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  1. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Girl, don't you know? She is the richest, hottest gamer girl! Her photos are hot commodity. Girls everywhere are going to be using her pictures to catfish simps because they are jealous and poor and too ugly to get guys on their own.
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  2. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Both. lol. She can't seem to help herself. It's almost a compulsion for her to start some one-sided war with a girl who happens to be a gamer who happens to like the color pink, angelic, kawaii aesthetic and she assumes they want to be her. Or she will get into with someone and start using derogatory slurs at people and go on about how jealous  they are of her and how everyone is poor. Same old toxic cycle.
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  3. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    I give her a week... and I am being generous.
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  4. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

      I don't think it's fraud. I won't go that far. Based on a bit of personal experience.. they cut me off after an extensive hospital visit. They called me and asked if I had any other form of insurance and when I said they were my sole insurance through my parent....they said right then and there that because of that they were going to terminate me being on their insurance. They didn't want the high costs and having to foot the whole bill. So her insurance probably did something similar. Don't even get me started on Jeffree Starr... but it's no wonder she is how she is with so many problematic people she kisses ass to. And the answer as to why she can't get a job, is because she doesn't want a normal job. That sort of thing is beneath her. Fame is a drug, a powerful one. And when she was at her peak she was gulping it down like she had been in a dry desert for 4 years.
     She really thought she would have been able to sustain the amount of followers and views she had but, she couldn't. She was getting some pretty decent money, I wouldn't say rich but.. she was definitely doing pretty well with all the expensive stuff she used to buy. She was like a little kid in a candy store. She had no real concept of money with the way she spent it back then, and didn't invest anything. She feels she is too famous for regular labor and is drawn to that "fast, easy" money. But.. with no one buying her Only Fans.... I guess all she has is sponsorships...
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  5. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

     For context, someone on Guru Gossip took that screenshot. Mind you she is hoping Jeffree Star will donate money to her, however it wasn't long ago she quit the part time job she had... and decided to start her Only Fans... and according to a poster there.. the last few palettes he made Manda talked smack about ... so some are convinced she is using her recent Cancer scare to get money... I would hope if she does get the money it goes towards bills, however given this is Manda and due to past b.s. where she would exploit a family illness/affliction for personal gain i.e. her mother's cancer battle, using her fans to get them to vote to get her brother's teeth (he won thanks to them)... this could be another means of her trying to get money for something not so... morally right... we'll see..I will say that I am glad that the lump turned out not to be cancerous.
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  6. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Do you know more about that situation? I just wonder because who takes care of him when clearly she doesn't?
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  7. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Look again cuz. lol. The pastel pigeon has flown the coop once again... her twitter is gone or she switched handles.
    She proves my point, she is a coward. She will talk big and bad but when she gets called out she runs away until she thinks the coast is clear to start her fuckery again.... she will stay offline for a bit.. but for how long?
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  8. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Compliments of GG getting this.. I am just gonna drop this right here....

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  9. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

