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  1. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    95% of the time..restaurant food/take outs is tastier/better than home made cooking.
    Gong Li was too ugly to play the part of Hatsumomo in memoirs of a geisha
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  2. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    yeah, Im from western europe and no one considers the mediterranean part of europe as non whites here lol. not sure if this is what he/she is trying to say though. 
    but I have never in my life heard someone being reffered to as a ´´mediterranean person´´, you would raise many eyebrows if you would say I´m a mediterranean person lol.
    The word mediterranean is pretty much only used in geography/climate or culinary talks.
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  3. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I know it doesnt really matter, and I can´t believe I´m even saying this, but honestly she was a lot more interesthing to watch/discuss/follow/fun whatever when she was still a weeb. Yes she was at her peak when she was still bfs with Sharla, but even on her own she was just so enjoyably cringy.
    Like...yes...She would also say delusional/crazy stuff back then.  think there hasn´t been a day in her life when there hasn´t been a big cloud of pollution inside that head of hers, but more in a  omg here we go again guys  kinda way
    now its only  should we report her? kind of way.  Go back to being a weeb Miranda.
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  4. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    also ironic coming from someone who in the past proudly claimed to be bisexual
    I really hope shes trolling but I doubt it.
    Its scary how easily some people are influenced by extremism.
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  5. Kiko added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Problem is she used to be super preachy about it and the whole ´´well I love animals´thats why I am vegan´´ and blabla.
    if someone is like I eat plant based for my healthy and then a year later theyd drop it its completely it would feel different, cause you didnt claim to be a holier than thou animal lover when you went vegan. I also personally dont believe she eats plant based at home.
    Think again Sharla next time you want to put up a holier than thou facade around something. 
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  6. Kiko added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I honestly cant stand people who cant grasp the idea of doing things on your own
    I told someone I was going to a museum , and she literally couldnt comprehend that I was ACTUALLY going by myself.
    Like why do people think you Always need someone to come along in order to have fun? I love doing things by myself. for example going to a movie/theatre/concert...an event where you are focused on a performance how in the world couldn´t you do on your own? 
    I also traveled abroad alone a lot, and even though im a grown woman my mom is Always freaking out I´m going alone, and she is like ´´well its no fun going by yourself´´ and my reply was ´´Well I love it cause I do not end up going with someone who wants to do different things than me, or wants to leave even though i still want to stay´´ my mom ´´Well you can just go your seperate ways´´ ugh mom that means I STILL WILL be going alone.
    You can have fun by yourself people geez. 
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  7. Kiko added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Dear Shop owners all around the world,
    is it really THAT difficult to just take down a product from your website when its out of stock and you have no plans restocking the item again?
    cause everytime I get happy seeing an item clicking on it...then being met with ´´sorry this item is out of stock/unable to purchase´´
    haha okay? then maybe take the picture of your store website instead asshole. Seriously its so disappointing when youre looking for a relatively rare item and see it at a reaosnable price only to be met with ´´out of stock´´ fuck you.
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  8. Kiko added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    looks like something you can find on ebay for 5 to 8 dollars.(I have seen many online stores do this, I recognise many hong kong/china typical ebay jewelry being sold for 3 times what its worth in other stores)
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  9. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I do not get why people get so easily impressed when a child can do something at a reasonable or high skill
    stuff like cooking, cleaning, learning a language
    but also stuff like playing an instrument( being impressed by a 12 year old who has had musical lessons for 8 years and who can play very well is nothing special if you spend almost a fucking decade practising most likely every day for atleast an hour. OF COURSE you will get good. There is no doubt some people are more musical than others( like some people having perfect pitch etc), but overall it all comes down to one thing. MANY hours/years of practise. Iif you put dedication and practise into it anyone can do it.) 
    I do not get why people get so  when a 8 year old manages to cook a meal or a 7 year old playing fur elise. its called practising, Children arent mentally uncapable of doing anything besides crapping their pants. Which I feel like that is what most people think these days hence why people these days seem so easily impressed by when a child shows any sort of skill. The child practised many hours and failed and proceed to eventually suceed. just like all of us adults do. 
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  10. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Japanese Night time sanitary pads(aka ´´gigantic ones´´) > any of the ultra thin typical Western sanitary pads 
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  11. Kiko added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    Found a new cool relatively unkown Jrock band called LAMP IN TERREN, maybe someone else is interested in this band, I'm Always looking for new artists
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  12. Kiko added a post in a topic General Winx Club Fandom Thread   

