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  1. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    How many times does the user have to explain before pervsan understands THEY REPORT WHAT THEY DEEM INAPPROPRIATE?!
    Ewsan isn't as intelligent as some of us previously thought. He knows he has no real argument for his pedo actions.
    lovely how pedosan doesn't think it's a problem to promote underage girls on his men's site
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  2. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    I'm not sure what happened. The comments went down from 101 to 98. Now at 99.
    The "info" (underage girls) absolutely crosses the line....The fact that he excuses and supports it by giving it attention on his website says a lot about the person he is.....NO amount of denial or "she's famous" comments will ever change that. 
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  3. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    Nice to see he truly doesn't care what he supports (pedophilia) as CEO

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  4. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    You're right. We're so jealous of our idol princess Taylor. I want to be Taylor so bad I'm just passing the time making videos - on my boring life, copycat "pro" content, and vlogs Casey style- waiting for nastysan to tell me to spread my legs so I can give him a daughter on his term.     It's the perfect life I always wanted for myself. When our daughter is 14, she can play with the underage girls on daddysan's site. When she turns 18, she'll inherit repulsivesan's cars, houses, and part of his bank account.  What will she get from me? all 80 of my taylor persona costumes she can use to befriend the big girls on yuckysan's site.     Why develop your own personality and get an education -or do more than shop- with all the money and tools you'd need when you can copy everyone else's personality and fake smart to your little teenybopper followers!!! 
    What are you doing here if not white knighting her? Nitpicking sure happens, but this thread is full of her fans making excuses for her now.     Don't get confused, this is the little snowflake thread not her fan site.    If you want to praise her, her comment sections are always open for her to bask in your worship. She's 30. Are you really that worried for her self absorbed airhead self?     She's always been a little flake always will be. Same old brain dead faketay different costume every few months. Is PULL supposed to clap for her every time she makes the most basic of revelations even a 12 year old could make?  She's not a child. It's the life she chose being a pseudo celeb.   It's a gossip site. Excuse us for not wanting to eat up the crap she spits up every now and again. 
    No one's jealous. It's the perfect life for wannabe someone Taylortoddler. I couldn't be prouder of her dating her way into the big life, never having to grow up and do anything other than watch YouTube. It's the perfect princess life - I never wanted anything more for her. 
    But the reality is I'm too busy maintaning my multiple shrines to Taylor. There's modeltay, dollytay, kotatay, caseytay, fakegirlbosstay, ricegumtay, trishatay, kylietay, saltay, vsangeltay, fakewoketay, bourdaintay, and so many more. Excuse me, but I need to conserve my energy to polish my 70 other taylors. Maybe someday I'll finally have a Taylor got help and decided to do something with her life shrine. 
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  5. Whythough added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    It's a mess. They're just trying to salvage what's left of their already sinking ship. The only time I go on is when I'm bored enough to remember it still exists. 
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  6. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Don't feel bad. You just have to sell your soul to make money off children on YouTube and ask your fairy godmother to turn you back to 17yrs old so you can be vomitsan's mistress. 
    If you ask her to set the clock back to age 14, I hear they'll adopt you and you can play loli dress up time with Taylor and Rosie in one of their penthouse apartments. 
    If you're especially good, she'll let you put on her favorite YT costume or even her most special schoolgirl skirt.  
     Didn't watch it but: Wow thank you so much for spilling all that knowledge on us elvengodesstay. You're so enlightened. Your freshman year essay on the inclusion of plus size and transgender models gave me a few more IQ points. Now I can finally understand there were only 2 world wars. Please teach us more professor toddlertay.. #youdabest #slayskinnyqueen #malfoywigsnatched #bestrolemodelever #soinspirational #realcollegelevellearning 
    You don't even have to watch the video to know she's talking about another subject she knows nothing about as she proceeds to do the very thing she says she's not going to do. 
    All the while, she'll continue doing it when the camera is turned off. 
    The tea on her is as old as she is. Oh wait, there's nothing in this cup. This emptiness looks oddly familiar...
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  7. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I guess because she plays pretend better than the other flakes like Yumi?
    I don't get it. They're on in the same. Minor difference is yuhan is stuck at 12yrs of age while Taylor is stuck at 15, both mentally and emotionally. And taylor married  a real sugar daddy, a sugar came farm full of underage girls owning daddy to be clear. 