      Damn the site went down just as I was about to comment on those slew of screenshots.. but.. luckily I got time today. Since I know she reads here, read this. Haley, you are a coward. You are a bully, delusional and narcissistic. You're not that original as evident by your redundant racist, ableist, body shaming, poor shaming, sexist insults you constantly regurgitate in order to demean others to cover up your own shortcomings. She is the equivalent of sweet cream laced with arsenic. On the surface it seems unassuming, safe, maybe even enticing but once you ingest it, it's toxic. She is so ignorant, tacky, brazen, crass and nasty. Used to be when I followed her I thought how she decorated her room, phones were cute but as time wore on I realized she had no real substance.
     She is shallow, vain, and a creep.She has no redeeming qualities and while there was a sliver of hope I had that she would be humbled and re-evaluate how she treats people around her, she continues on with her antics. Of course she will go on a twitter spree about "jealous" females (I hate that phrasing from her, makes her sound like an incel) without saying who or what because she doesn't want to out this page for people to see how she truly is. She thinks by de-activating and changing handles is going to disguise her shitty behavior and.. had she been smart it would have worked, but the fact she deletes everything and repeats the same exact behavior just proves she has the I.Q. of a kumquat.
     20 phones, a closet of wigs, and shelves of plastic baubles is all she can show for herself. She is in an unhappy marriage, has a dysfunctional side piece, and no real friends... she never talks about her child... so I am guessing that relationship is also nonexistent. She continues to burn bridges, and acts like a mean girl but when people call her out she is a victim who wants to cry and acts as though everyone else is being mean to her and she is this soft uwu princess who doesn't do anything wrong. 11/10 she is the aggressor in every situation and it sickens me she wants to hold no accountability. She is really a sad individual and her insecurities continue to show. If she had hoped to become some sort of  e-celebrity, ship has sailed for that... as she loses followers she will grow in infamy.
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  10. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    I guess a zebra can't change its stripes. It sure didn't take her long to come out of hiding. She loves the attention and although she tries so hard to disguise her nasty behavior, like an itch she can't help but scratch she shows everyone her true colors. If she was hoping to grow a following, at her rate she will only grow in infamy.
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  11. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    I don't get how she walks around like her crap doesn't stink when she leaves behind a long trail with all of her antics. I don't know who or what told her she was the second coming but she needs to get it together because it's all downhill from here. The more people she screws over, especially within the gaming community people will talk... and loudly... she will find herself not being able to make friends or find anyone wanting to play Overwatch and stuff with unless the poor soul/simp doesn't do their research on Momosoftkittybunnie or whatever pseudo kawaii name she is now first.
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  12. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Okay so.. this is the second post.. I am sorry if none of this info is in chronological order I am trying to remember all of her shenanigans but there is just too much to unpack so.. forgive me. lol
    Flew out to California to get her first tattoo and went to Disneyland with her mom which she most shopped, didn't go on any rides in her vlogs.Spent $300 on said tattoo but when one of her rats was sick and dying made a post talking about believing in God's Will and that she wouldn't be spending money to get her pet surgery on a lump it had.Shills for questionable companies for money, and had an app that she wanted her fans to buy for $1.99.When fans said they wanted to support her but couldn't she went on a rant about people not wanting to buy the shady app from an unknown Chinese company.When receiving prezzie mail from fans, typically shows ungratefulness if the items are not expensive or if she has the item already and has even made jokes at some of the gifts she has received.Like most influensters sells her PR for $$$. Has a pair of Bambi themed Irregular choice flats she got for free on sale on her poshmark for full price.Admits to putting a tracking app on her fiance's phone and tried to justify it by saying it is in case he goes missing or an emergency, which seems to mask insecurity.Through a sponsored video got a custom ring made that she said she would use as her wedding/engagement ring despite her fiance having already gotten her an engagement ring which people saw as bad taste... she doesn't seem to where that sponsored ring since  Will make passive aggressive responses to things posted on Guru Gossip about her showing proof she reads her threads.Can't seem to keep friends very long, but her only other real companion/friend is Angel another youtuber who I think used to go by Pastel Cutie but is now Dollhouse (I don't remember, sorry)During her peak following when she generated a lot of revenue, she would do expensive hauls spending on brands like Jeffree Star, Dose Of Colors, PUR Cosmetics, etc which people started to find off putting and humble bragging and moved away from Dollar Tree Hauls for a brief period during that time. When doing Dollar Tree and Drug Store makeup hauls she acted snotty and bratty about them not being as good quality compared to Jeffree Star which made her come across as even more of a snob.Overall long story short... she was a girl from a small town, who started a youtube channel. She was once more relatable back then, but when she got famous she shed her old skin to reveal someone completely different and showing her real personality and as time goes on she shows she isn't all sugary sweet as she likes to proclaim. She is never concise with her content just doing whatever is popular in that moment from mukbangs to fidget spinners. Has a questionable past in terms of racism by being in close proximity of people who are racist including her fiance who used to show signs that he too may have been a racist. Allegedly... people can change. Will take sponsorships from anyone as long as it gets money without doing proper research and advertising them to her audience who is mostly young girls and you women. Doesn't seem to have much of an identity and is in an odd relationship with a guy who seems to want to be anywhere but with her. I am sure I am missing a lot but.. that is all I can recall or know. I hope this helped...
