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  1. Whythough added a post in a topic akidearest   

    @[email protected], I was wondering if you'll merge or...create a separate one for him?

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  2. Whythough added a post in a topic akidearest   

    *nvm. I see it's a reup from a different channel.  was confused. thought he made two different videos. 
    Also....an hour and 37 minutes... Does anyone want to do a summary? Anything interesting happen? 
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  3. Whythough added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    No, "One of us will combine it with Japanese and Filipino because she is mixed," is what she wrote. Meaning one of her dance classmates is mixed with both and that girl will be doing the combined dance performance from those two cultures. It sounds cool. I don't think Yumi is dumb enough to do something like that...I hope 
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  4. Whythough added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    This might sound wrong, but...because it was in the past when she was underage and her life was only shared with crazy Margo...I decided to give her a second chance and overlook those videos. She was called out on it appropriately, as she should have been, even inappropriately when those things went down. I do wish she would explain what happened and why she posted those cultural appropriation vids, but also knowing about Margo's influence on her...I'll "let it go" and see if she continues down that path as an adult living on her own. So far, I haven't seen her do any more appropriation...  I'm not really buying that her dying her hair and doing Japanese makeup and wearing circle lenses means she wants to be Japanese. The way I see it, she's trying to fit in and lay low. However, it is something to keep an eye on. I don't want to forget her dirty past, but I do think she's changed. 
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  5. Whythough added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Aw Venus look so happy and cute in her video! She really seems to be adjusting well to her life there. I'm happy for her. She's come a long way from her weeb days. Her pink beret and the gray dress looked so cute on her. I know it's cheesy, but I'm so proud of her??? when I previously disliked her... haha
    I just skipped through Taylor's to the part with Venus (19 minutes... jeez at least Venus managed to make hers interesting in a much shorter time frame but whatever).
    Did anyone else notice how weird she was acting with Venus? It just seemed a little awkward like she wasn't actually hanging out with Venus naturally but just doing it for the video. I don't want to accuse her of anything, though. She was definitely off to me, yet V managed to have a good time and was being so natural. T just seemed in a weird mood or something, and in contrast to Venus' attitude....her vid just came out a lot different.
     The prank felt very juvenile to me...that's just totally lame. she ruined the fun there and it made the atmosphere weird for a bit because despite the spontaneity of the outfit choices, V actually looked good and modeled it in a fun and light-hearted way that she really pulled it off....but what really bothered me was that she told Venus "no, don't wear those things ," after giving it to her and v liking it...like I get it was a prank, but that's just kinda ugly imo. It was just so awkward...I felt really uncomfortable lol. Idk if anyone else picked up on that... *I don't mean to say Venus was the one being awkward; she kept acting natural and going with the flow of things and just talking comfortably, but Taylor kept giving her awkward laughs and ....idk it was just weeeeird. Kinda hoping she doesn't hang out with her again....
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  6. Whythough added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    yeah, for me is that she's so basic it's boring. 
    it's as if she has no individual personality anymore  
    pod person...all the YouTubers have that pod person like quality to them, but Sharla is especially bad.   wow. 
    this was her most borng vlog yet. Sharla has gone stale... Completely. Too bad. Shots of Korea were cool  
    honestly was hoping she'd stop being so bland, but looks like not happening. I'll just stop watching all together. What's the point when she's so boring and empty... *sigh*
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  7. Whythough added a post in a topic Bronwyn Papineau (BiiBiiBeauty)   

    It's like that here too. I think almost everywhere other Natives are treated poorly. Even though I've been hearing Canada is just as bad as the US, I somehow thought they'd be better regarding their indigenous communities... I guess not that's really unfortunate. I really hope she can find some way to heal and become comfortable with it. That stuff on top of regular everyday negative comments has a way of really affecting you.  
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  8. Whythough added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

  9. Whythough added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    She could get the jaw reduction botox. It's not permanent, but it might give her the look she seems to want...
    I wonder if she'd even be a candidate though... or if she could even afford the initial treatment and then the follow ups... hm still a better alternative to getting it shaved 
    start deleting from inside the box and don't stop pressing the backspace button until it's all gone...? did it work??? 
    hahah. that too.
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  10. Whythough added a post in a topic Bronwyn Papineau (BiiBiiBeauty)   

    *sigh* so that's why...
    Did anyone else see this? 

