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  1. Lolicious added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Not to be nitpickey but this isn't Knites spin on it but an official version of this character.

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  2. Lolicious added a post in a topic Keemstar / Daniel Keem   

    He can't let go... (but to be fair, I think that some people need to check their sources on the information they get about him, but he plays it like he is the good guy and never did something wrong...)
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  3. Lolicious added a post in a topic little berry cosplay   

    How does that hair look like Pochacos? Or isn't it styled...

    Anyways: Who on earth would like to cosplay that abomination... sorry, but Tsuji Santas character-design is awful... even for Fanservice-Ecchi-standards... (don't get me wrong, I'm all for chubby characters but those proportions are not well done and he doesn't give a shit about unique clothes in his designs... he only goes for hourglass-chubby-chicks with the biggest breasts... seriously I don't understand why Sonico gets 13 billion figures and is so popular and Pachoco is even worse... sorry for the kinda OT rant, but it really seems she only cosplays her to show off her bewbs once more. There is nothing more to that character.

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  4. Lolicious added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    She claimed that she was in a relationship with Roger Bart (I only know him from Desperate Housewives) and he had a family while dating her and after he said she needs to leave him alone, she had a breakdown on youtube. Appearently they were in a relationship for 2 years, while he still had a family... I believe she deleted her videos, but there is a Re-Upload of it:

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  5. Lolicious added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I think she tries a little to hard to be appealing to her male fandom… and that is not about the way she dress (even though in some videos the fanservice-y approach is totally unnecessary) but more about the fact that she points out a lot that she likes tentacles? Like: Even if that is her fetish and she likes Manga / Anime / Doujinshi with tentacle I don’t think it is necessary to point that out?
    Maybe it is a joke, but if you don’t know the origin of that it seems kinda attention-seeking. Like “OMG GUYZ, I COSPLAY IN SUKUMIZU AND I LOVE SAKE AND I PLAY GAMES AND I’M ALSO PERVERTED – I’M THE PERFECT WAIFU!”  

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  6. Lolicious added a post in a topic Nathaniel Mitsuko   

    As @tokki said, Mitsuko isn’t a surname and a feminine name as well… as he said he speaks it and he can teach it, he should know that (alone the “ko” in the name should give it away for someone with some kind of knowledge) BUT maybe it is just a self-given name (like an artist name?)? Still really strange to give yourself a female name, but maybe he liked the meaning of it…
    He doesn’t look that Asian to me but it also seems wrong to say “half-asians have to look like this and that!”… in some families the one half gets more through than the other. Not want to defend him or anything… but his name is most likely fake at least.
    Also, it is kind of iffy to me, when people feel the need to point out, that they are gay? I don’t think they should hide himself, but his little story with the girl asking him out wasn’t funny or special and he still felt the need to talk about this boring shit…?
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  7. Lolicious added a post in a topic little berry cosplay   

    She’s going to do it again, right? Putting on a wig and her normal swimsuit and telling it is her Hamakaze Beach Version, like she did with D.Va?!?!

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  8. Lolicious added a post in a topic kawaiigod   

    Why did he name himself “kawaii god” if he can’t even pronounce it correctly? Sorry, I’m not good in explaining but it is more like “kawa-i” (it is even the common German pronunciation of the “i”) and not “kawai” (the “ai” together)…
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  9. Lolicious added a post in a topic little berry cosplay   

    I think it really is an alternate Version of Rei Ayanami…
    Besides her dirty mirror, I really don’t think she is able to pull of serious business with her cosplays. She doesn’t even try and I don’t want to rephrase what’s already been said over and over again, so I try to throw other points into it.
     Like you all already said, that her “cosplays” are more “costests” and that her make up isn’t really good, so here is my point that really irks me.
    She doesn’t even try to portray the character she cosplays in my opinion. She wears their dresses and almost every picture is just here with this face: :9
    There is no personality… yeah, joke pics are fine but I don’t see any picture that actually reminds me of the character she is trying to pull off… Just because she shoves candy into her mouth, that doesn’t mean she is a good Hotaru. Just because she does that Nico Nico Nii sign, doesn’t mean she is a good Nico…
    For example: Sena from Haganai is a really cheerful character, but all she does is showing her cleavage and look into the camera with a boring expression. Why not pose in a more unique way? Like: Sena loves Otome-Games… pose with a PS Vita and a “dreamy” face or such thing… but nooo… she only stares at the camera with no soul…
    And again, sorry if it sounds “rude”, but those Loli-character doesn’t suit her AT ALL. (I mean Loli in appearance or age, nothing sexual!). Like: Her Rory Mercury is already lazy as fuck… she puts a bow on her head and a black wig while rolling on the bed and WOW, she is Rory… same with Nico. In my opinion it doesn’t fit her appearance. At least not yet. Maybe when she has a better way of doing her make up? It looks too grown up to me.
    In the end everyone should cosplay what they want and the way they want. But if they put their pictures out there I’m allowed to be the judge and she is nowhere near a good cosplayer…

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  10. Lolicious added a post in a topic YazoChan   

    Oh sorry, maybe I phrased it wrong, she does not look too skinny but to me she looks skinny/slim (in general) and in the Sailor Moon cosplay her legs look wider, but maybe I just see things.

    And I don't think that she is going for being cute. Videotaping herself bullying a sleeping person and proudly presenting it on twitter isn't really cute as well as her way of speech in general. Her casual / private style wasn't really cute until recently either (like she was into jrock and visual kei so her style was more dark? now it is more feminine and a little more cute).
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  11. Lolicious added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Sometime ago I stumbled upon a thread on lolcow (or something like this) and saw this girl I “knew” from twitter. She was in my suggestions of people I should follow today because I follow some of her mutual friends, so I remembered her. Anyways even though I could swear I saw a thread on here of her, I can’t seem to find anything? If she changed her name and has a thread under it or something, I’m really sorry!
    But enough of the nonsense, first of all I provide some links (sorry, somehow I can't link them via the forums feature, I hope it works anyways!):





    She isn’t super problematic, so please don’t get mad at me if you think she is boring. I don’t want to come off as jealous or something (because I’m certainly not) but I wanted to share someone who MIGHT be of interest, especially in the future.

