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  1. lowblow

    i am deadass as deadass gets

    spring break is allowing me to further ruin my sleep schedule :frowny:

  2. lowblow

    that fakeboi karda still at it ??? jfc girl stop you’re a girl

    1. lowblow

      I hate her even more now and her fucking fans are yikes lol oh my god stop defending this hoe

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  3. lowblow

    i cut my middle finger at work today

    called it my “bad finger” lmao

  4. lowblow


  5. lowblow

    im terrible

  6. lowblow

    stabfano valentini

    ha ha ha

  7. lowblow

    hallelujah I am free and alone very alone

  8. lowblow

    when someone restarts the karda thread my immediate reaction is "if i say she's not trans because she isn't then ill get downvotes from a bunch of dumbasses who think 'third gendurrs' actually exist but if i don't recognize what an attention seeking insipid twat she is again then im probably going to explode"

  9. lowblow

    fakebois and transtrenders are annoying as shiiiit

  10. lowblow

    the real struggle is painting ur nails pastel pink and expecting the color to stay inside the lines when you're using ur non dominant hand

  11. lowblow

    i feel like im going to vomit

  12. lowblow

    Don't cry for me I'm already dead

  13. lowblow

    i hate sarah kardix at this point like i'm not gonna post in that fakeboi snowflake bitch's thread anymore just

    fuck it cuz i'm tired of it i'm tired of arguing about the 'validity' of ""genders"" i dont believe in esp when it involves an obvious snowflake making actual lgbt people look bad

    1. lowblow

      and now the doctors are actually allowing that bitch to go on testosterone taking it away from a real trans person who actually needs it??!! well no wonder the bitch is in Canada... even so that's just fucking sad

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    1. lowblow

      my life is hell get me out of here

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  14. lowblow

    ezra miller and sen mitsuji, that is all

  15. lowblow

    hahhahhahahahhaaaa oh m y god

  16. lowblow

    i'm a sad soul who still has my webkinz account

    and bought one recently

    pray for me

  17. lowblow

    whine whine wine

  18. lowblow


  19. lowblow

    stop shredding my feels into scraps around valentines day for christs sake 

  20. lowblow

    alternating sobs

  21. lowblow

    why is the status box so inconsistent

    I can type one in full text normally and the nextll show up solely as an img uploader tell me this isn't exclusive to me