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  1. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    The new "secret door in my house" video had such a clickbaity title (only to of course be a quick peek at some piping and nothing more ) She might as well have put "Shopping with Bii" as the title because that would've been more truthful about the vlog content, and honestly more click-worthy/interesting to me. 
    When her outfit was complete with the cap on, she pulled it all together quite well, but for the most part I felt the sweater was too Halloweeny for January, and made her look extremely boxy.
    +Her cringe-worthy acting & pretend-spying at the start of the vlog in the shower made me feel very uncomfy. She should honestly stop trying to push a certain personality when it is clear it's not naturally hers??
    Also, I know the sunglasses-inside thing has already been discussed, but I wonder how Bii and Tay's other friends feel when they're indoors in public (especially even after the sun sets) and Tay continues to wear her shades. It's honestly one of my biggest pet peeves, and if any of my friends wear shades indoors alongside me I feel self-conscious, like other people might think we're full of ourselves or snobbish. 
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  2. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    @Apcstos good job on the unshooping! Just add a few (read: 40) extra pounds and pale, dry, chainsmoker-looking-skin and voila it's Koots herself, lol! 
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  3. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I'm actually disgusted at all the stans in her comment section insisting that NeoNazis "aren't really a commonly known thing," and also lying on behalf of Taylor and telling people she's 19 or 20, when we all know 88 is her birth year. 
    Also yes, NeoNazis are commonly known, widely feared, and actually referenced in a lot of media to this day. Even if for some reason she hadn't heard of it prior (isn't she like THIRTY??? Like yes, you've heard it before Taylor!) 'neo' means new and Nazi's pretty self-explanatory. If she's been 'bombarded' with all these comments about the number all along, she should've been able to put two-and-two together by now without even the help of Google. 
    On a separate note but still regarding her videos, does anyone else find it awfully convenient the times her camera blurs? I've only taken a few photography courses so I'm no lense expert, but it's weird how 1) when it does get blurry it does it in the still-visible sort of way, where it looks like a blur filter as opposed to an actual camera going crazy & not being able to focus, and 2) it always happens at the more opportune times, like when she's first woken up or when she's in bad lighting or when she's running? A camera of that quality shouldn't be that blur-sensitive in my opinion?? And why does it only blur when she's doing things that people typically don't look their best in?  *takes off Tay conspiracy theory hat* 
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  4. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    Omg I totally get what you mean, as a child when you would press the Barbie's head in and her eyes would stretch much bigger and bug-eyed while her nose would be pinched/scrunched in! Hahaha. Very Kooter-esque. 
    So, like, I suck at having the ability to point out bad editing. The shakiness in her legs in that video was due to poor/wonky editing, right? Or was she really shaking? 
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  5. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    So she follows nobody because she anticipates fall-outs, unfollowings, and/or fights with her friends? That seems like an even worse excuse??? 
    In any case, most times I've seen this happen, the person in question simply ignores speculations/questions from fans~ it isn't that hard. Going directly to your point, take Kiki and Dakota for instance, both with still fairly large followings on Instagram. Kiki only follows Dakota (and at the time Koots was only following like 10 people) so it was pretty obvious (to us) when they unfollowed each other for those few weeks.
    Still, neither of them were 'bombarded' on social media with questions asking why, or stirring up drama (in fact I only saw it mentioned once here on PULL), and if they did they simply ignored it. Now they follow one another again as if nothing happened. I really don't think that would be a foresight that Taylor considers, I think she's just still the fame-addicted person she's always been and she wants to make it very obvious that dis kawaii kween/insta baddie doesn't need to follow anyone back. 
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  6. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Well let's not forget that pesky police report that proved Kota's really, what, 23/24 now? Girrrl she wishes she were 21 again, and it shows. As for the deep laugh lines, I think they go hand-in-hand with those yellow teeth~ she's been smoking since she was like 13 or 14, no? (I mean according to what old MySpace photos would have us believe)
    The saddest thing to me about her extreme "4-yrs-old-forever" shooping is that what little legacy she'll ever leave behind will be a complete lie~ family members, friends, media looking back on her photos and profiles will rarely have an idea who they're looking at because everything she personally released or posted was a blatant lie. She'll have lived her 'fame' or pseudo-famous life as a total stranger, really. 
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  7. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    That's my point exactly~ any 'normal person' would feel taken aback and question the friendship when not followed by someone that you see, speak to, and interact with on a regular basis irl (and someone that you yourself are following on social media!)
    Taylor has the most insta followers than all of the aforementioned girls, so not only would it seem proper and down-to-earth to follow at least a few of her friends back, it would probably expose them to a wider audience and get their YT channels, or at least Instagram profiles, more recognition (unless she does have some private acc with which she follows them, still begging the question 'why?' And 'why keep it so undercover?')
    This following no-one scenario really shows how obsessed Tay still is about wanting to be perceived as popular, perfect, and most of all 'famous.' 
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  8. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I don't know if I'm the only one, but regarding her social media like Instagram, it really annoys me that she follows no one. That, to me, has always been a tell-tale sign of someone a) not having any real friends, or b) putting their own 'reputation' above their friendships. Wanting to look soooo popular that you don't feel the need to follow anyone. That, to me, signifies how little Taylor truly has grown.
