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  1. Rena added a post in a topic THE YELL THREAD   

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  2. Rena added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    oh god 
    I saw this channel months ago in my recommendations (along with many others apparently thanks to YouTube’s wonderful recommendations). The comments were not disabled at the time, everyone was commenting about questionable stuff- the younger child still being breastfed even though it appeared that he was way past the age of being fed by his mother. Also the names of the children is a big yikes.
    Apparently, the father runs some cult like business/channel??? 
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  3. Rena added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    - I love the ending song for this anime, and I’ve probably rewatched this wayyy too many times. Even though most people don’t like it, it’s probably one of my favorites.
    - Wtf was High School of the Dead. I rewatched it and it’s just ??????
    - There needs to be more husbando anime and that’s just the cold hard truth.
    - I can’t get behind Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. Everyone tells me it’s great, but it wasn’t my cup of tea :////
    - Iliked A Silent Voice more than Your Name. I could relate to it more, since I’ve been at both ends of bullying.
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  4. Rena added a post in a topic NyanNyanCosplay   

    Apparently there was something here about her...? If anyone has any tea about her, I would be interested to hear. All I know is that she’s that tik tok hit or miss girl. 
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  5. Rena added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I feel like the James/Tati drama is a huge publicity stunt lol
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  6. Rena added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    not gonna lie but that reminded me of the ads on tumblr
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  7. Rena added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Uhhh... Most of this discussion can go to the kpop unpopular opinions or even random chat, cause at this point it’s becoming off topic. 
    Honestly, her best videos are the ones where she isn’t talking about kpop. I like her makeup and her aesthetic is nice. 
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  8. Rena added a post in a topic Veronica Wang aka   

    The way she eats is so nasty (like most mukbangers tbh). She also seems pretty rude and petty.
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  9. Rena added a post in a topic Danielle Bregoli/Bhad Bhabie   

    I’m pretty sure it was because she wasn’t old enough to have a thread.  (She turned 16 recently)
    Dr. Phil pretty much gave her a platform to become famous, whether he intended to or not. 
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  10. Rena added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    why can’t Joey make tweets without mentioning lolis or hentai  that doesn’t make you cool, it makes you look like an unfunny pedo
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  11. Rena added a post in a topic General Anituber Thread   

    I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like Gigguk.  Everyone seems to think he’s funny.
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  12. Rena added a post in a topic The ACE Family   

    YouTube families are just urgggghhhh. It just seems like the parents exploit their children for views and money
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  13. Rena added a post in a topic Instagram Cosplayers?   

    this picture reminded me of a clip on YouTube of Chinese tourists sitting on and stepping on pink grass for pictures 
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  14. Rena added a post in a topic Markiplier   

    He's lost so many people over these few years, it's kinda shocking. Hope he's doing well and doesn't push himself too much.
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  15. Rena added a post in a topic Emma Chamberlain   

    tfw u can't edit ur awards speech 
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