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  1. whichhazel added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    ...is it just me that hears that ending bit of 2ne1's "I am The Best" (that boom-bada-bada-ba ba part) in the song's instrumental in the chorus somehow?
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  2. whichhazel added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    She does, I'm just saying she probably can't do much about it and do more than denounce it, and even they know that denouncing it does very little. She can't magically make people not go after others. And honestly, we can't always assume that grown adults aren't capable of acting like immature kids. Most of June's fans just take what they're given, have a laugh and move on. The worst of any community won't; they'd just act like children even if they aren't. I used Pewds as an example, but pretty much anybody with a substantial enough fanbase can have the worst people among them. Heck, any community has their own terrible people. Certain websites can attempt to stop them but they can't stop the people from being terrible in general.
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  3. whichhazel added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    I think anyone with a dedicated enough audience would have this issue, even without explicitly sending people to attack them. Just saying. It's like if, say, pewdiepie called out someone and posted something dumb they said in his videos. He doesn't need to point a finger and tell his fans to go make fun of them, the worst of his audience will just do it, and he can't control them either. The most these people can do is probably to just mention that they don't approve of it. (And even then what good will that do? The worst of any community would simply ignore any rules or discouragement and just go straight ahead to attack people, regardless of how anti-callout/anti-bullying/whatever the person they're fans of are.)
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  4. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Another conveniently covered chin tattoo...?
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  5. whichhazel added a post in a topic Chinese Living Dolls   

    I just found this video. Apparently Liu Zichen appeared on a show (I'm not too familiar with this show, but it has a court theme going on and he's the accused). 
    I won't have enough time to translate the whole thing, but the reporter(narrator?) of the video points out that his arrogance still shone through.(~50s) Cue clip of him saying a few lines of stuff about himself,how his pictures on the net are in accordance to his personal beauty standards and how he wouldn't put himself through anything difficult to please others...And then he goes to blast another lady on the show calling her 'ugly woman' (not sure if it's for show purposes or if he meant it) and goes on about how her hair is terribly dyed, addressing her (earlier?) remark about how he's unattractive in person and saying that he thinks that there's something wrong with her eyes.
    And then they invited a plastic surgeon (expert?) to analyze whatever he's done to his face. I'm not too sure about the procedures, but there was a mention about how his nose wasn't exactly fixed but confirms that he's had fillers in his nose and chin and most likely has had work done on his lips. 
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  6. whichhazel added a post in a topic DOWN WITH MATTE LIPS! BRING BACK GLOSS!   