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  13. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Hey ya'll.. it's been a moment but maybe I can sort of help with the confusion a bit maybe?? Numbuh 3 I will try to put together a bit of what I have gathered from having followed Manda in the past and what has lately come out now.
    Manda31409 is a youtuber from a small town in Washington (if I recall) with over 200k subscribers and around 35k followers on instagram.
    She initially started her channel doing little home videos of her and her friend Missy, mostly showcasing her interest in My Little Pony, Dollar Tree Hauls, DIY, What's in my purse, and phone cases.She lives at home with her mom in the attic. Her mother is currently in remission from having had Cancer.She uses her mother having had cancer as constant topic and her get out of jail pass for a myriad of things.When NinaUnrated was much more popular, she would choose different youtubers i.e Trisha Paytas, piiinksparkles, and Manda to do a gift swap with.When NinaUnrated sent her a mount of presents her viewership surged and she gained over a 100k+ subscribers and views around that and what followed.After having gotten a huge following her looks and interests rapidly changed, swapping out her dark scene hair to platinum blonde, now pink hair, kawaii fashion (was briefly into Lolita fashion), and turning her whole room Pepto Bismal pink, Hello Kitty and more piercings and tattoos.Is prone to copying/borrowing style and aesthetic from other girls and not giving credit, but gets butthurt when she thinks other people copy her.Was once friends with Momotokio but are no longer friends for reasons unknown but could be because of the copying thing. (Momotokio has her own thread)Is engaged to her boyfriend Alan who she has been with since she was 16, who has a child with another woman from a previous relationship. A child which Manda seems to loathe, having no interest in forming a bond with his child and has referred to him as an "it" in past comments i.e. "It's his kid"...Tries to hide the fact that she is into DDLG, being a Furry (she has a channel on youtube she doesn't include on her main youtube channel where you get to see her fursona, another thing she copied from a girl she used to be friends with)Her fiance may have or may still be a white supremacist having shaved a swastika into his head and driving around in a pickup truck with a Rebel flag attached to the back.. a fact she tried to hide (photos can be found on a thread in Guru Gossip)She at one point had a Confederate Flag phone case in a very early phone case video which she quickly tried to hide. Went onto Guru Gossip to try to defend herself claiming ignorance on why people see the Confederate flag as racist and claims she isn't racist just ignorant. Her dog's name is Rebel... the Confederate Flag is known as the Rebel flag.. her ex-best friend Missy was incredibly racist so... let all of that soak in.When she saw a drastic decline in her viewership she went and made a sob story about how her fans are not supporting her and how she had to dip into her own savings in order to help with bills around the house ( a now deleted video)Uses the fact her mother is sick as to why she doesn't work because she is her mom's caretaker, yet her mother drives her everywhere.Manda admitted on another website she has her license but she doesn't drive because she want like to.Tried to have an expensive meet up in New York (similar to Pixielocks' meet n greet) but nobody was buying tickets because they were expensive and it was a huge dent in her ego and it had to be canceled no matter how much she begged. I think only 5 people or maybe 10 people purchased tickets so they had to be refunded.Copies people like Momotokio, Pastel Cutie, Lovely Lor, Pixielocks, Kelly Eden, Cosmiccupcake, Trisha Paytas and many others but denies itRecently got into an altercation with a former friend aka Smldisneyprincess over them having similar Lady and The Tramp tattoos, and when Smldisneyprincess came here and posted about it, Manda unblocked her claiming that "someone" told her about her thread here and showed her that she was talking about her... the two went back and forth until Smldisneyprincess blocked her and deleted her twitter app. They had been friends for a year and at first when she discussed getting the tattoo in honor of her and her boyfriend, Manda seemed fine with it but upon completion got butthurt claiming that by her getting that tattoo it now makes hers not so special anymore, in spite of the fact that sort of design is not unique to her or anyone.Manda was working part time in a cake shop but quit it claiming she was gaining weight and now has an Onlyfans trying to sell semi-lewd photos despite her demographic having been geared towards woman and young girls.Has recently got her nipples pierced and made a video talking about it. Is now more sexual in her tweets and instagram talking about sex toys, etc.Has on more than one occasion exposed herself a self-absorbed snotty bratIs still living at home in the attic with her mom with no signs of moving in with her fiance anytime soon, a fiance who seems to be annoyed with her and is only staying with her... just because...This post is so long so I will try to do a second post x_x
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  14. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

