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  1. Aletheia added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Hello! Finally made my way through this whole thread :D. After reading all that, I decided I just need to join the discussion after lurking for so long. 
    First her issues with nationality/ethnicity/cultural identity. I think, you have these three ways that can be all the same or different. But the only thing that can really change is cultural- if you live 10 years in country one and 60 in country b, I think you could say you are definitely influenced by both cultures, right?
    It depends on the country, who counts as really counts as "German"/"Japanese"/"American" etc. That is just a cultural norm. In the US I feel like, especially if you are white, if you live there, living the American Dream and all that jazz, you are an American or on your way to be one. Visa/Green Card/Nationality is American/permanent? You are one. Could be bogus and as I said, mostly for Caucasian looking immigrants, but that is the vibe I am getting. In Germany I think, if you lived there for most of your live or grew up here, you are German. If you "live" German, speak like one, know the traditions and follow them. Then you are German. So it is more of, if your cultural influence is German, you are. In Japan, as many have mentioned, it is all about the blood. If your blood is Japanese (and you haven't lived elsewhere) you are Japanese. 
    Now, all these views can be good or bad, but it is what it is. And certain things in an ethnicity/culture you won't ever get, if you aren't part of it or gew up in that culture. e.g. if none of your ancestors is German, you won't feel that responsibility for what happended in WWII that every German does. You won't get called a racist for saying things like "I would like it, if people who move here would please adapt, learn the lingo and the traditions. And could they please follow the law.", as if that statement alone proves, I say every immigrant does these things or the like. Which is BS. And in Japan you won't get held to the same standards as a Japanese if you don't look like one. There just ARE differences in every culture and ethnicity and just by changing you nationality, these things will just change as well. Without the differences, there wouldn't be a point in moving elsewhere. Or visiting a different part of the same country.
    And even genetically. Yes, every human may have over 90% or 99% the same genes. BUT that one percent difference is what counts. Hell, we share a lot of genes with a cucumber! But I will never be able to hide in the vegetable department of a grocery store and pass as a cucumber. Or a rat, which is used specifically, because we share a lot of genes. Even in medicine the whole "all human race is the same" concept is slowly on the downhill, because there just are differences between men and women, ethnicities, children and adults. Just in that one percent. And so not every medicine works the same in everybody or between genders. Just look at them hormones? So it is very important to think about the differences too, if a pill for cardiac diseases doesn't work as well for women as it does for men.
    I just don't get, how she can't understand that. Yes, in human interactions it would be super nice if nobody had any biases, but if they are for the right reasons? And not even negatively meant? like???
    Can we please make a difference between the real "scene", 50 shades of lies and the arabian area?  50 shades is just an abusive relationship with okayish portrayed BDSM scenes. But the "real" scene and people who know there way around there have nothing in common with these books, nor Saudi Arabia. 
    But I agree with you on the fantasy of 1001 nights. Which she probably has. Which SA isn't. Please don't let er cross borders. It won't end well.
    One question though. Does her Japanese have weird rhythm? I mean, I am only just starting back up with my studies of Japanese after a one year unwanted break, but it sounds...weirdly spaced? And in a video with sharla, where they taste japanese candy, does she really say "kanadajin-Mi???" Why? How? That is just?
    tl;dr: As my joining gift 3 gems from Kandajin3-Senpai: 
    Can somebody translate please? It also looks weird grammar wise? 
    She doesn't just forget her Engrish, but also her nihongo: (taken from this video, KemushiChan talks about how after she was back in the US,s he sometimes took longer to process things when listening to Japanese/talking to someone :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MSITAMs9-Y

    Taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7slu-nV0hY
    Same youtuber talks about the weird habit of calling Americans in America Gaijin when talking to Japanese friends, even though they arent Gaijin in America. 
    Then this Gem:
    She had Japanese friends before moving, but zero knowledge and interest in the culture? Sure. My Italian friend and I NEVER talk about the differences either. NEVER. 
    And lastly this one: 
    From this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTut2hnkiWQ
    Where she talks about how she has these weird habits that she has to "prove" even a gaijin can do this. But she is totally aware of her gaijin status and knows how weird it is- hence the video. 

    Would like to know what she does to the first person who answers her with "Sorry, Do you speak English?" 
    SO SORRY about the long  post, but after lukring for so long stuff wanted to be said. =) 
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