying all of it, but to be honest them not seeming to know how to use indoor voices and acting loud and crazy doesn't help you to blend in.  It annoys me so much how entitled she acts but I suspect it's due to upbringing and the fact her gal pals cosign it and are willing participants mutes or nullifies all self-awareness. They slayed my soul pretending to be faux deep and spiritual.
     I watched her second E3 video... this time she was dressed more appropriately and Phi was there and ugh. Phi please... don't do it. I actually like you.. please don't lose yourself in this madness. Her lameassiest excuse about being piss poor  at playing Nier confirms what I've said all along. She is a bandwagoner who piggybacks off of fandoms. She will read, watch, or play so much of something.. enough to appear to be knowledgeable or a fan and when called out she gets defensive and makes excuses. She was ass at the game because she barely played to complete it. She embarrassed herself. Her claiming some guys called her a fake nerd... why didn't she capture that on film? To me it sounds more like insecurity because she is trying so hard to convince us and herself she is a real gamer girl nerd and she has no clue what the hell she is doing.
     She tries to inject herself into "alternative" communities i.e lolita,anime, videogames, larp..etc.. to feel special, unique, but she comes off elitist, fake af, and awkward. If these are things you love, you shouldn't give a damn if a group of men you don't know at a con call you a fake nerd. It bothers her and continues to bother her because she wants to be an Albino-Nigri clone without appearing to be so. She wants all the perks without effort. She cannot handle that not everyone is going to bow before her and worship her as their anime waifu queen and the more she exposes her ugly attitude the more followers/sponsorships she risks losing. She is not "depressed"...she is lazy. She is not "oppressed", she is fake.  She wasn't even into Kingdom Hearts now all the sudden "Sora is her pure boy, her son". GTFOH.
     I cannot stress this enough.. if a few comments at a gaming convention brought her down, she better think twice before streaming. Fake nerd is polite compared to the things I've seen some people have been called. As for those antlers, not surprised. Quite a few pages ago a person talked about buying something off of her depop and the slimy way Kelly acted. Plus I find it funny... she still wears that pink studded jacket she has up for depop claiming hardly used and put that Hello Kitty microwave in her studio that is still up for sale. The girl is a hot mess. I've typed more than enough in one post, feel free to disagree with my observations or add yours. /endpost
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  3. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Your boy Kelly is at it again, compliments of lolcow:

     It seems like it's okay for her to geek out over something but when others show enthusiasm somehow it's obnoxious. I'll continue to reiterate it... the reason she is so snotty and defensive over being labeled a fake gamer/nerd is because she knows it and hates the fact she is bad at concealing it. When I saw her Alienware setup and one screen had CCS as its background I facepalmed. She only recently started to watch it... and I doubt highly she watched much (only enough to pretend to be a fan) and now she is dickriding another fandom. What I cannot stand most is that she acts like an originator.. an OG fan to get clout while others who show genuine passion she tries to police and stomp out of said fandom as if it's only something sacred and special for her. She needs to knock it off. You're not the only moon princess or pink lady out there Kelly.
     She's childish as fuck.  And going forward, if she starts to do Twitch streaming regularly... she better learn to humble herself. Her cattiness, chronic bitchfests, tantrums, and moan sessions won't get her anywhere. If she comes into the gaming community thinking she is the shit and cannot take constructive criticism..tch... girl if you got butthurt over the Lolitas getting on your case... you won't survive the jolly stomping you'll get if you piss off gamers. Male or female won't matter... they will rip her a new one. Kelly you're just a passenger on this train... don't try to drive it...
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  4. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    She got an entire PR box of clothing from creepstreet for free a little last year. It was a huge box, damn near their whole store. She got their bodysuits, t-shirts, crop sweaters, etc... took a couple of badly shopped photos wearing the items then deleted the pictures. She probably either sold them when she had no money... only conclusion I can think of.
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  5. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    My heart breaks a little each time I see Toshi. It's obvious from my perspective he is more her accessory than her companion. Then again...all the people in her life are her accessories to cater around her aesthetic . It's why I'm concerned for Phi. Phi is her new "exotic" friend. Phi cosplays, crossplays, LARPS, is apart of the LGBT, multilingual, charismatic and naturally pretty. Already Kelly's following has become smitten with Phi which is apparent when they vlog together and I can tell, Kelly is intimidated. Phi is just being herself, it's cute when she gets excited over things like the cheese balls and Black Barbie dolls because she is being genuine. Phi if you read this, I'd so buy you a black barbie doll and big container of cheese balls(they are yum). lol
     Honestly, she is a breath of fresh air, but I see how Kelly talks to her and treats her and it pisses me off.She is a control freak, condescending, selfish, and borderline obsessive. Phi has only been in her life for 2 months or so and she is already painting this narrative that they are BFFs, Even trying to dictate what Phi can buy with her own damn money! I'm like bitch... if Phi wants to buy Fiber One bars let her! Your tacky, stankin ass can buy a $600 microwave but you gripe over what others do with their money? Where does she get off? Phi is not her child, her girlfriend, or her boyfriend..at minimum they are friends. If she talks and treats her roommate like that it must be hell being in a relationship with her. It'd be something different if she said "Phi, you're on a budget girl, think before you buy that".  That didn't seem to be the case at all.
     Whatever Kelly wants, she gets. She is surrounded by enablers which is why she behaves like a giant spoiled brat. Her friends hardly tell her no, her followers encourage her to be like that by worshiping her blindly and thinking it's "cute and quirky" when it's not. I don't want her grooming Phi and I feel that Phi does at times have her guard up which is good, because if she starts to cave in.. she is fucked. Kelly will start to dictate her every action, every thought, every choice. Will tell her what hair color she can have, what she is allowed to wear... I mean come on.. the matching pajamas? It could have been a cute idea if they were and had been friends a long time, but they barely know each other. While Kelly pretends to share the same interests, Phi clearly has her own style and preferences.She doesn't really ask her opinion, just forces her own on her.
    I've said it once before and I'll say it again... Kelly does not like sharing the limelight. She is the type to offer you some of her sandwich but instead of giving you half she only gives you the ends and tells you to your face it's equal portions though she still gets the whole sandwich. She put Phi into the spotlight but now she is getting too much shine and it unnerves her. Phi... if ever your finances allow it, try to get your own place or a better roommate ASAP. I don't know.. I get this... horrible feeling the longer she is with Kelly, Phi might end up getting hurt...
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  6. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    She probably thought you were trying to "call her out" but of what I saw of your post you weren't pointing fingers at her. You were speaking in general because you have the SweetMomoCosplays, the Emirus, the Jessica Nigris. It struck a nerve because deep down she knows she is no different. She can't be a Kat von D or a Candy Johnson, she's a washed up groupie with no sense of self or purpose, she has a need for attention and to get "easy money" so she tried to wiggle her way into niche communities to get street cred but she makes herself look like an entitled, ignorant ass. And her peddling her wishlist, trying to get her fans to buy her stuff when she admitted to being "financially stable" is heinous. She can't stream because she is... DEPRESSED.
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  7. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Ohhh.. that was you? ... Well you didn't lie. She's a triggered buttplug.
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  8. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

     I'm not going to roast you if still like her. I just frankly can't stomach her anymore due to how she treats people and how she bastardizes while romanticizing mental illness, fashion and fandoms. I didn't always dislike Kelly, in fact I thought she was pretty and chill. Overtime her true colors started to show and I went from disappointed to disgusted. Again.. stealing your father's ashes, desecrating them for a shitty painting to be edgy...... I just... ugh. But some things she finds is cute.. you can draw upon inspiration.. but her attitude is garbage.
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  9. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    It's tragic. Her best bet is to marry an old blind man with some money and desperation. He won't care if she is edited or not.
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  10. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    So.... .... her surgeries were sponsored.. and she gave a promo code??? Hm... .And then Jake... Toxic Tear's boyfriend is acting like a thirstbucket on her twitter. I always had an inkling that one of the reasons TT's breakdown while visiting in L.A. was because Kelly flirted and played upon her insecurities flaunting in front of him like the Grade A Skank she is. She hasn't done a fashion lookbook since. I could be wrong, but so far she continues to prove me right.
    The other big kek when it comes to those diet teas is that some of them she tried selling on her depop.
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  11. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    She was talking bad about them recently???
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  12. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Kelly.. WHAT.THE.FUCK?! ..... How in the hell can she still have fans when she admitted she stole half of her father's ashes and used them in a shitty painting?! That is depraved and gross.
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  13. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Did I strike a nerve...or nah??? Courtesy lolcow:

    They didn't lie tho?

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  14. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    She wouldn't cut it as a sugar baby. I don't know from personal experience but things I've read... you not only need to be ambitious, intelligent, put together... but also learn discretion. Discretion is super key in that kind of dynamic especially if said men are either A. married (don't condone but it happens) B. High profile/business men, C. that person is private.Her constant need to broadcast in order to flaunt, be on fleek is her Achilles heel to the things she wants. She is so ass-backwards.
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  15. Raindrop Cake added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Time will tell...
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