    omg laylas bf died!? wow I def have never seen that episode before wow. 
    I agree with all what you said. I do think Timmy and Tecna both kind of lack character development. its probably why i do not like them but again, this is the writers fault, as I think they realise which characters are the most popular and the ones that are get more storylines.
    I also do not know many actors...so I just googled black hair long men and they both popped up so I have no idea who either are sorry! I think he is a model his picture can be found on this article along with many other models 
    Yeah honestly Im not sure where they are going with the live action yet like their ages. if its going to be college or high school so its hard to say. and yes the second guy I thought that too! kind of sad how we can do a better job than the casting directors. I understand you cant find perfect clones of cartoon characters look wise, but for some it seems like no effort was made really(musa, Aisha/layla specifically)
    so its hard to tell but so far a few cast members seem to be in their 20s,
    I agree with Serala that he does look a bit too feminine(atleast in this picture) for Helia, probably because I think all the guys in winx club are drawn super masculine aside from the latest season fetus make overs they had lol. I Always imagined all of the specialists with super strong bone structure. their cartoon bodies are probably a little too much for 16 year olds though. Helia shouldnt be too hard to cast.
    I wonder why they went out of their way to only make some characters accurate....Bloom and Sky/Riven seem to be cast solely for their looks...and then there is Aisha/Layla and Musa and its like they werent even trying
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  13. Kiko added a post in a topic General Winx Club Fandom Thread   

    My favourite couple has Always been Stella and Brandon. Brandon seems to love stella no matter what even if she turns into a gigantic weird frog monster, and Stellas love for Brandon was also tested in season 1, when they found out sky and brandon switched places(this is the version I grew up with but, some people may not know about it since dumb nickelodeon dub version cut that whole story line out for reasons unknown to me) Stella had Always been under the impression Brandon was actually prince Sky, it made her think twice if she really liked Brandon for who he really was as a person OR if it was just his title she liked. Then she said she will love brandon anyway even as a ´´servant´´. Wow! Honestly the storylines were so mature/great life lessons back then!. but yeah those are my reasons for them being my favourite. their relationships seems to be very deep going/genuine and not based on superficiality. I will miss Brandon in the live action as he was my favourite Specialist.
    I have Always hated the whole Musa and Riven thing, since he Always seem to treat her like she was nothing special. its the classic bad boy storyline. Musa deserves better and Riven should just have a relationship with a stuffed animal or something 
    Bloom was Always my favourite winx girl, but her relationship with sky is...well...VERY bland to say the least. uninteresthing. but I also think this is partly the writers fault, as they keep recycling the same plots over and over again(aka Diaspro), and wont let the characters grow or either mature or just write an ending to it. Bloom would actually turn 30 this year. That is if we take the actual timeline that this show first started in 2004 and they were all 16, all wouldve been born in 1989. She should be a young adult woman now with a semi stable life and hopefully done with immature guys/relationships.
    I dont remember Helia and Flora relationship being covered very much, Timmy and Tecna seem compatible but I do not find them very interesthing as a couple part of that being Tecna is my least fav winx and Timmy my least fav specialist. 
    As far Layla, I only vaguely remember her love interest I think because I stopped watching after season 3/4, but Always loved to watch the reruns of mainly season 1 and 2.
    As for an actor for Helia....thats a tough one! as I do not know many actors by their name, but for me the image I have Always had for helia is something like this would be perfect in my mind.

    Or maybe if the writers decide he isnt Asian but Greek then for me the image would be something like this guy

    Guy with an angular ish face and long hair, doesn´t even have to be very long but atleast a little below shoulder length imo cause long hair is pretty much Helia´s signature sign as much as it is for Bloom to have red hair.
    I think Helia may come back in the winx live action...but under a different name. 
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  14. Kiko added a post in a topic General Winx Club Fandom Thread   

    I agree, I Always saw Musa as Chinese rather than Japanese and I´m not sure why, it was Always just a feeling.
    she has been drawn wearing contradicting traditional costumes but that is probably more a case of lack of knowledge on the creators side.but her mothers name matlin wa-nin and Ho-Boe. I think that chinese winx world ancestry seems the most likely
    and I love your Layla btw omg she wouldve been perfect! 
    I Always assumed Helia to be asian as well so you´re not the only one, but since there no clear indication of his race so if hed get casted in the live actiion it either be a white guy with long black hair or asian guy with long black hair I think.
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  15. Kiko added a post in a topic General Winx Club Fandom Thread   

    Me!! VERY cringy. I have also read that the girls wont be fairies but witches instead, hence probably why there is no existence of cloud tower or the trix. 
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