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  8. Whythough added a topic in General Discussion   

    Kceleb Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Enhancements
    Here you can discuss any cosmetic procedures Korean celebs (including idols and actors) had done.
    Whether you hate it or love it, feel free to post. 
    Post screenshots, videos, and gifs along with any other "proof".
    It's all speculation unless they've come clean or it's glaringly obvious. 
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  9. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    I made the same mistake thinking some comments were too harsh. There was more truth to it than meets the eye. now it's pretty transparent they were right. 
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  10. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    they're fillers. she just edits them down when she feels like it. it's not even consistent. she has a new face every time. pretty obvious if you observe long enough. 
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  11. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    The truth has been out for years.

    Whenever toddlertay wants another boost from her impressionable fanbase, she goes on and whines and complains how hard life is in her apartments she doesn't have to pay for. 

    Reality is, she has all the money and resources at her disposal yet she chooses to do NOTHING about it but repeat the SAME OLD SAME OLD patterns OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 

    "I was a chubby kid and i'm scwarred for life even though I was a skinny pretty model for many years who got in my own way and I can't do anything but watch dum dums on tv because I'm so senswitive" wah feel bad for me while I carry my teacup poodle to force my employee to pway with me. My ickydaddy and fwiends with actwual lives don't have time for me *wah wah* 

    dadddysan left me alone NO ONE'S HERE TO CHAUFFEUR ME AROUND i'm bored of cuddling with rosie. hmm maybe I need extra shopping money. time to mwake another vidweo! what shwould I mwake twoday wosie? I hope they don't ask me to decorate my apartment or cook. my legs feel heavy from watching videos. mwaybe I should make another video about things I know nothing about and then cwwyyy when those dummy kids catch on to my lack of knowledge on the subject. 

    seriously, this is one of the most transparent and vapid girls out there but they all fall for it because she acts sweet for the camera, and buys her friends with presents and spare bedrooms and puts on her sad overfilled plastic baby face in front of the camera to whine about yet another EASY thing that's too hard for her to do because she's SPOILED ROTTEN. 

    and ewsan got exactly what he wanted, a trophy wife dumb enough to marry him who will just sit at home waiting to entertain him until HE'S ready to have a baby to keep up his OWN image. he married up looks wise and she married up in everything except for looks. 

    And before you think it's pitiful. REMEMBER SHE'S 30. SHE'S A GROWN ASS WOMAN. SHE KNOWS BETTER. Face it, she wanted an easy life. I agree she wouldn't have stayed with him if it weren't for his multi million dollar bank account. She get's taken care of for life and all she has to do is pop out a few kids for him. Having sex? easy . He's not ugly. all she has to do is have sex with him every once in a while and sit around waiting for him to push her donkeyass around in another expensive car HE BOUGHT because her whiny fake princess ass can't step inside of anything other than a taxi in yet another expensive city without someone to hold her hand and coddle her while she internally freaks out about riding with the lowly peasants in a bus or train. 

    but now she's finally locked in daddysan and has become like every other vapid ex model turned bimbo plastic trophy wife she aspired to be. She reveals herself to follow and worship the most stupid dense and immoral celebrities and fellow youtubers, but no one cares because fakebabytaylor comes on with her overfilled rubber face crying about how hard life is while she sits in her castles (YES THE MODERN EQUIVALENT OF CASTLES.                                                                 -She lives in two of the biggest cities in the world with the most expensive housing markets. HK and Toronto AINT CHEAP.  To actually BUY an apartment in BOTH cities costs MILLIONS. At least 2.5 mill for toronto for what they're buying. THEY DON'T RENT EITHER. THEY OWN. She said it herself in one video of hk that they BOUGHT it. the most recent she says they OWN the tornoto apartment.)
     She isn't hiding her lifestyle well. Some here are making excuses disguised as valid potential explanations. But the reality is the most common explanations don't apply to her because her life is ANYTHING BUT COMMON (but I was a part of it too)
    -It's been said before and we (not all) kept ignoring it and falling for the excuses that youtube money is enough to support her lavish lifestyle. NAH she wouldn't have a quarter of what she has without sleazesan.

     she's never going to grow up and become an actual adult. she's living out her fantasy airhead life with him. they deserve each other. She never has to worry about the poor people he makes his money off of because she makes her money off impressionable teenagers who worship and enable her. they'd thank her if she spat at them. they love receiving the crumbs she bothers throwing at them that she calls videos. 
    and he's just like any other sleazy business man. and her viewers and some of us (including myself) fell for it because he spoils and babies her so now everyone loves him. now he has her impressionable young fanbase to boost his ego too.
    Look at how sweet pimpsan is being a shoulder to cry on because toddlertay can't lift her overpriced manicured finger to upload one video after months and weeks of not uploading. 

    If youtube was really her job, she wouldn't be able to take off that much time AND STILL have enough income left to support her with that much time off. yt is just a validation pit for her. 

    ehh lol it's pretty messed up if you ask me. 

