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  1. saburoro added a post in a topic jailyneojeda   

    eek it's basically Kim K level
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  2. saburoro added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    Glad to see she might be potentially coming back on a musical scape instead of focusing on her fashion line
    bout time
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  3. saburoro added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    friendship should be a fun romp and not a tiring chore. if you're literally going to berate someone that you befriend for not 100% adhering to an excessive amount of labels all the time, then you don't deserve them to begin with, and moreover, they don't deserve you treating them like a lesser being over the absurdest shit
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  4. saburoro added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    today was donation day at work raising moola for the local food banks and my everlasting mania somehow sold thirty nine donations overall a third of those bags with food in them to give to families
    Sometimes my uppers are good for something
    still im quite salty because the annoying prick of the front end somehow got promoted to supervisor whilst being the most dour and purposely irritating person
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  5. saburoro added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    same, except in my case it's borderline/bipolar and other stuff that I was intially diagosed w years earlier. they'll also undermine anxiety and depression when those are also considered to be partially symptomatic of those disorders
    had an episodic moment the other day after an unfortunate event leaving my college campus and it took me hours to calm down, by the end my chest was heaving, my face numbed at one point, i felt so erratic, it was hell. and yet here i am today almost dangerously hopped up as if jackshit ever happened.
    why anyone would voluntarily claim to be stricken by mental disorder for attentions sake is beyond me, I've been dealing with this since I was eight, they can fucking have my problems if they want them sooo bad.
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  6. saburoro added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    college books cost me three hundred bucks ok im dead
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  7. saburoro added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    durarara sh is seriously such a bad and unneeded continuation novel to the point where it's not even funny and almost self aware
    the newbie high school characters are all just pale imitations of the Raira trio, right down to the genders and the personal similarities and thus are all redundant bores. which sucked since aside from mikado (who I hate hate hate haaaate) I did like Kida and Anri.
    Shizuo is still there and I hate his dumb and unnecessary ass impeding on my parade bc he is literally second most overrated character in the series
    the yakuza subplot would be more interesting if everything else weren't so enraging but tbh expecting an awakusu or ikebukuros most wanted type deal would be a silly aspiration
    and lastly they gave that fugly weasel Izaya his own novel & i want to strangle the author for his creative choices since to me it's nothing more than pandering
    aside from that the character that i favor never gets rightful jacksquat and it's unfairly boiled down to the ploy of "who is the safer deviant that won't scare the kiddies away", but that's implying that fugzaya is even a deviant in the first place since he's just that laaaaame not to even qualify as one imo
    like Narita sorry until you come up with a better formula and page time equilbrium im going to have to say SAYONARA BITCH to all your novels until such time as you give my fav what he deserves kthxbai
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  8. saburoro added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    No. baby items are usually quite pricey, but I guarantee strollers are usually half that if not less. If anything, cribs are even less than 1k, for crying out loud. She just happened to put the most fucking expensive one on her list, without any consideration that there's cheaper out there. I know she's young and probably still wrought with some level of deluded fantasy that someone will buy her all this, but that's a pretty hefty price tag to be e-begging for. Moreover, I don't think she's done any research on competitor prices. Because she can't e-beg from other sites so accessibly and easily share it with her fans. That defeats the purpose.
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  9. saburoro added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    seriously, my therapist is pregnant right now and all the cribs she's looking at cost less than that damn stroller
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  10. saburoro added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    well then don't get pregnant at 19 girlie!
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  11. saburoro added a post in a topic Asian.feminist   

    She's straight outta a tumblr blog tbh
    Probably where she started
    i think she harps about pretty stupid shit for the most part like most western hardcore feministas
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  12. saburoro added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I tried to go on 4chan when I was 14 or something because I was a kid desperate for validation
    they either tried trolling me to oblivion or mainly asked me to do heinous sexual shit which was expectedly hella inappropriate
    Never followed up on any of their requests (thank god) but you do have to be careful if you're a young girl on the web in general, and that ain't a new concept
    i'm not gonna 100% condemn easily unbridled access to social media becuase god forbid my parents were between the realms of absentee couldn't give two shits & abusive lunatic but not really intervening in my web life at the time- but parents do need to at least assure that their daughters and sons aren't sending nudes to faceless pricks living in mommys basement
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  13. saburoro added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Izaya and Shizuo really are the least attractive and most boring characters from DRRR for me. I often exaggerate when I claim them "ugly" but in all honesty they have never been appealing to me in the slightest. kinda bland. tbh whenever I see even a picture of Izaya I get this sour feeling in my stomach bc he's one of my most detested fictional characters & his face is just horribly punchable looking.
    doesnt help that in s2 both their designs alongside the general art & animation somehow manage to look worse to me.
    then again tbh I like the unpopular or much more unknown characters in general, the only majorly popular characters I like is trash like Oikawa tooru and I started liking Oikawa before I watched haikyuu fully bc he resembled a character from another series I found to be attractive.
    it just kind of sucks to not like either of them & feeling like if you share that you'll be scrutinized, esp when the character you honestly prefer is met with rampant disdain anyway. not gonna talk about him in detail though, because most people would react with disgust and call me mentally ill for it.
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  14. saburoro added a post in a topic Joya Yung?   

    you need to stop girl
    youre rubbing salt in an already infected wound seeping with pus jfs
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  15. saburoro added a post in a topic TopazPrince   

    That's implying that they have those illnesses in the first place and that they aren't self dx'ed though
    a lot of people will pardon themselves by means of self diagnosis and stigmatize people who have that actual illness, borderline, bipolar and other mood disorders being most commonly self diagnosed
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