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  1. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    She edits her nose somehow because in most of her ig pictures doesn't look like she does contour but you can clearly see that she has some shadows around her nose and looks wider in the nose bridge. 
    Kelsey has hips dips (thats okey gurl) so she always try to hide then putting her bikini bottom up there, in this picture there's a blurry and a wonky like around her waist (also her shadow its different but ok) 

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  2. lil-wylo added a post in a topic missbo   

    I don´t think its agaisnt the rule since there´s a lot of snapchat pictures of Johanna in her thread. I wouldn´t add her or anything because she is boring as fuck to me, i do found her cute but that´s it. Most people follow because of her body not her personality if she ever shows any beside her love for vintage aesthetic, even her other acc it´s just more of the same (but you can tell she edit her eyes or use blue contacs to make the color more bright) 
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  3. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    In her defense, they all look pretty bad (Jordy looks nice tho) chantel lips looks about to explote but kelsy did tried to get her angle lol its a very delicate and expecific one for her. its she still with Zed?
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  4. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    Where did you get this? idk maybe it's fake or just a mistakes because well she does look 27 but she's not 
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  5. lil-wylo added a post in a topic missbo   

    Lol thanks? But it was once I found this thread that I realized the photoshops and her constant arched back, she knows how to pose (her thigh gap only happens when she pose for example) and have a fashion photographer who takespictures for her instagram is kinda hard but she does edit some parts like liker face lines. She's 30 now not a 20-something as most people think. 
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  6. lil-wylo added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    My bad it's a california thing then 
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  7. lil-wylo added a post in a topic missbo   

    dead thread but the Photoshops of Miss Bo still continue 
    she really curves her back a lot and it's really skinny, I tried to do this trick in front of the mirror and my back hurt as fuck
    I notice that she has one side more defined than the other and it's probably because she curves her back a little to the side in some pictures and edit the other side of her hips, in most of her pictures her arms are around her hips making a shape
    Think the thigh gap its photoshop and pose or she mades it more visible because it doesn't look even possible when she wears the pink skirt 

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  8. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    I love how Tine hides all her pictures before her crooked arm tattoos, definetly going for the egdy look. I hope she finally shut up about losing followers as they are no longer here for they laid back chill vides she used to have. 
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  9. lil-wylo added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    Is this some type of ig trend that only girls with large amoun of followers does? you know getting lip injections, dying your hair brunette with fringe basically in your eyes, wearing some neutrals with a happy-but-not-that-much face?  I totally think Cleo only sits on the grass for the cute pictures can't believe she did this to herself and she's not even from California.

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  10. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    Sahar barely eats based on her ig stories she probably has her issues with food, Kelsy was the obsessive one eating all the shit and always talking about food. I have never seem a clear picture of her body by someone else, most of the time she is wearing things that are way to big for her. 
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  11. lil-wylo added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    No pets? No drugs? $793 per month? just to live with crazy bisexual with drama queen issues and serial killer fascinating to the point of getting tattoos of them???????? With all ther serial killers tattoos and wierd haircuts i can´t imagine anyone sharing a house with her especially if they can afford it. That´s not safe lmfao girl just keep asking you parents for money. You are not broke just another wierd loser who wants to get money from post on instagram and do nothing besides that all day. 
    Never believe a shit when she says that she doesn´t have money. NEVER. She just got a Jeep enough to fill her ass there if she can´t afford her expensive house. 

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  12. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Ava De Lacy   

    Well, she was a model and now she's not. I guess at some point understand her wanting to hide her past and all those lies to have a normal life. Next time post screenshots they last longer lol 
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  13. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    Looks like someone is being a good boi again   I wonder if Jude is going for Judas 
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  14. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Ava De Lacy   

    She probably stalks this thread it´s gone now
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  15. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    I know she's an amazing photographer i actually a fan of her wokr but what she did win cindy it's like someone just told her "i want this to look great on instagram only" because her faceeeee look like a cartoon compared with her others works.
     Also, Cindy just wrote a damn book (pls don't buy it) about being pretty, eat healthy, getting 80k on tumblr first before instagram and literally getting all without mention JUSTIN BIEBER. We don't hate her like you think, we just don't buy all this bullshit. There's nothing that she do that it's sooooo amazing to get her this far really, she's just another pretty face with good luck hanging around popular and rich kids and that's it. 
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