    I used to be a huge fan of matte finishes. I'm not sure why, but my interest in matte finishes went down with time and nowadays I kind of avoid matte altogether, and it's not because I don't think my lips are up to it. It's just... I just have little to no interest in matte lips anymore. Maybe someone can convince me otherwise 
    I do dislike the stickiness of lip glosses though. I'm not sure about this, but I think it should be possible to do a glossy-ish lip without lip gloss though. Some brands have lip products with glossy finishes that feel more like chapstick than lip gloss on the lips.
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  7. whichhazel added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    I don't see the problem with her. Yes, she does have her cringey moments and she does sometimes get quite edgelord-y, but she does make very good and rational points about the issues today. 
    I'm not sure what the ED page is supposed to prove, since ED is a mixture of actual content, ridiculous stuff made up for humor, and rubbish itself. I think she does acknowledge and make fun of the running comparisons between her and Boxxy, so I don't see much "obsession" there. And as for the accusations that she made fun of rape - I'm pretty sure she's making fun of the radical feminist "everything is literally rape" rhetoric. And yes, I did open the embed for that. She's addressed in her videos that she does agree rape is bad, but it doesn't stop her from making fun of crazy people who think that everything is ~literally rape~.
    That Nikki Twitter account is satirical. It's not an alternate account or a fake account, it's meant to be satirical, poking fun at the radical feminists and some of the crazy things they say. Speaking of satire, the same goes for the trans bathroom tweet. If you look further down in the replies, you find that she's actually making fun of the argument.
    And yes, she's made her dislike of the flower crown filter known. And honestly it is very overused in the snapchat crowd/"basic bitches" crowd. Granted some of the stuff she's said isn't nice, but coming from a person who thrives off edgelord-y humor I don't expect anything less. 
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  8. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Hiding the chin tattoo with an emoji is almost explicitly stating that wylo's on the account.
    Hiding the chin tattoo with an emoji is almost explicitly stating that wylo's on the account. She's done it so much on her own account.
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  9. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Do you mean Malay or Malaysian? There's a difference. As far as I can tell, there isn't much stigma in being Malaysian in Singapore. At most, it's an issue about immigrants/visitors not being able to integrate themselves, but even that isn't really too much of a problem.
    If you mean Malay, though - it brings up an entire other set of issues regarding race etc. etc. and honestly a good amount of people don't care, but there is also an amount of people who find Malays repugnant (alongside Indians). And usually those people are the lesser educated, 'ah-beng'/'ah-lian' types like Wylo. I don't know about Neelo, but Adam seems the type to just say that he's Italian because it's 'better' than saying that he's part-Malay (Although I find that he looks like he does have a bit of Chinese in him. Then again, nobody can really tell just by looks.), just like how Wylo lied about her ethnicity gazillions of times before. It's a pretense to make one seem classier and more appealing to locals since they're all -exotic- but honestly if you ask me it's done so many times by so many people you can't help but feel wary of people who claim gazillions of races at the same time.
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  10. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I see what you did there.
    But in all seriousness yes, that is her. That's her in one of her kawaii goth phases. These days she looks very different though - but then again, when has she never looked different from phase to phase?
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  11. whichhazel added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I guess because it's sort of a thing in East Asian countries to be really pale. It's sort of a beauty ideal which I believe has roots in how the society was like historically. I'm not exactly sure about this (this is merely the opinion I formed based on what my mother has said and done) but I think there's this idea of how pale skin used to often mean a level of social status. If you were poor in the past, you'd be stuck to hard labour and etc., whilst the wealthy could afford to sit around indoors and do a lot of indoors work (eg. scholars). I think that sort of lasted and became a beauty ideal in East Asia and so pale skin still is kind of revered. I wouldn't be surprised then that people who love E. Asian countries try their best to do that, even if they don't realize the context behind it. They subscribe to the ideal because they like the culture and etc..
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  12. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Hayashi Summary thread   

    You know, there'd be nothing to say about her if she didn't scam shops out of stuff and lie about things. It most certainly isn't covered well in the summary, but she's scammed shops out of things before, and she's most certainly lied about a lot of things. So yes, she has caused some harm before. 
    But if you don't what's being done, why are you here? If you're so adamant that there's no point in what we're doing, then you're free to spend your time somewhere else rather than dally here and waste your time with us. We like wasting time on this, you don't, so the solution is pretty clear, isn't it?
    And feel better about ourselves how? Geez, you seem to think we all dislike her because of one single reason that we all unanimously agree on. We aren't all insecure little snowflakes, darling, there's little use in trying to play armchair psychologist on us.
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  13. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I can't find my original screencap for that but I did find another cropped screencap of it. 

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  14. whichhazel added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I'm not sure if anyone saw this before she deleted it but...
    This was posted yesterday and I believe it was a comment on that butt tumor photo she took. 

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  15. whichhazel added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    For some reason, all privilege is valid and abhorrent unless it's the privilege of wealth. 
    In parts of the world, this lady would be shamed by general society for being lazy and attempting to ride on the coattails of whatever kindness people can provide. 
    The radfem side of tumblr is a mixture of girl pride and whining about how being a woman sucks because male privilege. I do think that maybe some privilege exists for guys over girls, but it's wearing away bit by bit at different paces in different parts of the world. 
    I read a post earlier from one of the people I followed strictly for the fandom complaining about how her life sucks because she can't go do hard labor for some well-paying company and make tons of money because she's not a strong man, and how male egos were being stroked by the whole world etc. etc. and I rolled my eyes, because the entire post reeked of 'I'm an underdog but I'm not going to do anything about it at all except whine and blame it on the guys'. Even if it's completely not possible to even do some hard labor because she's not strong (something that she evidently could work on to try and improve slightly), did she never consider any other possible alternatives?
    Sorry for the long post >_< There's a long personal story as to why these things tick me off and it'll be serious OT if I shared.
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