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  1. randou added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    yeah it's funny my friend in high school introduced me to her years ago and introduced me to the pretty reckless the same year… and it's interesting to see tpr's evolving over the course of three albums, meanwhile has Emily even come out with anything new or inventive in the last, what, 7-9 years?
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  2. randou added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    they all seem worryingly skinny at times even if they probably shop. There was a recent fancam of Lisa from their concert looking downright skeletal, her waist is tiny and you can see the bones in her arms and legs I s2g
    rose is also very skinny right now and like lisa her legs look like they could snap at any moment
    it wouldn't surprise me at all if they're all too skinny- jisoo is probably the healthiest one but I'd estimate her weight is far below average, I'm worried about the girls looking thinner in recent fancams, much thinner, too thin
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  3. randou added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    I think she's cute unshopped, I don't know why she has to shop everything, including the clothes for her cosplays. She looks cute in the above video too imo, she really should stop with the excessive shopping
    Left: shopped Instagram pics
    Right: Con shoot

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  4. randou added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    anyone who's defending him after that depo footage where he admits to his sleazy behavior is beyond help at this point, he's dug himself so far into a grave that there's no rebounding, his career is fucked, he's beyond finished.
    screech shouldn't have released the footage, only makes vic look worse. the twin video made my skin crawl. there is no hope for anyone who thinks its "alpha" for a man to fully divulge his actions on film, like this, and expose hypocrisy.
    the only reason kf/twitter dudebros give a fuck is because they're like most alt right/alt lite/reactionary weeb men, deprived losers who have to look up to a pathetic man like this who abuses and takes advantage of women, that's what they want to do, pure wish fulfillment. it's sad because there's many people who've leapt off the bandwagon, but this reminds me that nerd culture has a long way to go in terms of ridding itself of misogyny. if vic weren't a white christian male who played their screaming manbaby character in dbz these men would not give a shit, they only give a shit because the white evangelical man is some sort of "endangered species" in their eyes
    I'm so tired of weeb men complaining about misandry and SJWs and all this nonexistent meddling in the anime and Japanese game industry when there is still plentiful anime that panders to them every fucking season. They're cowards who beat one off to borderline porn, they're too cowardly to even fap to hentai. If these fucking creeps at least admitted they're only fond of ecchi and garbage games like senran kagura for the objectification of women depicted therein- if they at least admitted their misogyny, I'd still be furious that they are harassing real women and female victims of harassment in weeb communities- but I'd at least sense that they have understanding of what pieces of shit they are. Instead they project onto us, call us hysterical, call us delirious, SJWs, NPC, misandrist, etc to rebuke having to admit their misogyny. At least admit you can't talk to a real woman except when you're behind a screen and jerk one off to your body pillow in your moms basement, you ugly cowards.
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  5. randou added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I think the editing on his videos and some of the topics he covers keeps me coming back, although I'll agree not always a fan of his voice.
    I'll go back and revisit old shows from my childhood for shits and giggles, I went on a fairly oddparents & Danny phantom marathon awhile back, even knowing that butch hartman is problematic I still enjoy those shows as nostalgia bait… I'm not as attached to spongebob because my parents forbade me from watching it during early childhood and called it excessively "dumb" (it's really not that bad guys cmon) but they lemme watch shit like FoP and other cartoons that weren't exactly intellectual, but I watched spongebob later and I liked some of it, although I think it's most memorable for its memebait and I still prefer the other nick cartoons to it for that reason (including lesser known ones like my life as a teenage robot, anyone remember that? seems to have been lost to the ages but I always looked up to relatable girl characters like jenny or Kim Possible lol)
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  6. randou added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I wish we had downvotes back. Whiteknighting is a problem but what's the fun if we can't downvote whiteknights that come into threads?
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  7. randou added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    got a DM from this person a few days ago under the name xphoenix, they appear to be a personal vendettachan or something and their vendetta has something to do with alt righters hence the gab link (gab is a site almost solely used by alt right idiots who've been banned from twitter). I hate the alt right obviously, if there's a pedo alt rightist they deserve to be jailed like the shithead they are, and obviously being a pedo is vile, but there's literally no point to them spamming drama sites like they've been doing, with indecipherable gibberish. They aren't even attempting to make threads, they're spamming PMs, and if you read the pastebin, it makes no sense, sounds like a bunch of mental rambling. I'm not about to go down the rabbit hole of archive links to try and comprehend what the actual drama is if there is any and it's not just rambling.
    this is their second account. We're not their personal army. If they want someone harassed they could've gone to kiwi (which apparently they did as well, they were banned, kiwi isn't going to turn on alt righters, why would they cannibalize what so many of them support?) or consult somewhere on the deep web and hire blackhats like anonymous who've doxed alt righters instead of bothering surface web drama sites… this person can attempt to make a thread with a cohesive summary of the drama and the drama mongerer they want to be noticed or they can gtfo and shut up
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  8. randou added a post in a topic Confessional   

    This week has made me want to rip my hair out by the roots
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  9. randou added a post in a topic Confessional   

