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  1. eevee added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    These girls crave attention so badly, it's actually kind of worrying. BTS fans are little snitches. If one of the twin's fairy tale stories goes viral (even if it's just among kpop fans) "armies" will start mass reporting them to bighit and we all know bighit won't hesitate to sue or put a restraining order against them. 
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  2. eevee added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    She's super far in the back 
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  3. eevee added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Aww would you look at that! Sharla the leech is defending her sugar momma's suga daddy. How heartwarming 
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  4. eevee added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    so a friend of mine dmed terrytv on instagram and he told them he reached out to daniel and apologized and that daniel wasn't angry with him and accepted his apology so they're on good terms now 
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  5. eevee added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Okay, nvm. I feel dumb for defending him now lol 
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  6. eevee added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Ugh, idk. Normally I would be the last person to defend Daniel but tbh I don't really see a problem with him accepting donations during his live stream? When my grandma died, we got a bunch of condolence cards with small amounts of money from random people like distant family members, friends, neighbors or even just acquaintances because funerals are incredibly expensive. It's sort of like a custom here to give money to the deceased person's closest family to help out with the funeral expenses, etc. and from what I saw, Daniel wasn't begging people for money so I don't really see what the big deal is. I think if he wanted to profit off of his father's death, he would've monetized his videos about him.
    Terry needs to mind his own business. Or at least wait a couple of days before coming for someone who just lost their father. Give Daniel some time to clear off his head or message him privately if you're so concerned about the way he's handling the situation. If he continues to milk his dad's death for money, THAT'S when you call him out imo.  
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  7. eevee added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think I got used to her cheek fillers? Like don't get me wrong, I still think it looks horrendous but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much anymore. Same goes for her acne. What creeps me tf out now is her forehead. It barely moves and looks so stiff like the skin could rip at any moment  
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  8. eevee added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Not saying that the relationships werent PR stunts but exposingsmg is not a reliable source. She's (or was, idk I don't keep up with her anymore) a obsessed Bieber fan. Nothing more, nothing less. Shes been caught lying so many times, you can't trust a word that comes out of her mouth.
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  9. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Holy shit I can't with this woman 
    You are not poor Mimei. You are spoiled. Simple as that. Poor people don't have the money to spend on concert tickets and travel across the country to watch the same fucking show not once, not twice but THREE FUCKING TIMES. If you are struggling financially as you say it's your own fault for wasting your money on useless crap like fucking anime and BT21 merch. Stop scamming your followers and stop playing victim when people call you out on your bullshit. You're a 31 year old woman, most of your viewers are probably in their late teens to early twenties and you're asking - no, MANIPULATING them into donating money to you when you obviously don't need it. 
    No wonder her and Taylor didn't get along. Taylor has the money and luxury Mimei wants, and she barely had to move a finger for it. Mimei must've been fuming with jealousy over Taylor's wealth 
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  10. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    100$ is still a lot for someone who claims to be struggling financially imo 
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  11. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I was wondering the same. I was convinced she had to be 30 at least so I checked famousbirthdays and it says she's 31 which would make sense because I do remember her referring to Sharla as "Sharla-san" while Sharla called her "Mimei-chan" in a Japanese video years ago so she's definitely younger than Sharla 
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  12. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I just saw that Mimei changed her kpop twitter username to joonmoon98 and I was wondering if anyone knows what the 98 stands for? Namjoon was born in 1994 I think? And Mimei looks like she's in her late 20s - early 30s so there's no way it's her birth year. 
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  13. eevee added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Greg is gay 
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  14. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    mimei logic: can't afford a music library subscription to improve her video quality and make editing easier/more fun for her but spends $50 a year on a useless fanclub membership lol 
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  15. eevee added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    "how many concerts have i been to in my life? definitely hundreds" 
    idk if she's exaggerating or not but wtf. i don't want to hear her complain about money ever again. she's so damn spoiled wow 
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