    I'm not bothering keeping up with her anymore. She's way older than I am and it's so pathetic watching a grown woman continue to play pretend for the camera like she got this far on her own.  no, her paper thin ego just can't handle admitting pimpsan provides 90 percent of her lifestyle 
     I'm too old for this shit lol

    there's more entertaining flakes on here.  

    you're only torturing yourself by continuing to see what she's up to.  hint: it's nothing new. 
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  12. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    It's never too late to make something of yourself instead of relying on a man's ability to support you by making money off the exploitation of women and underage girls.
    Don't you think it's weird he pursued you for your youthful dolly phase?
    Are you really that desperate for a family that you're willing to give this skeevy weirdo a daughter?
    Before you start one, you may want to think about who you are as a person. We might gossip about you a lot, but there's a reason most of us find Tom super creepy and weird... 
    I think it'd be a mistake to bring an innocent child into his life when he has a huge sleazy business dealing. If you didn't think it was shameful too, you wouldn't have had your photos scrubbed from that site.
    You can always have a family later on with the right person. Just know plenty of women wait until they're truly ready to take that step after working on themselves and their passions. It's never too late to find yourself before bringing a kid into the world. 
    On a final note, life is about a whole lot more than appearances, money, and materialistic consumption. I'm guessing you'd be a lot happier living a life that doesn't revolve around appearances or where you have to go as far as editing yourself to hide your insecurities. 
    Right now you need to work on yourself more than anything
    Think about it.
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  13. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    I totally agree with you.
     She's never been really up front about who she is. Everything is about her "image." Even when she comes clean with the truth, the bitter stuff she doesn't want to face is always disguised under a pretty excuse. She's all about making herself look good. We all know she's super insecure.  She's still image obsessed and controlling and wants her life to look perfect .
    The worrying part about her insecurity is how it led her to being with sleaze-san and how it'll affect her future kid. I didn't buy the sugar baby rumors and still don't, but it's sad how she married him despite knowing about MC.It was during her stubborn dolly phase so maybe she was desperate, but I wouldn't have even pursued a friendship with someone like him. Starting one business after another, he clearly only cares about the money and not about the girls who end up on his website.  She clearly doesn't care either. 
    At least corn is transparent about her weird image obsession and being a materialistic gold digger. Taylor's always going to hide everything that makes her look bad. But what really grosses me out is they BOTH want to have kids with these disgusting men. tom was interesting in his own way, but not after this pimpsan reveal. It's scary how her kids will turn out. I'll be praying for her kid.I hope nothing happens to it because of tom. elbow seriously grosses me out now. what a freak. and this definitely makes his dolly thing look super sus. and taylor look really weird too.... at least she'll have her kids to play with and force to dress up and do stupid things with now????? ewww I can't stand they make me feel so DIRTY.
     I'm not accusing her of anything, but it all looks so WEIRD now. WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM?!!! WHO ARE YOU???? GIRL GET SOME THERAPY. 
    edit: Still I can't help but think she was susceptible. She clearly admires him and looks up to him a lot. He's wealthy, successful, more cultured, more intelligent and more educated than her. Maybe he took a little advantage of the insecure lonely foreign girl...? We all know she's not that bright and with all her love for him, did she overlook some warning signs? how he constantly overlooks her and what she says? I don't know but this match is looking weirder and weirder as time goes on. I wouldn't blame her for divorcing. Divorce isn't bad when you're with the wrong person. At this point,he seems the wrong person for her, but she did marry him...
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  14. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

     She's still editing herself in her videos. Clearly she still has filler, but why is she still editing it down? This whole video, especially the beginning, I couldn't stop  noticing how obvious the blur around her head from her ear area down to her chin area. If you look at Nat's face, it's nothing like that.
    It's especially obvious when you observe the door knob behind her and how it blurs every time her hair and head area get close to it. And I know it's not her hair strands either. Natalie's hair doesn't do that either....
     if you pay close attention to her cheeks, they fluctuate in size with new takes..the constant blurry thing and the pixels around is like how'd she miss that? No wonder she takes so long uploading new videos.
    Also notice how the switch gets sucked down into her blur zone...
    I'm not hating on her for this, but it's confusing that she's still doing it. Why not give it up? are you still that insecure about your filler? Even Kylie stopped getting hers.
    Whatever, it's clear she's not going to stop. It's starting to feel like the shoop situation with Kota now
     I almost didn't care enough to post this because her filler has been talked about to death. I don't think anyone cares anymore either way. 

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  15. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    btw, does anyone know how to upload videos to PULL?
    I'm guessing they won't be working together anymore. This looks like one of her "saying goodbye" videos
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