    Partially the same. Except I can't cook. I hate the idea of insanely counting calories so I mentally kind of sum up, albeit very badly sum up, what I think I consume in my head. Usually it's smaller lunches/larger dinners which somehow, somehow doesn't make me gain, even though it probably should be larger lunch smaller dinner. I do sprinkle snacks that are "relatively" healthy (those small cheese nut and cranberry containers, yogurt, etc) after my lunch. It's much easier just to eat premade stuff because then I know the vague amount of portion and food I'm eating and I don't have to guess. 
    Im not even an obsessive calorie counter, but even with my estimates it's just a lot easier and simplistic to eat premade stuff for lunch because then I'm not wasting too much time making food
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  10. randou added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    it's the missing stair gang
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  11. randou added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    How the fuck are those "threats"? She's just repeating accounts of what has happened over the years and how people have excused Vic's behavior for so long, and confirming rumors that have cropped up over the years of Vic leading fans up to his hotel room. It's not that anyone who knew about these rumors and believes he's a skeeze is fucking surprised. There is nothing inherently threatening about her post unless he counts it as "threatening" the narrative that ISWV has perpetuated. That's an unsteadily collapsed Jenga tower at this point, sorry Lickers, the more days go by the more guilty he looks. TUG needs to shut the fuck up and shower.
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  12. randou added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    That Tekkocon post really sheds more light on the idea that it wasn't just bad touch, but possible escalation to actual statutory rape, i.e. the hotel room stories being fucking true. I'm not even fucking surprised that he wanted confidentiality when this is the shit that's oozing publicly.
    If Casey's receiving testimonies from victims privately, god knows what treasure trove of disgust those contain and how much more damning that is to Vic. I can only imagine. I hope he gets fucking wrecked. Stalking Mari Iijima, trying to lure 14 year olds? Fucking hell dude.
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  13. randou added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I got catcalled today by some rando dude working on his own yard or in somebody else's yard when walking my dog of all things and although by catcall standards he was trying to phrase things politely it unnerves me
    "are u single? are u married? hey! ur really pretty" etc is all he said and i just kept walking with my 60 lbs dog, couldn't even see him and now I'm fuckin' nervous whether he was just a yard worker or a homeowner that he'll be seen again in the area and recognize me and say something gross again next time
    i ignored because I don't want to cause trouble and honestly I felt like he wouldn't have put forth the effort to chase me, it's been a long time since I've been catcalled at all so that's probably why I'm freaked out. maybe he didn't see my dog... idk. I just moved into my mother's neighborhood and I'm not about to move back into my dads house to avoid one catcaller, he and my sister really stabbed me in the back and I need to live separately from them for now. if I tell my mother she will get all paranoid and try and forbid me and the dog from going outside, she is very paranoid about everything and I feel like mentioning this to her will only cause her to panic, she refuses to view me as a responsible person/adult and it's always pissed me t F off but I am at the point where I'd rather deal with her than the family I'd usually live with after my sister and I got into a fight where there ended up being glass everywhere and my arm had to get fucking stitches… I do not want to live with someone as angry as her so I will take my mother's insults towards my lifestyle and paranoia as long as she does not restrict or assault me like my other family has- exactly what I said earlier, stabbing me square in the back. getting along better with my dad now but not entirely agreeable and only had a half assed conversation with my sister that somehow didn't end in passive aggression. I'm still scared of her. For the younger of us two she's become way more angered and violent over the period of only a couple months and I'm not going to take it anymore. I guess what I get for fighting back is having to be pushed to the point of a mental break and moving out of that house back into my mother's who I never thought I'd live with again because somehow my mother is now less crazy than my sister… and five years ago I would've said fuck that when I moved out of my mother's house. get my fucking sister a shrink and maybe on some meds, it is clearly what she needs and I am tired of my parents saying "sHE IS JUST GOING THROUGH A PHASE" when I have been treated as a mental patient scientific experiment for over half my life since I was fucking 8 years old with people trying to figure out what was wrong with me without my own deluded parents realizing it was their fucking fault for mangling my brain. I have taken medications since I was about ten! She's never been able to endure quite the same shit or she's remained without a therapist 
    at least my mom stopped being as abusive in those 5 years, my sister got worse… I don't really like our family either but she is so condemning and rude and hateful right now that the anger she radiates even causes her best friends not to speak against her because they are scared, and that is not how things should be.
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  14. randou added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I've only been living at my moms house for what, five days, and she's getting on my nerves and scolding me for going grocery shopping in order to save money. Not going out to buy fast food is better and yet she complains at me that I want to buy food that I can actually eat. I don't know how to cook worth shit, so I need food I can actually consume, and almost nothing in her pantry or fridge is what I want, half of it is expired… she's OCD clean only in her room and living space, her fridge and pantry are a persistent dumpster fire of never throwing anything out. And very little of it is ingredients I can utilize, I need shit I can eat. Don't complain to me when I ask to go grocery shopping for prepped or partially prepped food to avoid costing myself and you more money when I can't cook and nobody will teach me.
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  15. randou added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    "Gamer" men complaining about "Sony Censorship" because they can't beat one off to Senran Kagura is annoying as shit, and then whenever you call them out for it, they accuse you of being the NPC SJW BOOGEYMAN. Oh boo fucking hoo, you can't play your inflation softcore porn disguised as a "fighting game"? I don't fucking pity them at all.
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