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  1. not today, satan added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    with the power of nudity, questionable tags, raggedy wigs, lingerie, and photoshopped selfies, anything can happen in this neo “cosplay” community where women like Mooriah and Noodz make thousands upon thousands for doing a more sanitized version of what your average camgirl does
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  2. not today, satan added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    She is an open weed smoker and i don’t think it’s legal there yet. As for something else it could’ve been a more “minor” crime that was left unpaid like a parking or traffic ticket that was left sitting for too long, after 90 days of being untouched (at least where I live) or shorter, the ticket becomes a warrant.
    I knew a guy who constantly drove without a license and violated traffic laws on a frequent basis, he left or forgot to pay the tickets and was wanted in like four counties.....
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  3. not today, satan added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    oh so the YouTube contentpocalypse is upon us? RIP my animu theme songs and Japanese vidyas on my playlists then
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  4. not today, satan added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    yikes I swear I still see surgery lines on his face
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  5. not today, satan added a post in a topic 88rising   

    Here’s the 18 video for those who haven’t seen it yet
    kris & joji bby what is you doin
    Oh god why is this a thing
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  6. not today, satan added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    sometimes I just dileberate why women who were once attractive and decent people do horrible horrible things to themselves and become attention mongerers who additionally ruin their looks.... it’s just sad to watch
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  7. not today, satan added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Is it unpopular to think Mark Jefferson from LiS is attractive? I’m feel like a lot of people within that fandom would eat me alive for saying that.
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  8. not today, satan added a post in a topic Blaire White   

    that's a hilarious description.....
    i mean certainly he can feign civility, i don't think he actually is. if anything, spencer, besides being slimy to me, seems to have an air of false superiority about him.
    in "nicer" terms he's pompous, in meaner terms, he's completely arrogant. but he's able to stay composed enough that it makes people see him as being "above" his opponents in debates when they start to lose control.
    i'm not exactly fond of sargon either, while i used to be subscribed to him a long time ago, but i felt that his videos started to drag on too long. i'll agree that it's very hard to debate someone like spencer regardless of who you are due to both the superiority complex he possesses and the fact that he and many of his other ilk are very emotionally manipulative. That's his point, he and his ilk not just doing it because "fuck your feelings", I honestly think their intent in debates is to subtly undermine their opponent from an emotional standpoint, so that it'll encourage their opponent to crack.
    To an extent everyone is an emotional manipulator, but stronger, more powerful emotional manipulation that people don't tend to initially recognize as emotional manipulation is the most dangerous kind, especially in a persuasive debate setting. Yeah, he doesn't seem very alpha, or whatever you'd call it, that's part of the point. His worst quality isn't the fact that he looks or acts slimy, it's how he presents and carries himself, and how he talks to people he debates, if anything, that's indicative of worse character traits than just plain crazy. That's why my couch shrinking self kind of falls back on the "possible sociopath" excuse with Spencer and the like, I really do feel like they enjoy "toying" with others, and that in itself is what repulses me most of all. I feel like a lot of alt rightists who are deeper than just basic level teenagers who discover /pol/ or people like Lauren who seem to pander to them for profit- really do befit traits similar to that of ASPD (ASPD is more or less what I'd consider the pc term for socio/psychopathy) sufferers, or at least, the figureheads do.
    Political extremism is often linked to mental illness whether anyone wants to admit it or not, a lot of people who suffer from particularly bad mental illnesses turn to political extremism as "coping mechanism" for their woes, and a lot of leaders in political extremist communities exhibit inflated egos and megalomania that may be symptomatic of a severe personality disorder. Antisocial people band together in an effort to try and embrace their antosocial natures, basically. In this case both people who are not sociable (as in, they don't talk to a lot of people so they resort to extreme communities to seek attention and validation), and also antisocial in terms of ASPD-esque antisocial (as in, not wanting to follow social norms within moral bounds), will often band together in extremist communities, and together, they create a toxic broil of frustration and fury. It's not good. And people like Spencer really aren't good. I used to make a joke out of him because I thought he was seemingly just another standard racist, but after listening to some of his debates I honestly find him to be beyond disturbing, because he feigns convincing even if you know he's blatantly wrong, and he's got this very tactical, subtly manipulative way of being able to sway people to his side.
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  9. not today, satan added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    and boys. it’s a commonality when you have a predominantly male or female cast that people will generally create all gay ships, but it really does become irritating after awhile when the fanbase becomes vehement that characters who aren’t canonically any sexuality are “canonically gay”.
    This tumblrina translator girl for the haikyuu manga once got mad and stopped translating (she was also 25-26 years old and maintained this infantile attitude.... sad.) because there was romantic tension between Hitoka & Hinata..... like she was claiming the characters were “canonically gay” in a volleyball manga and that she was quitting translating because there wasn’t enough homoerotic subtext or whatever. It’s like, there’s virtually no homoerotic subtext to begin with and none of the boys have established sexualities or romantic attractions except for crushes on girl managers.... what? Seriously pissed me off, she stopped translating supplementary conentet for an entire fandom worth because she “hated the straights”. Twenty six year old woman, or third gender, or whatever she was, acting like a thirteen year old, over gay ships not being canon... it was so stupid.  
    I’m all for gay and bi representation, but it’s the wrong way to go about it to claim that every character who doesn’t have an established sexuality and no canon attraction to the same or even the opposite sex is “canon gay”. Also, a lot of fangirls just fetishize the shit out of gay relationships. Homosexual relationships have problems too, don’t go gaga over them because you’d like to think that they’re somehow more glamorous because the couple are both the same sex, they have  their problems just as a couple who’s straight does.
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  10. not today, satan added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i think that tumblr makes it too gay, like, if LIS has a couple canon bisexual characters, fine, good. I don’t mind pricefield myself, but I think it’s going to far for the fandom to say that every girl in that game is gay or bi. Nah, they’re not.
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  11. not today, satan added a post in a topic Ever felt envy over an online personality?   

