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  1. Whythough added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I added both zoomed in and zoomed out for front view shots. 2nd set, 1st photo...
    I only found her on the GUESS Factory website (the one found at outlet stores) not the GUESS website (found at retail). So I gather she was good enough for their lower quality merchandise, but not for the "good" stuff??? 
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  2. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I mean, he bought them for his future baby...He never said his future baby with HER.  He kept them in storage after they left HK a few years ago...not really a big deal since he was saving them for his future baby with whoever.
    Elbow seemed embarrassed to hear his little poem being read aloud, but he seems like a genuinely sweet person. It was nice to see more of their relationship. He really seems to love her for real. 
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  3. Whythough added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Wow. I almost can't believe it. Her maturity in this video is actually pretty impressive. She sounds as if she's finally getting more serious about her life. Even her message at the end seemed heartfelt. 
    I'm excited to see what she's going to do and who she'll become next.
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  4. Whythough added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I can't tell if Seb is just being nice or if he is really down to have Aki in his videos? 

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  5. Whythough added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    The MV itself:  
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  6. Whythough added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    WELP. I wasn't expecting that. 
    Why was she so open about someone else's business? 
    Did her sister okay this/want her to talk about this (someone else mentioned this and it got me wondering)If she did, then why wouldn't Sharla say that her sister said it was okay? Sharla not mentioning getting her sister's consent to reveal her private and personal info makes me really suspiciousupon getting suspicious I start to wonder if Sharla wants to bring a little drama on her channel and be mysterious or something; this is reaching, but it's something I keep in the back of my mind nowadays with the way Youtubers are, you know, fake... 
    After all, I'm really confused as to what her intent was?
    Was she simply oversharing when she maybe wanted to say something more along the lines of, "hey, guys, my sister will be staying with me for a while, maybe even moving in! I just wanted to let you all know since you're basically like my family. She's also going through a bit of a rough time right now, and may or may not be featured in my videos. Just wanted to let you guys know <3." I think something like that would have sounded a lot better when wanting to give your audience an update on the events of your life...if it was this, and maybe even her way of wanting to relate to her audience and bring up a discussion about depressionWhy not wait and try to organize your talking points a little to bring up something like a mental illness? were you just eager to disclose that you know something with depression???I feel like this is something that could be handled more gentlyOR were you trying to reach out to your fans/followers/subscribers because you want support and are maybe really worried and anxious for your sisterare you scared you won't be able to handle her mental illness so much that you just accidently overshared with your audience? Did your sister say it was okay?Did you talk to her about her coming over and how you'll be able to help her cope?Do you have a plan in place for dealing with what comes with that???I mean, you're her family and her sister, but you're no therapist or mental health professional.will you be helping her help people to talk to?? 
    WHAT ABSOLUTELY  bothered me about this was all the questions I and we and her audience even are left with because she chose to be so public about this. I feel guilty and ashamed because I don't think this is even our business or something she should be sharing UNLESS she plans on carefully and maturely updating everyone on the whole thing. Honestly, this is like the goddamn cat thing all over again. 
    Sharla, when it comes to the more serious things in your life like the Miko drama, the Mira drama, the racism in Japan drama and now your sister's "drama" It's probably best that you handle that behind closed doors. Being more thoughtful about things like this and about the way you handle them would have probably saved you A LOT of trouble to begin with and even kept you out of this god forsaken site in the first place.  at this point, I have to wonder what the heck you're even doing...LIke serious things like this, keep them out of your YT channels. I know your fans feel like close to you since they've supported you for so long, and you can 'spill' everything to them and that it gets overwhelming having to be a public figure and simultaneously work out your personal issues, but keep them separate, girl.. In the end it just works out better that way. 
    Find other outlets like keeping a diary for your personal thoughts and problems or even turning that into art or putting it into a hobby that isn't public instead of what you've been doing, which is getting mad/bitchy/and frustrated at ANYONE, INCLUDING YOUR FANS for telling you to put more effort into yourself or just generally giving you criticism meant for your improvement. They just want to see you do better....But if this IS your outlet, then alright...that's cool...it's just such a public outlet, but I guess you're not too uncomfortable being very public with things like this. That's actually pretty confident of you. making vlogs for personal problems, but not posting them, and just keeping them as diaries is also an option. + I hate how she's neglected her Sharla in Japan channel, and was saying she wanted to do more, but then never really did...??? Like...?? do you actually still care or are you just putting on a show like you still care because you feel obligated to continue your YT channels??? cuz if you're just obligated...there's no point, is there? I see you just posted a strawberry video, cool, it's just that you were pretty inconsistent with it last year. 
    Maybe I'm out of line here, but...it's what I've been observing with her...
    Sorry for the length of this post.....
    Other than that, I'm glad to hear she'll be hanging out with and featuring her other friends again. I miss that so much!!!!!! I loved her videos with her old friends (not Bronwyn, Kim,  and Taylor). Greg was my fave for real!
    Nice! This makes me think she's being more receptive. Hair looks good, nice natural makeup, outfit is decent (at least no hoodie). Interesting/informative and entertaining. Of course this is for her Sharla in Japan channel, but this is exactly what I was talking about. More like this, please!!!! 
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  7. Whythough added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I'm sorry, but her bangs are all I could focus on while she was talking about...
    Just go get them trimmed, Yumi! Even a cheap place like you like will be able to make them even & decent looking.
    It can't cost more than $10 to get a decent trim. 
    If you really want bangs, invest or learn how to properly trim them. 

