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  1. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    The Verge has now gotten ahold of this and published an article.
    with all these articles piling up vic will be lucky once he entirely fades from relevancy if he can get a job at a fast food joint
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  2. poohbear added a post in a topic Confessional   

    lately I've been feeling more emotional / horny during what I assume is my ovulation time. I don't even give a fuck. I run with it. As long as I don't engage in anything overly impulsive or risky might as well enjoy it. 
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  3. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    you can tell the text is modified on the discord "screenshot" because that's not even the right font, if someone's going to doctor a discord screenshot they should at least try, that looks fake as fuck
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  4. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I deadass feel horrible for the judge having to deal with percys incompetence and baby him through it. esp when the other lawyers are so articulate about dealing with the whole thing when they also know the lawsuit is frivolous. people thought it'd be in the bag because REPUBLICAN JUDGE, I don't think political views matter worth shit if it's a bad case, chupp was never going to bend over backwards to begin with after the notary fiasco and he had every right to give the lawsuit the lashing it deserves by dismissing most of the claims.
    a heads up that, unsurprisingly, a lot of republicans don't like pedophiles either, because you know, people who try and lure thirteen year olds up to their hotel room are gross.
    moreover, even looking at this case through an entirely objective lens, the lawyers have already picked it apart to pieces and pieces as to why it won't work with the statutes the state of tx and most other states for that matter have in place… and vic was allegedly forewarned not to sue because he'd lose… by other lawyers… and like, the former ceo of funimation… and various others… he was forewarned not to sue… and he sued… so it's hard to see it as anything else except pure schadenfreude when he didn't show up at his own court case and percy bombed it
     oh here's a video with the excerpt courtesy of TheBrownFolder so y'all don't have to pollute ur YouTube suggestions  
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  5. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I swear that one of the few sources of entertainment I've had today beyond sitting in bed with a case of severely (hopefully temporary) congested lungs and throat is seeing the downward spiral of the vic grifters as they scrambled and claw for YouTube relevancy. when the hopeless case, as expected, turned out to be hopeless the entire time 
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  6. poohbear added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    well I smoked a shitton of cigarettes (keyword: chainsmoked somewhere between 8-11 cigs in a very short interval, smoked 1 yesterday) when I said I wouldn't smoke again out of partial stress and partial socialization, it's not like anyone is encouraging / forcing me to do it
    and today I have mucus trapped at the bottom of my throat and feel like I'm going to be physically ill, I can half breathe, my sinuses are flaring up, and it fucking sucks ass, I've been drinking water all day to try and negate it and even had some soda thinking the fizz would clear out my sinuses but nope feels like my throat still has a lump located at the base of my esophagus, I hope I'm not actually getting sick bc I can't stand it
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  7. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I'm a design major and I'm seriously questioning why they wouldn't handwrite the signature forgery instead of trying to forge it using… a fucking barely modified commonplace script font. They really think that people weren't going to notice? No gold star for effort, F minus, see me after class because you didn't even try.
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  8. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Wait a second? That isn't a troll account? He actually shows his face? That's… yeek
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  9. poohbear added a post in a topic I Stand With Vic / ISWV drama   

    I guess they're mad that Ron probably learned not to be an abusive asshole in those seven years.
    Vic's had over twenty and he can't stop plunging his greasy hands down underage girls' pants. Makes sense that they'd try and project their idols insecurities onto Ron who appears to have reformed himself from his years of being abusive.
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  10. poohbear added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Sure, some of the content contained in those outtakes was offensive, but I'm sure at least, back then, they didn't expect that such things would be leaked years later to try and be used against them. It's also not nearly as offensive as many of the things that KV has said to women and people who've told Vic off. They're acting as if they've never dropped an f-bomb, be it the word "fuck" or "fag", pick your poison. Yet these guys spew 4chan vernacular on the regular so I don't know what they're acting all offended for.
    VA's and crew are known to goof around behind the scenes and say and do vulgar things that they don't ever expect to get leaked. Something that comes to mind that's way worse than what Sabat did in that tape was the Rugrats Storyboard Jam. 
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  11. poohbear added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I'm so fucking tired of wanting to eat everything in sight when I'm on that time of the month, it doesn't help my poor aching stomach and it only makes me feel fatter and more bloated 
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  12. poohbear added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    Thus far watching it
    New Tohru = Old Tohru (honestly she looks about the same)
    New Kyo > Old Kyo (by a margin I think he still maintains the same sharp / handsome design without being overkill softened by the new art style)
    New Yuki < Old Yuki (I'm not really that keen on Yuki but I think his new design is a little softer than I expected)
    New Shigure < Old Shigure (I wish new Shigure were a little bit sharper featured, he's still extremely handsome and one of my favs though)
    New Hatori = Old Hatori (honestly they did a good adaption of Hatori's design, something about the way his old bangs were formatted in the original anime kind of bothered me)
    New Uotani > Old Uotani (I have always loved her design, although her new design is better than her old one, they got her eye color right this time and her features look better)
    New Hana = Old Hana (Hana's was easily one of the more accurate designs to the manga counterpart in both adaptions and her design is pretty good across both)
    New Haru > Old Haru (New Haru looks cooler than Old Haru. I love love loooove his expressions in the 2019 adaption when he turns into Black Haru, they're so much more fluid than I remember 2001 black haru being)
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  13. poohbear added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I've always been scared of mascot costumes since I was a child and they still creep me out. Probably why I hate fursuits, furry suits are basically mascot costumes. Furries creep me out anyway.
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  14. poohbear added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    Honestly i like the book it's based off, I read it in a children's/young adult lit rhetoric course not that long ago
    OT: I kind of prefer Sakura quest to shirobako
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  15. poohbear added a post in a topic What would be your scandal to become a snowflake?   

    having to deal with community drama that's gotten too absurd for words with lots of blame tossing abound
    willingness to speak my mind and try and fight back against perceived injustices on impulse and that btw will land u in hot water
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