     Bootleg?? The nerve of this girl! There are a lot of girls who play video games, there are a lot of girls who love pink, girls who like anime.. and now with more gaming companies finally taking notice of this (there are 20 years late but hey!) more merchandise is geared towards that interest so naturally there will be a bunch who share the same sort of aesthetic. The only way the girl would be "copying" her is if she got the same piercings, same blurry editing style, etc and took photos doing the exact same poses. She wants to talk about people being bootlegs?? She should see the Belle copycat thread. It's so funny how she has been so quiet since being outed here recently. I wonder when she will resurface and if this time around she will be more humble and mindful of the things she says and does..doubtful... but we will see.
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  15. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

     Wait he really said those things to her?? Look I may not like the girl but that is rough... and depressing. He couldn't just say..he is with her because he loves her?? Damn I know he isn't very romantic but... it just seems he is with her for the sake that he knows no one else will probably put up with his shit. Another woman wouldn't deal with his crap, and not nearly as long either. She really lacks self esteem and that is sad. It seems more and more all the stuff she is doing for attention, the OnlyFans, the way she dresses isn't really because she enjoys it... (I am sure she enjoys the clothes) but it's because she doesn't get enough attention from him...or affection unless he is trying to get laid. Those comments you quoted sound like a man who doesn't really want to be there and is annoyed but settling.
    I already thought her getting that ring from her sponsorship and making it her engagement ring was sad enough... considering that well... it wasn't even a ring he got her and the one he did.... well.. I won't speak on that. I don't know if she stays with him because she is afraid of being alone and he is the only man she has ever been with and she loves him, or she doesn't think she can do better because of how he treats her and how she views herself. That whole situation sounds toxic. I would like to say she deserves better... but she has qualities about her that make her unlikable and unless she really does self work and improves on her treatment of people and herself... she is best staying with him...
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  16. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