    yeah, they definitely make more than I do. then again, imagine dealing with the bullshit some of them get, or the drama some of them get into. and how it probably changes you for the worse if the fame goes to your head. maybe not.
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  12. not today, satan added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    I don’t like to be quick to label men “misogynistic”, especially when it’s become a buzzword. I have no hesitance labeling these as such, however, virtually no hesitance. The fact that they can even call themselves men with such infantile, greedy, childish attitudes. The borderline psychopathic fascination with sex and sexuality, masculinity,. They don’t only bring down and bash women. They also are sexist to their own gender, constantly putting down men who are dating women. the fact that only their words are so vile and are able to make my skin crawl..... I just.... hope that they never actually date a woman, let alone become husbands or fathers, this kind of abusive behavior will harm all of those around them.
    if I recall r/incels got banned shortly after many other subreddits about political extremism got banned because Reddit updated their policies to extend to banning subreddits that advocated for violence, and r/incels was eventually banned for having multiple instances of users telling people to kill themsleves, as well as threats like the above involving rape but i honestly don’t know the whole story, it can be assumed that it was definitely multiple reasons. users also mentioned in the thread about the rule changes that they felt it promoted violence and went against reddits policies
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  13. not today, satan added a post in a topic 88rising   

    I wish the company didn’t have such a bad rep... Rina needs, no, she deserves more exposure. She’s highly underrated. Same goes for Yaeji if she’s still signed with them. It sucks that the company has such poor reputation, I hope it doesn’t undermine their artists who are actually good. 
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  14. not today, satan added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    since the original creator is Japanese, he (think it’s a he?) is probably unaware as well as the animation company and the animation staff, that people are plagerizing it in America.
    Due to the language barrier unless someone notifies the author and company in question in Japanese then it’ll probably to continue to go unnoticed, unless there’s a US licensing company that can be contacted (this is me assuming that it hasn’t been officially translated into english, since I’m not familiar with h-content), or it somehow ends up on their radar. Momo evidently is probably gonna charge much more than some desperate kid on Etsy or redbubble... and given how she’s actually known in the cosplay community that makes it even worse plagiarism, that and her claiming it as an “OC” when the milk party girl doesn’t belong to her... so it wouldn’t hurt to stop her.
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  15. not today, satan added a post in a topic Blaire White   

    I can’t get behind anything Shapiro says because of his crude and rather unaccepting attitude. Even if I think SJWs and the left are shit, I don’t take kindly to the level of disrespect that guy has. Same goes for a lot of the argumentative right, even if they can keep “composed”, so many of them are just straight up rude. You’re damned if you’re a member of a minority group debating those guys to begin with, as I already said. Whether or not it’s just a bullshit ploy for them to appeal to their fanboys by being “politically incorrect”, I feel like it’s just rude and emotionally manipulative to call a transgirl a “he”, when she’s an actual trans girl, no less. If you can’t treat your oppnonent with human decency, from the get go, it’s not what I’d consider a a civil debate.
    As for Richard Spencer, don’t get me started on him. He honestly fucking disgusts me. Spencer strikes me as someone who’s truly a psycho, dude makes my skin crawl. “White nationalist” my ass, these guys are a humiliation to the conservatives who don’t try and impede on others rights, the conservatives who aren’t awful or racist, the decent conservatives, they don’t even deserve to be called as such, jfc. I’m not a leftist but he really grosses me out.
    edit: I found tj kirk’s video on Shapiro oh my god. It’s pretty funny.
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