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  1. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Her tutorials almost always come out better than the pieces she uses for pinups probably because she's forcing herself to pace her work out for a proper step by step process her patrons can follow. But i do agree with the hair thing, sometimes it comes out rendered nicely (not counting pieces where she used the hair textures of in-game models) and other times it looks like goopy clay. It'd be fine if hyperrealistic textures weren't applied to the skin and clothes at the same time so it'd balance a bit. In the pokemon piece, Marnie's hair looks more real than the other 3, which makes it quite jarring so that might be why the inconsistency sticks out more over time, she seems to kind of just forget about it.
    But this term's tutorial subject looks pretty good. The mouth is even a fairly normal size! If only it were this nice for her other works...
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  2. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    ok I know I shouldn't point out old stuff that's been covered, but I took a peek at the likes page on her Twitter out of curiosity because I wondered if she used it for anything besides self promotion, and I think I found the pose that inspired this piece: just know that it leads to a twitter page with NSFW content since it's one of those photoset R18 models. So it's at least indicative that she is using references to make poses still, but some degree of back-breaking is still done to show off as much as possible (boobs butt and vagene in 1 shot). Which makes stuff come out looking weird if you combine that with possible use of 3D models.
    as for Piers, isn't the whole appeal he has to fans is that he's a lanky hobo looking guy? Doesn't it ruin the appeal for people if you make him buff with impossibly long arm worms?
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  3. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Not gonna lie I honestly thought the caption was going to be a Chipotle joke, but nothing prepared me to see this clicking open the spoiler 
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  4. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Ironic that she ages up canonically underage characters but for characters like in FE3H, she drew all of them in the pre-timeskip design. Really makes you think!
    Sonia and Bea look A LOT like the standalone pictures... I'm on my phone rn, but I have IbisPaint on it and decided to try and confirm my suspicions... idk how to gif, so I simply did a simple overlay and brightened the layers to help you see it easier. I cropped it but you could probably just place it in a canvas on a new layer next to the original image to see the resemblance here:

    ETA Bea's first pinup to show it better.
    I took this face from the "spicy variant" she posted on twitter which is basically another rendition of that "glass press". However, the mouths line up almost perfectly. Same with the nose, but the eyes and ear are placed higher than in the new picture. So she added a few strands of stray hairs and possibly warped the image in photoshop so that it doesn't look like a 100% traced/copypasted image.
    As for Sonia, though, practically everything except her tits line up. She just adjusted the boobs so that you could see them in this anatomically fucked orgy picture (see: the ass standing in front of Bea's floating torso). She adjusted the hearts on the bikini and added a necklace. Possibly not traced, but merely a copy paste with minor adjustments painted over them like Sonia's flyaway hair. I'm guessing the only thing she actually painted from scratch are Marnie and Gloria (who's face is barely in the shot...?). Yikes bro.
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  5. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I use EasyPoser's 3D models for when I feel a little adventurous and want to make a pose I can't find readily in dA's stock index. But I don't trace them over in the canvas itself because without knowing who rendered the model I have no idea of knowing how accurate it is proportions wise, especially if said model is already stylized for anime style. If she's using models extracted from a game's files to directly trace over or frankenstein in with her shoop skills, that's a red flag to me... she doesn't exactly claim to be totally original and never plagiarizes anything herself (based on her upload captions... since I dont think I've ever seen a tweet or post from her that was just her speaking, she runs them like corporate twitter but even more faceless in that regard) but since her stans constantly laud her as the best and most skilled artist who gets unfairly bullied, it irks me
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  6. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I like that her hair is hanging off the ship sitting behind her... that has to hurt since with long hair, strands randomly get pinched by things lol
    There is so much to unpack here, like what's with the props on relation to the pose? Sexy clumsy tea time?  i dont think a redline is necessary to point out all the things wrong with the anatomy, but I have to note how detailed that see-through foot imprint is for the stockings. So you get a full frontal AND hyperrealistic foot soles! The feet otaku will LOVE this 
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  7. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    It's one line away from being a fully fledged fuckboy profile, all he needs to add is "call me daddy 😈" or something like that...