     Only reason I know about this app is she included talking about it in one of her videos this year. She tried to justify it saying that if something were to happen to him then the app would help or something. It was crazy and her reasoning didn't sound right. I can't say I feel too bad for him though either. This is the same man who used to drive around with a big confederate flag on the back of his truck, as well as shaved a swastika into his hair years ago. I don't know if he still subscribes to.. "certain beliefs" but back in the day before she became popular she too had a confederate flag phone case...which even back then she seemed ashamed to show. From what I remember she went on GG to defend herself saying she was ignorant and didn't know the deep significance of the rebel flag (ironic her dog's name is Rebel...right? lawls), and she wanted to be educated more on why people saw it as a bad thing. I think she was being obtuse to save face but...who knows?
     Now.. I am not going to accuse her or him of being racists in 2020... people can grow and do change... but given what was in the past.. and who one of her old childhood friends acted she was in close proximity of racist stuff. And... now with Momo Tokio exposing herself as a racist jackass... you have to wonder if like attracts like. But as of the past few years Manda hasn't given any indication that she is a racist, so I won't say she is... however we only see but a part of her.. the part she wants to show online, but I will clarify I don't think she is a racist person... at least that is my hope. I already have my reasons to dislike her I don't need another one. lol. All I'm saying is that.. it's a bit strange he still wants to be with her, be engaged but they don't live together... and she doesn't take time to try to bond with his son at all. Whether she likes it or not, they will be a blended family, and even if she doesn't want to act like his mother.. she still has to try to care for the boy as he shares joint custody. That whole dynamic is bizarre.
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  17. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    I don't think you have to worry about her going as far as stalking you. All that was confirmed is that she stays looking at both this thread and the one on Guru Gossip. Plus I don't think she wants to be seen as a stalker so  it is my hope she won't go that far... then again.. she has a tracker app on her fiance's phone ..... but but.. she says it's for emergencies in case he goes missing. So she says. I am sure you will find better friends. Continue on your emotional growth and be happy living your life and your truth. Continue to act with genuine kindness. They hate to see it.
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  18. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Back on people she is notorious for copying... a lot of them are snowflakes here. Around the time I first started watching her videos (and already wasn't sure what it was about her I didn't like until I watched a bit more over time) she was friends with this girl who has her own thread.
    I am surprised she hasn't been moved to Little Snowflakes yet but she is well on her way. It was super active last month and boy the tea was delicious. But when Manda first started to switch over to Pink/Kawaii aesthetic this was her friend and one of her biggest motivations. I think she still may be friends with Pastel Cutie but Momo, Pastel, Lovely Lor,  Pixielocks, Kelly Eden , Trisha Paytas(these last 3 have snowflake threads as well) just to name a few, were people she heavily followed and started to mimic them around that time. After she started to separate herself from NinaUnrated (for reasons I can understand) who gifted her a ton of stuff, she made the switch to Puuusheeen, Peenk, Kahwhy, Little Twin Stars stuff. No one knows what happened between her and Momo but my guess is that... they are too much alike.. and Momo..being Momo... got pissed when Manda started to surpass her on followers/subscribers whilst swaggerjacking her. One thing Momo was known for on her channel was her "What's on my phone" videos showing the cute apps she used to edit her photos and make her phone super cute. Manda started doing those videos as well..  Momo likes to think that she is the originator of cutesy gamer girl aesthetic, and while I admit early on her photos and set up were gorgeous.. she can't take credit for being the first. But Manda did copy her, no doubt. As she dyed her hair pink to resemble Kelly Eden who had close ties to Trisha Paytas with whom she tried to garner attention from and a few times Trisha would give her random shoutouts... but still.
     Manda is a social climber and skinwalker with no sense of self identity. She is insecure as fuck and it's sad. She did have some decent qualities about her but now just like a lot of the people she follows she is vapid, narcissistic, greedy, fake, self-absorbed, selfish and a mean girl. In the beginning I could understand her wanting to reinvent herself and being able to express her likes and interests outwardly. I didn't even see an issue with her loving My Little Pony and such..especially if she grew up being picked on. But she is no better than the people who were mean to her or looked down on her and I can't stand how snotty and even more mean she has become. Not even just to her friends, but to her fans. I thought perhaps she didn't have many friends due to being a homebody, but it's clear she doesn't know how to be anyone's friend unless she sees a benefit or gain from them.
     Hopefully instead of her working on her outer.. she starts working on her inner self and change for the better because the path she is on.. will leave her lonely, friendless, and now with her Onlyfans lewds will make it hard for her to find regular work should her viewership continues to decline. She has lost all sense of morals and integrity. And to be clear, I am not hating on people who do sex work as long as they are of legal age and it's consensual and not hurting them or anyone else... but she is lazy, and it's crazy because she based her following around girls and girly aesthetic which makes me wonder who the hell does she think is going to buy her lewds?! Most were underage girls at that. She wants her fans to support her but like.. unless the women are bi or lesbian.. what reason would they have to subscribe to her Onlyfans? But even then she isn't even pandering to the L or the B girls of the LGBT when taking those photos so.... To me that just shows she really didn't think it through, she just wants what she thinks is fast money to continue to buy makeup and pink plastic baubles and not having to do regular jobs.
     Sorry my post ran on so long but yeah.. Manda is a mess and a half and not that I wish it but she is going nowhere and fast..but if this is who she wants to be... good for her.
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  19. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Amazing how that works right??? They must be psychic twins since it's the same three colors too!
    This girl is a mess and that is why I just found this whole thing so ludicrous. Her suddenly getting into CBD has been interesting too, since I know based on cosmicupcake's instagram that is another thing she does. Like damn... I wouldn't worry too much about Smldisneyprincess... I know you're still hurt but perhaps in the long run it is better things happened the way they did, so going forward you can discern who your real friends are.
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  20. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    Normally I am not a Petty Betty but I found this whole situation so ridiculous that I felt the need to bring up how Manda is a hypocrite. Mind you I am by no means a Pixielocks fan and I don't think she is original... but since she wants to bring up copying... like.. can we talk about these?

    Pixie got hers done first and though poorly executed and not original.. it wasn't long after that Manda decided to get a similar tattoo. During that time Manda was trying to network and become friends with Pixielocks, even going as far to endear herself to Pixielocks by taking "Party-Kei" inspired pictures. Manda's tattoo is better inked however... you can't say that she didn't get the idea from having watched that video.

    And to add...
    This is a girl who goes by cosmiccupcake's hair

    Manda at one point did her hair just like this..