    I had a suspicion it might be because of something like this, but now it's definitive, and I honestly feel so sad for her. I always wondered why she wouldn't talk about an interesting/less talked about ethnicity like that. I'm also Native (not from Canada though). Seeing things like this is too bad. I wish she could talk more about it without being in fear of backlash.  
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  11. Whythough added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    My hands are pretty similar to hers though not as nice, so I def. noticed hers!!! They're so pretty. I always look at hand as I admire slim and slender smooth hands a lot  I know it's weird, but I don't care!!
     I'm curious too, and I can't wait to see more of China. I've been waiting for China to actually get some vloggers there. It looks like such a cool and fun place to go, but it's not as popular of a vlogging destination like Japan and SK  I really hope she keeps up with her promises and actually shows us around. I'm not that invested in her though, so I won't count on it, but I just want someone to do it already...  
    And omg I know just what you mean by Tacky Yumi vibe: It's the cheap clothes & cheap wig combo for me. That and her real hair looks to be a cheap dye job, but maybe that's just the lighting in her videos? either way, it doesn't look like her natural hair color...Other than that, her nails looked nice.
    I'll be giving her the benefit of the doubt as well, but I can't expect much from these asia vloggers anymore... they all... *sigh* suck

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  12. Whythough added a post in a topic Malu Travejo   