    Her accent is starting to sound more and more fake to me. It's wild, but I can HEAR her forcing the 'bad English' accent. Like c'mon, people with natural accents don't sound so rigid (idk if that's the right word, but something is definitely off to me now )... 
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  8. Whythough added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    *sigh* yeah, I can't wait to see if she goes all out with it. She might actually be able to pull it off. 
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  9. Whythough added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    The combination of her nails and necklace...Please don't tell me she's going to go for the dark/occult/goth/wiccan aesthetic that's getting hot on IG now.
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  10. Whythough added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Sorry, baby fat isn't even the right word. I just mean that part of her skin that will jiggle when she moves because there's clearly no muscle there. It's the same thing my skinny legs would do...that part of my upper thigh or calves or upper arms would kind of sag there when I made a noticeable movement, and I was really skinny like her too...It just becomes loose ugh  
    I'll try to find the videos where I've seen this happen for ref. 
    And yeah, omg. I would get so cranky and upset at everyone around me. She got pretty annoyed at her boyfriend in the ppap video, and I wondered if it's because she hadn't eaten much that day....  It's not good for your relationships always being in a bad mood because you're hungry. 
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  11. Whythough added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Ahhh! yes, I'm so glad you included the hand waving part. She was so cute when she did that. 
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  12. Whythough added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I know the two of you already discussed this more, but I have to say BMI is more of a general guide. It's not going to work for all body types.Someone super fit with a lot of muscle may come out with a result of overweight simply because of the weight of their muscles, which isn't a good determiner of health. HOWEVER, It's pretty easy to see with our own eyes that yumi isn't healthy. The bit of fat she does have just hangs there and jiggles on the bone as other people have noticed...that baby fat could be done away with if she worked out, but considering her horrible diet, I doubt she even has the energy to do more than her awkward shimmy posing.
    I worry for her health. Her face is so very bloated, and in comparison to her older pictures, you can tell it's from her diet or lack thereof. I know you can bloat from both anorexia and bulimia, so I really worry for her. No matter how ridiculous she is, I don't wish for her to have an eating disorder. Everything that comes with those is very detrimental to the people who develop them. I know there are those of you on here who have already spoken out about having one yourself. I myself have gone through this, and I can say that when I was eating as little as Yumi, I didn't workout and my body became just like hers. I looked like a child. even children's pants wouldn't fit me right and I really did look like her. I can tell she's not healthy. I worry for her followers too because they're not learning what an eating disorder actually looks like, thinking this is "healthy." They are so delusional. she's a really bad influence. 
    Oh, Yumi, please eat properly. Please eat more meals a day. Look some up and start eating a little more, little by little, slowly building up over time. Do some very light workouts and make this part of your daily routine. I don't know what you're doing at your dance classes, but if you exercise more regularly and eat a good diet, the dance classes will also help aid you in toning up. Don't let fear of gaining weight do this to your health. Please trust me. Being healthy is better for your mental health too. You will have more energy and even feel happier. You'll be able to concentrate better. And what's really good is developing more healthy habits every day will make you thrive. If you keep going this way, it will start to affect your organs and your skin and your hair and nails and everything else.. just the eating disorders themselves can mess you up really bad (even if you haven't lost that much weight). Don't take this lightly. 
    Last edit****And also,Yumi, you'll want to have more fat on your body and keep your body healthy so you can ovulate and have those kids you want. You'll want to develop healthy habits, so you can pass those on to your children and be an example for them. You'll need more energy to be able to run around after them, and for that, you need to eat healthy. Seriously, you'll need a more healthy body if you want to carry those babies and keep them healthy inside you someday... Here's an article on that: https://www.anred.com/pg.html
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  13. Whythough added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   


    https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2722-mimei-and-duncan-pdr-san/?page=13 It's right here. It just fell some pages back, if you're interested.
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  14. Whythough added a post in a topic Old / Deleted videos of Dakota   

    She actually used to care...But her bobby pins were always wrong side up (flat side should be on top of the hair, bumpy should go under)...Her poor hair is in such poor condition now  
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  15. Whythough added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    @redbowkiki @BonBonChucked Yeah, I was wondering if you'll merge or...create a separate one for him?

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