    These are just two examples. I guess I just got annoyed at how she reacted when she is by no means an originator of anything. A lot of her interests are common among girls who like pastel, rainbow, Japanese fashion..etc... so her acting butthurt is laughable, considering that she "borrows" from other people and doesn't cite her inspiration unless someone calls her out and she does damage control. These things are not unique to her and she has only been dressing this way for a handful of years when there are girls who have been into this sort of thing much longer. She should have sat there and ate her food. I get being a little miffed but to go as far as to block someone over having similar tattoos was a bit much. If the characters were unique.. something she thought up and someone hijacked her characters for their own tattoo I would understand but she does the most for no reason. I am not trying to take up for Smldisneyprincess or anything, I just needed to bring up how absurd she is by acting funky when she is more guilty of copying other people she follows.
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  21. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

     Regardless on how you feel about it... overall this is sad. Even if only friends for a year.. that is still a long time..and clearly the poster was hurt and possibly even confused as to why the tattoo would warrant being blocked or create such a huge stink. When you have friends that share the same interests, same hobbies and taste in fashion sure some things you have will be the same. I would be more suspicious of Smldisneyprincess if she suddenly got the same piercings as Manda, same hair color, and tried doing the same makeup but of what I've seen the only thing they have similar is the Lady and Tramp tattoo and maybe some of the same accessories... but it doesn't look like she is trying to copy Manda in the way that she is going off about.
     Real friends are a rare commodity and when you find you, you want to hold onto them you feel me? As two adult ladies.. it's an utter shame that a friendship comes undone over a tattoo....I don't think the door is open for reconciliation but going forward I hope both sides grow from it. In the grand scheme of things... something like this is so minuscule when there are much more drastic happenings going on to put energy into...
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  22. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    She can't lie worth a damn can she? Smldisneyprincess hasn't even been on PULL that long and "someone" just told her about a thread she already knew about? I have a feeling she keeps a tab open on this thread and the one on GG. Just a head's up to her... she might not want to make any passive aggressive posts that hint around about this thread because.. people will start to ask more questions and the floodgates will open. Hopefully she will just keep it moving, otherwise if she even gives this life at all.. some of her followers will come here and to GG and they may not like what they see.
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  23. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

