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  1. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Could also be one of those filters that make the photo appear washed out, I see that a lot for previews taken with a camera.
    I like that their boobs are about the same size as their heads lol, but I really do find it weird that they hardly look like they're actually meeting each other's gaze. It looks like Tifa is staring at something off screen like she just realized she left the oven on. Their torsos probably are going to be either abnormally wide or warped, and the eyes... They're totally devoid of light or anything!
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  2. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Might just be me but when i zoomed in on this piece, it looks like Aerith has like... shadows all around her mouth. Like there's a separate layer underneath of an open mouthed smile or something. It definitely does not feel like it's actually part of the picture.
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  3. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I can't believe it took a "body types" post from her for twitter to flip their shit, since every other time Sakimi was criticized for her age-ups, simps came in droves parroting the "its just a drawing" one liner and bullying people into locking their accounts.
    Actually, I can believe it. It really is just the same girl. All she changes is the breast and thigh size while keeping the gap and twig everything else. If you're going to advertize your expertise on other body types, you better show you can draw accurate chubby/fat proportions too. My guess is she doesn't hang on twitter long enough to be aware of how touchy a topic it can get on there. Otherwise, she'd have deleted the post by now, but I'm sure the negative publicity will just draw more coomers to her art since that is the nature of the internet... 
    Edit: that body types post is a year old... they waited this long to make a ruckus about it? >.>
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  4. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    All that money she makes on patreon and she still uses watermarked pictures lollll... to be fair, it probably isnt worth the trouble to her considering she never uses the same ones twice. Still really funny to me haha
    That latest pic, the girl is trying to hold in her sneeze because if she does she might break her ribs and fall over since her twig calves can't support those hugeass thighs and fucked up pelvis.
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  5. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    It's almost depressing how she can't decently pull off a humanization/gijinka anymore. She used to be able to do it AND have the image actually project their personalities. Compare her Raymond take to these:

    these along with her Disney genderbends didn't even need to have nude/threesome variants to be considered 'sexy' for certain character designs! They just were and she wasn't really trying (you could argue either way now but still). But now they all have the same personality in her takes: shy and demure/pouty or a bedroom eyes glare with fish lips. These don't seem to be using any textures and any backgrounds she didn't paint didnt take up so much of the image. The subjects here take up most of the space and leaves little negative space, while lately it's trending toward the opposite.
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  6. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    you can also spot some artifacting on the desk corner by Raymond's hand and other parts of the desk/cubicle setup are pixelated in other spots next to the cup.. which is odd but it probably means she just butchered it up to fit the canvas and forgot to liquify those pixels out. It can't be that hard.
    She waifu2x'd the shit out of that laptop screen though lol.
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  7. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I feel like if she actually watched hentai, the wormy dicks she draws wouldn't come out looking fucked up so often  
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  8. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    At least with the lipstick and candles you got long lasting utility and the candles only had a scoop or 2 taken out of them so they can be enjoyed individually like any suburban lady would from a massive sale at White Barn. With a bath bomb it lasts at most 5 minutes and then the fleeting amusement dies out, so it was probably easier to leave in all the destruction footage since I'm sure there are kids in her viewerbase who find it ~oddly satisfying~ to see like they do watching people throw perfectly new cheap toys into an industrial shredder or crush it with a hydraulic press.
    Blind consumerism is a perfect word for what this vid was since she probably ended up using only a palmful of powder per bath bomb color or something like that.
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  9. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Oh no Isabelle you're gonna topple over standin like that, why didn't you get your leg properly put into a cast when you broke your leg? In HEELS? RIP
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  10. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Hilda and Isabelle are probably the most commom characters that get r34'd. It's insanely low effort to draw if you're a lewd artist because it's guaranteed to do numbers on lewd twitter. They see, they like the pic, and scroll past it 2 seconds afterward.
    She's just ran out of flavors of the month and is scraping the bottom of the waifu barrel. Never expected her to draw a legit hentai character though, could it mean she's finally dropping any pretension about only drawing stuff she 'likes'? 🤔 though in her position I guess she wouldnt really have time to keep up with all the latest FOMO since even in this quarantine madness she's pumping out pinups like mad. I can't tell if she's a workaholic or has an entire art team on payroll at this point.
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  11. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Not even in furry lewds would you be likely to see 1 literally slobbering on the other. I get that whole "prey is mouthwatering" thing from the show but this is a stretch even by Sakimi's standards of sexiness. Could be worse... it could be an extremely cursed lewd art of Haru and Legoshi.  I would have to use extensive brain bleach after exposure to that if she drew it.
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  12. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I dont want to see the uncensored version because how big is 9S's dick that 2B is able to do a boob job from where she is?... A2's ass literally got blown up to look like 2 beach balls, I'm actually glad the shadow frame is concealing some of that weird "thiccflation" there. One butt cheek is arguably larger than her tiny skull.
    But yes, A2 is more of a pear shape while 2B is more like a bottom-heavy hourglass type look judging from the 2D art. Neither of them have massive tits, but the coomers aren't going to care. They just want titties.
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  13. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    The guy in the middle is a bit of a shorty compared to 2B. All of the male YorHa are short compared to the female models. 9S/2B is a popular ship because of their contrasting personalities, but 9S HATES A2 (girl on the left). So much so that he pretty much becomes an entirely different person around her. But this doesn't look like hate sex. Lol
    If it were just 9S and 2B it would kind of work, but he looks to be of a proportionate size to TwoBee here. He's not really muscular because his model is not designed for combat (if anything, the girls should have muscles)
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  14. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    So one of the drama channels called attention to the old video of Jeffree buying Nate that new car in exchange for selling off his Bentley/whatever the fuck luxury car it was: the title was changed to "Pretending to surprise my Ex-Boyfriend with his dream car" with that added desc screencapped in the previous page.
    I go to check this thread today and see that the title was reverted and the new description completely gone. He was showing off the mods he got done on it a couple days ago on his snapchat story before Spill posted a video about this. JS totes around that air of "toxicity out, positivity only, we are here to grow and change 😌" stuff every 3 days but it's just a facade. If he really has moved along with life after breaking up ~so amicably~ with Nate, why the hell did he do something so petty and passive-aggressive like putting that shit on an 8 month old video? Doesn't sound like you've moved on or healing to me, so spare us that "this is a time for growth" bullshit already. Jeffree's so full of shit lmfao... he wants to make his stans think it was some kind of mutual understanding, peaceful breakup but shit must've hit the fan so suddenly and so hard if he had to cancel that thing with MMMitchell around after the Bora Bora trip. He's definitely really fucking bitter abt something towards Nate and backpedaled HARD when people noticed it. That's my interpretation though... even if it was faked, why bother changing it?
    Another instance of "I think I will cause problems on purpose"
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  15. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    It's possible she is paying for access to some kind of photo database like that if she is accessing photoshop through the adobe suite thing, or pays one time use access to the photo under the table but it will probably remain a mystery if she isn't asked to the point of it being addressed directly somewhere. She isn't known for drawing backgrounds but she was originally known for vibrant work and good technique. Neither of which I've seen in a work of hers in years. Not since she stopped at the Zodiac series, which has been my favorite of hers to date before she switched fully to photoshooping animu porn.
    I expect Sypha/Trevor to come after this or Carmilla and her vamp squad as the term pinup if we're going by FOMO of the month.
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