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  1. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    it´s all photoshop this is her real nose lol 
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  2. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Exfoliating face/body everyday   

    I exfoliated my face every day and i can tell that it was the worst decision ever. I got super red and my pimples got sensitive so i had to stop using products for 3 days.
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  3. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    Lol I was thinking the same Neels took all his friend with him and let Cindy alone (but she deserve it for childish) I wouldn't at the same time be surprised if alissa and neels started dating I always felt like they have more chemistry as bitter as this sounds.
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  4. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    Zedd it's taking her to places, I hope she gets all the clouts and $$ she needs, you know this kind of stuff are not forever and she's s not that popular like cindy k lol 
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  5. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Charcoal, it's not just for grilling anymore....   

    I did a Charcoal masks once for blackhead and I ended shaving half of my face but it did took some blackhead outs.
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  6. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Joanna Kuchta   

    ^^^^^^^^ Yeah I call it bullshit too since i have braces for longer than 5 years for my really fucked up theeth and my dentist have never talk to me about jaw surgery (when i was a kid i couldn't even close my mouth properly) and I'm pretty sure she had spend 5 thousand euros with all her clothes and trips. I'm not a professional but she doesnt look like she has anything than simple braces cant fix it, the jaw surgery it's not gonna made her like a dramatic change as she made it seen yet it could affect her little modeling jobs since models with braces are top rare. 
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  7. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Joanna Kuchta   

    I really think it´s like over for her, like her it girl moment. Her followers haven´t increase since like a year ago and her vintage aesthetic doesnt really suit her that much neither. I don´t think she is getting as much work as she says all I see is nastygal in her intagram and show off some D&G or Gucci stuff. (Funny since she was crying for money to fix her teeth but didn't do it anyways well they arent that bad so wtv).
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  8. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Sarah Snyder   

    Those 3inches her agency lied about are made of xanax because there's no way she grow up in a short time and looks this tiny compared to the others models. 
    I'm having troubles seeing her profile with Elite Paris so I'm guessing she is not longer with them. 
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  9. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Overpriced Brands   

    Anything from the kardashians plus quality sucks 
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  10. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    Man, I just realize that Kelsey is 19 and Zedd is 28... Well I don't expect them to last at all lol. 
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  11. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Tsunaina   

    Her editorials as good as fuck, woah, i really wish her the best 

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  12. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Sarah Snyder   

    Another proof that all you need to be is a white girls with good conection to be in the modelling industry, she is not ugly but not model material outside instagram
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  13. lil-wylo added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    I've been telling y'all she is boring as fuck 
    just look a this post, i could play bingo with this ig girls being all the same:
    1- a boyfriend who fits the aesthetic all the time 
    2- always in the beach or somewhere green as f 
    3- listening to indie almost lowfile garage bands 
    4- "Time drips slowly, like honey from the bees
    And I go crazy for my baby, you know, you know I do
    Don't need no other, we got each other Yeah baby we do" Cleo being your tipical sad baby in love.
    5- old ass camara that no one use but its all about special, indie aesthetic.
    I was surprised that she wasnt eating sushi like in your tipical instagramer diet but an asian empanada  
    (im latina you are not gonna tell me those gyoza are not asians empanadas) 
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  14. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Indyamarie   

    This thread is dead but I still want to update it
    So now she is like singing or something. I really wonder whats her real personality because she had been in so many talent agencies like 3 or 4 no longer than 1 year but she is now modelling for wilhelmina LA (I thought it was special but i have noticed they are acting a lot of instamodels lately so meh) her profile

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  15. lil-wylo added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    She is really going places, good for her. 
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