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  1. Fade Away added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    If I read this correctly-
    You were friends with Manda31409You told her you planned on getting a Lady and The Tramp tattoo for your boyfriend and you and at first she was okay with it.But then later she said to you that you didn't ask her for inspiration/permission to get it.There are other things she's done but the list is too long to type.You apparently gave her the hook up to something (possibly gifts or networking hook ups I assume)You decided to no longer be friends with her?

    Your tattoo is cute. Congrats to you and your love. Last I checked she doesn't own the rights to any Disney anything but considering she is a big ass narc, I am not surprised she thinks she owns that or anything. When in fact her Marie tattoo isn't even original since she copied off of Pixielocks (though hers isn't original either but I digress). It's laughable. Also I am not sure if you have read the guidelines here but int he future be careful posting your personal information here as if it can get you in trouble.. however due to context I understand why it was included. But just a head's up!
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  2. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

      Am I a terrible person to admit that I laughed at the part where Nezuko said her friend heard Momo ugly crying in the background? She talks so big and bad but when her garbage behavior is exposed she tries to scrub all evidence of her wrongdoings and cries acting like a victim being harassed by bullies. Where is all that big talk now? And Softingbun?? What the hell is softing? I admit in the beginning I used to love how she decorated and coordinated her room and photos but she gets tackier and more gaudy with time...and her name is just as tacky as I knew it would be. This is how I know for certain the girl has deep-seeded issues and has the I.Q. of a box of rocks. She doesn't want to have a bad reputation, she wants to have this image of being "soft", she wants to act like she is a supporter of other girls... but she repeats the same mistakes over and over and over again. To add, she gets worse. When I think she can't hit a new low she leaves me in awe when she does something more extreme than the last. 
     That former friend is really going to hate like hell that Nezuko said that he was interested in another girl during the time he has been with Hayley.. I can imagine her flipping her shit over that revelation upon her reading this thread. I think we can all collectively agree this Angry Bird should be moved to the Little Snowflakes section. She is extremely problematic and since she wants to be so "speful and uwunique" ... being a Snowflake should be up her alley! It's deeply concerning with some of the things being mentioned here about her... how she tries to isolate her friend/lovers away from the people they care for through manipulation, bullying...she is an abusive person. And if there is any grain of truth about her husband being abusive to her, sounds like they deserve each other because they are both toxic individuals. Even if he isn't, the idea he would stay with someone like her and condones her behavior instead of trying to get this girl help for whatever undiagnosed psychosis this womanchild has makes me stand by my statement. They both are trash and need to stay together and leave normal, kindhearted people alone. I wonder how long she will go silent for and have her twitter privated for this time around?
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  3. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    It probably already has...you can't continue to act ugly and expect to prosper. Aside from all of her plastic crap..what can she say she really has? She can't hold onto friends if her life depended on it... yeah she has a husband who seems to let her have her way but clearly if she is out here seeking out others as lovers and the only time she seems to touch the guy is to hurt one of her boyfriends'/girlfriends' that is pretty pathetic. People will find her thread here.. and I am sure she has already built up a nasty reputation due to online antics.. and with this last round of screenshots she shows how unhinged and disturbed she really is... she can't hide behind the "soft girl" facade when she continues to attack other girls as ferociously as she does. If she is hoping to achieve a higher fanbase, this ain't it chief... she has already shot herself in both ankles and continues to bleed with each racist, ableist, body shaming, bullying, poor shaming, hypocritical posts she makes. She thinks by deleting her social medias and renaming herself SparklingMiku, or SoftWatermel0n, or DumBbunnie is going to mask the nastiness of her personality.
    The girl clearly doesn't like herself... she over filters herself looking like a blob with big anime eyes and spider lashes. It's why she is always quick to pick on other girls, comparing her body to theirs, their looks to hers in order to feel superior. She is so insecure and as much as she can't stand to admit it... she is empty inside... and empty headed. The girl has the IQ of a kumquat. What value does she have other than her aesthetic?? I'll wait.
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  4. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Of course that uncultured racist pigeon changed handles again. Anytime she gets caught here with screenshots that show how vile she is, she goes back into hiding... and she will hide long enough until her thread goes back into hibernation hoping no one will find it.
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  5. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