    That said, I’m not going into things that were said about her, when I’m not sure about them / can’t find actually proof but the list is quite long. For example disliking Japanese culture but only liking Anime or “Weeaboo”-stuff but at the same time making fun of “Weeaboo”, dropping out of school to laze around and being really spoilt, dumping her boyfriend right before she first visited japan and then go out with the first “gaijin hunter”.

    To me she SEEMs kind of rude and immature, but maybe that is just me. What I found absolutely disrespectful is that she and her friends made fun of a sleeping man in the train… even with physical contact (not harming him but they certainly humiliate him):


    I’ll attach some pictures as well! Because I don’t know if it is possible to place them anywhere in your post, so I can comment on them step by step I’ll put numbers on them. I’m sorry if it is confusing!

    # 1 – Most likely never happened. I’ve been to Harajuku before, even though I didn’t cosplay anything but; as commonly known anyways; the fashion there is crazy. I assume because she’s gaijin there MIGHT be some interest but 500 people? I personally think that is really farfetched…

    # 2.1 & 2.2 – I believe she photoshops her legs? I don’t know if she lied about it, just wanted to point it out. As Sailor Mars they don’t look as thin as in the other photo

    # 3 – Has a really delusional view of Japan. I try to translate the important points (my own comments in square brackets):
    -          She doesn’t like Asia, she only likes Japan
    -          She likes Anime/Manga but doesn’t watch it [How…?]
    -          Japanese people are all: well behaved, tolerant, disciplined
    -          The people there are “bumbling / awkwardly friendly”
    -          Everyone is accepted: businessman, lolita and old ladies in Kimono as well
    -          Even hobos are admirable because they live in cool self-made carton houses [yeah, she really wrote that. What the f…?]
    -          The country might be crazy but that is what she loves, Germany is too plain
    -           The food is scrumptious, healthy and nutritious [apparently as soon as she was in Japan she hated it and for example threw away whole packages of food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m29eiRlAUTs – around 1:30, she says she doesn’t like the food] and even though she likes Hamburg, to live in Japan is her dream [same video she states that she would NEVER like to live there at around 2:40 – but to be honest, I think maybe she grew up and learned, so actually that is something positive!]
    -          Every sexuality is highly accepted in Japan [Honey, just because they don’t get discriminated like in Russia for example, that doesn’t mean that they welcome homosexuality with open arms…]
    -          She gets her point across via some examples like gay Samurai and male Geisha [Yeah, there was a time in our society when it was perfectly normal to have some catamite as male aristocratic but that was years ago… so in her logic Germany would be as accepting as for example Japan – not that here in Germany is “heavy discrimination” like in some other countries but I hope you get the point: just because there was something considered normal and not problematic years ago that doesn’t mean everyone is fine and dandy with it at this time and age]
    -          Japanese are uptight but she thinks that is adorable and don’t let her get started on Japanese men! She loves their looks especially because she loves androgynous looks. She also states that she’ll fall for every Japanese guy no matter his age.

    # 4 – Represents an unhealthy thinking of body-image, I’ll translate it from bottom first to top [Please also keep in mind that she has a very young following, they look up to her and she posts pictures with really thin legs and a thin body and then says stuff like this]:
    -          “@[censored name] I always wanted to go there but every time I see a mos Burger I’m not hungry HAHAHA
    -          + for Japan – No matter at what time and what McDonalds, it is always fresh and never cold and scruffy [Like, when it lays around outside for too long]
    -          Now I made myself hungry HAHAHA Let’s see what the scale says HAHA
    -          The scale says a big no
    # 5 – Apparently she goes out in cosplay to garner attention from Japanese people? I’ll translate it from the bottom to the top [Maybe I’m a bit uptight but that seems really cringe-worthy to me and also strange to approach strangers kids in a cosplay? Imagine a guy doing this…]
    -          Tweets picture of Anna from Frozen [On Instagram the caption of her cosplay is something like “Make them kids smile”]
    -          Okay, I’m done now. Now all I have to do to find the courage to go outside alone…
    -          What if there aren’t any children outside? T^T Do I stroll around or do I stand alone somewhere? Awkward level over 9000
    (Bonus-Link from her Facebook post about it: https://www.facebook.com/YazoChan/posts/1048155061899309:0)

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  12. Lolicious added a post in a topic little berry cosplay   

    Sorry to burst in with a rather diffrent topic... but jesus christ, can this girl maybe clean her mirror before she takes pictures in front of it...?
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  13. Lolicious added a post in a topic Zilla308 / Stephanie Michelle   

    That pic with the green shirt looks photoshopped as hell or is it just me? I mean the edge of the shirt on the boobs looks somehow comic-y? But maybe it's just the quality... well on the first pic it looks shopped as well? Or am I seeing things? The folds look so unnatural to me...
    Other than that. I really don't like the her "style". I'm not a fan of caked faces and those long ass and thick nails.
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  14. Lolicious added a post in a topic Freakfeverk   

    I added pictures.

    I think he looks fine w/o the editing but I don't think editing is wrong per se - as long as you admit to it... but his excused... like... yeah, your face is swollen all the time... I get it... who does believe that?

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  15. Lolicious added a post in a topic Onision   

    Well, there is really no need for a videos. He is an abusive brick, but here it is anyways, I think?
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