    If she's still this way or worse by the time she's 16, you can always make another thread. 
    if they lock it, you can probably ask them to unlock it when she's 16 - if she's still troublesome or a little flake. 
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  13. Whythough added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    kid of going off what you said a bit, sometimes I don't mind when YouTubers don't put in that much of an effort to look decent or even good. Sometimes they can't. It happens, but it starts to take a toll on their videos. 
    as other people have mentioned, when they don't put in effort, it makes you not want to watch as much. That's what I noticed with Sharla : she was getting lazier and lazier with her appearance and then her content went south too. When I know this girl can put out decent and good content (judging from her main channel), it can be frustrating as a viewer. 
    like Sharla is one of the girls I really liked on YouTube, but IDK what the heck is going on with her these past couple months... 
    but back to the videos. If you want to do well, you have to put in the effort. Once you get to a certain point, it's all about glowing up in the areas where you've always been a bit weak. If you let those areas remain weak for a long time - as long as Sharla has - you're going to start falling down the hill of success, and someone better younger, prettier, healthier, fitter, smarter, funnier, happier, better dressed, OR WHATEVER will be there to take your place and push you off your spot near the top. That's fine if Sharla doesn't care about falling behind, but she herself has shown concern in these areas yet doesn't really do much about it. If she wants her channels to be doing well, she has to do well too. Her attitude, her clothing, her health, and her home life could all use some work. Even her relationships probably. 
    attitude: not being a snarky little brat when people are trying to give you honest criticism. It's okay to get hurt when people point things out but listening and not being rude back and taking their advice will work a lot better even if they were wrong in the delivery of their message. 
    clothing : got to get out there and try to have a positive relationship with the way you feel when you go shopping. Be realistic, but not pessimistic. I had a friend who had that terrible view of shopping for clothes and as a result they were exactly like Sharla : hiding in oversized stuff. Then I dressed her and she felt better albeit awkward, but she began to change her relationship with dressing herself. And it was a good thing for her. Maybe taking a friend or asking someone for help will make her feel better. As some have stated: they've been able to shop just fine as a size like Sharla's, so maybe her negative view is hindering her from seeing good clothing options and makes her want to give up when she doesn't get the results she wanted, and it's going to take trial and error to figure out what works especially in a different country, but it can be done. 
    anyway, I wish her the best, but sometimes I question if she even really wants to be doing YouTube. She says she loves it, but I don't see that love like I do with other YouTubers and a lot of that has to do with her attitude. Such a negative little tude' sometimes I can't watch that. It's drab. And her fake happiness doesn't help when you know it's not real. I want sincerity. 
    final thoughts on this subject : she's holding herself back. Her own worst enemy. 
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  14. Whythough added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. SHE LOOKS TEN TIMES BETTER LIKE THAT. Like wow! She's actually really pretty!!! I have to say, upon seeing that, I immediately felt pangs of jealousy. 
    she also seems so normal and we'll adjusted from the top photo of her in the cat makeup. Look at her so happy and bright. She even has a little smile in the second picture, kind of like a smirk. 
    I wonder what happened that made her go this way. I honestly feel so bad for her because clearly something is wrong. It just makes me so sad. But at the same time, I can't tolerate her fakeness. 
    If she would just come clean in earnest about her insecurities & photo shopping, addressing her issues head on, I don't think anyone would judge her for it. 
    Most people, I think, would be empathetic to her struggles and find themselves also relating to her problems. she has the power to control the dialogue of her own personal experiences with her self-esteem yet she only continues to make matters worse for herself. 
    all in all, she doesn't seem like a bad person. I think she just struggles to relate to her identity as a mixed woman. Yet if she actually addressed those issues in a healthy way, she would see many women also go through the same thing. There are plenty right now on any SM site discussing their own problems with being mixed in an open and supporting and uplifting dialogue. I just wish she could see that if she's open to it, there are plenty of other women who are going through the same thing/or have gone through it that are willing to help her and recieve her. 
    Like come on Erika, you can be so much better than this cheap shooping. Face your self. Easier said than done, but the effort is so much better than the road you're currently on. 
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  15. Whythough added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I think the issue is she doesn't have variety in her meals. She relies on what she already knows how to make without continuing to experiment. Basically, she's in a food rut.
    I also eat protein replacements, but I don't think Japan has quite a lot of those yet. What I've seen is tofu and the stuff that looks like TVP or is TVP. I think that's what's hindering her creativity? When she went to Canad, however, she made the Gardein fish replacement (I think it was that or the Chikn tenders), yet she managed not to incorporate them into an actual meal... I found that pretty sad considering Gardein also has their simple and easy recipes on the back of the packages and on their website. 
    And I agree with that other user that her eating out a lot isn't helping her weight and health (not that it's too bad or anything). She could try incorporating a regular enjoyable active activity into her daily life. As I see it, she stays busy and seems stressed a lot of the time. That doesn't help at all with weight. Stress is so often a contributing negative factor. She really could benefit from a workout for health purposes and no focus it so much on weight loss, but to feel better. The looks will come after. And I noticed focusing on weight right away can make one impatient to see those results when in reality it takes a lot of time for those to come to fruition. I can see her focusing so much on just losing the weight that she gives up and doesn't actually develop a proper workout routine like so many tend to do. But if you focus on how great it feels, that feeling will carry you on your way to actually getting to the result stage. 
    I would very much like to see her do it for her happiness. She seems cranky all the time. And when she finally does get toned up, even better. Maybe she'll find her own sense of self and worth through more healthy habits instead of continuing to use Taylor as her muse. Taylor certainly hasn't rubbed off on her in a good way, but I can see them doing workouts together, filming them, and actually coming off as good examples on camera. This would also make for entertaining videos. 2 birds, one stone so to speak. I can see how if they both channeled their efforts toward something healthy and productive in their friendship, it would be all the more beneficial to them for their channels as a whole too. I mean, their friendship isn't necessarily toxic, but they do need to stop lazing about all day at Taylor's house when their together (yes I do watch their joint videos because I still have a weak spot for Sharla, so I'll even tolerate Taylor being in the video). But that is only what I see from the 10 to 20 minutes they choose to share. Something tells me, however, they don't engage in much physical activity when they're together though. Testing out a boosted board doesn't count either 😉 
    *I also had to add, I disagree about Sharla not being overweight. She definitely is, albeit slightly overweight and not in a "bad" way where it would affect her health in too bad of a way. She has prominent love handles and extra fat stored on her arms. Her tummy and waist however, carry less fat, but yes, she has extra fat on her body as a whole. I've been at her weight (this I can tell by looking at her videos and pictures), and my fat goes to the same places as hers (hips and upper arms then tummy and elsewhere). However, at her weight, it shouldn't take much time for her to lose the weight and drop the fat at all? She's like a M/L leaning towards and M!!! But you can definitely tell she thinks of herself as bigger. And I see the insecurity with her body getting to her. I feel bad because for someone whose only slightly overweight, she comes off like she thinks she's an XL. It wouldn't even take her that long to get to.an S or XS. *for reference, I have a spoonshape body (bigger on torso than on the thighs down. This shape tends for a small waist, slim limbs, but fatter upper arms and hips. Prominent collarbone/little fat on it.), so I'm only basing it on my small knowledge of body shapes and where they tend to lose weight and how easily. My type dictates it doesn't take me that much, which is true and Sharla appears to have the same one. But I could be wrong. 
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