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  1. エクレール added a topic in Make Your Voice Heard!   

    Return of the Nested Quotes
    Once again, the nested quotes have returned. The previous admins of PULL tried this, but it became a problem (see thread: Nested quotes. Yes/No?). People would quote one person (who quoted a person, who quoted a person, so on and so forth),so you end up with a wall of text for just one line of a reply.  I personally hate the nested quotes because I don't care to scroll and scroll through a page because the quotes are nested (see Jvloggers general discussion thread, page 33 to see what I mean). I would LOVE to see the regular quotes back. What do you think @Nyx?
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  2. エクレール added a post in a topic Any Advice for Machine Sewing?   

    I was the same way when I first started sewing. Once you get the hang of sewing with your machine, things get easier. Don't feel bad if you can't sew fast at first; it is better to do a good job at whatever you're sewing than to do it super quick. Also, don't feel the need to sew some super fancy thing right away. We started out sewing square pincushions in my sewing class, then to pencil bags and other small things, and by the end of the semester we made a reversible apron and tote bag. I would recommend starting out with pocket tissue cases. I make them all of the time (20 this weekend, 30 last weekend), and they are simple but adorable. What kind/model of machine do you have? I use Juki sewing and serging machines, and they are quiet in comparison to the Brothers that we used in sewing class (could be useful since you don't like loud noises). 
    Advice for keeping your hands from being sewn on: don't put your hands past the presser foot. Also, beware of the bolt/pin on the side of the presser foot (the thing that you unscrew to take the needle out). Just try to keep your fingers 1" away from the presser foot and you'll be fine. I have never accidentally sewn my hand while using my machine, and I've only heard of 1 person doing that before anyway. 
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  3. エクレール added a post in a topic Vegan cheese?   

    Thanks for the advice! Sorry I didn't understand what you meant in your original comment, my brain is FRIED from pre-calculus haha
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  4. エクレール added a post in a topic Vegan cheese?   

    Yep! Pescetarians are like lacto-ovo vegetarians, we just eat seafood, too. I usually avoid the lacto part, though (so I can avoid assplosions). I have read somewhere that bentos should have a 4:2:1:1 ratio (Carbs:Protein:Vegetale:Fruit), and rice is just the easiest and cheapest thing for me since I just pop it in the rice cooker. And I never eat it plain, either. I usually use dried salmon/seaweed/sesame seed furikake on it.
    I will have to try the omelet idea, though. Freakin vegan cheese is $7 for 10 SLICES. But eggs are waaay cheaper. ( I just hope I can cook it without burning it haha) 
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  5. エクレール added a post in a topic So, I packed my bags.   

    Goodbye my satanic circle homie! I'll miss you and your shenanigans
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  6. エクレール added a topic in General Discussion   

    Vegan cheese?
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section)
    I am lactose intolerant, so I bring my own lunch to school. The current dilemma I have is that my bento characters (see example pics below) need cheese to make the little parts on two of the characters. However, I would prefer to not have a assplosion at school, so I have to get vegan or lactose free cheese. Do you guys have any suggestions? I have seen the chao slices recommended a lot, but I don't know if they will have them at Hyvee (I've checked at Walmart, and they didn't have any vegan or lactose free cheese). I don't have Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or anything like that near me b/c I live in good ole central IL. All recommendations are appreciated 
    Here's what the characters look like:

    So only the cat and penguin need the cheese, but there are two different types: a white/off white and orange. I use really thin sliced strawberries for the pink parts (instead of ham b/c I'm pescetarian). 
    EDIT: I went to hyvee and got the Follow Your Heart "cheese"... Holy shit this actually tastes like regular cheese. and it has the same texture. and it rips like cheese. Now only if they had provolone or swiss "cheese" from this brand at the store...
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  7. エクレール added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   

    I finally got seifuku tops!!!! I'm taking my school style to the next level. A normal day for me consists of this:

    as well as ribbons that I made (red ones and blue ones, they have anchors and stars on them)
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  8. エクレール added a post in a topic Final Fantasy XV   

    Woohoo the release date just got pushed back to November 29 b/c Mr. Tabata didn't want a day one patch. I am beyond pissed rn. We've waited years for this game (I was waiting for it when it was still Versus XIII !!!!), so what's another 2 months, right?
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  9. エクレール added a post in a topic Playstation 1 classics.   

    (Sorry I was born into the world of PS2 so I haven't played many PS1 games)
     Final Fantasy VII
    I'm guessing that I would really enjoy Parasyte Eve (the original) b/c I played Parasyte Eve 2 and The 3rd Birthday and LOVED it.
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  10. エクレール added a post in a topic The weeb among us   

    So like "かわいいですね~”  or ”おはよございます”  or similar non-kanji containing phrases on like every single post that they make 
    Also, google translate does use kanji. I translated "Do you have fish sausage" and it gave me this:あなたは、魚肉ソーセージを持っていますか?
    Weeb rant below
     I use twitter to practice my Japanese (I can practice reading and writing all in one woohoo), but sadly twitter has a 130(?) character limit. Sometimes that doesn't allow me to post long, well though out stuff. But my Japanese skills still suck b/c I haven't studied in a while 
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  11. エクレール added a post in a topic PULL is here to stay!   

    Gah I'm so happy I'm literally crying Thank You Thank You Thank You Nyx!!!!!

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  12. エクレール added a post in a topic .   

    What is the purpose of that chin strappy thing below her lip? I've seen her wear it a lot.
    Also, in her video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwviiDfAuMQ she makes these odd/annoying sounds around 1:52, and a few more times throughout the video (2:35, 3:02, 3:06, 4:23, 4:26). I would just like to know why she does that? Is she trying to be cute or???
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  13. エクレール added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    So I started listening to Wagakki Band lately, and I quite like them. Their koto player, Kiyoshi Ibukuro, is quite handsome.

    Why must he be twice my age (I'm 16, he's 32...). Oh well, I guess I can just stalk him on twitter as usual.
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  14. エクレール added a post in a topic Can't someone else just take over?   

    I can imagine you as a mod. It would probably be the most entertaining thing I would ever witness. 
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  15. エクレール added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Ugh, she sounds about as natural as Castiel does when trying to curse. Oh the things people do for the purpose of being *EDGY*
    Oh, and real mature naming your characters btw *rolls eyes*
    Where are her parents??? Or anyone of authority for that matter???
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