     Well.. we can no longer say this thread isn't active and this is turning into a mess fast. I am not going to fully disagree with Lapus as the tattoos are  similar, however Manda is a hypocrite. The first time she got a heart tattoo was her Marie one... she got that not even like 2 or three months after Pixielocks got her heart tattoo with her cat inside of it. Aside from the cats, both tattoos were damn near identical and nowhere did she claim inspiration for her tattoo was from watching Pixie get hers. No, that style of tattoo is not unique to any three girls but... please... Manda is no better. It's funny to me how she gets all up in arms when she feels people copy her but she has no qualms about copying other girls and not giving credit unless someone on Guru Gossip calls her out on it. Is her thread still active there?? Either way, it is a bit hard to follow what she is saying in her posts here due to what I assume is language barrier... and yeah I told her she should probably be careful posting her instagram and such here but apart of me wants to believe that she didn't want to be seen as a liar without any solid proof?
     A lot of us are quick to tell people that if you are going to say something about someone here you need proof or it's b.s.... but who knows there could have been another motive.  I can't say who is right or wrong in this situation, considering that the whole spaghetti scene of Lady and the Tramp is pretty iconic... it is one of the most popular moments in pop culture that people have made parodies or even include it in other shows. If anyone should be mad about it I would say Disney since it is their characters... but to some degree I can understand why Manda might feel a way about it. But.. the way she handled it was childish and immature.  Just because  Smldisney got a similar tattoo... it shouldn't take away the sacredness of her own. It'd be something different if the characters were created by Manda, or if the tattoo had some sort of religious ties or something to that degree... but the design itself is pretty generic... and now she tries to say Strawberries also have a deep meaning for her now?
     I think this runs much deeper than a tattoo but this was like... I guess the straw that broke the camel's back and I suppose because this was the reason Manda blocked her was a bit extreme. In light of everything going on in the world... to throw away a friendship over having identical tattoos of Disney characters seems... really tragic. As for what Jigglypuff said... yeah I made a point in other posts to talk about their strange relationship. Her still not living with him, her putting a tracking app on his phone, the fact she admits he knows about her Onlyfans and is cool with it and I think he has even bought her lewd content there, how at one point she referred to his son as "it"... saying "It's his kid"... like??? You will be married to him.. so... his son will be your family too and she acts so bothered and disgusted by it.. but this is who she is choosing to be with so.... what gives? The coming days shall prove interesting from here on out...
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     I think as long as you blur out things like her phone number/your number and such you can post screenshots if you want to share.  I am pretty sure some of the conversations were just laughable. It was really only 3 or 4 years ago that she started to turn "kawaii" and "peenk princess uwu"... before that she had dark hair, touted on about being a country girl... and she was much more into My Little Pony things and Target/Walmart, Dollar Tree hauls. By comparison she was a lot more humble and more "real" than she is now. The only thing she does keep up with  are her Dollar Tree and Walmart Hauls, however I think that is more for show to try to appear she hasn't changed and is still down to earth. I think when she started getting a lot of subscribers especially around the time she knew NinaUnrated  who sent her all those super expensive gifts, that is when old girl started smelling herself and the beast was unleashed.
     She started getting more subscribers, which meant getting sponsorships, which meant disposable income and she could start affording things like Jeffree Star cosmetics, YRU shoes, and she started reinventing her whole look top to bottom. Her channel started to become one huge brag fest of her showing off high end make up hauls and super expensive clothing hauls/sponsored hauls and that is when people started to fall out of like with her. She wasn't relatable especially since a lot of people who watched her channel were young or didn't have disposable income to by $200 worth of makeup at a drop of a hat. When she did do Dollar Tree and Drug Store makeup hauls during that time she was so snotty and hypercritical, finding reasons to bitch and complain as if she was suddenly looking her nose down at makeup products she once used when she was average and now they were not good enough. She is singing a new tune now. lol.
    When fans would send her prezzie mail, she was incredibly ungrateful. If it wasn't higher end things, or if it was something she already had instead of being kind and gracious that someone took time, resources and money to send her something she acted like an asshole. I remember seeing some of her former fans who would post how they sent her things and when she opened them in her videos and how she acted it hurt their feelings because they put time and love into what they sent but she acted as though their gifts were beneath her and they quickly fell out of love with her and her channel when they saw how shallow and self-absorbed she really is.
     She is consumed by material things and has empty values now. Her room reflects that as well. If what I have heard about her is true.. it explains a lot. From what I recall reading elsewhere she didn't have a lot of friends growing up and was more quiet, introverted and possibly dealt with people bullying or not liking her much? Her fiance is the only guy she has ever really been with since she was 16 and he is older than her and already has a child from a previous relationship. The way she refers to his child is troubling, considering that when she is married to him (if they ever do get married which is debatable) she will be his stepmother. She doesn't seem to try to establish any kind of bond with his child whatsoever.
     Seeing how she didn't grow up with a lot of money, all this newfound popularity and getting money she could buy all the things she wanted and the girls who she admired/envied now she could start to look and dress like them. Some of her influences are/were and not limited to people like Pixielocks, Trisha Paytas, Momotokio, Lovely Lor Kelly Eden, Pastel Cutie, and it wasn't that long ago she even ripped off of another smaller instagrammer's look cosmiccupcake when she had the purple/pink/blue hair. She will copy other girls and not give them credit for inspiration but will act funky if she thinks someone is copying her. She is not the first girl to be into kawaii aesthetic and Disney... girls in Japan have been doing it for decades and other girls in the west before her. Now she is doing Onlyfans trying to do semi-lewds after quitting her part time job. She is doing whatever she thinks will garner her fast money and attention and doing what she sees other girls are doing. She used to talk about going to church and not being so outwardly sexual and now she is full on freaky.  Would not be surprised if she comes out as bisexual next seeing how a lot of the people she aspires to be like identify as "queer,gay, or bi". It would be one thing if she really was but seems like most if not all she does is for clout and attention.
     She is very insecure and it shows. It's really sad too. I am sorry you had to go through that and I am glad you didn't let her bully you out of getting that tattoo. I hope you find and make better friends and that you don't have to deal with her anymore.
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    If I read this correctly-
    You were friends with Manda31409You told her you planned on getting a Lady and The Tramp tattoo for your boyfriend and you and at first she was okay with it.But then later she said to you that you didn't ask her for inspiration/permission to get it.There are other things she's done but the list is too long to type.You apparently gave her the hook up to something (possibly gifts or networking hook ups I assume)You decided to no longer be friends with her?

    Your tattoo is cute. Congrats to you and your love. Last I checked she doesn't own the rights to any Disney anything but considering she is a big ass narc, I am not surprised she thinks she owns that or anything. When in fact her Marie tattoo isn't even original since she copied off of Pixielocks (though hers isn't original either but I digress). It's laughable. Also I am not sure if you have read the guidelines here but int he future be careful posting your personal information here as if it can get you in trouble.. however due to context I understand why it was included. But just a head's up!
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