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  1. lumin added a post in a topic Bring back the PrincessDoll thread??   

    Even If we can't bring the thread back, we should at least bring our glorious Pull-tan back!!!!! (Maybe even in the banner somewhere? Probably not... but one can dream! ) 
    Slightly OT= This brings so many memories back lol. Her thread was the first thread I've seen on this site, in my 1 full year of lurking here before joining.
    Also those nails, choker and freckles? Who'd knew that Pull-tan invented the baddie look 
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  2. lumin added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    speaking of Cabbage Patch Kid...

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  3. lumin added a post in a topic milameux (Mila Mortice)   

    Rly OT but: what the actual fuck 
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  4. lumin added a post in a topic Yani Harris/LegitKawaii/KawaiiSimmerr   

    oooh I'm sorry, my bad  I only watched her Sims channel so I wasn't that informed. Altough I did find a comment on instagram~ She seems to be active on tumblr 

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  5. lumin added a post in a topic Hello! 💕 I am new!   

    Hello!! Welcome to the forum~ 
    There isn't any directions/guides as far as I know (although that would be really useful) so I'm sorry about that 
    It seems that you already figured out how to upload a profile picture  Sorry, I'm late whoops...
     I use PULL on mobile as well and it can get pretty confusing, so if you have any questions about anything or just want to have a conversation feel free to message!~ 
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  6. lumin added a post in a topic Himentia/Moemii/Kayla   

    Oh the classic "I have a black friend so I'm not racist cliche" *eyeroooolll*
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  7. lumin added a post in a topic Yani Harris/LegitKawaii/KawaiiSimmerr   

    Aaah I used to watch her videos! She seemed to be a very sweet person but I really don't know too much about her 
    She made a video about why she was leaving on her Sims channel (You should check it out) 
    As far as I can remember, even though she liked making videos, she was just too busy with school and social media was distracting her (I DON'T REALLY REMEMBER IT THAT WELL THOUGH, IT WAS LIKE 5 MONTHS AGO I THINK I'M SO SORRY... and I'm too lazy to rewatch it lol)
    She probably turned off the comments because she didn't wanted any drama or negative feedback, I'm guessing?
    In my opinion maintaining a YouTube channel is hard (She had 2 channels so that's even more difficult) on it's own and when you have school work, it would be hell to make them both work out. So it might be a good decision for her~ 
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  8. lumin added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    At this point if she pulled up a
    "I've been hiding them with foundation, I was bullied because of my freckles but now I'm confident and I don't have to hide my unique partial frecklechromia anymore!!" ~~~ 
    I wouldn't even be suprised tbh
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  9. lumin added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   

    I'm kinda late to reply this but I loveeee this jacket 
    I found kind of a similar dupe on Kohl's Lauren Conrad Collection 

    (It looks more pink and similar to the acne one w/ different lighting) I think there is burgundy and black options too and it's super soft and comfortable.
    Lol I feel like I'm advertising but I just saw it here and on sale on it's website, so if anyone's interested~ c: 

    The acne one is here It's  $480 btw 
    Edit= the acne one is sold out, my bad 
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  10. lumin added a post in a topic What makeup style do you prefer?   


    My current daily makeup:
    >Natural brows 
    >Earth toned matte eyeshadows + bit of champagne highlight on the inner corner (If I'm feeling a kinda extra that day lol )
    >Any kind of foundation makes my skin feel so uncomfortable so I just put some primer and a small amount of peach toned highlight for a dewy-ish look
    >Tiny winged eyeliner 
    >I ADORE blush. I just put some on my cheeks and it makes me feel like a little elf. I've never seen the blush near the eyes before but It looks super cute!! I use the Too Faced Flush blush and it's just so adorable  ( I hope that didn't sound like bragging or anything  They are kinda expensive considering it's just blush... but it's definetly worth it, If you see one on sale! )

    >I love rosy and cherry colored lipsticks and lip balms~ Especially the ones that taste and smell like fruits or vanilla (kinda childish of me but oh well ) I like the matte lipstick look and trend (not the extreme over-lined ones) but I don't understand how people's lips don't instantly dry up? Does anyone have any tips with that?  
    >I can't really wear mascara so instead I just curl my lashes. I've been trying to grow my lashes and castor oil mixed with some vitamin E is amazing for lash growth tbh!~ (It's great for eyebrow growth too )
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  11. lumin added a post in a topic Himentia/Moemii/Kayla   

    Awwww Kayla closed her fb, I wonder why?   I was excited to do some detective work again, what a shame...  She seemed to be happy that we made a thread to her as well, so it doesn't make any sense 
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  12. lumin added a post in a topic Himentia/Moemii/Kayla   

    same lol  Honestly though, I'm extremely confused about who is who, who is defending who and what's going on rn...

    Can anyone who has an idea about the situation summarize please?
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  13. lumin added a post in a topic Itsbabydash / Dash / Cyr's girlfriend   

    Oh boy I was just about to make a thread about her lol 

    I tried to overlay one of her newer pics but everything about her face is so different that it was almost impossible to do so
    the comparison pic is already shooped as well but I tried 
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  14. lumin added a post in a topic Himentia/Moemii/Kayla   

    well you know how the saying goes...

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  15. lumin added a post in a topic Himentia/Moemii/Kayla   

    Can you please provide some screenshot/ comparison pics etc.? I wouldn't be surprised about it, but still you gotta have some proof 

    She seems kinda... full of herself?
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