     Okay, I had a little more time to think on this.. and..it amazes me that this idiot wants to spout off at the mouth about Nezuko being a girl who hates on other girls and I couldn't help but cackle at the projection because literally that is all she does. It's chronic with her. Most every conflict she has is with other women, she doesn't bark at men with even an ounce of vitriol as she does towards another woman. I've never seen a woman so insecure, that even though she is a whole wife, she is going off on multiple phones over a guy Nezuko isn't even interested in. So threatened by your friendship not because she thinks you actually want him but because she secretly knows that you would tell the truth about her and she can't handle it.
     All the projections from body shaming other girls , harassing them over what character they choose to play in a video game, her calling other women jealous, her need to brag about the things she owns while trying to poor shame someone else... this child is an assclown, and if she weren't a woman I would swear she was an incel. As for that friend, if he really was going behind your back and making fun of you to boost her ego, don't consider not being friends with him anymore a loss, but a personal gain. Because you don't need that sort of toxic energy around you, and it shows how weak, self-serving and disloyal he really is. The fact he gave this demented angry bird your number without your permission... he is a trifling dude. He put your personal safety at risk over a woman who threaten to hurt you and is harassing you on multiple devices. If I am being for real, the fact you have physical proof that he even admitted she was talking about causing you harm, you could easily report her to authorities because that is some serious stuff. In fact if she continues to harass you, document and report it to her local authorities and file a restraining order and whatever else you need to in order to protect yourself. Because even if she is all bark and no bite, better not to take any chances and if anything... it might scare the hell out of her to leave you alone. Best of luck to you.
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  6. Fade Away added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    This was very hard to read and I don't post often but this.. is beyond foul... count your blessings that she took him off your hands, love. As some say... what we see as rejection may be God's protection (not being super religious here but you know what mean?). It's clear she has his mind gone and while on  one hand it is safe to say she probably does abuse him.... he won't leave until he gets tired and from the way it looks he is far from tired. It may be his lack of self esteem, the fact that some mildly famous e-girl is vying for his attention gives him some sense of self worth but if he is so willing to toss away a friendship over a woman who can't truly commit to him and goes through friends, boyfriends/girlfriends quicker than she changes her panties... he doesn't deserve you... best to block them both... maybe even change your number and change your SMs so you can be free of it all... she is unhinged and one day... and I don't wish it.. but one day... she will meet the right one to cross and they will give her hell tenfold for all the women and children she has bullied.
     She knows who to pick and choose to attack. Notice her raggedy, busted, fake kawaii plastic photoshopped blurry bitch face won't step foot back in here to say anything because she couldn't take the fact we clocked her and her only comebacks were that we were "poor" and "jealous". Laughable. She goes after people , specifically other women she thinks are weak and goes for the jugular. How can we be jealous over someone so insecure that they have to use fifty-leven gaudy features to turn herself into a acid trip anime waifu who can solely brag about the 1000 cellphones she has? How can one be envious of someone who owns so many expensive phones and the only people she can use it to talk to are her boyfriend and husband? She lives a sad, poor and empty existence and no amount of makeup, extensions, filters can mask how ugly she truly is because her personality and how she treats people is the equivalent of a backed up toilet after an elephant that ate a box of laxatives used. I am so sorry that happened to you... but I hope the takeaway from this is that you can move on and know you tried.... he will regret letting this womanchild come between your friendship when she moves on to the next flavor of the month and he is alone while she clowns him and trashes him to all of her faux friends/fans, if she doesn't already do it now...  good luck to you.
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  7. Fade Away added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     I wasn't referring to the people here. It's more of the fact the aftermath of what she say/did started wild rumors in her instagram comment section which was evident a few pages back that she never cleared up? So that is my main gripe with it. She says these things, puts them out there, and doesn't at least try apologizing to her followers or at least clarifying that Ken wasn't Manaki when someone alleged that he raped her and other craziness. I am not trying to beat a "dead horse" because I feel it is still pretty relevant? But I suppose we have reached an impasse. I am not coming from a place of malice, it's just an observation how her issues are so out of control to the point she switches from these extreme highs and lows and yet... it's so.... odd how everything becomes a blank slate as if something in her mind erases and overwrites things like a disk... and when she does... soon her followers even forget.
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  8. Fade Away added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I just really love how she accused "Ken" of making his ex girlfriend sexually abuse her own child and she just conveniently swept that under the rug, never addressed, and carrying on as business as usual.... that kind of stuff is triggering and she  cares not. It's like it never happened, and the way her Fangelics keep giving her asspats, it's plain it doesn't matter what she says or does... she is never accountable. Sidenote: I hope and pray that anyone effected by this virus will be safe and there won't be anymore deaths... it's all so heartbreaking. ;_;
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  9. Fade Away added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    What I don't like is all the misconceptions people have about PULL, and how people bend and twist what really goes on here. When one of the people asked them to check PULL out and claimed we "doxxed" Belle... none of us here have doxxed her. And if so, where? I admit I am not current on everything that has gone on, but last I checked doxxing people was a thing that can get you perma-banned here. At least if you are going to tell things, don't lie and trash a site to try to absolve yourself in pretending to be better than the people who post here.
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  10. Fade Away added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