    I mean you don't need to follow every Tom, Dick, and Nancy but liiiike, not even following Sharla or Mimei or Kim?? It just looks so blatantly childish/snobbish to me, and it's the reason I know she is still not truly anywhere near as humble as she makes it seem.
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  9. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I don't know if they're natural, really... it seems to me like she finally found a more realistic looking way of editing her top lip to look "naturally" puffier. It does look less distracting now (and yay no lip nipple!) but there's def still some major shooping going on there.

    Looks like she's definitely going full insta baddie mode nowadays (of course, as the trend was finally 'coming to an end' she hops on the band-wagon officially) what with the rope choker and the all-nude tones. Not a terrible outfit, but either her neck looks impossibly longer, or her head is shooped smaller than the norm? I can't quite pin it...
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  10. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    A lot of the criticisms you seem to have a problem with seem to fly right over your head though?? I personally don't care that she's had plastic surgery, if she did to each their own, but it's not whether or not she's addressed it yet, it's about the fact that she ('allegedly') got all these fillers and surgeries to replicate someone else's style completely (Kota) and then built an entire career off of it, only to later make videos about how 'chubby' she was in high school and how she overcame that and learned to love herself and exercise and you could be like me too if all you did is love yourself and embrace your flaws (oh but let's sweep my surgery part under the rug) You see the hypocrisy in what she teaches her followers? 
    Also I'm sorry but filming a one-off episode for a TV show or a quick commercial does not equal manual labor (even if it was a 9+ hr day ). Just a couple months ago based off of Tay's vlogs she was so repetitive of the rhetoric of Work Hard and you'll achieve your dreams~ I mean she'd jam it down our throats so much you'd think she started from absolute poverty to get where she is now.
    Not to discredit actors or models, but 50% of the day is getting dressed by other people, sitting down for make-up touch ups, waiting for the directors and sound people to set the scene; the other 50% is reciting some lines (which were fed to her by translators anyway) 'Normal' hard-working jobs, people are running around on their feet all day, or crunching numbers on a computer in a cramped desk; I love watching rich kids live in the lap of luxury (The Hills, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, love those silly superficial shows), but it's rich kids like Tay who want to cover up their wealth in a sense, or relate so hard to us common folk that irk me, because they're presenting their life as a lie, or with more obstacles than are really there. 
    This forum seems more and more White Knight-y by the day....
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  11. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I think Tay just wants to 'have her cake and eat it too.' She likes showing off all of the exclusivities and advantages coming from money brings her, but she also wants to seem like a well-rounded, hard working down-to-earth girl next door type, which is just ridiculous.  I wouldn't have a problem if she flaunted it all day long (ahem, she does tho, I mean how was that Paris flight gurl) but it's the faux "I Earned This & Was Self-dependent Since I Was Like 7yrs Old Lulz" thing that kills me. 
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  12. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    Omg I love the shade, hahah! I agree she's not very aesthetically pleasing (she always looks as tired as her own outfits do!), but I also dislike Mimei because I feel like a lot of her comments and behavior towards Tay are condescending. She seems like the typical 'better than you' 'more informed' hipster friend that likes to make subtle digs & minor insults at all times. 
    What's worse is that I feel she's mostly this way only on camera because she doesn't want to 'stoop' to Taylor's level (of seeming joyous and youthful and naive), she wants to come across as more level headed, mature, and intelligent; to me it comes off as prudish. I feel like a lot of her little digs at Taylor fly right over her head. 
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  13. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Omg the edit is pretty bad~ usually I'm more easily tricked by her shoops than most of you on here (I won't notice certain errors or discrepancies til someone points it out here) but those wonky tile lines in the floor? The way her forehead is always shooped smaller when she wears glasses? Zoomed in, how her nostrils look like two totally different sizes/angles? Also that sweater dress is truly hideous (though I suppose that can't really be blamed on the edit, lollll) 
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  14. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    "Suppsed to show your cool, strong side"?? Hahaha, has Mira watched more than like 2 of Trish's videos? Most people watch Trish because she shares too much and is so blatantly open about what a hot mess she is. She constantly shares things about her life and her personality that would make most people (especially men) run in the opposite direction. In my opinion, it's part of her charm (but also goes hand-in-hand with her downfall; Trish is always shooting herself in the foot!)
    I don't think she's actually doing drugs or trying to numb the pain, she's either posting these vids so she can plead unstable in Sean's lawsuit against her in court, or she's (surprise surprise!) milking all this for views & over exaggerating her breakdown. If anything she just seems a bit tipsy in those vids. 
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  15. dreaminjapanese added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I know when I'm out with friends and I stop to take a snapchat or to Instagram something I'm always apologizing profusely for slowing the group down and swearing I'm not obsessed with my online image, lol! I can only imagine what it's like with them (like that one Xmas vlog where Taylor talks about how hanging out with vloggers makes everything take like half an hour longer, lol) Gosh it must grow tiresome having to record everything.
    But on the other hand, it's their job so I can kinda see the importance of it. Especially when they have viewers like us saying "Be more interesting!" "Do something different!" It must make the pressure even more intense when filming with friends, hoping to catch any exciting thing on film. I wonder if it changes the dynamic of their friendships~ like if it embitters them towards each other at all, or feels like a burden to hang out instead of just a group of your best girlfriends? 
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