    Seeing that picture with that caption would instantly make me drier than the Saharan Desert lmao. a few years ago you'd think Bobby would laugh at guys who put that shit on their profiles... it's like looking at two completely different people. I'm starting to think he actually peaked in high school and the LA Vlogger saga made him regress
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  8. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Did the person actually obtain this pillow for free or is it actually that you have to have a certain total at checkout from buying Shane's collection for him to throw it in as a 'free gift' like they do at department stores? Because that wouldn't actually make it free if a purchase was necessary.
    Not that it really matters, the fans are obsessive weirdos who project like crazy and literally filmed themselves crying on camera because they couldn't buy a damn palette off a website, knowing the palette wasnt a limited edition thing. It's a bit pricey for a pillow, but idk how they obtained it so... Someone's eventually going to buy it. Pricing up the palettes way beyond retail value is a scummy thing to do though.
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  9. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    bruh... im glad I've not been exposed to the uncensored photo, I didnt bring eye bleach with me today
    I like to guess what FOTM stuff she draws next based on my twitter feed, it's predictable... but i cant really nitpick that since plenty of nsfw artists put up a poll for their voters. And half the time it's just flavor of the month stuff. Usually they aren't this late to the meme, but eh it isnt like her audience will complain
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  10. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Kinda surprised it isn't Link with the fish guy (but maybe she already drew that... also a dead meme)
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  11. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I wonder how much of her gallery had to be deleted for it to get unsuspended? Not like it's a big deal, she gets like 20k likes on almost every post she makes on twitter. As long as she can funnel the patreonbux from some social media i dont think she particularly cares
    Also the squat pose she drew for the Azur Lane character is going to be a hoot when the term's NSFW gets posted here. She draws some fucked-up cameltoes so this one will require extra brain bleach when it comes out i bet lol
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  12. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    he was a rapper that abused his ex-girlfriend on several occasions (and I think including the time she was pregnant with their child). He died in 2018 though since he was shot dead in a robbery. I never listen to rap so my neck of the woods only saw commentary about how fucked it was for him to be abusing women so much and for his fans to blindly defend or excuse it.
    as for Bobby now it's such a cringy juxtaposition to how he looked before he got tatted up in LA, but there's nothing interesting of note really. I did try to see if there was any update to the situation he was accused of being involved in, but nothing has come of it to my knowledge. Im sure he's comfortable now that he waited for everyone to move onto more interesting Youtuber feuds and leave him be. Nothing will ever top the LA Vlogger Saga for him though lol
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  13. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    >dummy thicc girl with a huge ass and thunderthighs, wants to emphasise this via visible buttcheeks behind the weird cameltoe
    >dummy sticc thigh gap
    Pick ONE sakimi, you can't have both, dude. If you wanna show off the big butt, just draw an actual butt shot with some tasteful side boob, you coward
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  14. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    He directly replied to the tweet you're referencing haha
    I like how part of the post he wrote announcing the new channel mentions that it's meant to be a casual video-dump of random videos but the channel layout gives off the opposite idea lol (no shade abt that rly). But it's true, Jeffree is the only one who actually showed off a look or 2 with the palette this entire time. I get that maybe doing a video like that kind of clashes with the rest of his channel, but nobody would have found it weird to make ShaneGlossin JUST to promote the makeup line/collection before someone called him out on twitter about it. Simply Nailogical made a side channel to promote content for her Holo Taco nail polish line, so why did it take a critical tweet to gain 28k likes for him to do it? I mean, he posted pics of himself playing around with it CONSTANTLY before the series came out-- did that suddenly stop after he actually launched the line or?
    Btw, for the sake of your own sanity and sodium levels, don't read the replies on that tweet lolllll
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  15. Junko Enoshima added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    The way the left girl's boobs are basically flying off her chest in different directions reminds me of Highschool of the Dead boob physics

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