     Seeing candid photos of Sophie without a ton of filters, I am... really sad. It goes back to my original point in this thread that physically there is nothing wrong with how these girls/women look. They are fine as they are and it's sad that they think they have to look like Belle for recognition, clout, validation or whatever the reason may be. It's depressing the more you think about it...
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  11. Fade Away added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    She is really losing her poop isn't she?? Good lord she's like a pigeon that got a hold of laxatives and is shitting herself over this...
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  12. Fade Away added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     One thing I have pondered on... that sickens me more is.. why does she make light of sexual abuse/assault? Accusing a man be it her husband or this "Ken" of such heinous things only to sweep it under the rug as a joke or a temporary moment of insanity just... makes it all the more disturbing. Why is that so funny to her? Given how she is always crying about having been abuse somehow.. it's funny to say someone had their ex-girlfriend molest their own child? It's hilarious to accuse your spouse of groping minors? Am I crazy for feeling some kind of way? Given how she has followers who possibly could be triggered by these sorts of things.... there is just something really sick and messed up about that.
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  13. Fade Away added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

      Most felt I was hypercritical of Venus in my past comments... but sure enough she proved my point. I said she was dangerous.. I said she doesn't give a damn... I said she would try to ruin a person if they didn't bend to her will or if they told her no and I was seen as coming off as being mean. I just had to call a spade a spade... she is who I believed her to be for some time now and this by far is one of the most vile stunts she could ever have pulled. If anyone here wants to continue to give her a pass, to excuse her behavior, to still cheer her on, count me out. If this wasn't the final nail in the coffin to do away with any hope of her being capable of acting like a decent human being.. you all that still stan/support really have the patience of saints.  I just feel for those of you who still lend your love and energy over into this succubus because she will continue to break your heart and I feel the worst for all of you who still care. Am I happy that I was right? No. And I certainly didn't think she would go this far. Then again I am not surprised if she could lie about her husband molesting girls as an April Fool's joke. I am the most concerned and sad for the innocent child who got tangled in this. You have to be a special kind of sinister... a rare kind of deviant to craft a story like the one she did and trivialize incestuous csa as if it was some sort of game or consensual.
     If true, she made it all about her and her feelings, and even worse she confessed to have stayed with him knowing because she loved him. Her reasons for leaving him wasn't over the fact he bragged about something like that but that he cut the purse strings and was "financially abusive". Margo is a lot of things... and she is...  but Venus is in a category all her own. I am beyond disgusted and irate that she used this poor child for her own means, whatever they were. To blackmail, to stir controversy, whatever her reasoning you don't bring children into your madness. I pray that none of what she said is true but whether it is or not, she is a sick fuck regardless. She has no moral compass and if she does it's cracked and spinning in all directions. She shows no amount of empathy or regret, only self-pity. Can any of you who defended her a day ago, two days ago, a week ago.. how can you defend this? How? What else does she have to do or say to prove she is not a nice person? She doesn't feel remotely sorry for her actions and she continues to brush it all off like one big joke. Like with any toxic relationship..sometimes you have to know when to walk away... are you ready to walk away?
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  14. Fade Away added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

     You all have raised some interesting points... like why does she insist on saying she "naturally looks 12"? That is a very specific age. She doth protest much. I noticed the jcliff person visited my profile here so I hope that he actually saw that I and other people here were not calling her ugly, a pedo-baiter, and whatever else she is trying trying to say we are doing. I hope he and the others see how foolish it was to rush headfirst into a thread that isn't even called KittySophie99 and start mass downvoting.  But now with her constantly saying she looks 12 years old.... putting so much emphasis on 12 is suspect. It's one thing to say that people mistake her for looking younger than she is... but... 12??Hmmm... okay.
     Those hashtags just prove our point further that she definitely had intentions of trying direct traffic from Belle's orbiters to her Instagram page. The more she goes onto these wild tangents, the more she exposes herself.  She may not be physically ugly but her personality and attitude are garbage and a turn off. She doesn't have to worry about PULL hurting her image, she is doing a damn good job on her lonesome. So... her surge in following will collapse and implode on itself if she doesn't stop having a temper tantrum and ostracizing the same fanbase she is trying to endear herself to.
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  15. Fade Away added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    It's like.. 3 people downvoting x__x ... Alrighty... well.. I guess they must protect their queen.

    Edit: What is crazy to me... is that in the non-edited pictures of her, to me she looks better without all the filters and bright lighting? She looks more human and there isn't anything wrong with her face at all? But guaranteed some goober is still going to downvote this post though I'm not trashing her natural looks at all. And to add... this whole thing.. is like.. some sort of steroid induced version of the anime "Perfect Blue". For those who know of this story you know what I mean...or another parallel is Single White Female but in this case.. Single White E-girl. x_x
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