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  1. caffeine added a post in a topic Cheers!   

    Thank you so much to both of you!
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  2. caffeine added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    It's not even people who aren't vegan alone, it's anyone who isn't high carb low fat/raw til four. And that's just so extra wrong to me, for some reason? You don't have to agree with someone else's diet, but as long as it's vegan it shouldn't matter to that extent that you attack them. I do watch Unnatural Vegan's videos and there's been so much instances where she's thrown Swayze's way that she must be actually sneaking non-vegan products and all of that jazz because her crazy diet didn't work for her and that's just toxic to any community.
    I'm well aware that not all vegans are on YouTube or anything, but if you're new to the lifestyle, insecure and decide to look up inspiration or help I can see how she can become a really awful influence very quickly. What she uses is fear and guilt and I can see how that isn't going to keep people vegan on the long run. I just can't see anyone being actually, genuinely happy if you need to rely on a YouTube creator's militant beliefs to be sure that you're doing the right thing.
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  3. caffeine added a post in a topic OMOCAT   

    I'm not too savvy on the fashion/clothing front, so I'm not going to say much about it (I think most things that could've been said have been said already anyway), but I do like the illustration style! I also actually like the darker artwork they've done but I do get why it might be iffy to print on a shirt.
    The complete silence concerning the game from OMOCAT's side kind of makes me sad because it really looks neat and all, but whatever the reason, if so many people pile together to raise so much money for something and are left completely in the dark it not only makes the backers sad but also hurts the creator's credibility. Even if Omori ends up coming out, the delay and OMOCAT's unwillingness to talk about its progress will probably just end up stabbing them if they ever want to do something like that again.
    I get that life gets in the way and often, constant updates like "I'm on it but this and this happened" are just as frustrating, but it still seems more respectful to the backers to me personally than just simply shutting contact down on that side and completely focusing on something else. After all, from what I've gathered, the fashion side of things is still running and all, isn't it?
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  4. caffeine added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Has anyone seen her most recent (?) DIY video? I'm asking because (it might be a tad nitpicky but hearing it just made me wonder) she advertises the DIY to be of interest if someone's Wiccan, too, and being a Non-Wiccan I have no idea whether she's just at it again with one of her displays of just being really misinformed about religion.
    I personally would've left something like that out if I weren't 100% certain that it actually does match and isn't just mostly based on what seems to be Wiccan aesthetics according to tumblr or something, but given what I've read about her so far I wouldn't put it past her to simply go with what the internet first threw at her.
    Just, the way she said it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But maybe I'm being really biased here, please do take my impression with a grain of salt!
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  5. caffeine added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    It's easy to understand why people think veganism is a cult if you come across Freelee's videos or social media. And it's sad because it's so damaging to the general reputation of the movement on the internet, too; what Freelee does is pretty much the opposite of solid advocacy for her cause (she likes to claim it's all for the animals, right?) and she makes it look ridiculous by not providing anything but pseudo-science to back it up and militant by the way she handles her community. It's sad so many people see her and think that the way she behaves is something that is acceptable.
    I'm not vegan for health reasons (I suffer from pretty severe iron deficiency which can't be simply solved through supplements and eating foods that are rich in iron) but I do find it admirable and a good cause. But Freelee and Harley throwing hate at everyone who thinks differently from her strict and harmful ways and alienating everyone (including most vegans) with the things they say and try to represent isn't the way to help spread veganism. Hiding behind that claim is ridiculous and really pathetic to me.
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  6. caffeine added a post in a topic Cheers!   

    Hey, high five for Europe dwellers!
    It's nice to meet you too!
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  7. caffeine added a post in a topic Dealing with depression   

    First of all, and I'm sure it has been said already, I think going through depression requires a lot of strength a lot of people don't even realize they have in them. To be honest, I'm not sure the "it could be worse" way of thinking is always appropriate because it can quickly trigger guilt and make you feel like you're potentially just faking things when, in reality, you're very much entitled to seeking help, be it through a professional or from your friends and other loved ones. It's brave to reach out just as much as it is brave to share your story and I really hope, and that kinda goes for everyone writing here, that things get easier to deal with if not better.
    I'm not big on medication, to be honest; I've had my worst bouts of depression when I was going through a row of them (and surprise, none of them helped and I ended up with serotonine syndrome for a while). If you're seeking professional help, make sure you don't settle for the next psychologist or psychiatrist you come across. I've been lucky because my first psych passed me on to a woman who knows that mental illness require individual approaches in every single case (your brain is unique, so the approach to dealing with your particular depression should be too; it's not a matter of completely creating something out of thin air but the fine tuning should always be in your hands as you're the person feeling it).
    I've been suffering with a handful of mental illnesses for a good decade and a half and it's a great feeling to know you have a professional on your side who actually takes your word seriously and doesn't simply put it off as uneducated blabbering.
    If your therapist makes you unhappy or feel bad, you're entitled to look for other options. It's tedious, but on the long run it's worth it because you need someone who respects you and your thoughts.
    I've gone through pretty severe bullying for stupid reasons back in elementary school and my family can be a toxic environment (they mean well but their means are questionable) so I've grown up developing personality disorders and never learning how to deal with my depression, eating disorder and anxiety until I was 19/20 and hit my current personal low. And I've grown to hate the phrase "it gets better" because it usually comes from such a patronising place and insinuates you just haven't done enough to get better yet, but with a good support system and ways to cope it gets easier. Better is always subjective, but I've come to find that I do still struggle with suicidal thoughts on a nearly day-to-day basis but it's become something very organic to my life (kind of imagine thinking "I wish I could kill myself" with the same intensity of "I should go shop for groceries one of these days"; it's normal and has become a passing thought).
    Coping mechanisms are different but I'm pretty sure that with the replies you've gotten, there's a large array of options you could try your hand on – if they don't work, you can still look elsewhere.
    But it's important that you don't let depression make you believe you're only entitled to feeling unhappy and unwell because the label is stuck on you now. You're more than your decisions, bad experiences or the sum of your flaws. And you're strong. We're all rooting for you.
    … Okay, that was all really cheesy. But I really do hope my point does come across!
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  8. caffeine added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi there! I've been a lurker for a while now and guessed it wouldn't hurt to sign up and join the conversation!
    I'm an European 20-something art student and really awful with introductions (or talking to people) but it's nice to meet you!
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